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Why aren’t tampons free?

Seriously, that’s the question some whackadoo feminist columnist in the UK is asking (it makes you wonder if the paper that published it is a serious news source).

Her “reasoning?”

But this is less an issue of costliness than it is of principle: menstrual care is health care, and should be treated as such.

She wouldn’t know true principle if it throat punched her. However, what is clear is when you allow yahoos to redefine “health care” and get government to take control of it, well then everything should be ‘free’.
Her authority?  Not to worry, feminists have declared a few things to be “true”, and that make this a no-argument, slam-dunk:

Sanitary products are vital for the health, well-being and full participation of women and girls across the globe. The United Nations and Human Rights Watch, for example, have both linked menstrual hygiene to human rights.

Well there you go. I’m not sure where the human right not to be coerced by government into subsidizing another’s wants went, but apparently that’s a real right that is to be forever ignored.

If it is “health care” then it is a “right”.  And if it is a “right” then it should be “free”.  And if it is “free”, someone else should pay for it  – or so the “reasoning” goes. /sarc

Of course the fact that any such product has to be produced at a cost, transported at a cost and distributed at a cost that someone has to pay is just lost on these sorts of folks.  It doesn’t register.

As far as they’re concerned tampons come from magic tampon trees and when they need them, well, they’re just there.  And because they’re just there, they should be free!  Don’t you get that, you neanderthal?

Frankly I like this answer from a commenter to the article

Why aren’t tampons free?

Why isn’t soap free or wet wipes or shampoo?

If your argument is that sanitation should be provided for all cheaply then fine [Ed. sorry, but it already is].

But it isn’t. Your argument is that its all a plot to make women pay for stuff they need. At the end of the day its not free because in the real world you have to pay for stuff. Your right to a hygienic lady area is no more compelling than mine to a clean backside or clean hands. You are once more guilty of making women victim’s of their vaginas.

The commenter is right – the unspoken part of this attempt to fleece others is supposed victimhood. Read the article – it reeks with it.

In reality this is just the inevitable  extension of the Sandra Fluke argument that all women are entitled to free contraception because it is a “right” or something.

Where I come from “rights” aren’t something others pay for with either time, labor, material or money.

But hey, if you can redefine “health care” you can certainly redefine “rights”, no?


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9 Responses to Why aren’t tampons free?

  • Social constructs.
    Young, single women make a dynamite demographic, sufficient to decide elections.  Pander to them and phrase everything as an attack on their socially constructed “rights”, and you hamstring the opposition.

  • Wait….women “need Sanitary products for the health, well-being and full participation of women and girls across the globe”

    So they’re not REALLY equal in that case, are they?  Just sayin’ is all.  You’re either equal and fully responsible for your own needs and requirements, or you’re a victim that needs pandering.
    Choose one story and stick with it ladies.

  • You have this all wrong.  They know they cost money adn that they aren’t ‘free’.
    They just want you to pay for them.

  • It isn’t enough men invented tampons and various other appliances, that we cut the trees and grow the fiber.  NoooOOOOOooo, we NOW are expected to provide the finished product for them at OUR expense.
    Well.  Nobody would suggest we should be slaves to women, so it must mean they are suggesting some form of exchange.  If I gotta be the janitor, I get to be the tenant, too.  I mean…fair is fair.

    • And we only did all that stuff so we could keep them oppressed and subservient, we all know that.
      It’s been our cleverly nefarious plan from day one.     Advancing civilization JUST so we could keep women locked up.
      In this way we’re like George W. Bush, we’re fiendishly clever moronic geniuses.

  • By simple extension, the oldest profession in the world should be free and legal.

  • So, we have to wine them, and dine them,  AND provide their personal hygiene products, too?
    Perhaps women do less well financially then men because most women act like eight year-olds, whereas most guys at least act like twelve year-olds.
    A generation or two ago, they were “Daddy’s little Princess”; today what they should be called is not fit for a a genteel forum such as this.

  • Ya know – you don’t eat for a week or so, you start getting sick.      Not drinking too.
    You get sick, you need health care.
    Since not eating or drinking can quickly destroy your health, logically….
    Staying out of doors, open to the elements can affect your health too….
    Don’t you just love FIRST WORLD problems likes this?

  • Obvious question… what on Earth did these poor oppressed souls do before tampons were invented?