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Seriously Unserious

Reporting from the ‘hot zone’ here in Dallas it strikes me that our Federal government is seriously unserious about the many serious situations confronting the country today.   Maybe it’s selfish, but my main concern right now is the seriously unserious way that Ebola Patient Zero and his immediate “family” and contancts have been dealt with here since before it was confirmed he WAS Ebola Patient Zero.

Hey, the good news is now I’m not as seriously concerned about ISIS sneaking across the border and causing mayhem here in the homeland, but that’s not because the problem went away, it’s because I went from minor worrying maybe about Islamic ‘splodedopes to worrying about being hit by a for real here now biological WMD.

Let’s start with the after the fact assurances we get from the “gentleman” in the White House.  Last night we’re told we’re prepared to stop Ebola from gaining a foothold here in the US.   Weeeeeeeeellllll, I feel so much better now.   They’ll stop it from gaining a foothold.   That’s as opposed to stopping it from getting here, which they told us a couple weeks ago was almost a certainty.   Part of the plan to stop it involved the point of entry at Dulles – which is where Ebola Patient Zero deplanned from Liberia to get on his plane to Dallas 2 weeks ago.  Yep, we’ll stop em at Dulles.   Oh, wait.   Welcome to America, have a nice day sir.

I don’t blame the Federal government for the action of the local hospital sending the guy home after he told them he was from Liberia and had flu like symptoms.   Maybe I should.  I do blame the Feds for letting the guy GET to the local hospital so the second in a long series of screw ups could occur.  I understand medical pros in Dallas  might not make a connection between flu symptoms, and Liberia and Ebola – sadly a lot of Americans don’t know where Liberia is (that’s between France and Italy, right?)  and they are or were probably not tuned in to Ebola because they’re kinda worried about Kendra and Hank right now and there’s just no time for that Ebola stuff which is very unlikely to be a problem here in the US because, as we see now, hope.

I do blame the Federal government for the way those in contact with the guy have been handled – 4 people quarantined in the apartment where the sweaty sheets from Ebola Patient Zero were still on the bed or in plastic garbage bags until yesterday.   It’s like someone is trying to ensure the 4 people in that apartment are infected.  You know, the odds weren’t high enough from them interacting with him, let’s make sure they get it by leaving them in the apartment where his ‘bodily fluids’ are still available to them.   This is a virus.   You can catch the flu when someone sneezes, or wipes their nose, touches a counter, and you wander by an hour later, touch the same counter, and then rub your eyes.   The bodily fluids thing is a form of lie the government keep tossing out to imply that since we probably didn’t have sex with the guy, swap spit with him or shoot up some drugs on a shared needle, we’re pretty much all good, don’t worry.   Just don’t touch that grocery cart handle after he sneezed into his hand and then went to buy Tylenol Cold and Flu, okay?

Now,  the President, who thinks he personally can authorize the admission of several millions of illegal immigrants, tells us that he is NOT going to bar travel from the countries where Ebola is running loose.   That doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to do, or unreasonable. It doesn’t even seem like it would be considered “mean’ if we did so.  They’ve done it in the UK and they’re highly PC these days.  And TSA, the people who won’t let you bring a bottle of water on the airplane, are waving people possibly infected with a virus that has a better kill rate than smallpox off the planes and telling them to have a pleasant stay.

Yesterday, about 5 days after Ebola Zero is confirmed and isolated, they show up to the apartment he got sick in, in HAZMAT suits and seal the place off.   Oh, goody.   It only took 5 days.   Hurrah.   Government pretending they’re serious about the job they claim we need them for.  5 days of serious.

Based on the number of stories, story versions, stonewalling and outright lies that this administration has told us, and I won’t recount them here, again – are YOU feeling real good about the Federal government stopping this?   At this point they have me wondering if someone thinks we don’t have enough patients diagnosed with Ebola, that there aren’t enough situations yet and we need more.   Maybe they think this will sell ObamaCare, maybe they want a crisis they can save us from.

I don’t know, but I do know if I ever trusted them I don’t any more.   I know if I was in a position to hand out bonuses right now we can bet I’d also be in a position to fire people.  Guess which of the two I’d be contemplating.    Most of us who work for a living are expected to be at least marginally good at what we’re paid for.   This isn’t supposed to be rocket science where they have to think on their feet, there are ALREADY supposed to be procedures in place for this.      5 days to HAZMAT the place, 5 days to take the possible vectors to some kind of secure medical facility where I think it’s pretty certain they’re going to come down with Ebola, given their level of contact with Ebola Patient Zero.

Last year in January the DFW area was in the grip of the common flu – over half the area hospitals that were checked by a station doing a news report were claiming they were at capacity for the number of flu patients they could handle.   There had been about 40 deaths at that point.   Now remember flu usually only manages to kill the very young, the old or the immune system challenged.   But it was reported as a crisis, that so many of the hospitals were at capacity dealing with flu patients.

