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When bureaucracies run health care

When they do we see scandals like the VA.  What the left will tell you is that’s an exception.  That the government can run health care vastly better than the private sector because it knows how to control costs.

For example:

NHS doctors are prematurely ending the lives of thousands of elderly hospital patients because they are difficult to manage or to free up beds, a senior consultant claimed yesterday.

Professor Patrick Pullicino said doctors had turned the use of a controversial ‘death pathway’ into the equivalent of euthanasia of the elderly.

He claimed there was often a lack of clear evidence for initiating the Liverpool Care Pathway, a method of looking after terminally ill patients that is used in hospitals across the country.

It is designed to come into force when doctors believe it is impossible for a patient to recover and death is imminent.

There are around 450,000 deaths in Britain each year of people who are in hospital or under NHS care. Around 29 per cent – 130,000 – are of patients who were on the LCP.

Need beds?  LCP an oldie.  Problem solved.  Because with the bureaucracy, you’re not an individual or a patient, you are literally a number to be managed in a way that best benefits the bureaucracy.

Professor Pullicino claimed that far too often elderly patients who could live longer are placed on the LCP and it had now become an ‘assisted death pathway rather than a care pathway’.

He cited ‘pressure on beds and difficulty with nursing confused or difficult-to-manage elderly patients’ as factors.

Now it’s not like we don’t have examples that confirm this – this is one, the other is in our own backyard.

Death panels?  Don’t need ’em.  Doctors – you know, the guys who swear to the Hippocratic oath – are empowered by the bureaucracy to arbitrarily assign you to the death pathway. Or, in the case of the VA, simply ignore you by leaving you on a wait list until you die.  Either way, a smart person would quickly see where the movement here in this country is going.  A bigger version of the NHS.

Just watch.


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31 Responses to When bureaucracies run health care

  • “Cutting funding” is not controlling costs. Even morons like Erb can probably grasp that (then again, maybe not).

    • You find a villain, over paid doctors, drug companies, etc. and blame them.  I just can wait for the drug companies to get freaking hammered into poverty for their complicity.  Poetic justice.  Hope it happens sooner than later.

      Because of their deal with the devil, my mother pays over $500 in copays and burns close to her donut hole where she pays 100% for everything because of a drug that should have gone generic this year or next which won’t go generic until 2020-something, now. 

      • When those drug companies get hammered into poverty, say goodbye to your mother since she won’t have those miracle pills anymore. None of us will.

        • The bigger problem will be the NEXT miracle drugsssss that WOULD be developed.
          Right now, the FDA kills a LOT of Americans and consigns others to a life of pain or disability.  They do this in the name of “saving us”.

        • The pills will not be going away.  There won’t be any new ones, though.
          The drug companies signed up for suicide in the not to distant future for a profit bump today and used their lobby to bring about Obamacare.   Why should they go unscathed for their shortsightedness and f’ing everyone over?

  • What happens when you make physicians the first-line government bureaucrat?  That question sorta answers itself, and the picture it evokes ain’t pretty.
    But, if you let it, that’s what’s coming….

    • “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help”

      • How about the new one, “Do you have a minute to talk about your lord and savior, the US government”

        • I can remember when it was “Don’t make a Federal case out of it”. *sigh*

  • Don’t worry.  Baracky, Bill, Hillary, Princess Chelsea, precious precious Sasha and Maila, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of our betters will continue to get the high standard of healthcare they so richly deserve no matter what happens.
    Sleep well America in knowing our aristocracy is taken care of.

  • The most important lesson to learn about socialism is that it is de-humanizing.  Those who are socialist may not start out that way, but it is the only way to reach their goals.  3 dimensional persons are reduced to a 2 dimensional statistic on paper.  It works on paper, they argue, seemingly unaware that real human beings are not paper and ink. I would argue that we actually experience 4 dimensions when you consider 3d plus time.  There isn’t a need for the VA to exist for its soldiers, but for the soldiers to exist for the VA. It is pretty much that way for all large social policy institutions.  The system is what is important, not what the system was created for.

