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How else to describe this president when he makes remarks like this:

President Barack Obama claimed Monday night during a Democratic Party fundraising dinner that the United States is ‘stronger’ than it was when he assumed office in January 2009.

His statement, though, appears to be at odds with key economic indicators, America’s sliding reputation abroad, and the American public’s estimation of the direction the country has taken under the Obama administration.

‘In all sorts of ways,’ Obama told Democratic partisans who paid between $15,000 to $32,400 to hear him speak, ‘we are not just stronger than when we – where we were when I first came into office.’

‘It’s fair to say that America has the best cards when you look at other countries around the world.  There’s no other country you’d rather be than the United States.’

‘Nobody can compete with us when we’re making the right decisions,’ he said.

The unspoken implication here is since we’re “stronger”, he’s made all the “right decisions”.  Of  course that absurd implication can be confronted factually at all sorts of levels.

Take the economy:

Grove City College economics professor Tracy Miller wrote Monday in an op-ed for The Daily Caller that ‘[o]ver the first five years of Obama’s presidency, the U.S. economy grew more slowly than during any five-year period since just after the end of World War II, averaging less than 1.3 percent per year.’


The percentage of working-age Americans who are part of the U.S. workforce has reached the lowest level since 1978, with one out of every three staying on the sidelines and not working.


And the federal government’s debts have ballooned by $7 trillion since Obama took office, a sum larger than the accumulated U.S. debts between 1776 and the end of the Clinton administration.

Consumer confidence is at -17.  That’s right, minus seventeen according to Gallup’s recent Economic Confidence Index.

Great success.

You don’t even have to cite the debacle his lack of foreign policy has wrought (or his lack of leadership on the illegal immigration flood) to make the point that he’s either lying through his teeth or he’s delusional.  He seems be reading a script from spin doctors and seems to be nothing but a propaganda mouthpiece now. An empty suit.  The “face.”  He doesn’t seem to even care.  Most of the recent optics (vacation after vacation while the world is in crisis) are simply not what anyone who cared would do if in a leadership position.   But he seems to think he’s entitled and we peasants should just suck it up and cope.  “Imperial presidency” doesn’t even begin to describe this crew.

Credibility?  Not much:

By a 20-point margin, they believe the nation is weaker under Obama’s leadership, according to a Fox News poll released in June. Just 35 per cent told pollsters they agreed with what Obama said Monday night.

The “Monday night” refers to the bucket of slop above that he served up to those true believers paying 32K for dinner.

And that has led to this from a CNN poll:

The poll also indicates that the public’s trust in government is at an all-time low.

Frankly, you won’t find me lamenting this particularly, but it is an illustration as to how poorly this administration had done its job (Remember, one of Obama’s stated goals was to increase trust in government).  Gallup piles on with this:

Many more Americans now mention a non-economic issue — such as dissatisfaction with government, immigration, or ethical and moral decline — than an economic one as the top problem.

This presidency has been a disaster.  And it continues, without seeming end, to make all the wrong decisions almost without exception.  The fact that the public seems to finally be waking up to it tells me a lot about how this presidency and administration have benefitted from a press reluctant to lay it all out as it happened.  The problem the press faces now is it has become so bad that their credibility (such that it is) is at risk if they continue to ignore and/or attempt to explain away what has become obvious to almost everyone.  That and the “Bush is to blame” blanket excuse has expired for all but the sycophants (although Obama again tried to deploy it this week when denying responsibility for the problems in Iraq).

This has been an awful era for this country.  Almost everything this president promised has been found to be either nonsense, demonstrably false or a lie.  Instead of the “most transparent” administration in history, it has become the most opaque.  We see indications of criminal conduct by apparatchiks every day (really, 20 people under suspicion all had their emails destroyed?  Really?).  We see a “Justice” department that ignores the law and/or selectively enforces it depending on whether the group in question is a favored one or not (New Black Panthers and video of voter intimidation?  Nah.  Vote ID laws?  You bet.). We see executive department bureaucrats assuming powers and making rules that are beyond their scope (just about everything the EPA has done).  And, in fact, we see an administration that has mostly ignored the Constitution and the limits on power it imposes on the executive.

Now we’re engaged in redefining what “stronger” means.  Apparently, in Obama Newspeak, stronger is really “weaker and poorer”.  If that’s what he was striving to accomplish, then he can claim to have been remarkably successful in making us “stronger”.


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25 Responses to Delusional

    Hey, what could POSSIBLY go wrong…???
    Unilaterally lifting a ban that has been in place since the 80s…and for what?  Where the FLUCK did that decision come from?  What was the rationale behind that…???

    • Is Libya really a country these days?   I mean, geographically I guess, but otherwise?

  • He should hire Baghdad Bob as White House Press Secretary and make the delusion official.
    “This is the mother of all Presidencies!”
    Accomplished two things – degraded the Office of the Presidency to a new low and proved that even I could be President (and probably do a better job, at least I wouldn’t GOLF so much).