Flu…  Think about that and consider a virus that has a kill rate of somewhere between 40 and 90 percent depending on where you’re being treated and, largely, what facilities and personnel are available to treat you.   Then consider they have 100 people under observation in the Dallas Metroplex with their finger crossed hoping they aren’t already infected with the virus.

Consider one of the 4 quarantined victims went to school last Wednesday after she’d been quarantined.   Consider they were just recently (yesterday) taken from the apartment and placed in a ‘secure’ and ‘secret’ location and the apartment was cleaned and sealed.  Consider President PGA has no intention of halting flights from the Ebola infected countries.

Consider the previous promises that it was unlikely to ever get here, and consider the new promises that they’ll prevent it from spreading.

Seriously, why should we believe them?

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19 Responses to Seriously Unserious

  • Believe that they’re serious? How can I? Quite obviously, they are NOT.

    The only think I can think of is— we have midterm elections coming up. We have “public servants” who want to keep the perks and cocktail parties coming.

    I have just finished composing “a little something” which I plan to send to my CongressWeasels. I don’t mind if someone else borrows it (-or uses it as a springboard for thei own thoughts-) to send to more of those self-entitled “duly-electeds” WHO SERVE AT OUR PLEASURE.
    – – – – – – –
    Dear =====,

    I am very concerned about the subject of immigration, both legal and illegal, from a health standpoint. I’m writing you because mid-term elections are approaching, and I need to decide who to vote for.

    As a voter, I want to hear you tell me that MY FAMILY’S HEALTH is your primary concern. “Bringing Illegals out of the Shadows” is all well and good — UNTIL MY KIDS START DYING. “Doing the work Americans won’t do” is a catchy phrase — until my Mom and Dad come down with some third-world disease that may incapacitate or kill them. “We can’t punish people for an act of love – they just want the opportunity to provide for their families” is a heartfelt and noble sentiment – until *I* get sick from the diseases they brought here, and then *I* become unable to take care of MY family.

    Do you understand? Illegals weren’t born here, so THEY ARE NOT CITIZENS. They don’t get the benefits of US citizenship. Yes, that’s merely an accident of birth, or the “hand of fate” if you will. In too many cases, it’s downright tragic. I have great sympathy for their plight. BUT: I *am* a citizen, my family members are citizens. We contribute to the good of our country. We obey the law; we pay our taxes; we work; we vote. And, please note, WE VOTE FOR CANDIDATES WHO REPRESENT OUR INTERESTS. We-who-are-citizens elect you-who-are-legislators to WORK *FOR US*. Not for some random sick person from Monrovia; not some “unaccompanied minor” from Guatemala who may or may not be adorned with MS-13 tattoos. Although there indeed are people in this country who have “endured great hardship” to get here, if they are not citizens their welfare is NOT your primary focus. We-the-People ARE.

    Again – do you understand? You were elected to “preserve, protect and defend” your country and the fellow-citizens who chose you to represent them. If you have the capacity to take some action to prevent known deadly diseases from entering this country, YOU HAVE A SWORN DUTY TO TAKE SUCH ACTION.

    Therefore, I ask you to stand before your House of Congress and implore your fellow members to ALSO do their sworn duty:
    (1) Temporarily suspend travel to the USA from known Ebola hot-spots; and
    (2) IMMEDIATELY RETURN all illegal aliens to their countries of origin (instead of releasing them within our borders and trusting them to appear at immigration court in 45-90 days – this is playing Russian roulette with public health and is in *UNDENIABLE* violation of your oath of office.)

    I really, REALLY want a public statement from you on this subject THIS NEXT WEEK;
    in other words, you NEED to tell me what you are doing to protect me and my family before Friday October 10th. I cannot and will not vote for a “public servant” who will not demonstrate his commitment to the welfare of this country and the health and well-being of its citizens.


    – – – – – – –

    And if anybody has other suggestions, I’d LOVE to see them I want to make my congress-dudes LISTEN TO ME, dammit.

    • Erb will arrive shortly to chastise you and call you a racist. Because he’s studied Ebola extensively for his book Sex Toys of West Africa: A First-Hand Account of Efficacy and Suitability in the Kitchen. Or something. No telling what the goobersmoocher will come up with next time.

  • The real problem here was created decades ago. We wouldn’t let someone sick in at the border. Until it might inconvenience people with the AIDS virus which happen to be mostly made of one of the chosen classes in Liberal hierarchy.

    Actually the Ebola story is interesting, but the method of person to person transmission does mean its containable. It also basically means the main reason it spreads in Africa is from victim to caretaker and the correct strategy for them and their lack of facilities is to leave the sick to die alone. Liberal hate to admit the correct course of action is to be cruel.

