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The politics of perception

One of the more surprising things of late, at least to me, is the short memory the left seems to have.  As I’ve observed them over the years, one of the things I’ve noticed is they seem to understand the saying “in politics, perception is reality.” Or at least they did.  And it was why they tried to seize and control the narrative.  If they could fashion the perception of the people to be to their advantage, then the “reality” would follow.  One only has to think back of the 8 years of GW Bush to watch that in action.

But now it seems they’ve either forgotten that point or think they’re immune to it.  Or maybe they’re just better on the offense than the defense.

Take the IRS scandal. They continue to push the line that it is a phony scandal.  But what’s the perception of the people when it comes to the IRS in general?  Well, you’ll find very few who harbor kind thoughts about the agency, even if it has never crossed their path during their lifetime.   The IRS is a tax agency and no one is particularly fond of tax collectors.  So when the agency is implicated in an apparent scandal, the left trots out the “phony scandal” meme expecting that sort of a hand-wave to magically make the scandal disappear off of the public’s radar screen.

However, it hasn’t, has it?  Why? Because the public’s perception of the IRS fully allows what is being said about the agency could be true.  They have absolutely no problem believing that the IRS was used for political purposes. The public’s interest in the scandal has remained high.  So perception being “reality”, the left trying to deny something that the public perceives as being true or at least having some truth to it isn’t a good situation to be in, is it?

Immigration has the same problem.  While the left would like to characterize what is happening on the border as something like a “children’s crusade” and then damn anyone who is against it as hating children (their usual “got to the extreme” tactic at work), the public perceives this differently.  That’s evident by the protests in various towns where the government is trying to house these illegals.  So again, the left is trying to create a meme the public just doesn’t buy.  They understand what unregulated and uncontrolled access means in terms of cost, disease and many other factors.  Perception?  That Democrats are defending the indefensible and trying to blame the problem on others.  The fact remains that this White House has never seriously addressed meaningful immigration reform … even when Democrats had solid majorities in both houses of Congress and a Democrat in the White House.

A third problem the left faces is an incompetent president.  He seems more and more disengaged, confused, and weak.   The meme the left continued to push during the earlier days of Obama’s term was that those who criticized him were racists.  But the public perception has built over the years has little to do with skin color and a lot to do with character or the lack thereof.  Foreign policy disaster after foreign policy disaster are hard to deny.  Oh Democrats have certainly tried to put a good face on all of it, but it remains a disaster to even the most low information voter.  You can almost literally see America’s power waning as this man remains in the White House.  And the lack of respect he’s shown throughout the leadership of the world points to much more that “race”.

This isn’t a secret to most of the public.  So when the left tries to fight the perception of incompetence and ineptness with “racism”, it sounds incredibly hollow.  Incompetence is usually fairly obvious.  In this case, it is very obvious.  Add to that the strident application of “racism” broadly against anyone who criticizes Obama and it fits most of the population at some point or another.  It’s not an argument meant to persuade, but instead to shame.  And when individuals assess their motives for saying what they said and realize that the left is just flinging poo in an effort to shut them up, “perception becomes reality”.

These certainly aren’t the only problems the left and Democrats face.  But they’re the most obvious.  Perception is being fashioned daily by a president who simply isn’t seen as credible anymore by a very large portion of the population.  And instead of understanding that and attempting damage control, they double down and defend the indefensible.

You have to wonder what the toll of such a defense will be in both the midterms and the next presidential election.


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58 Responses to The politics of perception

  • I know what I think the toll will be, I know what I think it ought to be.
    Then again, I thought I knew in 2012.
    Occasionally a reminder that the majority of Democrat’s opponents are people like John Boehner, John McCain, etc is in order when I start getting 2012 enthusiasm over the election of 2014.

    • Damn, dude…  Get your head up…!!!  There is a fine crop of good reformers up for election in several states.  We have some quite good people in Texas, and we’ll have more.

      • I know, but after Cochran/Mississippi I despair.

        • That was BEYOND ugly.  But it also was just a battle.  We learned a lot from it, and will be stronger next round.  I’m not sure it is over, either…

          • I fear the Democrats haven’t figured out yet what damage they did to themsleves with Cochran.
            Imagine for a minute, African-Americans getting used to voting for non-Democrats.  I feel a “rue the day” moment coming down the line.