  • Becky –
    I believe that’s a derivative of Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy:
    “In any bureaucracy, the people devoted to the benefit of the bureaucracy itself always get in control and those dedicated to the goals the bureaucracy is supposed to accomplish have less and less influence, and sometimes are eliminated entirely.”
    Once the Bureaucracy has stopped serving its ideals and has switched to serving itself, the “problems” it was created to address become the “necessary condition” for its continued growth.
    Same-ish sort of thing happened with Civil Rights.  “Real” equality  –equality under the law instead of separate-but-equal–   was a  good and necessary goal; but now we have an entire Black Grievance Industry dedicated to finding “inequality” and “racism”around every corner and under every rock (each instance of which requires more money, time, personnel, legislation, media campaigns, etc.)

  • Medicare Actuary Throws Cold Water on ACA Cheerleaders. “The cuts to Medicare’s reimbursement rates imposed by the ACA may have bought the program a little more time. But without a revolution in service delivery, those cuts won’t be sustainable.”

    Yeeeeup.  That which cannot continue won’t.

    • What? After all these years someone finally decides to talk to an actual actuary? Just a leeetle bit late.

  • …and the biggest threat this country faces is, wait for it.. The TEA Party…
    Why, we had the balls to point out the insanity.
    But fear not, the Neo-Commies had nothing to worry about, the country is still soundly asleep, the only thing that would ever wake their slumber would be to shut off their EBT cards.

    • Maybe, just maybe, if they couldn’t use them to buy beer and cigarettes, get manicures, go on cruises, or hang around in strip clubs.

      • What a raaaaaaacist hater…!!!  I guess you want people to sit in their cold, dark, nook under the over-pass and NEVER have sex, go hungry, and have no interweb access.  As Pres. Walks-On-Water said, “Stop the hatin'”.  (He’s going down as one of the greats…although I don’t know who he’s going down on.  That is a poser…)

        • Talk about completely wiping out any dignity the office had.
          “stop the hatin”  – what a low class a**wipe.
          Let me be clear, inner city life was tough there in the Punahou projects.

          • Young Barry would soil his shorts in night-time Chicago’s Southside.  Even when he “worked” there, the lived with the gentry up-town.  He’s never, ever faced reality, nor had to.

  • Imagine when someone like Lois Lerner gets in charge of healthcare? Anyone else have a shred of doubt that conservatives and the “hoi polloi” *(anyone who actually seriously uses that phrase in conversation deserves to be brutally beaten)* would get VA-level health care if at all?

    • No, indeed, shark.  Why, they would consider it an act of civic duty to rid the planet of ailing “assholes” and “crazies”.
      Consider this…

      • Which of the two do you think does better in a world where things are constantly trying to kill you?
        Wow, nice to have 100 years of American living behind you so you can forget your food doesn’t grow IN the super market and there are diseases like Ebola a plane flight away that will wipe out half the population if given half a chance.
        So, what we’re talking about here, is likely survivors versus likely dead people.

        • See?  Salon was right, and you just prove it!
          ZOMG!  You actually worry about non-existent threats like Ebola and sharia law…!!!  Insanity…!!!  😉

          • So, what I may be cable to conclude, is that we may not have to let them kids in from Central America after all because that whole violence, gang, drug thing that has been the excuse
            ….might actually be all in their minds, right?   We just need to see if they’re liberals or conservatives by nature, and if they’re conservatives, we send them home!
            By extension if it’s all in the minds of the conservatives central Americans, then it doesn’t exist, and we can send the Liberals Central Americans home on the following airlift.
            I really like this!
            What was the advert line from the old movie “Welcome to Westworld, where nothing can go wrong…go wrong…go wrong”

        • I know, Ebola – like, that could ever infect anyone from the US, right?    And like it could ever accidentally be spread inside the continental US!   Those third world infestations, like, bed bugs, and west nile virus and TB – we’re a first world country, that just can’t happen here!

          • And AQ is decimated.  Just Jay-Vee guys now.  No worries.  The war is over…

      • And Rags, imagine the crazy zaniness of trying to preserve your ‘group’.  Sheesh, how stupid is that!

      • Question, guys like Dennis Miller going from ‘liberal’ to ‘conservative’.
        Did they catch some kind of ‘conservative’ brain disease?   Eating mad conservative infected BBQ in Mississippi or something?

        • Brain-eating amoeba.  Or Pods.  Yep.  That’s it.  Pods.  I saw it in a movie…

    Yeeeeeup.  ANOTHER example of VAST market distortions producing a PREDICTED VAST train wreck.  And that AIN’T all we’ll see, either.