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Question and answer of the day

Question of the day:

How many times have you heard a Democrat point to the stock market performance as proof of the success of the President’s economic policies? Or the fact that corporate profits are up?

Answer of the day:

‘Nuff said.


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100 Responses to Question and answer of the day

  • Yeah, as I’ve pointed out many times to Collectivist economic idiots (but I repeat myself)…
    The stock market is a terrible indicator of the general health of the economy.  For one thing, BIG COMPLIANT businesses are expected to do well under the fascist economic regime Baracula loves and has imposed.  For another, where are businesses, pension funds, etc. going to put money in the current maelstrom of uncertainty AND the zero-interest program of the Fed?  The stock market is one of the few places.  So, we have ANOTHER dangerous bubble that has formed DIRECTLY in response to massive perversions of market forces.
    Meanwhile, as we know, the Collectivist war on the middle-class has made leaps and bounds.

    • And don’t forget Rags, Markets don’t correct themselves!

  • But our guest moose dung shoveler, uh, college professor was just here the other day!  And between filling up the manure spreader he swore that there is a recovery and we’re recovered ALL the jobs lost and we’re going just super!
    Clearly these facts are wrong!
    Why, if this were true, then Barack Obama’s administration has been an awesome friend to the very people that Occupy!  was against!   and You remember Occupy, right?  That was the group that the moose manure spreader swore was the left wing counter to the Tea Party.

  • Hmmm, the big drop off was during the end of the Bush Administration when the great recession hit.   Since then, there has been a gradual increase.  More importantly, all the jobs lost in the Bush Recession have been regained, and unemployment is dropping, first time jobless claims are at 2006 levels, and economists seem to expect the economy to continue to recover.  How you blame Obama for the Bush Recession is beyond me, though to be fair it was a structural correction after thirty years of mounting debt and de-regulation of the financial sector.  Obama inherited a mess; he’ll give his successor a country in far better shape.

    • Poor, stupid, Collectivist bung-sucking troll.
      You just chant those lying-points, proving you not only can’t read, you can’t comprehend graphic evidence.  Fine.
      Your poor, victimized students are part of a generation facing a “new normal” of unemployment and a reduced standard of living.  Even those jobs you keep warbling about are largely part-time and many of the remainder have gone to immigrants.  And the Collectivist war on the middle-class goes on.
      Since you’re here…Is there any lie Pres. ScamWOW can tell that you will not slurp up?
      How many times have Federal courts benchslapped the Obami?  How many UNANIMOUS benchslaps by the Supremes, Erpy…???
      Step up, coward.  Deal with reality.

    • You are, uh, well, you can’t be blind.
      So, the graph, it’s just not true, right?
      The graph, not your revisionist bullshit screed for the day, – the graph – ADDRESS THE GRAPH.
      Either the graph is correct, or it is incorrect.
      Which is it Scott?
      The other day you said all the jobs had been restored.
      Shall I point you to the link where you voiced that bit of propaganda Herr Goebbels?
      If all the jobs had been restored then the graph should be BACK somewhere close to where it was when Evil Bush destroyed it.
      Yet it is not.
      So, you were – come on, you can say it Scott – you were WRONG.
      Wrong.   No if’s, no and’s, no but’s, no explanations about evil Bush and how things have improved and what a super terrific job Barry is doing under such trying circumstances.
      And you were here leaking the usual happy happy feel good moon pony propaganda for which you are so justly ridiculed every time you appear.
      You, uh, “lose”.

      • It is a fact that all the jobs lost in the recession have been restored.  However, the population has grown, that is not inconsistent with a lower percentage of the workforce being in the job market.   What’s hilarious is that you were so sure that I was wrong.  Sorry, but it turned around to bite you.  8.7 million jobs were lost in the recession, they’ve been recovered.  That doesn’t mean all is grand, but you should apologize for your false accusation in your comment.

        • As usual, Erb shows up and, instead of responding to the graphic portrayed, he’s starts spouting off Democratic talking points.  Any comment Erb on the graphic at the top of the page?  Anything other than spouting off your master’s talking points?  Nothing?  Oh well, I guess you’ve done your due diligence for the day.  You can go collect your 30 pieces of silver now.

          • This just like a few days back when he was confronted with a graphic depiction of our debt BOMB, and all he could do was rock in the corner and chant about the “pragmatic soccer-winning Germans” and how you had to raise taxes and cut spending for a balanced budget…which had nothing what-so-flucking-ever to do the debt BOMB.
            He really has trouble with reality

          • Populaton growth has never been factored out of the employment situation when Presidents have been confronted with the issue and their track record before Obama.

        • So we now have the same number of jobs as in the Bush administration, but more people looking for those jobs. In other words, Obama’s job programs are failures. No new jobs. All those hundreds of billions of dollars spent to get us back to the Bush era.

          • AS IF…!!!
            As I noted before, most of those jobs are part-time, and many of the remainder are held by immigrants.  Which goes some to explain why the average America family has lost a third of their net worth, and why upwards of half the country is on some form of welfare.
            So it shouldn’t be a total loss, however, we know now that the bullshit from the Collective about extended unemployment being “good” was…as predicted…ANOTHER stupid lie.  In the states where they stopped that, guess what?  Yep.  People are going out and finding work.  Imagine…

        • Not going to happen this time.
          His facts, whatever they are, have been refuted.
          And besides Germany won the world cup!