      • Reading the comment sections in NYT articles does absolutely nothing to help me either.   Or Slate, or half a dozen other places.
        Those people are in a different universe than we are –
        and being reflective,  that of course makes me wonder which of us is in the mirror universe with Evil Jim Kirk and bearded Spock and which of us is not.

        • Wait…  Spock is NOT supposed to have a beard…?!?!?

          • Heh, I just refreshed myself by reading in the NYT that Barrack should be ashamed in his fund raising – considering by a pre-election day in 2012 he had fundraised more than all 5 of his predecessors….combined….I think it’s safe to say by 2014 that he’s really gone across the line in a big way (probably that same red-line that he drew in Syria).

            First I had to check to see if I was really reading the NYT….but the comments section let me know that what mattered was the Koch brothers!  And George Bush took vacations!   And besides what did they expect Obama would do after Citizens United and a Supreme Court that wanted to impregnate women against their will!   they leave him no choice but to fundraise, it’s obvious!
            Sometimes instead of depressing me, the comments sections DOES remind me who can’t deal with the facts, and I feel better.
            I am more certain than ever after consulting the Constitution that the founders intended the President to spend a very significant portion of his time traveling to raise money for his ‘party’.   Instead of fast travel and faster communication enabling him to do his job at President better, what they do is enable him to spend more time fundraising.

          • Dr. Spock had a beard, Mr. Spock didn’t.

        • Of course, you’re talking about “The Enemy Within”, episode #31

          • I’ll bet you get from place to place by knowing street names don’t you.   🙂

  • Personally, I LOVE it when Erp shows up to pimp his phony blog about “phony scandals”.  I mean, as a “social scientist” can the moron read polls?  The American people don’t consider any of the Obamic scandals “phoney”.  They consider them too damn numerous, and generally disgusting.
    But aside from the popular weal, there is just WHAT IS.  Like the facts around Benghazi, and LACK of facts around Benghazi, along with the catalog of lies straight out of 1984 told every day by this regime.

    • Erp.    He lives in that universe I mentioned above.   His hero, ‘the bear’.
      Hey, ‘the bear’ is loose.
      Bear?   Seriously?   We’re talking koala here, or kinkajou, right?
      Because I don’t think Obama could even be Yogi, let alone some kind of bear I ought to have any respect for.

      • Look, I’m sorry when any woodland creature is experiencing digestive distress, and I hope the bear gets better soon.
        But Baracula is straining to be “the French Poodle”.  Have you seen his work-out video?  It is embarrassing.  (Face-palm).  I have always wondered if MoooOOOooochelle was his beard…

    • It’s protected by executive privilege, it’s classified, uh, it’s under investigation and we can’t comment until the investigation is complete, uh, the disk crashed, the disks crashed, many disks crashed, the entire IRS database was destroyed during a  while falling out of an airliner onto an exploding Ford Pinto with 4 Firestone 500 tires that was parked outside the Benghazi embassy during a completely spontaneous riot led by a Russian tank division during a red lined chemical attack.

  • Overall they got six years of President FeelGood with a cowed Opposition terrified of the race card.  Only now are those six years are showing signs of catching up with him but haven’t caught up with him yet.   I want it to stop, but there’s nothing good once it does.

  • The toll will be much much less than you think.  Sure, a bunch of racist tea party wimmen-haters will swamp the Dems in the midterms.
    All I know is the GOP can play the clip of Obama mocking Romney over Russia a million times, then see stories like “We’re losing Cold War 2” and the voters won’t stop to think for a single second that they backed the wrong horse, based on absolutely nothing but delusion and cult of personality.
    And you know what? We do deserve to lose Cold War 2.

    • Good thing the stakes aren’t as high as they used to be.
      Vlad doesn’t have an Eastern Bloc military to play with, he barely has a Russian one to play with.

      • Actually, the Russians have revolutionized their military at some very significant levels.  Their soldiers carry small arms designed to defeat our body armor, and theirs is the new standard, for instance.
        Whatever else they are, they are not stupid…

        • Also, the Russians also finally gave up on bootcloths and went to socks!

  • A Prendergast: “…I thought I knew in 2012.”

    You did. That election was stolen by the Democrats with active assistance from the GOP leadership.

