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Loss of Will

Via Instapundit, I saw this story which irked me. It’s an AP story, so I won’t quote it directly. You can go read it if you want. The upshot is that UN forces were besieged by Syrian Rebels in the Golan heights.The commander of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, or UNDOF, who supervises the UN peacekeeping forces in Golan, ordered the peacekeepers to surrender to the rebels.

Last week, the detachment from Fiji were surrounded by the Rebels and surrendered, and are still prisoners of the rebels. The rebels then besieged the Philippine detachment of UNDOF. As part of the negotiations to secure the release of the Fijian peacekeepers, the UNDOF commander told the the Philippine detachment to surrender as well. The Philippine detachment, conversely, told the UNDOF commander to go screw, and…extricated themselves from the siege, during which time they were…ahem…forced to fire on the rebels in self defense.

So, first off, kudos to the Philippine troops, and their big boss, Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang, who said that Philippine soldiers do not surrender their firearms.

Second, how useless is the UN and its “Peacekeeping Forces”? Rebel attacks have been on the rise, causing several UNDOF member nations to withdraw their troops. These withdrawals, have, surprisingly, not kept the peace, and rebel attacks have been on the rise.

The UN is supposed to provide peacekeeping troops to, if necessary, enforce the rules of decent civilization on barbarians. Clearly, they are a failure at that. One can’t help but remember that in other, happier days, the defenders of civilization, when attacked by barbarians, would keep the peace by hunting down and killing the barbarians to the last man, killing him, then killing his pet goat, as Ralph Peters has put it. Not any more, apparently. The job of UN peacekeeping has seemingly been reduced to molesting underage girls and surrendering to barbarians.

The thing is, there are men who only want to see the world burn. To surrender to them does not gain peace, but gives them the world.

We spoke about piracy at sea on the podcast this week, and how, after obliterating it in the 19th century, we have allowed it to flourish in the 21st. We are squandering–indeed have mostly squandered–the legacy of of civilization, and with it the notion that civilization must be defended. There is never a shortage of barbarians, but there is an increasing shortage of nations willing to defend against them with the only thing barbarians understand: naked, brutal, death-dealing violence.

I do not see a bright future for civilization if this continues. Future generations may very well regard us as men of the Middle Ages did the Romans, wondering how they built all those roads and aqueducts.

Civilization may not be perfect, but as the example of ISIS/ISIL in Iraq is instructing us, it is generally better than the alternative.

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28 Responses to Loss of Will

  • This is probably the key question of the early 21st century. Civilization is at a crossroads.

    Until recently I thought that you had forces that wanted to build civilization and forces that want to tear it down or be uncivilized. But its more complicated than that. There’s a 3rd contingent which in itself have several sub-contingents. The main thing about the 3rd contingent are people who don’t care if its torn down because its not perfectly to their liking. Part of that 3rd contingent are people who are malcontents who rather not to change civilization or suck it up and would rather see it fail and take their chances. The other part want to tear it down to rebuild it in their vision with themselves figuring prominently at the top.

    • That’s the thing- they don’t really understand that civilization can burn, that it has to be maintained at cost of will time treasure and sadly, blood

      They think food is grown in the supermarket……or more likely they shop at organic boutique stores and farmers markets why can’t everyone so who cares about the Stop and Shop anyway? So they can’t imagine that civilization is anything but the natural state of things and will always continue to somehow magically exist so they can drink their overpriced Starbucks while reading the Sunday Times every weekend.

      Reality has a large dose in store for them.

  • “To surrender to them does not gain peace, but gives them the world.”

    The UN(hinged) uses a rather Erb-ish definition of “peace”.

    “but there is an increasing shortage of nations willing to defend against them with the only thing barbarians understand: naked, brutal, death-dealing violence.”

    Including rampant barbarians here in the USA, of the local variety.