        • “Even more disconcerting to many economists is the lower quality of the jobs being created to replace many higher-paying ones lost in the recession.”
          “low-paying positions at restaurants, hotels and temp agencies now account for a greater percentage of the workforce than those in higher-paying fields such as construction, manufacturing and banking.The increased number of lower-paying jobs is a key reason the recovery has been so slow: With less in their wallets, workers have less money to spend, economists pointed out.”
          “Meantime, population growth since January 2008 has meant that the economy still is about 6.9 million jobs short of where it should be, said Shierholz, the labor market economist. “At the pace we are currently going, it will take nearly four more years to get back to pre-recession labor market conditions,” she said.”
          “”It is a quality game much more than it is a quantity game,” said Lindsey Piegza, chief economist at brokerage Sterne Agee.
          “We’re really not seeing that high-wage recovery that is indicative of a strong consumer lining their pockets with wages and going out and spending,” she said.”
          “”We’re still in this muddle-through economy,” he said. “We’re not really going stronger. We’re not getting weaker. We’re just kind of stuck.””
          Why Erb might be able to read, but is not able to comprehend.
          And frankly if anyone trusts the numbers the government is giving out on these – and I’m not going to go back and document what we all know, that they consistently readjust these numbers, generally downward, 2 months after they’ve trumpeted the higher numbers as signs of success – if you trust these numbers, you are getting or are going to get, what you deserve.
          So, no, apology.
          Furthermore if you REALLY believe that ‘unemployment rate. May’s 6.3%”   is an accurate unemployment number, you either work as a hand waving Obama fan boy college professor in Maine or you have a grape Coolaid mustache.   Adults remember when we didn’t have affirmative action for government statistics.

        • The population growth rate was 0.71% as of December last year.  Prior to that, it grew at .075%, which is only slightly higher.
          I know it would be convenient to blame the job percentages on a much higher population, but the facts just don’t allow it.
          Oh, I see, you ‘think’ we’ve recovered all the lost jobs, so that makes it all good – no, again, as last time, if you don’t move ahead, you’re actually falling behind.
          Now you want to boast about the number, because the number is magic.  No, what’s magic is the PERCENTAGE Scott.
          Adults understand the difference between a fixed number and a percentage.
          address the graph skippy, that was the point of the post.

          We know you won’t, because to do so would be to acknowledge that the Professional Golfer in the White House is, an outrageously overpaid, professional golfer, and nothing more.
          Great President – only in the way Nero was a great.
          What you mean, is memorable.   Again, big difference in the meaning of the words.

    • Unless of course you’d care to tell us that we had a population explosion right as Bush was leaving office.
      And by explosion I’m talking something north of Atomic in size.

      • Fair is fair. Technically he got you on that one. I am surprised you didn’t see it coming, it was pretty obvious the smug little so and so was setting you up.
        Of course, that is the only type of victory he can get, like some ten year old asking you how to pronounce tomato. Giggle, giggle, tee hee!

    • How do you pack so much wrong in such a small body?

      • LOL!  I just gave a link proving I was right.  It is so hilarious and delicious to realize that you now have major egg on your face.  ROTFMAO!  Also, note that the article does NOT include the nearly 300,000 more jobs added last month.

        • Geez, you are indeed pathetic.

          • What is really hilarious is that the “internationalist” Erp is so stupid he doesn’t know that single Canadian provinces have outperformed the entire U.S. under Obama.
            OR that the Mexican economy has grown faster than ours under Pres. ScamWOW.
            He’s a laugh-riot…
            But, hey, we’re off that terrible, ‘orrible “consumer” kick that evil ol’ Reagan had us on.  Remember when you wanted a boat…and could afford to buy one?  Gawd, I wondered when that nightmare would ever end…

    • “Bush Recession”…???  Why, THAT is one of your more infamous lies, Erpy.
      Bush tried to warn of the dangers of the Fwank-Dodd housing bubble.  Didn’t he, liar?  How many times?  Tell us.
      And then he WRONGLY did exactly what Keynesians said needed to be done, didn’t he, you lying sack of shit?
      And when Pres. ScamWOW was lying about “shovel-ready” jobs and how his Pork-u-lous slush fund were NEVER allow unemployment to rise as it did, you were in fully suck mode, weren’t you, Erpy?
      What did the economy do last quarter?  What did the economy of Canada do in the same time?  So, was it cold weather as Baracula lied?

      • The idea that the bubble was caused by mortgages made to the poor through Fannie Mae has been thoroughly refuted.  It was caused by de-regulation of the financial sector and wild derivative trade.  In fact, Fannie Mae was being passed up because it had standards, while the big banks got rid of all standards, they just wanted to bundle mortgages into bonds and make quick profit.  This was completely a market made crisis, and one that demonstrates the need for strict financial regulation.   Countries more conservative (in that they didn’t dergulate) like Germany fared much better.   Read “All the Devils are HEre” by McLean and Nocera, or “The Big Short” by Lewis, or “The End of Wall Street” by Lowenstein for more details.  But the right wing effort to blame efforts to expand housing to the poor for the crisis is the BIG LIE.  And Bush also was part of the effort to expand housing!  You’re wrong on every level!  No wonder you don’t use your real name – you’re ashamed of the crap you post!

        • The really sad thing is that you are proud of the crap you post!!!