  • You quote a partisan rag.  Growth was 4% last quarter, first time jobless claims are coming in at 2006 levels, and the jobs lost during the great recession have been recovered.  Most of the numbers in the aggregate look low because Obama inherited the worst economic conditions since the great depression.  It took time to work through that recession, and now we’re coming out of it.   The deficit is way down, economic stats improving, we’ve made it through the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression – something Obama inherited and worked to fix.
    The US is going through a transition into a multipolar world, and Obama is handling it very well.  Most of the criticism comes from people who don’t understand how the world is changing, and fantasize that we can go back to Cold War era dominance of the so-called West.  That world is gone.  The Iraq war proved the limits of US power – Bush having to back down from his goals and embrace a “peace with honor” escape from Iraq (which Obama smartly continued – that’s the irony, Bush actually was smart enough to realize we had to get out of Iraq and the policy there failed) demonstrated the very real limits of US power.  Obama is shifting us to a multi-lateral leadership role.  Right now Obama has a great opportunity to demonstrate that new kind of leadership by putting together an international coalition to defeat ISIS (I discuss what needs to be done there in my blog).   But for all the right wing personal attacks, Obama has reshaped the country, passed some of the most significant reforms since the LBJ era, and put us on a path congruent with 21st Century realities.  So the right can hurl their impotent epithets.  Watch and learn – Obama will be remembered as one of the greats.

    • Wow, so much delusion in just a couple of paragraphs. Go back to the faculty lounge, Erb. You’ll be more comfortable there.

    • You’re just trolling now.

      As to why you would troll so hard to be so wrong so often on such an obvious subject is a mystery only a trained expert in mental health issues might resolve.

      Expecting you to actually be rational and explain anything without using your usual talking points is like asking my great Danes if they want cookies – the result will be a lot of dancing and funny noises.

    • “Right now Obama has a great opportunity to demonstrate that new kind of leadership by putting together an international coalition to defeat ISIS (I discuss what needs to be done there in my blog).”
      Oh, THERE’s the reason for the trolling….

    • Well, that DID have the dubious merit of being a pretty complete compendium of stupid bullshit moonbat talking-points.  Quite remarkable for that.
      The world is pretty unanimously awakening to the disaster Barracula hath wrought everywhere.  Our enemies hold him in totally justifiable contempt, and our friends have learned they will only be hurt by trusting him in any matter.  Even a lot in the Collective now see how dangerous their magic thinking (and you are a LEADING culprit) has been.  ISIS is the JAY-VEE…?!?!?!

      Domestically, the Deemocrats…including even Ol’ Walleyes Clinton…are running AWAY from him.  And little wonder.  Everything he has touched has turned to un-composted dog shit.  ObamaDoggle is killing American jobs and economic success, and people are pissing on it in their droves.  And THAT’s after Barracula has illegally suspended whole swaths of it.

      • I’m sure his suggestion is the usual witless suggestion that ‘NATO’ and here we’ll pretend that the bulk of NATO is some alien force NOT composes of US troops,
        We will further pretend that ‘NATO’ is not in fact a treaty organization guaranteed to protect countries IN the treaty organization, of which IRAQ is NOT…..
        so he’ll suggest that ‘NATO’ do a little bombing like they did in Libya.
        Maybe have the Kurds do some dying for the government in Baghdad on the ground.
        If only people would just do what Scott suggests!   Or what Obama suggests, which often is identical, regardless of those border thingies, or the treaty thingies, or the cost thingies, or the responsibility thingies that we USED to use in the olden days before the new world order swept all that away in 2008 (or something).
        Arab spring! Arab Spring!   Good and necessary!   Watch and learn!

        • Oh be FAIR! If someone draws a red line in the sand for ISIS I am damn sure that they will fear the repercussions of crossing said red line since no one would be foolish enough to draw a red line and not follow up if it were crossed. Watch and learn!

          • Oh, not if Obama drew the line!   People only cross those lines when they’re drawn by ‘the world’ which is obviously some coalition of powers that is to be feared less than the United States if Hafez Assad is any indication after his last violation of red lines that ‘the world’ drew.
            Pondering more on NATO, one wonders why it’s NOT okay for NATO to, I don’t know, intervene in Ukraine where some 270 citizens of largely NATO countries were blown from the sky by madmen who fire at civilian jet liners in international air space like some band of Libyan terrorists. It seems if ‘terrorists’ can score a missile launcher capable of reaching 32,000 feet that’s to be handled differently than if they get ON the plane WITH the bomb and blow themselves up at 32,000 feet.   Anyway, one would think NATO, this coalition organization that’s not composed largely of US forces, would INTERVENE and take action, yet it hasn’t happened.
            I think perhaps they are waiting for some really really massive humanitarian crisis that can’t be ignored that Barack can really sink his teeth into to demonstrate his phenomenal world class Churchillian style of leadership that we will REMEMBER when we talk about GREAT Presidents.   Yes indeedy, I’m certain that’s it.
            Dude, pass me that ganja

          • All things considered, I think it is safe to assume that Erb does not know what “NATO” actually is.

