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Reaping the consequences of incompetence

Like her or not, I think MoDo pretty much nails it here:

A front-page article in The Times by Carl Hulse, Jeremy Peters and Michael Shear chronicled how the president’s disdain for politics has alienated many of his most stalwart Democratic supporters on Capitol Hill.

His bored-bird-in-a-gilded-cage attitude, the article said, “has left him with few loyalists to effectively manage the issues erupting abroad and at home and could imperil his efforts to leave a legacy in his final stretch in office.”

Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, an early Obama backer, noted that “for him, eating his spinach is schmoozing with elected officials.”

First the president couldn’t work with Republicans because they were too obdurate. Then he tried to chase down reporters with subpoenas. Now he finds members of his own party an unnecessary distraction.

His circle keeps getting more inner. He golfs with aides and jocks, and he spent his one evening back in Washington from Martha’s Vineyard at a nearly five-hour dinner at the home of a nutritional adviser and former White House assistant chef, Sam Kass.

The president who was elected because he was a hot commodity is now a wet blanket.

The extraordinary candidate turns out to be the most ordinary of men, frittering away precious time on the links. Unlike L.B.J., who devoured problems as though he were being chased by demons, Obama’s main galvanizing impulse was to get himself elected.

That fact was apparent to anyone who took the time to review what little we knew of Obama’s sparse political record.  He only stopped at each elected office long enough to get himself elected to the next higher office.  He had no record of accomplishing anything of substance at any of those stops and spent most of his time campaigning for the next job he wanted.

Yet that was ignored.  What was gobbled up were his words.  Words that were backed by nothing but hot air.  He had no record as a “uniter”.  He had no record as a legislator.  He had no work record nor had he ever actually run anything that could be described to have given him “executive experience”.

So, what some of us saw, everyone got.  An empty suit.  A clueless political face that managed to pull off one of the most incredible, and it appears, devastating victories of modern times.

And yet his own party is now “surprised” he’s so useless and clueless.  They’re surprised he’s been so pathetically incompetent. As they watch the world crumble, they still want to complain that it is someone else’s fault (meaning those old reliable standbys – the GOP and Bush).

But as each horrific day of this presidency moves into the next, it is clear that most of the country hold the president responsible for most of the problems – both domestic and international – we are suffering.

And Democrats, as well as the liberal media, have finally figured out that defending this failure is “politically dangerous”.

So we see the Claire McCaskills and Maureen Dowds of the world beginning to really distance themselves from “The One” – the one they backed to the hilt.

Rats.  Sinking ship.

Sometimes though, it’s not particularly helpful to be right about something or someone, as those of us who pointed out all these problems before Obama was elected were.  Because when you’re right about something like that, it means you’re also right about the consequences.

Cast your eyes upon them – they are exactly what logic dictated would happen when you give a job as important as the presidency to a grossly unqualified man or woman.


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  • The headline can easily apply to the American voter as well

    • Indeed.  We can survive Barak Obama.  What we can’t survive is a voting populace that thinks electing him twice is/was a good thing.

      • Guys, look….
        Obama isn’t the problem.
        Obama is a symptom.

        He certainly didn’t get there on his own.
        (He didn’t build that?)

        Changing minds is what is needed, not changing Presidents.

      • Don, you hit the nail on the head for me. I have family members who belong to that group.
        I can survive the next 2 years. But I will never respect these people’s judgment again. We
        have compartmentalized politics out of our family discussions now. No sense laying blame
        or crying over spilt milk. Family life has changed tremendously for us. We have to keep
        our priorities straight. I’m sure this has happened to families all over the country, too.

  • Yet that was ignored. What was gobbled up were his words. Words that were backed by nothing but hot air. He had no record as a “uniter”. He had no record as a legislator. He had no work record nor had he ever actually run anything that could be described to have given him “executive experience”.