          • Hey, I own it!  I’ll stand by my words, admit when I’m wrong, respond to Pendergast’s arrogant chortling when he thought he got me by giving him a dose of his own medicine, and I’ll do this all in good humor.  That’s what you guys don’t get – I don’t take anything personally and I just have fun with it.

          • “respond to Pendergast’s arrogant chortling”
            speaking of arrogant chortling;
            “LOL!  I just gave a link proving I was right.  It is so hilarious and delicious to realize that you now have major egg on your face.  ROTFMAO!
            Does that ring a bell? It ought to. You being right is such a unique experience that it must have left a deep impression.
            Riddle me this; if a stopped clock is right twice a day, how often is a slooow clock right?

        • Refuted ?!?  This inability to see the forest for the trees is what is keeping the economy from moving.  The derivative markets were a secondary problem.
          The derivative markets aren’t causing the wave of foreclosurers that now dot the land like a bad case of acne.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac owned or underwrote nearly 70% of the bad mortgages.
          The inability to see the real problem is because Fannie and Freddie were dominated by Democrats.  To blame Freddie and Fannie would be to blame the Democrats, when Bush was so easy of a target.

          • The big banks were buying up mortgages so fast and asking for no proof that they were good.  They were in a hurry to securitize them.  Again, read the books I recommended.  Bad mortgages could not have caused such a collapse – it was the way the big banks with little regulation manipulated the market.  The crisis is the best argument yet for strong financial regulation of the big banks.  The government’s error was de-regulation and naively believing the market does it best on its own.  Alan Greenspan even admitted that his world view – markets get it right – was wrong.

          • You…of course…lie.
            What Greenspan was saying was the markets…like computers…can only give back what you vest in them.  Provide them MASSIVE market information distortions via loose money and government mandates to make loans that would NEVER have been made in normal times, and they WILL disgorge MASSIVE failures.  Garbage in…garbage out.  Markets can’t make up for BIG GOVERNMENT’s capacity to RUIN.

          • If the mortgages weren’t BAD, there was no crisis, because there was no defaulting, so they wouldn’t have been junk.
            If people are making their payments, there’s no problem.    So….bad mortgages WERE the root of the problem.
            You said so in one line, and then denied it in the next
            “The big banks were buying up mortgages so fast and asking for no proof that they were good.”   ” Bad mortgages could not have caused such a collapse”,

          • I know, right…???
            But, being the economic moron he insists on being, he says stuff that is self-contradictory.  He kan’t hep it…as Ann Richards would say.  He’s a magic thinking Collectivist moron, and his only purpose here is trolling (apparently).
            But it isn’t “personal”…  Heh!

          • You are dead wrong – the derivative markets were not a secondary problem, they were the problem.  I’ve cited the books that outline what happened.  The big banks were buying mortgages from brokers who had no lending standards.  They avoided Fannie and Freddie because they had standards!  They engaged in fraud, didn’t worry about risk, and caused the melt down.  I make this a part of my class to try to avoid people being duped by dishonest pandlers of falsehoods who want to blame the government or the market (including some great videos, like Frontline’s bit about Brooksley Borne).  It does bother me, Neo, that people like you lie so blatantly about this when the evidence is so clear and irrefutable.  But I know that political propagandists are often fundamentally dishonest so all I can do is in my teaching and public talks make the point and try to get people to see the truth.  The facts are clear – and that’s why every impartial telling of the history of the crisis sees the big banks and de-regulation as the culprit.  It’s sad that ideologues can’t face the truth and want to create a false history to prevent them from having to question their ideology.  Those people are dangerous to our system of democratic capitalism.

          • Yes, yes, Erp.  You’ve cited books by some of the moonbattiest of the moonbats writing about economics and finance on the planet.
            But you are just republishing lies.  That is what you do, since you really have no demonstrated ability to accept reality and think synthetically.  Put another way, you are just aping moonbat talking-points as though you had an original thought in your crap-packed skull.  Everybody here knows this, BTW, including you, I suspect.
            Derivatives DERIVE from something, moron.  Traditionally, they were LESS risky than the individual instruments they DERIVE from.  Which is why they were developed.  That, and they free up money in the local markets from which the instruments they DERIVE from came.  When you have a VAST market distortion (and those ONLY come from BIG GOVERNMENT), you can not only expect that you will have a VAST train wreck, you can predict it.  As Pres. Bush warned.  (Look it up, stupid.)  When you have derivatives that DERIVE from crap, you only can have DERIVED crap.  When your mortgages are riskier than at any time in history BECAUSE of BIG GOVERNMENT distortions and mandates, your derivatives are going to be no better than the instruments from which they DERIVE, moron.
            Another excellent example of the results of VAST market distortions leading to predictable VAST train wrecks is the Savings & Loan Collapse.  The cause was the Investment Tax Credit and its withdrawal, the effect was a collapse in the apparent worth in capital equipment and attendant defaults by investors.
            Now, is there any lie by Pres. ScamWOW you will not slurp up?  Yes or no, please…

          • Oh Rags, you wear your stupidity on your sleeve.  The mortgage backed bonds originally derived their value from mortages, but then they created synthetic CDOs and other bonds that derived their value from other bonds.  It was basically a kind of ponzi scheme that the big banks had.   If you want to educate yourself, start with Michael Lewis’s “The Big Short.”  He explains how some smart folk in the financial sector read through what was backing the bonds and realized they were garbage.  They bet against the derivatives and won big.  They tried to warn people, but the clueless thought “the market is right, the big banks are smart” and didn’t see the storm coming.  The government is only to blame in that they didn’t regulate the derivative market and let the big banks play games and run up huge profits and big bonuses for their CEOs and others.  This is a prime example of how the market, on it’s own, will breed corruption.  You need regulation for capitalism to work.  Perhaps you need to learn about the world rags, and not just sit in your little trailer home and read right wing blogs.