    The real purpose of the Ebola story is to eclipse the introduction of diseases with less Gravitas due to the Obama importation of children from S.A. bypassing any health check and scattering them around the country. Those represent a real danger that hits home. Ebola drama is a distraction with some risk it may one day mutate into a true airborne virus which hasn’t happened yet.

    • Oh the strange illness that appeared almost simultaneously in the youth population all across the country, right after thousands of illegal immigrant children were distributed almost simultaneously all across the country?

      You think that’s linked? Dude that’s just crazy talk!
      And your “look squirrel! ” theory is unfortunately all too reasonable.

      • There is one legitimate concern the spread of ebola to a wild animal as a persistent carrier. Glad there are no primates in NA. But there are in South America. They’re going to love our irresponsibility if we pull that off.

        I guess we have some species of monkeys that have escaped to the wild in Florida. So I guess Florida is screwed.

      • Did we not see reports of sick kids coming across the border….with flu like symptoms?

        OR was that my imagination?

  • “sadly a lot of Americans don’t know where Liberia is (that’s between France and Italy, right?)”

    No, it isn’t. It’s between France and Morocco. Have you never heard of the Liberian Peninsula?

    Flu season is almost here again. Hospitals ERs and doctor’s offices are normally crowded during flu season. If this Ebola situation continues it will be a very interesting flu season. Time to buy medical product stocks.

    Let’s hope Ebola doesn’t reach Mexico. Fortunately our southern border is secure ( I have it from the Highest Authority) so we won’t have to worry about a flood of unauthorized tourists seeking medical attention for their flu-like symptoms.

    • …so we won’t have to worry about a flood of unauthorized tourists seeking medical attention for their flu-like symptoms.

      Absolutely. I have it on good authority that our healthcare system is viewed with disdain in the rest of the world. Here’s an example of a foreign viewpoint from a humor site.

      So it’s ridiculous to think that an infected Ebola patient in Africa would desperately try anything to get on a plane for, of all places, the US. Right? I mean, there must be planes going to all kinds of countries with better healthcare!

  • “I think we have a problem where the president’s foreign policy is being trapped by his campaign rhetoric,” Ayotte began during an appearance on Fox News Sunday. “I’m very fearful as we look at the current military strategy that it is surrounding the November elections and he won’t have the resolve to follow through with what needs to be done in a sustained effort to destroy ISIS, and we’re about to repeat the same thing with Afghanistan,” she added, referring to the effort to withdraw American troops from that country.
    Asked directly by host Chris Wallace if she was “suggesting that after the November election and acting tough and talking tough, that he will pull back from confronting ISIS,” Ayotte responded that she was.
    “I’m very concerned about that, Chris, and his resolve in this regard.”

    … why does this sound prophetic ?

  • Why would they care about Ebola? It’s only the proles who are going to get it…..or so they think.

    If Sasha or Malia were at risk, you’d better believe the borders would be shut tighter than Lois Lerners mouth….

    • The way his Disneyland secret service operates these days maybe they are. Who’d know?
      Wait my apologies, Disney probably has better security.
      Maybe that’s what Pierson meant.

  • Well, it seems nervous people in Dallas have been flocking to Cowboys stadium where nobody can catch anything…

    • We gots us over 6 million people in the Metroplex, I’d wager I can easily find 80,000 people who would pay cash money to ‘see the Ebola patient (sorta) live’ in an enclosed recirculated air auditorium.

  • Im not sure this is the thread to put this in, but…

    There seems to me a disconnect in the thought process, in pouring the three M’s…. men, Money and Material, into the hot zone in Africa. Ponder this, please, and mind, ive not fully thought this through….

    Why did we go into the middle east, fighting against AQ?
    The stated, and I think real reason was to fight against and control an undeniably deadly enemy before it got out of control. an emeny which has repeatedly demonstrated its to kill anything that moves, and threatens our society. The idea was to quell the issue there before it came here.

    Why did we leave? Supposedly because we were tired of being the world’s policeman. Why? Because of the costs, in terms of the three M’s.

    I disagree with that reasoning, but, there it is.

    So, along comes Ebola. and suddenly we are pouring in the 3Ms, not to the middle east, but to africa. Why? The stated, reason was to fight against and control an undeniably deadly enemy before it got out of control. an emeny which has repeatedly demonstrated its to kill anything that moves, and threatens our society. The idea is, we are told, to quell the issue there before it came here.

    The rists and the costs are the same in many ways.

    How, then, I wonder, is one effort less ‘worthy’ in the public eye, than the other?

  • oh… and has anyone noticed the phrase weve not heard yet?

    “Body Bags”.