    He had and has none of these things. But even if he did, who in their right mind would believe that he could be what all these quivery-thighed fans thought he would be? If some top flight CEO, entrepreneur, MacGyver or who-the-heck-ever with a record for success as long as their arm was elected would you really expect them to achieve everything that Obama was expected to achieve? Really? I don’t believe it for a second. Would you have people changing their facebook profile images to their own Obama-fascist-style caricature, as so many did back during his first run for president? Remember those schmucks? Where are they all now I wonder, certainly not wearing their Obama badges any more (and this is mostly non-Americans I am talking about, people with even less reason to be caught up in the vanity). Suppressing their own embarrassment by deliberately avoiding comment on American politics for the last 6 years as far as I can tell and convincing themselves that Karl Rove Bush Koch is still rigging voting machines.

    • Like the Nobel Prize committee?
      For PEACE?
      What the hell were THEY thinking?
      Should I conclude Scandahoovians believe in magic negros?

      • Just the Norwegians, they are responsible for the peace prize. Magic negros and oil revenues, that’s Norway.

  • “to a grossly unqualified man or woman.”

    Man? I take exception to that remark.

  • “Obama, Outraged Over Beheading, Vows To Stay On Course”
    That is the actual NYT headline.
    I swear…!!! And he actually DOES stay on the course…

  • And we will have to deal with this fool for the next two + years in the Head office!!!  As bad as that statement is, there is even a worse one – Imagine what the next President will inherit!!!  If you thought Obama inherited a mess, you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!!

  • Here I thought MoDo stood for Montgomery Donuts.

  • Now we are faced with the ultimate dilemma.

    Do we promote this guy further up to become head of the UN?

    I know many of you will be shouting “No!” but you have to consider:

    1) The UN does nothing anyways. He can’t really do any harm there.

    2) He will then spend most of his time traveling overseas. He won’t have as much time for domestic politics.

    • He probably wouldn’t take it. Not enough golf courses close to UN HQ.

      On the other hand, perhaps he would just “run” the UN from Pebble Beach.

    • Given how useless the UN generally is, could having him in charge be worse than when Koffee nBiscuits and his son Kojo were guiding the UN.
      Hell if we do it right Barack can claim the American Congress not funding him is shutting down the world and he can direct the UN to erect barricades around France, the Pyramids at Giza and Detroit.

  • Interesting link to LBJ, who managed to muck up about everything he ever touched. LBJ, the first Presidential Micro Manager.

    But as far as Der ObamaFuhrer goes, many of us realized quite early, during his first campaign, that incompetence was NOT his greatest shortcoming (and he had/has plenty) and was of relatively lesser important compared to his nihilism, his narcissism, his MALEVOLENCE and his MALIGNANCY.

    Carter and both Bushs’ were dolts, but their damage could be repaired in time.

    He’s just not even bothering to PHONE it in, anymore. At best, he’s just texting it in…
    But, like I say, if we could PAY him to play golf exclusively, it would be a vast improvement, and we’d never have to worry about that poor old drunk Biden acting as president.

    • And yes, that IS the reason he spent a million dollars to round trip from Martha’s Vineyard to Washington.
      guy couldn’t even get down to Fort Hood for 3 days after the first shooting, but he can fly for a 5 hour party in DC.
      This kind of stuff has begun to be like predicting the sunrise.

      • And just passed on the funeral of a two-star killed in combat in Afghanistan. But he might go to Ferguson… Priorities, baby…

        • Oh what’s another 2 Star General. They get killed all the time, all the time (uh, not since Vietnam, 1970)
          Golf courses, you gotta play while the sun shines man! So many courses, so little time. And the President is a busy busy man.
          We should appreciate that he’s focused and staying on course!

  • Could be worse….this time he hasn’t blamed it on a video.

    • If Ezra had thought there needed to be a video to blame it on, all the progpundits who don’t collude with their stories would already be telling you what it was.

      As it is, America didn’t really notice we lost a general.
      Now if he’d been gay, or a cross dresser or had been about to have a gender reassignment they might have made a little more of it.