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What if the UN gave a climate summit and no one came?

In July we have this announcement:
President Barack Obama will attend a United Nations summit on climate change in September.
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has invited heads of state and other leaders to the Sept. 23 summit in New York. The U.N. says the goal is to spur governments, industry and civil groups to make new commitments to addressing climate change.
The summit comes one year before world leaders will gather in Paris for global climate talks aimed at securing a deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Obama has set a goal to cut U.S. emissions 17 percent by 2020, compared to 2005 levels.
Then it was announced a week or so ago:

The Obama administration will seek a non-binding international accord – rather than a treaty – at a United Nations climate summit in Paris next year on reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

It was a widely anticipated move, as President Barack Obama has repeatedly said he would act alone, bypassing Congress, if lawmakers declined to support his proposal.

So one would assume that the UN meeting would lay the groundwork for the Paris talks, no?  Since it all under the auspices of the UN?  And this apparently is very important to our president, no?  He’s going to attend, he’s got a plan (one of the few plans his administration has ever managed to push out there) to make a commitment for the US while bypassing Congress.  What could go wrong with this issue that is so important to Obama?  And he’s certainly consulted with other world leaders to ensure their cooperation and backing, right?

Uh, no:

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, leader of the world’s third-largest greenhouse gas-emitting nation, won’t join his U.S. and Chinese counterparts at a United Nations climate summit next month in New York. Modi’s absence is a bit of a blow to the summit.

Chinese counterparts?  The Chinese are blowing it off too:

Chinese president Xi Jinping has decided to skip a meeting of world leaders on climate change in New York, according to climate insiders, casting doubt on the summit’s potential to make progress ahead of next year’s major UN climate summit in Paris. 

You think?  But, as the commercial says, “that’s not all”:

German daily TAZ reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel isn’t going to bother attending the Ban Ki-Moon initiated climate conference in New York this coming September. The TAZ adds this has been “confirmed by a government spokesman“. Merkel’s decision to snub the event is likely another sign that efforts to forge a climate agreement are already dead in water. The TAZ writes: “Ultimately only Europe and very few other countries remain on board. Canada for example has opted out. Japan and Russia are also no longer taking part.”

Always the last to know.  Kind of like his foreign policy, isn’t it?  No India.  No China.  No Russia.  No Canada, Germany or Japan.

So, if all of these major players in the world don’t see a reason to show up for Obama and Moon’s little show, how are those two going to sell this to world as an emergency situation that needs drastic action?

I know — call in John Kerry!

And the clown car continues to careen down the path to nowhere.


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28 Responses to What if the UN gave a climate summit and no one came?

  • Whether this matters depends on whether the effectiveness of magical incantations is correlated to the number and importance of people who hear them.

    • I’ve asked the question before and haven’t gotten an answer, but can anybody name a time when the climate didn’t “change”?
      The climate is always changing; the climate is what you expect, the weather is what you get.
      Most countries have figured this out by now, but not our un-vetted Community Agitator with the Redacted Resume.
      When the premiss is based on an absurdity, why would you double down on stupid?
      Money, Power, Societal Control… the answer lies somewhere along that money trail.

  • ‘The TAZ writes: “Ultimately only Europe and very few other countries remain on board.”‘
    One would think that the TAZ, being a German daily, would know that Europe is not a country. But maybe it’s just a bad translation.
    “Modi’s absence is a bit of a blow to the summit.”
    ha. hahahaha. ‘bit of a blow,’ forsooth.

    • I think they’re talking about EU.

    • Germany bet big time on solar and wind. The return was dismal.
      As any 5th grader could tell you, the sun is out when you need it to light your way and the wind doesn’t blow enough in the coldest of cold.

    • “Europe is not a country.”

      But it will be if some have their way. It already has a legislature making laws and an executive and a bureaucracy. It certainly has a ‘patriotic’ constituency. Their are recognized countries in the world with less of a claim to actual statehood.

  • Funny thing…
    MOST of those nations are KINDA committed to improving their ECONOMIES.
    There has been a decided turn in the world TOWARD reality, and away from the moonpony religion of climate druids. Barracula should feel very, very alone…

  • How many journos did climate change behead?

