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You can be a guinea pig!

So, I got this email from a researcher who’s looking for libertarians to respond to a study:

I am conducting research on ideology and public opinion.  Most studies on public opinion ask subjects whether they are liberals or conservatives. Options to identify as “libertarian” (or anything else) are almost always left out. To say that libertarians are underrepresented in academic research wouldn’t be enough; they aren’t even given a chance to identify themselves as such.  Therefore, I would like to include libertarians in one of my studies regarding opinions of candidates and their policies.  To do this, I need to seek them out through blogs and websites. I was wondering if you would be interested in posting a link to my online survey on your site or in an email distribution. 

Some important things to know about this survey:

-All responses are 100% anonymous. There is no way for me to link any identifying information to the survey responses.

-The survey has been cleared by an Institutional Review Board at Stony Brook University.  It satisfies all the requirements for a study that uses human subjects. 

-It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete

-It does not seek to promote any kind of ideological agenda

The survey can be found here:

If it’s something you feel like you want to participate in, please feel free. I took it. Seems harmless.

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3 Responses to You can be a guinea pig!

  • First question in the survey, and there’s a spelling error. I’m not exactly sure what a “government-lead healthcare plan” would be. A combination of government and some base metal? Errors like this don’t give me much confidence in the survey.

  • I ran into a HTTPS error code at the candidate list.

  • With a little coaxing, I was able to take the survey on my iPad.

    The liberal vs conservative categorization is a grossly misleading shorthand for talking about people’s political beliefs.

    As for “libertarian”, I keep on seeing – in podcasts and on the web – this label attributed to ideas and beliefs that I don’t recognize as resembling the libertarianism I grew up with.