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Calmly angry.

The New York Times answers another call for help and pretends to do some scolding yesterday.

“Amid Assurances on Ebola, Obama is said to Seethe”

A message sent out to the faithful.   The President is angry, his people have let him down, though we’re certainly not going to name names, or call for heads to roll.     To rip off the Saturday Night Live gag about Bush 41  “That wouldn’t be prudent” .

How refreshing.  Instead of the traditional, worn out, unacceptable story that ‘he found out from the news and he’s angry!’ that has played over and over for the last 6 years, they have a new plan.   Let the news tell us how angry he is.     Why, he even cancelled (a fund raiser) his  schedule on Wednesday to deal with this!    Big Fat Hairy Deal.  He was golfing on his 200th round of golf a mere 5 days ago.   So, now we’re supposed to be impressed that 3 days ago he cancelled a fund raiser?

5 days ago, he could golf, but 3 days ago he suddenly realized how very very serious this whole Ebola thing was, and he had to have a meeting and we’re supposed to understand he was angry in that meeting.

“It’s not tight,” a visibly angry Mr. Obama said of the response, according to people briefed on the meeting…He was not satisfied with the response,” a senior official said.”

He was angry, but not panicked, is that clear?   Because he’s No Drama Obama.

It’s almost as if once again all of this comes as a surprise though.  Nearly a month since Thomas Eric Duncan entered the United States after the difficult task of lying on his documentation in Liberia about his contact with an Ebola infected individual there.  That was our safe guard, forms, and thermometers.  Oh, and a reliance on honesty.   This administration in particular should know how foolish THAT is.

Our President is angry, but apparently, he’s unable, as the holder of the most powerful office in the world, to do anything about this,  aside, that is, from being angry and acting calm while being angry and demanding answers and that it be ‘tight’.

At the meeting on Wednesday, officials said, Mr. Obama placed much of the blame on the C.D.C., which provided shifting information about which threat category patients were in, and did not adequately train doctors and nurses at hospitals with Ebola cases on the proper protective procedures.

Notice, no names named, no one fired,  or resigned,  or reassigned, or given a transfer, or even put on extended leave pending investigation.    It was, most probably, 2 interns in Cincinnati that caused all this, or perhaps spontaneous rioters reacting to an Ebola video on Youtube.

Ah, Obama theater.


Now then, how are to fix this problem?    It’s been nearly a month since his assurance that Ebola would be unlikely to ever reach our shores and two weeks since his assurance that Ebola wouldn’t gain a foot hold here.

We must first understand he is alert in this time of crisis!  There are many other things they must deal with you understand, because this is practically like a job, this task of having to run the most powerful nation in the world!   If we make too much of this the ignorant populace might panic!  Now he’s wracked, torn, possibly in turmoil.  How to handle this, and still preserve his option to play a round of golf on Sunday without looking like he doesn’t give a rat’s back side.

Times to the rescue!   We discover the White House had a kabuki meeting, details and quotes from which just happen to be printed on the pages of the New York Times.

The answer ladies and gentlemen…


is to appoint a political hack lawyer to be the new Ebola Czar.


This is a move surely designed to instill confidence and give the nation a sense that someone who knows what they’re doing is NOW going to take the reigns and master this runaway virus.

“On Friday, Mr. Obama took a step to both fix that response and reassure the public, naming Ron Klain, a former aide to Vice President Joseph R. Biden, to coordinate the government’s efforts on Ebola.

We’re appointing a lawyer to manage what the certified medical professional head of the CDC ( who’s very sorry about all these mistakes and inconveniences you know)  could not.

“Part of the challenge is to be assertive, to be in command, and yet not feed a kind of panic that could easily evolve here,” said David Axelrod, a close adviser to the president in his first term. “It’s not enough to doggedly and persistently push for answers in meetings. You have to be seen doggedly and persistently pushing for answers.”

At this point I trust everyone has the sense of what the White House (I originally typed that as White Hose, and perhaps that’s not incorrect) thinks of the American public.    The most powerful job in the country, probably the world, and his job is to push for answers.

Not to take action on THIS issue….no, push doggedly for answers.     Pretend this is the one thing in the world, of all the other things he pretends to be master of, pretend in this case he’s at a loss about how to handle it.  Even though the protocols have been in place for years, the methods of isolation for years, the disease itself, known for decades, the historical methods of quarantine known for centuries.   Pretend on THIS one, they’re just all kinda stumped, but are fiercely pushing for answers.

Push for answers!   Not take action.

After all, if you’re going to take action, for heaven sake do it by granting executive amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.  Do it by letting the executive agencies under your command investigate, harass and if possible destroy your political enemies.   Do it by running guns to Mexico, do it by stonewalling valid Freedom of Information Act requests into various government activities.   Do it by allowing the IRS to destroy documentation without so much as an angry sniff.   Take action by banning flights to Tel Aviv when a mortar round hits too close to the airport.  Take action by sending DOJ investigators around to see if Civil Rights have been violated only in hot button cases.  Push for action by sending representatives from the White House to funerals of thugs when you can’t be bothered to send them to the funeral of Maj. General Harold J. Greene, or even a representative of the Administration to the funeral of a well respected ally leader like Margaret Thatcher.