  • Oh, the irony!  What you miss is that you are the one lost in a failed narrative, caught up in inbred right wing media that really believes these faux scandals are serious and that Obama is incompetent.  He’s destined to be remembered as a great President who guided the US through an economic crisis and a shift in America’s role in the world (necessitated by the weakness the Iraq/Afghanistan wars made obvious).  Look at your state of Georgia – where are the political trends there?  The state, like others, are moving from red to purple and eventually blue because of demography and changing culture.  Look at California – Republicans compared it to Greece awhile back and ridiculed Gov. Brown’s tax increases.  Now they have a surplus, job growth is good and most see Brown’s reforms as having not only saved the state, but is bringing back prosperity.  Look at the US economy – all the lost jobs have been recovered, jobless claims are below 300,000 for the first time in eight years.  And immigration?  If the GOP had passed Bush’s reform package in 2007, they’d probably be in a much better position.  Now the image is angry people screaming at helpless children on the border, and Latinos who might otherwise be conservative being pushed into the Democratic camp, far more likely to vote in a midterm election than anyone before had anticipated.
    The fact is, distracted by a narrative that is viciously anti-Obama (they did that to Clinton too – look where it got them), focused on trying to manufacture scandals and blaming Obama/the US for bad things in other parts of the world (as if Obama by being “stronger” could somehow alter events – ridiculous, but the right wing pundits seem to believe it), the right is missing that the world is changing and they are on the wrong side of history.  So hunker down with faux scandals, personal attacks on the President, refuse compromise, ignore reality.   But you’re on old white male hanging on to a narrative that is obsolete.  This isn’t the 80s.  Being an old white male myself, I understand how the new America seems so different to the one of the past.  But our history has been like that for generations.   Embrace it.

    • One other point: this cultural/political transformation does not mean victory for the left or one party.  It only means that conservatives are challenged to do more than fight change, create scandal and get stuck in a failed ideology (the California example shows the power of Brown’s pragmatism).  Rather, accept that the country is changing and that won’t stop, but that a conservative vision is needed that is positive not just negative.  That’s why Germany’s conservatives are doing so much better than America’s – they’re not tilting at windmills.  I think the GOP will emerge from this with a strong, new, pragmatic vision, but they have to defeat the ideologues first.  And that is starting – there are good signs coming from the GOP.

      • “…more than fight change…”
        If by “change” you mean rampant corruption and tyranny, that’s really kinda all we have time for these days.
        “The laws apply to everyone, even federal bureaucrats.”

        Not in the Obamabanana Republic.  That whole “law” thing is out the window.
        How many times have Federal courts benchslapped the Obami?  How many UNANIMOUS benchslaps by the Supremes, Erpy…???

        • Note…again…that Erp runs like a scalded skunk from any direct questions that erode his bullshit.

      • ” And that is starting – there are good signs coming from the GOP.”
        Right, cheating like Democrats in elections in Mississippi  – a good sign for you.

        • Cochran’s win was really good for the GOP, and showed that the establishment is starting to find ways to overcome the extremists.  When people who lose elections claim the other side “cheated,” it’s a sign they simply have trouble stomaching defeat.  I think the tea party wing of the GOP is going to find themselves increasingly shut out, despite a victory here and there.  They simply are poison for the Republican party in the long run.

          • Back to being Pizza Hood are you?    Criminal behavior is fine.   Those are your true colors Erb,
            There is more than ample proof of the cheating.

          • Wis. police chief pleads no contest in Tea Party flap. “A police chief in Wisconsin pleaded no contest Friday to a charge that he signed a local Tea Party leader up on gay dating, pornography and federal health care websites.”
            Via InstaPundit.
            Nice, these Collectivist pukes. This “chief” should never be allowed to so much as work as a mall security guard…
            AFTER getting out of the slammer.
            The TEA party notion has already moved the eGOP to the reform side, though it is resisting having its rice bowl upset, and has changed the debate in the nation fundamentally.  As Erp accidentally notes…”Change is real”.  And “change” in the electorate is in the direction of small government and greater individual liberty.  One day, before too long, black Americans will mature as a people, and start voting their interests instead of their skin color.  Then we will see some very interesting “demographic destiny”.

      • Wow. Episode 32? Instead of the Dr. Spock-Mr. Spock universe we now have the Scott Erb-Ott Scerb universe. Nice work Ott(?).

