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NHS continues to give us a reason to reject government run health care … if we’re smart

The VA system has given us a hint of what we can expect from a government run health care system in the US.  But the UK has been doing it since 1948.  And, it appears, most of those who want a single payer, government system purposely turn a blind eye to the UK’s experience:

Death rates in NHS hospitals are among the highest in the western world, shock figures revealed yesterday.

British patients were found to be almost 50 per cent more likely to die from poor care than those in America.

They have five times the chance of dying from pneumonia and twice the chance of being killed by blood poisoning.

Experts say that, despite recent improvements, NHS death rates still outstrip those in many other European countries.

Note the second sentence.  That’s as of today.  To date, our government hasn’t the level of intrusion or time to turn the health care system in the US into an NHS.

If you think its bad now, just imagine the entire country run like the VA.  Or NHS.


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5 Responses to NHS continues to give us a reason to reject government run health care … if we’re smart

  • This is why, if you want single payer, you want to leave consumer choice of care provider.

    Now, here’s the interesting part. Why hasn’t the UK reformed the NHS to be more like France’s? (And why not with the VA, too?)

    Because the NHS is very popular and entrenched interests very strong. This should be a huge warning to Americans who want Single Payer that you should be very, very careful in setting it up, and probably have some exit ramps, too. Because if you make any big mistakes, you may find the public refuses to change the new status quo.

    This applies to the ACA as well, which thankfully leaves some consumer choice on the table. Right now, its also possible to make some major reforms to it. Wait a few more years and maybe it will be impossible. Playing electoral games sounds like good politics but is very dangerous policy.

  • Another useful model is the one American Indians who live on reservations or depend on them have to confront.

    Look it up. It SHOULD scare you spitless.

  • Advocates for commiecare always point to some other example of how well it works, usually towards a system most people are not familiar with. In early 2009 it was Spain’s system; Spain was leading the way in both energy policy and healthcare policy, and we were foolish if we didn’t copy them. As Spain goes tits up, they find some other place to crow about.

  • It’s okay; not to worry – the political elite, the apparatchiks, nomenklatura will have their own separate system from ours. We must protect those people at all cost, least our betters and our masters run into rough times.

  • The die is cast. Obamacare will bring the medical sector to ruin in no time and people will be told Obamacare was too little too late and people will believe them. We will have it officially in under 2 decades and unofficial in half that. It why Obamacare is a bigger deal than a chance to elect Republicans.