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New Car Review

This week, I review the favorite car of outdoorsy communists and ladies with short hair and broad shoulders.

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4 Responses to New Car Review

  • After all those VW bugs and micro-buses, you would think some of the commie hippies would be demanding a manual stick in this thing.

  • “Ladies with short hair and broad shoulders”…
    Lemme think about that.

  • Dale, you mentioned reliable… I’ve know quiet a few people who bought one, but never a second one.
    With a few notable exceptions (my sisters car, but that’s a story for another day) they make it through the warranty period pretty well, but there are common faults that have dogged this design for decades:
    > oil sending units that pop-out at highway, speeds giving you seconds to get it off the road and shut down. This has happened to everyone I’ve known who owned one.
    > leaky valve covers with very limited access for a backyard mechanic to even tighten the screws.
    > complicated and leak-prone 2-into-2-into-1 exhaust systems.
    > unreliable engine sensors and their associated wiring Really? for a Japanese car this is unforgivable level of bad wiring.
    > wheel bearings
    > CV joints… this is all before 100K. I get the AWD thingy, but if you must go Asian, there are far more reliable cars than subarus.