  • In line with shark here, I hate to say it, but I’m half expecting next week to change a lot of the math.

  • No India. No China. No Russia. No Canada, Germany or Japan.

    Nice. With any luck, a few more first world nations will blow it off.

  • How is an accord suddenly not another word for a treaty or is that all it takes to bypass the Constitution these days.

    “He didn’t commit murder your honor. He simply dispatched him”
    “Well then, not one more day in jail. Accused is free to go!”

    • From that VRWC member, Politico:

      Put to the rhythms of Winston Churchill’s famous call to arms in Parliament in June 1940, the Obama posture is, “We shall degrade you, we shall lessen you as a factor, we shall make you manageable, we shall hope that the attention of this great continental nation … turns to something else soon.”

      • In order for a something to collapse, it has to be there in the first place. Vapor doesn’t collapse.
        “don’t do stupid s**t” isn’t a policy worthy of even mentioning, and in any event in the case of the Obama administration doing stupid s**t, everywhere, has practically been their hallmark.

        • “don’t do stupid s**t” seems to be one of those things most of us learn quite young. As a basic precept, it seems sound enough. But it is SO basic that most of us never think about it at all after the awkward potty-training period. It is certainly suggestive that Pres. ScamWOW found it, somehow, profound.

          • I know!
            Because, you know, Bush and anybody prior to Obama, they did stupid s**t (I’m trying to keep the PG rating) and they KNEW it was stupid s**t, and did it anyway, and then probably laughed like a bunch of drunk cowboys (Hey y’all! Watch this!!!!!)
            It’s a childish philosophy applied like it was some remarkable thing.
            It speaks really well for their arrogance though, like they’re the only ones who would recognize stupid s**t and avoid it.
            When, and I think the last 6 years pretty much bears out, they do stupid s**t constantly, they practically dine on it.
            the only thing at this point that continues to save this administration from total ruin is the bulk of the media exhibiting willingness to make excuses for what would be normally inexcusable.
            The contortions they’ll go though to excuse, including outright lies, have no apparent limit.

  • Climate Negotiator 1: Hey, look at those people living in huts. They cook over dung fires inside those huts, burning crap and breathing the smoke.

    Climate Negotiator 2: Ooh, that can’t be too good for them.

    Climate Negotiator 1: It’s not. Something like 4 million people die annually from indoor air pollution. But now they want electricity, and they want it from something cheap like coal, something that supplies them with continuous electricity…not that on-again, off-again high-cost electricity from solar panels. What are we gonna do?

    Climate Negotiator 2: I’ve got an idea. Let’s name them and shame them.

  • I disagree with one thing though –
    “And the clown car continues to careen down the path to nowhere.”
    Not so, it’s headed down the path to hit Dale’s Kangaroo.

  • Global Warming is such an immediate threat, such an impending global disaster of gloom and doom . . . that everyone bolts once someone breaks kayfabe.
    My popcorn bowl runneth over. It is such a treat to watch these Progressive memes die a slow, painful death. 🙂

    • I’m all for the death of progressive memes being painful, but I’d like those deaths to be faster, if it’s OK with you.

      • Even after 18 years they’re denying it.
        Talk about deniers.

      • Then again…
        Just suppose that we find out from the quantum research they’re doing now that we’re a projection of a 2D universe and that we’re really a simulation that’s been written to determine the impact of humanity on global warming!
        no one’s stoned enough yet for that discussion at 2:30 on a Friday I suppose.

      • Everything takes longer than it should, even collapse.

    • Past performance is no guarantee of future results:
      ● “Katie Couric and Matt Lauer Blame Hurricanes On Global Warming.”
      —Headline, NewsBusters, September 21st, 2005.
      ● “Matt Lauer’s helicopter rides to and from his Hamptons mansion are ‘paid for by NBC’ – despite earning $20million a year.”
      —Headline, the London Daily Mail, today.
      —Ed Driscoll
      Hell. It is tough to figure just how many Collectivist memes that tiny vignette skewers…