  • Two thangs….
    1. There is no conceivable reason for us to be in the UN in any but a nominal capacity. Get us out, and get them out. They have become a positive negative.
    2. You don’t screw with Filipino professional soldiers. They have a fierce reputation they won and have not learned to apologize for (they not having the morons we do here in the U.S.).

    • They don’t give them those rifles and ammo to keep the peace – they give them those to form a slow but safe supply chain.
      This is why I am always tremendously; amused to hear rumors that ‘the UN is going to take over Texas’.

  • Those of us who insist on living in Realville CONDITIONALLY will live in “civilization” so long as the CONDITIONS for our forbearance are met. We ARE, after all, the AUTHORS of “civilization” in its best, highest expression. We fought, died, and killed for it, and then we extended it to all the rest of humanity. CONDITIONALLY.
    But we maintain the ability and the RESOLVE to put that arrangement aside when a nation or an individual seeks to impose barbaric coercion against us. Or the soft coercion of Erp’s Collective.
    We understand that the change of a millennium never changes human nature. Which is why we laugh grimly when we hear Pres. ScamWOW talk about how Putin is acting like someone from a former century. We know he is acting like a human being in any time in history who has no commitment to “civility”.
    We know that Ham-ass has embraced a barbarism today that they derive from ancient barbarity, and they simply have to be stopped. There is no “civilizing” people who have chosen to eschew it. They have called the tune, and we cannot pretend otherwise.
    This separates us from the Collective, who believe that all people are as good as we are…or much better. And we have no moral right to oppose them by arms. They simply need to be understood and accommodated.
    And this is a fatal, dangerous delusion that somehow persists after it has been repeatedly demonstrated to be just that. And it is a cardinal threat to civilization.

    • The collective will peacefully board the trains to the “work camps” because they either don’t really believe the holocaust happened, or they think contrary to all the evidence provided by Mao and Pol Pot and the Kim family and ISIS, ‘that can’t happen now’.
      Starbucks and Iphones and electing Obama.
      They’ll prevent that kind of thing.

  • C’mon y’all buzzkills. We just need to make this a “manageable problem”, that “destroy evil” thing is so like WWII or G-dub. Who needs moral clarity when it has all those annoying obligations and responsibilities? Let’s just go play some golf and hey, Squirrel!

    • Take away their varsity team shirts!
      What the pro-golfer doesn’t observe is Europe is a little nervous of the bear sniffing around it’s back porch so they’re not focused on a bunch of brown people killing other brown people.
      And they’re very reluctant to get the shotty out of the closet where they’ve kept it since the Americans came to visit 70 years ago.

  • Speaking of loss of will, look no further than Rotherham. Labour, (which evidentally DOES support child rape) had no will to stop predators in their own backyard. You know, it’s one thing to look all the way overseas at ISIS and say “you know what, leave these barbarians to their sh*tty patch of sand and rock, it’s not worth having Americans die for” and it’s quite another thing to knowingly sit back and allow your own children to suffer. I guess the poor girls were supposed to just “lie back and think of England” while the barbarians pulled a train on them.
    What is civilization? Sanitation, clean water, viable infrastructure, decent standard of living? England has all that yet I don’t think it qualifies as civilization anymore. Watch it burn? No need, it’s decaying not-so-slowly.

  • Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with being ideological. I do it every day. What sticks in my craw is lying about it to yourself or to the country. Insisting that you don’t have an ideology is a great way to advance your ideological agenda without actually having to defend your ideology. That’s why president Obama loves to say that he only cares about “what works” and what’s best for the country. I mean, who is against policies that work? Who doesn’t care about what’s best for the country? According to the president, the answer is always clear: Anyone who disagrees with him.
    —Jonah Goldberg

    And THAT certainly describes our own lying Collectivist, Doktor Erp.