          • You need regulation for capitalism to work.
            Ah, and EXCELLENT time for me to ask you the questions you won’t answer. Again.  Another time.  Some more.
            1.  Who regulates the sale and purchase of feeder cattle?  (Not futures, stupid.  Real cattle.)
            2.  Who regulates ebay?
            3.  Who regulates the standards for consumer electronics?
            You seem all het-up, here, Erp.  You aren’t trying to get personal on me, are you, dear?

          • Lesse…
            IF twas true that the evil banks were the culprits, and they were trading vapor-ware securities…
            THAT would have been cleared YEARS ago.
            AND there would be no residue of CRAP mortgages still kludging up the economy, AND no unsold inventory of foreclosed housing hanging around, stinking up the place like an Erp comment on a hot day.
            I mean, if you think about it.  Which assumes you CAN think, ya moron.

          • All those are regulated by government laws.   I think what you’re attempting to do is create a fallacious argument (if X can be unregulated, then everything can – a clear fallacy).  But there is a whole system of laws regulating all of that.  And you ignore how the financial meltdown proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that regulation is necessary.  Countries with more conservative laws (more regulation) like Germany handled this better than the US.
            I’ve told you a few books that document this, I can give you more sources.  You can give nothing but hot air because you are undeniably and factually wrong.  Though underlying the big bank’s market created crisis was increased debt and cheap credit.  You can blame the government (and both parties) for that.

          • Nope.  You lie.  There is NO government that regulates any of the three things I mentioned.  If you feel the need to lie about that AGAIN, name the regulators.
            My point is that your statement that government regulation is REQUIRED for a market economy to work is a stupid lie.  I point to a few…a very few…counter-examples, and you lie in response.  What does that tell us?
            Additionally, I can show anybody with a working brain (you are excused, obviously) that MOST government regulation is actually COUNTERPRODUCTIVE if you look at what it PRETENDS to do.
            Did Germany have a bunch of Collectivists mau-mauing its mortgage lending sector to abandon its lending standards?  Provide links, please.

          • All businesses are regulated by rule of law.  It is so funny watching you twist and turn and try to change the subject to avoid talking about the financial sector which you cannot refute.  I’m not playing your dishonest game.  And it’s hilarious that you seem to suggest laws don’t apply to some businesses (and the way you have to cherry pick to find ones you can even suggest show just how bad your argument is).   Nope, you disprove yourself!  Face it, Rags, the more you dance and twist and try to change subjects, the more you show just how hollow your argument is.  You’re not very good at this.  Also tell me, are you claiming Germany didn’t have more restrictive financial regulations than the US?  Is that your claim?

          • Hmmm…
            Which regulators regulate what you claimed they regulate, liar?  No answer, huh?  See, ONE of us knows what-the-fluck they are talking about, and that would be ME.
            What, no fallacious resort to authority, like with your moonbat liars who wrote that crap about a fantasy failure of regulation causing the HOUSING COLLAPSE?  No response to the challenge I posed above?  Nothing…???
            I never changed the subject, liar.  I challenged you with specific counter-examples that disprove your bullshit assertion.  You can’t deal with them.  In feeder cattle, and fed cattle for that matter, MILLIONS of dollars trade hands every day, and NOOOOOOOOOOooooobody EXCEPT the players even has time to “regulate” those transactions.  There are no contracts even.  I know you know shit about how things in the real world operate, so I’m not surprised you lie in your ignorance.
            Where are your links to the German lending sector being mau-maued by Collectivists in government to abandon their lending standard, moron?  Hmmm….
            See, I really AM quite good at this.  And once I’ve nailed you to the wall, I never let you flutter loose.
            You lying Collectivist bung-sucker.

          • LOL!  You are clueless rags – no wonder you aren’t man enough to actually use your name.  You’re either ashamed of who you really are, or ashamed of what you post.   Unless you can show that these different businesses are immune from state, federal and local laws, they’re regulated. And in any event, it doesn’t deny that capitalism needs regulation.  I caught you engaged in a clear logical fallacy even if what you said had been accurate.  You lose both ways.  And I’ve cited you a few books to read, especially the Michael Lewis book, which shows how information is manipulated absent regulation, and how powerful actors can use that to distort markets.  You can’t disprove what I wrote, you’re trying distraction, logical fallacies and avoidance of the issue.  That’s you admitting defeat.  I see right through you – you’re pretty easy.