    • Of the two groups of us, that is, most of us, and YOU….which group sounds more sycophantic?
      Great President?  Please.  He’ll be lucky if he manages to be considered a better President than Bush II, let along a great President.
      California, prosperity, yeah buddy.   Here – an excerpt – “The cash-positive balance is another sign of fiscal recovery after seven years of “record-high borrowing just to pay our everyday bills,” Chiang said in a news release. But he added, “We should remain laser-focused on paying down the Wall of Debt, reversing the many accounting gimmicks to which we’ve become addicted and keeping the State as liquid as possible to avoid experiencing the payment delays and IOUs that plagued our State during the Great Recession.”
      Wow, they have enough money to pay their bills without having to do massive borrowing – and they’re going to reverse the ‘gimmicks’ to stay liquid to avoid payment delays and writing IOUs.   Yeah buddy, THAT’s the kind of economic shape I want to be in, why that would practically make me Bill Gates if I could get enough money to pay my bills and not have to write IOUS.     That’s not GREAT, that’s like being lost 5 miles off the coast without a boat or a life jacket and finding a board that will keep you afloat.    GIMMICKS Scott, people who have a good economy don’t have to resort to gimmicks.    Read the whole article – where did the government get this magical surplus, oh, right, taxes.  Yeah, that’s good for all the little people ain’t it?   After all, in your world all your money belongs to the government and they generously let you keep some and you’re okay with that.
      Obama – he has done NONE of the things you yourself claimed he was going to do, other than change shit, and the change hasn’t been for the better in many ways.  Is your significant other doing the grocery shopping these days?   Keeping the car gassed?  Or is it that you’re so 1% that the price of meats, grains, vegetables and gas hasn’t caught your eye because you don’t feel it in your wallet so badly?   Has he fixed the budget like you swore he would back in 2008, 2009?  Has he cut spending?  Go look at YOUR expectations for him, they’re here, in the archives.  Things YOU said he had to do, and didn’t.  And he didn’t DO them when he had a compliant House and Senate, and you think it’s the Republicans fault?  Grow up.
      The border crisis –  and it is, all brought about by Obama’s policies, or lack of policies, hard to tell which.  World power – assuming the need for us to retrench and pull back our ‘world power’ trip, and I don’t mind saying I wouldn’t mind if the other 1st worlders took up their own burdens.  There’s  still a difference between pulling back a couple of miles and running back a couple hundred blowing up every bridge and overpass between where you were and where you’re running to.  He doesn’t have a plan, he’s busy fund raising and golfing and hoping that he can finish his term without the world blowing up so he can leave a legacy in the minds of people like you.
      There’s no recovery Scott, if there were Whiney Boy wouldn’t keep whining that the Republicans aren’t helping him, and calling him names….amIright?  He wouldn’t keep going back to jobs and the economy to refocus with laser like precision every other week between train wrecks.    Recovered jobs – further indications of your clueless fan boyism.  It’s not enough for the lost jobs to be recovered.    Do you understand football enough to get that if you lose 20 yards from the line of scrimmage you have to GAIN 40 in order to actually move the ball forward 20 yards?   It works the same in a country that has a growing population and wants to grow their economy.   You have to gain MORE than you lost, getting back to where you were is worse than my analogy of football, because football is zero sum.   In a growing economy if all you do is get back to where you were you’re still LOSING ground.   And jobs – part time jobs are now ‘jobs’  Sure, if I relabel cans of Spam ‘Chateaubriand’ that means they’re Chateaubriand, right?
      Undocumented Democrats – Latino’s who might be conservatives.   Please.  As if.   We’re all allegedly adults here, with a clue, we know which way the Democratic party expects their new supporters to vote in the future.  And Screaming at children.   Yes, in a country that considers 26 year olds to be ‘children’ I can see where you might think a 17-18 year old is a child.    There is nothing childish about a lot of those kids, but again, because of your, heh, white privileged upbringing and seclusion in lilly white Farmington you don’t GET that either.    You think thousands of 3 to 10 year olds can really wander up out of Guatemala, through Mexico and into the US because your ability to think critically is nil.
      Scandals – CNN did one of their crap polls yesterday – supposedly 1/3 of the country wants Barry impeached.   I hate polls like that, talking impeachment as if it’s a public vote is stupid and encourages stupid mob behavior.  I don’t care if they impeach him, I’ll settle for getting him to stop stretching the power of the Executive branch and reminding him he’s not King Barack I.
      Yeah, great President, great job, things are going super, just super, even assuming the scandals are all make believe.