    • It is post-modern thinking. Post-modernist leftists define reality (including “what works”) to be whatever supports leftist collectivism.
      Always, always, always remember that post-modern leftists, with Professor Polywobble being a prime example, expect to redefine words as necessary to support their collectivist impulses. Some of them are self-aware enough to realize they are doing. Polywobble isn’t. He lacks the cognitive skills to know that he’s redefining words. He just thinks they mean whatever floats into his head for them to mean today. (e.g. “securing the border” this week means “whatever Obama did about the border, regardless of whether it increased or decreased security”)

    • And THAT certainly describes our own lying Collectivist, Doktor Erp.</em"

      Ideology is baaaaaad. He doesn’t work with ideas. He has no set of ideals about what constitutes the moral way to deal with others. Pay no attention to all his pronouncements about such things. Such judgments weren’t rendered from a position of ideology. They’re just, you know, feeelings, man.

      Besides, you seem too certain. And, being certain is a sign of bad, ideological thinking. Scott is certain of that.

  • Read Romeo Dallaire’s book “Shake Hands with the Devil” about the Rwandan genocide. There are also two films – a documentary about Dallaire, and a film about what he went through. The UN orders prevented him from stopping the genocide with proactive action in January (it started in April 1994), and when it started they ordered most of his troops removed. When large numbers of well trained European troops came a week later, they only evacuated their own – they ignored the genocide and Dallaire’s pleas. He stayed the duration. He protected tens of thousands. He was an eyewitness to genocide, and as part of the UN, showed how an organization that vowed “never again” watched and ignored an ongoing genocide.

    UN peacekeepers do a world of good in places where peace is really wanted. But they have to have the tools and the approval to act when necessary. And the UN falls far short on that. Dallaire to me is a hero – he now is active on the issue of child soldiers. But many at the UN found him an embarrassment. He actually thought the Rwandans had as much human value as westerners.

    • If they can’t or won’t keep the peace they shouldn’t be called peacekeepers.

    • UN peacekeepers do a world of good in places where peace is really wanted.

      Peace is wanted by whom? Certainly huge swaths of people in Syria and Iraq really want peace. I suppose that, for those people, their desire for peace doesn’t count, since even Scott Erb admits that the glorious UN is useless there.

      Your statement is meaningless because “where peace is really wanted” is a phrase you can’t quantify. (“by whom?”)

      Par for the course, clown.

    • The problem in Rwanda wasn’t how Westerners valued Rwandans. It was how Rwandans valued each other.

      • “how Westerners valued Rwandans.”
        It’s a liberal/progressive ‘great white burden’ thing man.

  • UN peacekeepers do a world of good in places where peace is really wanted

    >>>> You just showcased their uselessness. Thanks

    • Yes, because if people really want peace, they usually find a way to get it – without needing help from outside.

      • You guys…!!! Child rapists in blue helmets need work, too! Geez…

        • Don’t really see why we need them, though. The only thing anyone needs to do is sprinkle some magic Obama dust on the borders around the problem area to make the borders secure. The people inside can then breathe easy and be at peace.

          • Ah, the dust is important, but don’t forget the essential part.
            You have to have the incantation. Obama has to give a speech! THAT’s where the real magic comes into play.

        • Right, and since we know that actually defending things isn’t what they’re doing they’ve got free time on their hands.
          Moral would plummet if they weren’t keeping busy!
          And Billy, it’s part of the jobs thing that we’re focusing on with laser like precision every other week.
          If illegal aliens have rights as US citizens, it’s obvious foreign troops have rights to benefit from a US jobs program!
          It’s one world now! We’re all together in the new millennium! The first 2 digits of 4 digit years begin with “20” now!

          • …plus, the Bible tells us we should protect everyone from job-lock, an’ unemployment, and Gorebal Climate Thingy, an’ stuff…
            You can find it in the Gospel of Medal Flinger.

  • I read today where Barack was a kinda nuance genius for NOT arming the Syrian Rebels. I guess the writer missed the fact that he did arm them this time last year.
    . .
    What he should do is pick one side and ARC LIGHT them.
    And when they’re destroyed, ARC LIGHT the “winners” too.