          • Hmmm…
            Ad hominem attacks.  Logical fallacy.  Coupled with just plain chickshit.  If you really wanted to know who I am, you could.  It would get you banned here, but you could…
            Red Herring.  Logical fallacy, plus attempt to deflect.  Well, and the implicit and explicit lies you tell.
            Resort to authority.  Logical fallacy.
            Refusal to answer a simple question.  Admission of ignorance/attempt to evade a challenge.
            False statements made as fact.  Lies.
            Self-declared “victory”.  Simple insanity, as anyone reading this thread will appreciate.
            Here are the straight FACTS, Erpy.  NOOOOOOOoooobody regulates the sale and purchase of feeder cattle.  And you can’t name any regulator that DOES.
            NOOOOOOoooobody regulates ebay.  And for very good reasons, a couple of which are their international nature (you are too stupid to realize THIS is a true manifestation of how government kludge is being by-passed by that “globalism” you chant about, but fail to comprehend), AND the transactions are too small for even tort law to really have much application.
            NOOOOOOooooobody regulates the standards that consumer electronic makers adopt among themselves.
            And, again, you can’t name any regulatory body who DOES.  You poor moron.  I LOVE your attempt to draft…say…electrical codes into your lame attempt at saying EVERYTHING is regulated.  Stupid, but kind of endearing in a poor, pathetic way.
            You ALSO can’t cite to anything showing that German government-types mau-maued their mortgage lenders like the Clintonian Collectivists did, leading to the lapse in mortgage lending standards that had made that sector one of the most secure investment one could make for decades…and PRE-DATING financial sector regulation.  You historical moron.
            PLUS you can’t speak to my points made today at 08:05.  You believe in boogey securities.  Which is kind of endearing, as bung-sucking Collectivist credulity goes.  A demonstration of how you will suck up anything they shoot in your mouth, regardless of how literally fantastic it is.

        • Here are the incontrovertible facts the left continues to overlook:
          • By 2008, government-sponsored Fannie and Freddie held $1.84 trillion in subprime and other nonprime mortgages and securities.
          • Of the 27 million bad loans outstanding, Fannie and Freddie held almost 12 million, while the Federal Housing Administration and other federal agencies held more than 5 million, with another 2.2 million originated by lenders under federal anti-redlining mandates.
          • Washington housing policies and regulations were responsible for more than 72% of the risky lending, while private institutions on their own accounted for 28%.

          • But risky loans didn’t cause the crisis – they couldn’t, they weren’t significant.  What caused the crisis was the de-regulated financial sector creating mortgage backed bonds, with virtually no lending standards.  This crisis was a clear example of how the market does NOT regulate itself well, and we need government regulations in order to have a well functioning capitalist system.  Those who try to blame Fannie are either ignorant or lying.

          • Here is ANOTHER attempt at a Red Herring, backed by ANOTHER of your lies.
            NOOOOOooooobody here has said “Fannie” was the culprit.  Just as nobody has said jack-erp about the “loans to the poor” being the cause, appropriately since risky loans were made to people who were by no means poor as a consequence of the price inflation of housing.
            Fannie was certainly part of the VAST market distortion, but only a terrible PART.  The loose money policy, coupled with the mandate by the Collectivists in the Clinton regime to cease the mortgage lending standards used for decades, were the main drivers.  Loans were made to people who could not service them, absent the inflated values of the housing they were trying to buy.  All of which was a self-enforcing cycle of doom, since it was all predicated on DISTORTIONS induced in the system by BIG GOVERNMENT.
            People in markets tend to use information rationally, even if the information is FALSE.  False market information ONLY comes (for any length of time) from BIG GOVERNMENT on this scale.  Hence, you had people doing EXACTLY what was expected…and predicted…with the distorted condition of the entire housing market.  Moron.

        • Erb is a denier

        • From what did the crap derivatives derive BUT crap mortgages written AFTER banks and mortgage lenders were strong-armed into suspending their usual standards, you poor moronic phuc?
          You seriously will suck up whatever your punk meisters shoot in your mouth, huh?  You know, if you learned some basic economics, they wouldn’t be able to just break you over and use you like their bitch.
          And as to my name, you can call be your BIG BUBBA.  Or “sir”, as you wish.

        • You guys know that in that one Erp lie-fest at 18:28 there are enough false statements, sort of true statements that he has no idea of, and opportunities to illustrate how the housing crisis came into being and who caused it that I could write at least a very long article…maybe a book…to illuminate all of them.
          He really is a liar and Collectivist moron without peer…at least until you get into the paid guys.  And to think he makes himself a pariah here for free…

      • Last quarter the economy grew at 4%.  Pretty damn good, I’d say~

        • Of COURSE you’d say that…!!!  It will be interesting to see how that number is “adjusted” in the coming weeks, huh, Erp?
          Why did our economy shrink last quarter when Canada’s grew, Erp?  Was it the cold?

        • You believe that eh?  Well I guess their economic fantasies could come true one of these days…..when Obama is no longer President.

    • The good news is that men, who originally were overrepresented in the unemployment numbers, are now on par with women.  #WarOnWomyn

    • Yeah, those jobs were “recovered”, like after my 2013 Maxima was wrecked, it was “replaced”….by a 1963 Dodge Dart.
      Here’s a clue sheit-for-brains: 1) part-time, 2) low wage, 3) temporary.
      Go wipe the excrement off your mouth. Then go take your Lithium.

  • So long as low information voters consume all the lies parroted by the malfeasant media, our collision course with the fall of the Republic will continue, unabated.
    The Usurper with the Redacted Resume is a large but temporary wart, a malfeasant media is a malignant cancer.

  • According to the method to compute unemployment back when Reagan was President, today’s unemployment is 9.6%

    • U-6 is, what, 18%? Take all the $40K jobs that have been “recovered” with $8-11 an hour, part-timers, and all the folks who just said “Screw it”, we’re approaching Great Depression numbers.
      Sick sycophants like Bu-erb have their own reality, their own “facts”. Was a time his sort were in sweaters with extra long sleeves; now we have a few million of his “Gone Guano” types prancing around.

