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Utter failure

Stephen Hayes starts his article about Barack Obama’s failure as a president by pointing out what his big goal was to be:

A year before his first inauguration, Barack Obama laid out the objective of his presidency: to renew faith and trust in -activist government and transform the country. In an hourlong interview with the editorial board of the Reno Gazette-Journal on January 16, 2008, Obama said that his campaign was already “shifting the political paradigm” and promised that his presidency would do the same. His model would be Ronald Reagan, who “put us on a fundamentally different path,” in a way that distinguished him from leaders who were content merely to occupy the office. “I think that Ronald Reagan changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not. And in a way that Bill Clinton did not.”

If Reagan sought to minimize the role of government in the lives of Americans, Obama set out to do the opposite. “We’ve had a federal government that I think has gotten worn down and ineffective over the course of the Bush administration, partly because philosophically this administration did not believe in government as an agent of change,” he complained.

“I want to make government cool again,” he said.

Hayes then documents an incredible list of failures that have led most Americans (according to polls) to believe government is involved in too much.  Or said another way,  government still isn’t “cool”.  And big government is mostly a failure.

Take the ebola outbreak.  Anyone, how does one prevent an epidemic from spreading?  You isolate it.  That’s normally done through quarantine.  Part of the quarantine process is preventing those within a quarantine zone from traveling outside that zone.  Yet, for whatever reason, our government hasn’t done that.  Flights continue to come into this country from the countries in Africa which are suffering from the ebola epidemic.

Seems common sense, doesn’t it?  Even Democrats, not long on common sense most of the time, are wondering why this hasn’t been done.

The lawmakers accused Obama of attempting to “pass the buck” onto organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), which have advised against travel bans. Obama has said he would not ban travel unless the WHO reversed its position.

“[The WHO] has no duty to protect the lives and well-being of Americans, as you do. Furthermore, it has utterly failed to stem the epidemic through its own action. The responsibility for this decision is yours, not theirs,” they wrote.

As usual, Mr. “not my fault” is trying to pass off his responsibility to some other entity so, when it all blows up in his face – and it will, he can point the blame finger elsewhere.  Meanwhile flights continue to arrive in the US from the infected countries.  Upset airport workers charged with cleaning planes after they have arrived have struck in NY, so concerned are they with this lack of common sense.

My guess, if I had to make one, is Obama is trapped by his own political correctness.  Already the race baiters have been trying to tie the outbreak with racism.  If Obama prohibits flights he risks being branded a racist.  That’s much worse, in Obamaland, that not protecting the citizens of the country with which you’re charged Constitutionally to protect.  Instead we get airy promises that everything is under control.  After the airy promise that ebola would never reach here (see Dallas).

Meanwhile on the southern border, we have no freakin’ idea of who is crossing into this country.  And, of course, we’re ill prepared on that border to screen anyone.  Apparently, according to news reports, most air travel from those countries comes through 5 of our major airports and they’re now ramping up screening procedures to detect those who might exhibit signs of ebola infection.  No mention of how they plan on keeping those who are infected from possibly infecting fellow travelers and keeping those fellow travelers spreading it even further.  That of course would be a problem solved if they banned flights.

Then there’s Gen. John Kelly, US Southern Command commander who shines another light on the possibility of spreading the disease here  … primarily across our southern border.

He said the danger is two-fold: Not only might illegal immigrants from Africa enter the U.S. unchecked, but if Ebola spreads to Central America it could spark a new wave of illegal immigration to the U.S. that would make this summer’s surge “look like a small problem.”

“If Ebola breaks out in Haiti or in Central America, I think it is literally ‘Katie bar the door’ in terms of the mass migration of Central Americans into the United States,” the general said.

You think?!  And where would they head?  Well I think we all know where.

This is pretty basic stuff for any government, one would think. This is kind of like picking up the trash, fixing potholes and keeping the roads clear of snow for most municipal governments.  That’s what they’re primarily elected to do.  Oh, and protect the citizenry.  Yet here we have the “government is cool” gang again failing in its most fundamental function.

However, given their track record as outlined by Hayes, few should be surprised.  I still laugh at the left’s characterization of Bush as “incompetent”.  To describe this administration we have to come up with a completely different term which is far worse than “incompetent”.

I think “utter failure” works nicely.


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25 Responses to Utter failure

  • Even Democrats are wondering?
    They’re wondering because they still fail to connect with the basic and unmoveable fact that Obama is a failure because he depended on government. Faced with a huge list of failures with this administration, Democrats…. and sadly, a lot of the GOP, blame those failures on the ineptitude of Obama. It is far easier to do than to admit your worldview is once again proven dead wrong…. (a phrase not idly chosen) …and certainly, there is a lot of ineptitude there to point fingers at, but to do so misses the larger point that his being driven by central authority will invariably do worse than being driven by free individuals.

    The GOP has in its hands an opportunity… a teachable moment, about dependence on government. An opportunity which will be wasted because they too, think government is the answer. Remember, gang, these are the folks who pusheD Reagan out in 75/76 when he said “government isn’t the answer, government is the problem”… a point proven by Jimmy Carter over the following four years.

  • “Utter failure” as determined by people who hold American values and an attachment to reality.

    But there are quite a number of people…Pres. ScamWOW paramont among them…who lack BOTH those traits.

    We may be treated to the sober assurance of Herr Doktor Erp that Barracula is a stellar, blazing success. Whether or not that happens, we all could write his nonsense for him. And he is certainly not alone, though even his cadre is becoming disenchanted as the Obamic Decline puts the world in a MUCH more dangerous position in every conceivable way than it was just a few short years ago, and the handwriting on the wall is so legible.

