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The lunacy of liberalism

I’m not sure how else to describe actions like this.  Here’s the lede from an article about George Will being uninvited from an appearance at Scripps College:

A prominent conservative political pundit was uninvited from speaking at Scripps College, in a program designed to promote conservative views on campus, because of his conservative views.

Got that?  Yes, it is terribly written, but still, you have to almost laugh at the irony.  Because of his conservative views, he was uninvited from a speaking engagement that was supposed to promote conservative views.

You simply can’t make up half the stuff the left does.  Apparently the trigger was a column Will wrote about campus “rape”.  I put rape in scare quotes because many schools now have such a broad definition of rape that you may be at risk by simply saying “hello” to a woman who doesn’t particularly care for  you.  Like “racism”, rape is being radically redefined on campus and Will had the temerity to address that.

Apparently, those at the college disagree with much of what Will said in the column.  And so, totally untrue to their supposed academic claims, they’ve cancelled Will:

The Elizabeth Hubert Malott Public Affairs Program was established under the belief that “a range of opinions about the world – especially opinions with which we may not agree, or think we do not agree – leads to a better educational experience,” according to the Scripps College website.

That’s certainly one way to discourage “opinions with which they may not agree”, but the cancellation certainly doesn’t lead “to a better educational experience” does it?  In fact it should make it clear that opinions they don’t agree with are not at all welcome at the campus.  Instead of taking the opportunity to challenge Will on their own home ground, they ban him.  It certainly wouldn’t surprise me then, to find out that the college also bans certain books that don’t conform to their orthodoxy.  I mean, why not?

If I were considering going there, that would be a huge warning sign that I would be sure to heed.

Unless, of course, you’ve a desire for indoctrination.  Then Scripps may be the place for you.


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8 Responses to The lunacy of liberalism

  • The Collective has various ways of saying the same thing: SHUT UP! It is all they have in the face of MUCH stronger counterarguments to their favored tropes. They are simply outclassed, and they know it and admit it by what they do. There is a short step from banning books to burning books, and from “dis-inviting” a speaker to jailing that same speaker.

    Over to you, Erp.

  • Karma is a bitch. They may or may not ever figure out what went wrong as they try to pay off their student loans by flipping burgers.

    • “Ya borrows yer money, and ya takes yer chances!”

      Oh, wait, all the right people promised the special little snowflakes that ‘chance’ wasn’t involved.
      A college degree was a warranty for a high 5 to 6 figure salaried job for life! Even if you majored in “Constructive Deconstructionism of Western Male Dominated Thought Processes and Womyns Supportive Anti-genderbias Studies.”

      They didn’t just promise that, they told you if you didn’t have one, you’d have to wear the “L is for loser” on your forehead down there under the railroad bridge where you’d be living with the other losers.

    • You are assuming they will actually have to pay back those loans.

      • What the heck. It’s not like bailing the self absorbed spoiled little brats out is going to make their degrees useful or make them competition for people with real skills.
        They’ll be just as useless without the college bills as they are with them.

  • The subtle message in the odd quote is that Conservatives are pro-rape.

    Basically Will was something other than supporting the current ‘approved’ approach to rape, rape accusations and rape [re]definition and those are inherently the conservative positions. The quote seems less odd if you throw out the idea Will has legitimate points on the issue and realize its bowtie on the general idea Conservatives are pro-rape.

    • I should add this was an idea communicated at just a low enough volume during the ’12 elections indirectly by using lesser ranked politicians as proxies for Romney that its signifigance was missed by many on the right.

  • Those women students are sensitive and fragile. He gave them the vapors. Perhaps the women DO need a strong protector.