      • “Teaching” at community colleges in rural Maine.  What a world, what a world…

  • Perhaps we all should just start responding to everything Professor Polywobble says with a simple “That has been refuted.”
    At least, he seems to think such an assertion (without anything supporting it) is enough to handwave aside anything anyone here says that he doesn’t like.

    • There’s a better game that one can play with him.   🙂

    • Maybe this has always been part of his schtick, but he is using the Red Herring fallacy (some of them are whales) a lot lately.
      Note the reference to Fannie Mae in his lie-a-paloooza at 18:28.  Nobody EVER asserted that was “the” cause of the Housing Bubble.  It wasn’t.  He did the same thing with “jobs lost and recovered” and “a balanced budget”.  But he drags that stinking, rotten fish across the thread and it works to some extent to detract from the focus.
      He is apparently stupid enough to think he’s a successful troll.  Or his pathologies just convince him of his success, either way.

      • It was my fault for conflating the number with the percentage.    That was wrong of me.

        • Actually, your error was in pontificating and ridiculing.  In the real world people make mistakes.  You say, “that can’t be right, look at the percentages.”  And I say, “but here’s the information.”   Good exchange.  I wouldn’t have said anything negative about you.  But since you ridiculed, I ridiculed you back.  Nothing personal, just reflecting your own behavior (which is generally how I operate in these blog comments – I can take it, and I can dish it out.  Or I can have a reasonable conversation – you get what you give).

          • “Nothing personal”
            Incredible. Just….incredible.

          • timactual – I really don’t take this personally, or hold any personal animosity towards you.  I find it a bit fascinating, this social media dynamic (and I’m researching/writing about it so I have a professional curiosity too).  I am absolutely convinced that you guys are generally good people, and in the dynamic of blind political debate on emotional issues, it’s easy to imagine things in the other, and get caught up behaving in ways that most people would not do in the real world.  I think Pendergast’s error was in part his desire to be part of the gang – everyone attacks me, that’s part of what the “in crowd” does.   But to really understand where I’m coming from you have to realize: a) I take nothing personally and cannot be offended; and b) I have no ill will or animosity at all towards any of you.

          • Scott, after all this time, it’s way beyond that part of the act.   Course it’s personal, you’re a propaganda artist, a cheerleader for an administration that is actively, knowingly, destroying MY country.   That’s personal, this is my country too, and MY version of it is at least as valid as your version or Obama’s version of what it should be.
            My blunder of mixmatching a hard number against a percentage, to ridicule you,  aside, things are NOT better just because we have gotten back to the number of jobs lost.
            That’s what the graph shows.   It’s not better for the worker bees.

          • “It is so hilarious and delicious to realize that you now have major egg on your face.  ROTFMAO!”
            right, it’s not personal though.
            You know you have a problem.

          • “I really don’t take this personally, or hold any personal animosity towards you.”
            As I informed you long ago, my insults to you are meant personally. Example; I think you, personally, are an incompetent, humorless, dishonest, invincibly ignorant mediocrity. How you take it is of no concern to me. I have no animosity towards you, either. Revulsion and disgust, yes. Like a slug you slither through life leaving a trail of slime. I hold no animosity towards the slug.

          • You may mean the insults to be personal, but I don’t take them seriously.  I apologize for not taking them personally when you want me to, but you really have no say in that matter.  Have a wonderful evening!

          • Hey, that one is as credible as any of your other lies.

        • A perfectly understandable error you were invited to commit.  But what did it contribute to the focus of the post by McQ?  Nada.  Erp hasn’t squarely addressed one topic lately, much less answered a single question.
          Is it because he’s too stupid to divine the subject, or that he’s too dishonest to just deal with it?  Or is he simply trolling out in the open now?

          • “A perfectly understandable error you were invited to commit”
            Indeed. The natural reflex, honed by years of experience, is to assume anything it says to be false, bogus, mistaken, misinterpreted, or just plain stupid.

  • “LIKE ENDLESS JURY DUTY:” Virginia Postrel: Why Being A Part-Time Worker Is Miserable. “Scheduling software now lets employers constantly optimize who’s working, better balancing labor costs and likely demand. The process demands enormous flexibility from part-time workers, sometimes requiring them to be on call all the time without knowing when they’ll work or how much they’ll earn. That puts the kibosh on the age-old strategy of working two or more part-time jobs to make ends meet.”
    Via InstaPundit
    “Recovered jobs” does not mean what certain idiots might want you to believe.

    • Wasn’t the mighty ACA supposed to ‘free’ people from being stuck to their jobs?   So they could breath free and not be saddled to one place by health care insurance?
      Right, so, now, you just have to hang around all day on the off chance they might call you in to flip some burgers or fry up some chicken fingers.   Or lose your job because you weren’t there when they needed you to fill in and you’re ‘unreliable’.
      Another factor that they did not mention, which I see on a personal level through the rantings of son #3, one of the managers at a fast food restaurant. When all the workers are part time – SOME of the workers, the ones the bosses like, are getting the good hours….others are being used for the crappy hours, building up lousy shift teams, and can’t predict when they’re going to work, returning to the point made in the linked article.
      Anyone who has never had to participate in a shift schedule doesn’t get it – that would be the ‘vast majority’ as the President vaguely says, of people who terach in places like state colleges in Maine.

      • Just imagine an America where ObamaDoggle was not MANDATING part-time employment.  It really should not be TOO hard, since most of us with a brain REMEMBER how that worked.  Which was what we call “better”.