    Nothing…NOTHING…Obama has wrought is anything but a disaster for this nation, and for the larger world. Next year will bring direct hardship to millions of Americans via ObamaDoggle. It is inevitable, just as are the exploitationsssss that will be made by our enemies.

  • But Paul Kruggy came out with a why Obama is a success article in Mother Jones the other day.

    The thrust of the article was basically that yes, it’s bad, but just think how much WORSE it would have been without Obama!!!

    Krugman is so funny, I just wonder if Mother Jones is going to be all pissy when the identical article turns up in the Onion.

    • Sorry, ROLLING STONES, not Mother Jones.

      Would it be too obvious what sort of person I am if I now said “what’s the difference”.

      • You could be a leading Collectivist candidate for the highest office in the land.

        What DIFFERENCE, at this point, DOES it make…?!?!?

        • Because it’s clear that any person, qualified or not, can become President.
          And that means I’m qualified.

          • So Obama epitomizes the American dream, that any child can grow up to be President?

            Sounds like an”I’ve got good news and bad news” joke.

          • Well, he proves it.
            People can’t argue that a clueless twit can’t become President any more.

  • ISIS is probing Baghdad with its “easily defeated tactics”. Funny, in several salients those tactics seem to be working really well. Maybe Erp is full of shit? Just a thought.

    • He’s so full of himself that shit would have to fight for space. I’ve read some more of the threads from the 20-year-old Google Talk groups that thoroughly eviscerated and emasculated twErp. Honestly, the moron is an inveterate and incorrigible narcissistic know-nothing.

  • And we elected him twice!

    So the American people are utter failures too!

    • Some, fer sure.

      • I mean that’s the thing isn’t it? Obama is a poor excuse for a Potus and a worse one for a man but I don’t blame him for being the debacle that he is.
        His miserable failure was baked into the cake come Election Day. I blame my neighbors and coworkers and their stupid effing college kids. I blame the free sh-t brigade that dominates my city for this. I blame idiot LIVs who shouldn’t have a vote for anything more than dogcatcher if that much.
        If my city was burning Id pull up an effing law chair and watch the show.

    • I wonder sometimes.

    • You’ve hit on the real problem. The problem isn’t Obama or his lack of competence; he’s just a symptom. The problem is we’ve got a nation of voters who cannot analyze the facts before them to save their own souls.

      • It would help if, occasionally, they were given some actual facts.

        Hell, it might have been nice if they had made more of the fact that Obama went to such length to hide facts (and still does).

        Not that I think a meaningful percentage would analyze them, but hey, even a blind pig can find an acorn once in a while.
        Maybe my fellow Americans can still surprise me.

        • Plenty was known about Obama in 2008: his voting record (or abstention record, if you will) in Illinois, his lackluster career as a one-term Senator, his work as a community organizer, his puffed-up teaching resume, his association with domestic terrorists…the list goes on. Those were all out in the open before Obama was elected, but the American public elected him anyway.

          The American public would really surprise me if it voted for less goodies from Uncle Sammy. I think I’ve got a better chance of winning the lottery than I have of seeing that, though.

        • It was known, but by, well, people like us. Not exactly average America.

          The evening news watchers never saw what we saw, because it didn’t fit the agenda of the same people who thought “fake but accurate” was acceptable.
          The American public elected the guy that gave Chris Matthews ‘Tingles’, and made Paul Krugman get all moist, and was going to pay their rent and their gasoline bills.
          I STILL see the media clinging to some of the same old tired lies and distortions they were telling in and after 2008.

          That’s what I meant by facts, sorry I didn’t make that more clear.
          I’m not disagreeing that the information was there, but hey man, that’s why we had reality TV, to keep people from being bored enough to find out that Barack Obama was not qualified to be Senator, let alone President. Instead all we found out was Crazy John McCain was going to die and leave us Sarah Palin. And SHE was an evil warm cuddly (killer) bear shooting, daughter’s ‘retarded’ son stealing maniac, who put out hits on Democratic politicians by using secret coded ‘target’ marks on maps.
          Facts were far and few between from the mushroom media.

          Goodies – you’re right once the gravy train starts even the IDEA of stopping it hurts, let alone whether or not it might actually hurt. So, your lottery scenario isn’t too far off, the odds probably ARE better.

  • I was in Taiwan for SARS. They had planeloads of Taiwanese flying back from HK and China. Nobody closed the airports.

    SARS is more communicable than Ebola.

    Now, that said, I’d suggest for the time being maybe we could at least stop handing out any tourist visas.

    I don’t think Eric Duncan’s trip to see his kid counts as vital business.

  • “… because philosophically this administration did not believe in government as an agent of change”

    So what was Iraq all about except to effect change ?

    • Well, see that goes to the two schools of thought as to government’s role.

      Coolidge’s administration was a quiet catalyst for the greatest changes in the American standard of living ever. The Roaring 20s were really ROARING in terms of how fast Americans got innovation in their homes, farms, and factories. That was NOT about central planning. Rather the opposite. It was about DECENTRALIZED markets allowing people to express their own genius, desires, and demands, with the fewest possible intrusions from the central government.

      Conversely, Barracula thinks that government has to play a MUCH more active, top-down role in MAKING change happen…and only THOSE changes it mandates. And, as Mark Steyn has noted, as government gets bigger, it gets more stupid. Though it arrogates to itself that it is pure genius.

  • The WaPo reports:

    The U.S. targets have included oil facilities, a granary and an electricity plant under Islamic State control. The damage to those facilities has caused shortages and price hikes across the rebel-held north that are harming ordinary Syrians more than the well-funded militants, residents and activists say.

    It’s at this point that Captain Kirk (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 1982) gets into my brain and screams “but like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target!”