        “…strong job growth…” in Kulhifornia.  Plus, you will get more revenue immediately after you pass a fat tax increase.  People will adapt, and then…  And ONE adaptation is like Toyota’s exfil from Kulhifornia to Texas.
        Erp shows hisself a moron, yet again…

      • Keep telling yourself all that.  I’ve already explained why Obama is destined to be remembered as one of the greats:
        But you’re proving my point.  You are out of touch with reality.  We have recovered all lost jobs and have new jobless claims at 2006 levels, and you say “there is no recovery.”  You blame things on Obama, throw in insulting red meat right wing lingo, and think you’ve made a point?  You’re simply drinking the kool aid.  Georgia is going purple, Texas is moving that way, demographic change is real, and to blame Obama for children coming across the border is funny.  California has roared back after the right was claiming tax increases and Brown’s plans were disaster.   Just as your ilk was proven dead wrong about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (remember!), you’re simply not seeing how our country is in transition.   Gay marriage is one symbolic aspect, demographic change is the most politically potent.
        But hey, stick with name calling and playground trash talk.   It’s your way of covering your ears and going “lalalalalala” so you don’t have to confront reality.  You’ve already lost.

        • Read, but not worth the time to respond to Scott.

          • He’s just trolling now.  Reciting the same moonbattery talking-points over and over, ignoring the points we make or hand-waving them away.
            I wonder if he reads outside his Collectivist bubble.  Does he even know that “roaring back” Kulhifornia Microsoft is laying off 18,000 people?  Does he even know that Deemocrat office-seekers are doing everything they can to AVOID being seen with Baracula?  Does he know that the people of Murietta who blocked the bus-loads of low-intensity invaders are themselves largely Hispanic?
            I bet he does not.  He’s very committed to his brand of voluntary stupid.

        • Erp, you fucking idiot, the labor participation rate is the lowest since the Carter years.

          • Don, I think even Erp knows the real facts, but he was just trolling with his stilted, cherry-picked La-la Land happy-talk.  Like his attack on Reagen, he knows better.  It is just his way of trying to get a rise…and anyone to click to his blog.

          • “Like his attack on Reagen, he knows better.”

            What? Attack on Reagan? I’ll have you know he worked for a Republican senator in the 1980s! And voted for Republican senators from Maine! He would never, ever consistently and reflexively criticize Republicans and excuse everything done by the collectivist currently in the White House, because he’s a pragmatic moderate. Definitely not a leftist. Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

          • Oh, yah.  And he “worked the floor” at one Republican Convention.
            I always wonder if he got splinters in his knees and tummy…

        • “Obama is destined to be remembered as one of the greats.”  You are probably right – if you mean one of the great bumblers of all time.  One of the great liberal no-nothings of all time.  He probably is considered great from the perspective of the far left.  But from here in the middle of America, he is, pure and simple, a buffoon – and I might add a “Great One!!!”

    • Poor, stupid, bung-sucking Erp…
      I suppose Churchill  or Reagan being strong had no influence on world history?  Whadda moron!
      You are delusional on so many levels, but your greatest delusion is that you are somehow dialed into some wisdom others are not.  You keep rewarming that pablum about “the world changing”.  Duh.  Most of us here are MUCH more attuned to that reality (or reality generally) than you are.  And ONE of the changes we are seeing is what is coming in 2014.  Care to make an unambiguous predition, Erpy?
      Nobody has to make up scandals for Baracula, any more than they had to be manufactured for Clinton.  All we have to do is honestly encounter reality.  What other president in U.S. history was disbarred as a result of his perjury?  What other president is a known serial sexual predator?  Not a JFK horndog, but a man who commits sexual assault on a regular basis?  See, character ALWAYS has counted.  And you and your Collective have none.
      I’ll ask again; is there ANY lie Pres. ScamWOW can tell that you would just slurp up…???