        • Yeah, Fancy Nancy never explained the IRS was going to punish you for being ‘free’ of your job when you had to explain why you didn’t have health coverage because your career as a womyn’s studies mime hasn’t taken off yet.
          Oh, that’s right, if you make THAT little money your health insurance will be paid for by the ‘state’, which now means Komrade, ‘The State’ rather than what it used to mean, which was one of the 50 states.
          Freedom of speech is one thing, freedom to have words mean whatever you want them to mean is another story.

    Well.  THAT explains Erp, anyhow.

    • The video does sort of explain how someone so sand-poundingly ignorant that they don’t know the difference between the concepts of “regulation” and “rule of law” managed to get a job teaching political science.

      • Always an interesting query WRT Erp…
        Too stupid (ignorant)…???  OR
        Too dishonest to answer truthfully…???
        Or some combination…???

      • dude, you’ve lost it.
        Erb is perfect for the current US education environment.
        He’s practically made to order!
        He’s happily facilitating the mass production of a nation of educated little dumb shits.

        • You’d ALMOST expect that the term “SUBprime Mortgage Crisis” might be a clue.
          But noooooooo…

          • The history rewriting gnomes are busily at work – and they have a better model than the underpants gnomes.
            They KNOW what step #2 is.

  • On the “roaring back” front…
    Consumer optimism is the lowest since March.
    Unemployment ticks up.
    ObamaDoggle is at an all-time high in unpopularity.
    And upwards of 100 million working-age Americans are unemployed.
    AND the Obami are working HARD to re-inflate the housing bubble.
    Heckuva job, Barry…

  • Can I get a show of hands: who would go to a website, such as Kos or LGF, and spend time exchanging comments as follows?
    1. You call the political sycophants there names, belittle them, talk down to them, make ridiculous argument from authority assertions (“I teach this stuff”), and then constantly complain that others call you names, belittle you, and mock your “authority”.
    2. You are routinely shown to be full of crap, having your statements repeatedly refuted, with citations (which you pretend not to see), and with detailed Fisking of your innumerable logical fallacies, lies, and childish fantasies (“quantum quantum quantum!”).
    3. You make predictions all over the place and when most of those turn out to be wrong, you pretend that your weasel-wording left room for you to actually be correct, if you ignore 99% of the rest of your statements.
    4. Nobody takes you seriously, but instead of retooling your arguments, revising them to fit reality, and seeking to offer stronger arguments without logical fallacies and factual errors (or “errors”), you just repeat the same canned arguments, like some rabid nut case, seemingly oblivious to what a buffoon you are to the group.  Not only that, but a spoof account dedicated to lampooning your arrogance and absurdity is a source of great entertainment for the denizens.
    5. Best of all, you pretend to be giving helpful advice to those whose political stances are diametrically opposed to yours, advising them to abandon their principles to save their party.
    What in the world goes through this guy’s head to bring him back here, over and over, in this bizarre display of abject masochism?  Shouldn’t he be working on his book?  Having discussions with other acanemics on advanced topics?  Researching news and data too complex for the “inbred ex-military types” to comprehend?  Socializing with people who actually like him and show him respect?
    Yeah, I know, my questions are a bit leading, suggesting some answers to that riddle.

    • I have long believed, and still believe, that it’s a matter of finding people to talk down to, so as to bolster his own self worth.
      As with most narcissists, he is convinced that he’s much smarter and capable than he actually is. But that conflicts with reality. He couldn’t hack it in Washington. He then got a doctorate, but from my wife’s PhD editing, I know how vacuous most dissertations are. That doctorate, supposedly from some highly reputable program, in fact didn’t get him a job at any respectable university. He had to settle for a backwoods college that doesn’t even have a PhD program.
      He wrote a book that no one read. He has no research of any consequence. He can’t impress his colleagues in political science at real universities, because they recognize what a mediocrity he is.
      So, in a desperate attempt to validate how smart and capable he is, he engages in “debate” (i.e. hectoring) of people on the Internet. He has refined techniques over the years to put out nonsense that he thinks is deep “analysis”, and has psychological defenses to ignore any substantive criticism of it. He has rigged the game (in his mind) totally in his favor. If you keep going round and round with him, he gets the satisfaction of never ending lectures to those he imagines less wise than he. If you simply ignore him, he takes that as evidence that you can’t respond, so again he’s the smart one. If you try to get rid of him through insults, he takes that as evidence that you have no argumentative response, so yet again he’s the one who is smart and correct.
      It’s actually a fascinating psychological study. He has pretty much closed off all the avenues by which anyone could ever convince him that he’s wrong about anything, or that he is less wise and capable than he desperately believes he needs to be.
      Also note that we’re just a part of his continuing attempts to protect his own self-respect. He teaches at a college where not one in a hundred students would ever challenge anything he said, so he gets to bask in the role of wise lecturer leading young minds to the light and the truth. His professional in-person interaction is with other backwoods college mediocrities no better than himself (in fact, some are likely worse {shudder}). They all lean left and are not likely to challenge him in the first place, and even if they were, they are not within a light year of the people who comment around here.
      This is the safest place he can find to be a complete asshole and puff himself up as above everyone else. With his internal assurances that any conceivable response we make just shows that he is smart and capable, he can throw out complete nonsense, unsupported leftist talking points, outright lies, personal insults, and anything else he feels like. He gets to go to bed at night chortling to himself that he has bested people here yet again, oblivious to the points you made.
      I have debated many people on the Internet with whom I had violent disagreements. Some of the arguments at Free Republic on evolution, free trade, the drug war, etc. could get very heated. Yet I never stooped to simply gratuitously insulting any of those people. Even the creationists kind of realized when you had shown them up and had to retreat for a while before trotting out the same discredited lines.
      But this psychological basket case, this mediocrity, this soiler of adult debate, deserves nothing less than insult. There is no conceivable way to engage him productively. I tried for over two years, and got all the things you mentioned, plus cheap shots and other ill-mannered behavior. So for the first time in such debates, I began jumping straight to gratuitous insults. He’s the only person on the planet with whom I interact this way. Since lots of others, over decades of time, are mostly in the same boat as I, the obvious conclusion is that we’ve pretty much nailed exactly what he is. His protestations to the contrary are simply additional aspects of his psychological defense mechanisms.
      When one person arouses that kind of response from so many people, and when many of those people don’t treat anyone else with such contempt, the obvious logical conclusion is that the problem is with him. But a narcissist can never admit that, and will construct a dozen imaginary reasons why it isn’t true. Doesn’t change reality, of course, but when you’re living in the middle of nowhere doing a nothing job, you can pretty much deny reality and get away with it.

