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QandO is Alive

Welcome to the new QandO. The old site has passed away, and , with it, many maintenance headaches. For you, the user, the site should operate much faster, thanks to being transferred to a modern server, using modern technology.


Also…first post!

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9 Responses to QandO is Alive

  • At last

  • Looks good Dale, nice and clean.

    And responsive.

    I’ll stop there 🙂

  • It would be nice to see the date on old articles.

    And where did this black background come from on the COMMENT fields?

  • It looks great and loads very fast for me. And finally, there is an email subscription to the comments. Thanks for that.

    What theme are you using? Is it something you modified yourself?

  • Nice.
    THe mobile translation appears to be working well.

  • Looks nice and clean, but I’m wondering if you’d be open to a minor tweak. When reading the site on my iPad, it appears to default to a mobile theme designed for small smartphone screens. Most tablet users are accustomed to reading at the desktop view, or at least a CSS designed for larger mobile devices. Is there any possibility of fixing the stylesheet for iPads?