          • Apart from his previous denigration of Americans for maintaining a viable combat force and pointing out how the Euro’s mock us for actually DOING so while we are ‘occupying’ Europe.
            Funny how on one hand he trashes the US spending on the military (which provides 70% of NATO DEFENSE spending), but on the other is the first to suggest that some FRONT LINE force of these magical NATO combat forces be deployed so the average European military LOGISTICAL forces can keep these mysterious combat troops fed, housed and far from the local civilian populations.
            Using Afghanistan as an example of percentages we see roughly 50,000 ‘NATO-ISAF’ troops from 49 countries, of which 66% are from ONE country, that being some place called the United States.
            But hey man, Austria kicked in their 3 guys, and Ireland has 7 (which means they can surround the Afghans almost 2 times!  Up the Republic! ) and Iceland has their 3.
            Kudos to Germany, Italy, Romania, JORDAN! for sending contingents in excess of 1000, with triple Kudos to the United Kingdom with a force exceeding 5k.
            Having taken a gander at that, shall we GUESS who is going to do the bulk of the bombing and spending to degrade ISIS?

          • I heard this weird story that there isn’t a single US tank in Europe any more.

    • You quote a partisan rag. Growth was 4% last quarter, and that number definitely won’t be adjusted downwards like all the others, I’m sure of it. So don’t start about how it barely averages out to decent growth with the quarter before it, just don’t start. Besides, first time jobless claims are coming in at 2006 levels, and the jobs lost during the great recession have been recovered. Not enough to compensate for population growth, but it’s mean to point that out so don’t.

      Most of the numbers in the aggregate look low because Obama inherited the worst economic conditions since the great depression. Yes, worst economic disaster since the Great Depression – something Obama inherited and worked to fix. The US is going through a transition into a multipolar world, and Obama is handling it very well. Obama is shifting us to a multi-lateral leadership role. Obama has reshaped the country, and put us on a path congruent with 21st Century realities. Obama, PBUH, will be remembered as one of the greats. Obama, Obama, Obama, Obamamablahgump duhglubahug.

      Sorry. I got overly excited for a moment and shoved my new Obamacok oral therapy device in a bit too far. I have the same model used by Ezra Klein. It’s the latest treatment to help me deal with the giant magenta caterpillars with Sarah Palin’s face, naughty glasses, and ample bosom. Somehow they seem less threatening when I have the Obamacok in my mouth.

      • I think in the future it would be appropriate to post a reader’s advisory on these posts –
        “Warning, do not consume beverages of any sort while reading this post.  Consuming beverages while reading may result in beverage spew on display devices, keyboards, mice, desktops or clothing.”

    • You know what’s a real knee-slapper to me, Erp…???
      It’s how those piratical monsters in ISIS are using social media SOOOOOOooooo well and with such gusto!  Why, they would happily saw off your head and post it hanging on a pike to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.  And did you notice how almost all those guys are young?  Watch and learn…bwaaak.  Good and necessary
      There’s your “Arab Spring”, you moron.  Really too bad for all those dead, displaced, dying, and otherwise victimized people, huh…???
      Obama will be a hiss and a by-word all over this planet, and down through history.  Which is just fair.  He’s earned it.

    • Wow, Erb, you hit the trifecta this time.  You not only called CNN and Gallup a “partisan rag” you then went on to talking about a multipolar world.  Is that Political Speak for “Political Bi-Polarism”?  ‘Cause if that is the case, you hit the nail on the head.  Here we are, 4 years after the Surge (Spending Suge that is – where Obama and company told the American People that Unemployment would be at less than 5% by now) and you keep repeating the same Democratic Talking Points you have used for the last 4 entries you have chosen to comment – you know jobless claims, 2006, we’re coming out, etc. etc.  What a load of crap.  But you keep digging ever deeper with “Obama will be remembered as one of the greats.”  And here I have to agree with you – ONE OF THE GREAT DISASTERS OF ALL TIME!!!

  • You should probably stick to reviewing movies with cute girls and highly derivative plots, you make yourself slightly less foolish with your sophomoric gushing in those instances.

  • Apparently you choose to delete my replies rather than post them.  Not surprising.  You know I’m right and have predicted all this, and you aren’t honorable enough to post those statements.  OK – you’ll delete this too, I’m sure.  That proves to me that you know I’ve been right, and you’re too scared, chicken and dishonest to allow it on your website.  Thank God you don’t have the responsibility to teach or impact the next generation.  By deleting my posts you prove that you’re scared of the truth.   I pity you, but know that you’re passing – your way of thinking is of the past, and will soon be gone.  My way of thinking is winning the cultural war.  And you know it!  Thank you for admitting defeat by deleting my responses.  You’re scared of the truth!  It’s very satisfying that you decided to delete – that proves to me you know I’m right!  🙂


    This comment has been promoted to a front page post. Because it’s mind-bogglingly stupid.

    • Golly, Erp, I sure do hope you had those responses engraved in stone, so you can re-post them for the edification of all of mankind.

      Bring them back, Little Sheba…!!!

    • ” You know I’m right and have predicted all this”

      This is some funny stuff man.

    • No great loss. Just copy and paste one or more of your previous submissions, they are all the same anyway.