      • To paraphrase from Justified
        “If you meet an asshole in the morning, you just met an asshole.  If you meet assholes all day, YOU’RE the asshole.”
        That Raylan Givens…

      • Sadly he just read that, and concluded “I’m winning!”.

        • Indeed. He can’t be reached. As I said, he’s covered all the bases on responses, and found convoluted mental gymnastics to turn every single one into “I’m right and those stupid QandO people are wrong.”
          But then we’ve got evidence we understand his psychology better than he does himself. Every time he flounces off and says he’s not going to comment here, we all just laugh and start the pool on how long it will be before he comes back.
          Because he can’t stay away. It’s the only place he can find that will put up with such a nebbish dipshit fluffing himself up for his own self-aggrandizement. So we *know* he’s coming back, even when he can’t admit it to himself.

          • A fluffy nibbish dipshit…
            Now, THERE is a word portrait…!!!  Shakespearean.

          • Oh, what crap through yonder browser breaks?

            It is the Erb, and insulting him is the fun.

          • To post, or not to post–that is the question:
            Whether ’tis nobler (in the mind) to suffer
            The tedium and lonliness of vanity blogging
            Or to take arms against inbred ideologues
            And by opposing rile them. To lie, to dodge–
            And more–and by delusion to claim a win.
            The heartache, and the Ott Scerb rants
            That pierce to the core. ‘Tis a consternation
            Devoutly to deflect. To lie, to brag–
            To con–perchance to sway: ay, there’s the rub,
            For in that web of lies, what tangles form
            When we have fixed to audacious portent
            Which facts belie.  There’s disrespect
            That makes calamity of oft used rants.
            For who would bear the whips and scorns replied,
            Th’ debator’s flames, the right-wing’d contumely
            The pangs of despised love, futile tenure,
            The insolence of netters, and the spurns
            That lack of merit of th’ unwashed takes,
            When he himself might his quietus make
            With a bare bodkin?

          • …he’s covered all the bases on responses, and found convoluted mental gymnastics to turn every single one into ‘I’m right and those stupid QandO people are wrong.’

            Which begs the question: Why come to a place filled with people who are so unenlightened and thick, whose politics are (according to him) so wrong and ineffectual?
            If what he claims is accurate, there would be no point for a brilliant intellect to waste his time here.

          • “To post or not to post…”
            Well done. My effort now looks pitiful by comparison.
            On your second comment, I think you might not have considered the complex set of symptoms that makes up narcissism. It’s not enough for the narcissist to believe in their own superiority as a matter of axiomatic certainty, even in the face of contradictory reality. The narcissist’s personality also requires preening – showing off their supposed superiority to other people.
            In fact, the more reality challenges their assumed superiority, the more they need to preen to deal with the resulting cognitive dissonance. They construct a new reality in which (in their mind) they are clearly superior.
            Notice, for example, that Professor Polywobble talks a lot about his own qualifications, but sneeringly dismisses anything in their own background that anyone here brings up. Example: he asserts that I don’t communicate very well. I point out that I’m an internationally known writer and speaker in my field. He sneeringly replies that I “doth protest too much” (one of his favorite sneering dismissals – he only dropped it after we made fun of it). He cannot possibly acknowledge anyone else’s challenges to his constructed reality, in which he is superior.
            I think that’s why he’s become more drive-by recently. The realities of his imagined Obama-led leftist utopia are piling up, and he sub-consciously knows he can’t refute the mountain of evidence of this. So he just posts generic assertions that we are being left behind, and other vague generalities. They are sufficient to maintain his generated reality that he’s superior without any real work or risk of confronting actual reality.

          • Elliot – well done sir well done!

          • Billy,
            yeah, because, you just KNOW, you don’t want to be left behind when the new Obama inspired Erbian vision of the future arrives.

          • Eliot…very tasty…!!!
            Billy…he is MUCH more in the pure Collectivist troll mode of late.  He drops some of his warmed over pablum, makes a stupid assertion that he knows is prone to evoke a response, and then rinses, lathers, and repeats what he said immediately prior with almost no variation.  Or thought…