      • Reagan was a bad President.  He started the massive run up in debt, put the country on a path towards economic crisis, and embraced policies that promoted consumerism over values and the environment.  Luckily the country is turning away from that path.  I do give Reagan credit for trusting Gorbachev and ending the defense build up, allowing Gorbi to tell his military that he’d tamed Reagan and allow Gorbachev to implement reforms that led to an end of communism.  At that time the right was furious with Reagan, accusing Shultz and others of “not letting Reagan be Reagan.”  But there he was wise to end the defense build up (in real terms defense spending stopped increasing after 1985 – and was lower than Carter’s plans had been) and work with the Soviets.
        I am very happy with the changes I’m seeing in our culture and country.  I think the GOP is starting to get on the right path too.  The future is not going to be leftist — left and right must have a constructive dynamic.  But the nostalgic “make things the way they used to be” path NEVER wins.   Cultural change is real.  It’s happening all over – that’s one reason why everyone here was so wrong in predicting the end to the Euro five years ago when a crisis hit.  That kind of sovereign “national interest first” approach is losing out in an era of interdependence and globalization.  It’s a new world – it can’t be wished away.  You can have the last word, I really didn’t intend to post here much at all, I just couldn’t resist the irony in McQ’s post on perception that seems to be based on a complete misperception of reality!  So go ahead, have the last word!

          I asked two questions.  You…in usual Collectivist chickenshit mode…ran instead of answering.
          You answered a question…or spoke to a proposition…nobody made.  Typical.  What a liar.  First, though, as always in the past, to yourself.  What a pathetic mass of pathologies.  But a great type for your Collective.

        • It was the Dems in the House who ran up the debt. Any budget had to pass the House, and House Dems had no reason to restrict spending.

        • Once again for someone who “really didn’t intend to post here much at all” you seem bound and determined to try and stick in the knife and twist – much like your leftist ideology demands you do when faced with your conservative and libertarian betters.  Go back to your classrooms where your students do not have the freedom to call you what you are – a Leftist Troll who has nothing better to do than try and curry favor from his leftist masters and maybe, if he is a good little Troll, will reward him with 30 pieces of silver.  Go collect.

    • 39% approval Scotty – that rivals a low from back in August of 2011.
      Wait till he plays some more games with granting illegal immigrants some form of legitimacy to pander to what he thinks will be the party future Latino majority base.
      Almost time for another round of “war on women!” or “racists!”

  • Lol keep running up the bill Scotty

    • A perfect example of Collectivist “truth”.  It depends on the day…and circumstances.

    ANother apparently weaponized Federal agency in the mold of the IRS and the DO(racial)J.  Again, as someone who has experience exposing fraudsters, one of the things you look for as a “badge of fraud” is what I call “holes in the sky”.  When you look for something you know should be there, by both LAW and standard practice, and you see a gaping hole, you can infer there is a reason for that hole.

    Heckuva job, Barry…  Of course, HE does not bear all the responsibility for the housing bubble/bank intimidation that led to the Great Rescission.  The Collective DOES.

    • Nah, Erp says recovery roaring, destiny’s favorite President.
      And it doesn’t matter if you’re presenting facts to him from even a non conservative site.
      Nancy Pelosi’s moonbattery about Moses, Elanor Holmes Norton’s ignorance about not only her job, but the function of checks and balances.   These are their leaders, does it surprise you that a buck private like Erp (he has a conductors baton in his man purse for ‘the day’) doesn’t think for himself?

      • Erp’s a buck private…???
        I thought he was at least a majorette

    • Clinton administration bears most responsibility for the housing bubble and resulting financial crisis.

      • Well, along with the Congress…Bwany Fwank and Chris Dodd in the vanguard.

  • CIVIL RIGHTS UPDATE: DC Gun Carry Ban Struck Down. “In light of Heller, McDonald, and their progeny, there is no longer any basis on which this Court can conclude that the District of Columbia’s total ban on the public carrying of ready-to-use handguns outside the home is constitutional under any level of scrutiny. Therefore, the Court finds that the District of Columbia’s complete ban on the carrying of handguns in public is unconstitutional. Accordingly, the Court grants Plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment and enjoins Defendants from enforcing the home limitations of D.C. Code § 7-2502.02(a)(4) and enforcing D.C. Code § 22-4504(a) unless and until such time as the District of Columbia adopts a licensing mechanism consistent with constitutional standards enabling people to exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms.4 Furthermore, this injunction prohibits the District from completely banning the carrying of handguns in public for self-defense by otherwise qualified non-residents based solely on the fact that they are not residents of the District.”
    Via InstaPundit
    Just damn…  Things are changing, Erp.  Heh!

    Richard Fernandez, who occupies the OTHER end of the “smart and aware of reality” bell-curve from Erp.  But, hey, Kulhifornia is “roaring”.  I wonder if that is the opposite of the problem with the loose bear…???  Mineral oil is supposed to be good for that.