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Fake, but accurate

Neil DeGrasse Tyson has finally responded to the fake quotes controversy raised by Sean Davis at the Federalist. Ace takes it down very well. My take, on the other hand, is this:

Neil DeGrasse tyson

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28 Responses to Fake, but accurate

  • “I am an asshat” – Neil Degrasse Tyson.
    That’s a quote he made from a video I remembered I watched on You-Tube one time.
    I took notes, but they’re sparse. But I present that to distinguish he from we.
    I suspect when eager scrutinizers search for it, they won’t be able to find it and they’ll accuse me of fabricating a sentence.
    Lawyers are good at this and use it to cast doubt about everything you say.

    I’ll be surprised in 6 months if I remember any details from this, but maybe I should apologize right now and get it over with?

    • I am the entertainer,
      The idol of my age.
      I make all kinds of money,
      When I go on the stage.
      Ah, you’ve seen me in the papers,
      I’ve been in the magazines.
      But if I go cold,
      I won’t get sold.
      I’ll get put in the back
      In the discount rack,
      Like another can of beans.

      • “I’m sure my critics will say
        it’s a grotesque display.
        Well, they can bite me, baby
        — I perform this way!”

        Weird Al Yankovic – “Perform this way”

  • That is some proud disease. The lack of science and humility is disconcerting.

  • Whew…!!! I was worried there until I realized what you were doing, Dale.

    I was going to give you an aspirin and call 9-11. I figured you’d stroked out.

    Poor Mr./Dr. Tyson proves my observation: “celebrity scientist” is an oxymoron. He has made himself the “Dr. Phil” of astrophysics. Which is one step above a red ball nose and big, floppy shoes.

    • Hey, you’re one of them lawyer guys ain’t chew? – why is it that you pick apart words and make a big deal out of people making stuff up like it matters or relates to their credibility?
      I don’t get that!

      • Call it a character flaw…

        The Collective has suggested therapy. Or maybe the term was “re-education”…

  • My daughter’s college graduation last year was supposed to have Dr Tyson as the speaker, but he dropped off (presumable to look for the quote, I guess) and replaced by his twin, Bill Nye, the science guy, who spoke about “changing the world”

    • They traded a PhD for a guy with a BS in Mechanical Engineering?

      My dad would have given the speech for half the money, and he has two masters degrees…

  • What a complete ass-hat. The good Lord only knows why people like Tyson are selected to front “science” and why they end up (1) getting it wrong quite often and ass-covering instead of doing a quick mea culpa, (2) co-opting science to push their political hobby-horses, (3) going all crazy when called on it. Off the top of my head there is Tyson, Richard Cox, Michio Kaku, Brian Greene to a degree, even Carl Sagan I think went a bit strange. And that is just the ones who make it to TV. Where do they come from, who chooses these libertines? Are they chosen because they can autocue as well as Obama and are willing to politicize things if it gets them another gig?

    • You left off the reigning king-cat-daddy of the day…Dr. Michael Mann (soon to be impoverished for the incredible stupidity of screwing with Mark Steyn). Selling your soul to the devil has definite consequences.

      • Ha! The others at least had some success in their fields prior to selling the souls. I don’t think I have even seen Mann trying to popularize his “science” on TV, he must be bad with the autocues.

        • HE had OwlGore flaking for him. HUGE exposure.

          Just lately, he’s been very circumspect. He only appears on venues like Moosesqueeze Public Sometimes Radio when he knows he isn’t going to be exposed to ANYTHING remotely challenging.

    • They use their science cred (whether deserved or from mere celebrity and a curated public image) to push the liberal narrative. He needs to have a swipe at Bush as part of his thing. He’s protecting his schtick as much as his ego. Playing to that is how he continues to be a celeb. He’s also probably panicked. If he becomes a liability to the liberal narrative, he’s out. Although the standard is pretty low.

      • Basically he know who controls whether he gets a spot on Big Bang Theory or narrates the new Cosmos and he’s pandering to them.

      • The GW anti-science appeal is obligatory – even though we have a President who currently credits Islamic immigrants with building the railroads and the factories of 1800’s America.

    • I do public speaking. Being on stage talking to a thousand people, and having them cheer and applaud at the end, is addictive. Once a staid scientist gets a taste of that, it’s easy to believe that’s where one’s true calling lies. It also becomes easier and easier to take shortcuts to getting a taste of that drug in the future.

      Plus, when you are in that position long enough for people to recognize you and blather on about what an honor it is to meet you, you begin to feel that you are special and above the common rabble. That makes rationalization for shortcuts even easier as time goes on.

      It’s the same basic psychological tendency that caused the Romans to have a slave whispering “All glory is fleeting” in the ear of a conquering general at his reception, and for the Greeks to feature the concept of hubris in their drama. I’m guessing those vulnerable scientists you name are not very deep into history and other humanities enough to take those concepts to heart.

      • “All glory is fleeting”
        Slaves being out of vogue these days, maybe we could get some illegal aliens to stand behind our senators, congresscritters and President to do that job.

  • Shorter Tyson: Shut up. Because truthiness.

  • Yes those religious people are always screwing up science. Just like that Jesuit fellow (forgot his name) who came up with the Big Bang theory. What have you come up with Tyson besides last night’s dinner?

    • I do get a good chuckle these days from Wikipedia’s appeals for money when I happen to stumble on to their pages.

  • Jailing Climate Deniers
    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    I do, however, believe that corporations which deliberately, purposefully, maliciously and systematically sponsor climate lies should be given the death penalty. This can be accomplished through an existing legal proceeding known as “charter revocation.” State Attorneys General can invoke this remedy whenever corporations put their profit-making before the “public welfare.”

    Now, we just have to figure out who is lying.

    • My last name is Kennedy, that means I’m special and you should listen to me.

      • At one time the Kennedy family held some members who were fairly intelligent. Apparently they diluted that by marrying bimbo trophy wives, to the point that the current generation is just a bunch of pompous dumbasses.

        • Whul yeah, but my name is Kennedy! Do you know who I was related too! Bloody peasants! Listen to me! Kennedy!
          Sheesh you act like my ancestors accomplishments aren’t mine personally or something!

          (Gawd I love royalty)