Lord knows, let the planes continue to fly out of West Africa directly to the US.    Don’t fire the head of the CDC or quietly and politely demand he resign so he can spend time with his goldfish or kids, or brush up on methodologies for handling communicable diseases like Ebola.     Take action by appointing a lawyer to head up a medical crisis.   That will certainly bring an air of calm to this whole sorry mess.


It’s a durned good thing most Americans, and almost all of the people I see around me in Dallas are NOT panicking, and I continue to pray that no crisis that demands a yes/no, go/no-go NOW, “you have less than 2 hours to make a decision Mr. President”, EVER presents itself.  Because if that happens, the New York Times may not be around to write an excuse ridden story about how calm but angry the President is 4 weeks later.

Meanwhile, if the President wants a course on calm un-panicked anger, he should come to Dallas.  There are plenty of instructors available right now.



Well, now that didn’t take long did it.    I missed it by a day….And you wondered why he was so suddenly wanting to look concerned about Ebola.   Valerie must have told him, no Ebola solution, no golf!

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29 Responses to Calmly angry.

  • “Visibly distraught after learning about the Ebola outbreak from the local newspaper, President Obama reclined on his fainting couch. “Isn’t there anybody who can do something?” bemoaned the Leader of the Free World…”

  • What’s the point of being brilliant and articulate if you have to actually work?

    We have reached the point where our government is funnier than Saturday Night Live, providing you like gallows humor. This is an indictment of both.

  • I continue to pray that no crisis that demands a yes/no, go/no-go NOW, “you have less than 2 hours to make a decision Mr. President”, EVER presents itself. Because if that happens, the New York Times may not be around to write an excuse ridden story about how calm but angry the President is 4 weeks later.

    >>>> When you formulate it like that, I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing.

    I continue to maintain, Pres. Obola and the rest really won’t care about this disease until they or their families have a very strong chance of catching it. First time a case shows up in the metro DC area, then you’ll some right quick action.

    • I think they deactivated the bunker at The Greenbriar but I am sure the rats have some other hidey hole prepared. Obama will be first, of course. Marine One gives him a head start. (The only head start program that works).

  • Maybe your concerned/angry/distraught/seething President should get on the phone to whomever is in charge in Senegal. They seem to have figured it out with a single case of Ebola not leading to hundreds of potential carriers flying hither and yon round the country.

  • This is a serious disease, but we can’t give in to hysteria or fear.”

    To which I calmly, non-hysterically reply…”Fluck you in your mouth, ya moron…!!!”.

    What an amazing, condescending pussy!

    SOME of us KNEW Ebola was a “serious disease” before we allowed it to come here, and we said so YEARS ago.

    Note how he simply lies: “Trying to seal off an entire region of the world – if that were even possible – could actually make the situation worse.”


    1. that is a straw man…NOBODY is proposing to “seal off” anything, much less an “entire region of the world”, and

    2. AFRICAN NEIGHBORS find and have found it works SWELL for them.

    After learning that the new zampolit will report to Susan “BIG LIES” Rice, I am suffused with confidence that the “brights” have us all covered.

    • Typical bureaucrat response to any challenge; reorganize and add another layer of management.

    • This is a serious disease, but we can’t give in to hysteria or fear.

      The old Erbian false dichotomy… This is serious, but your concerns are irrational and silly. Therefore whatever I do is wise and clever. It might work on your average three year old. Might.

  • “… The most powerful job in the country, probably the world, and his job is to push for answers.”
    = = = = = = =

    I believe you mis-read what Axeldouche said: . . . his job is TO BE SEEN “pushing for answers”. OBloviate doesn’t have to actually push nuttin’. He’s just got to get some toady to phone the MFMSM and have *them* push the phoney-baloney about how His Immanence (yes that’s the spelling I wanted) Is Really Doing Something.

  • OT: Dale, are you going to do a run down of CA’s ballot initiatives again this year? I’m looking at my ballot and feeling lazy.

    On Topic: Again, the CDC has a large budget and after 9/11, Anthrax, SARS, etc. you would imagine they’d have a well-oiled system in place for this kind of thing.

    For example, special response teams. Or pre-positioned equipment at regional hospitals. Or even fed-ex boxes loaded and ready to send. Nope.

  • By-the-way, I ran across a possible scenario of Obama’s mindset in a comment at Patterico:

    See comment #181 — it’s WAAAY long, but there are some jaw-dropping insights. From the Obama-Progressive-Commie point of view America has “… been doing everything wrong” from its inception, and it’s time for our “chickens to come home to roost”. We will only appreciate how evil we’ve been after we’ve suffered the way we’ve made the rest of the world suffer. He thinks of America as some giant, affluent, suburban, gated community. “… We’re only rich because we’ve plundered everyone else. We must be made to realize …” And he is the engineer who will do that: force us to acknowledge our error by making us live its consequences.

    So, by bringing the woes of the world to us, (the woes that according to Commie doctrine, WE have caused the rest of the world to suffer) he’ll “show us how we’ve been doing everything wrong our entire history by bitterly clinging to our undeserved wealth {and} our {unconscionable} military might, …”

    Once we’ve been humbled and broken, like Winston Smith was, THEN we’ll understand.

    THEN, 2+2 will equal 5 (or whatever else it needs to be). We’ll be healed.

    • It comes down to this…. Obama knows its not working. But God forbid he should have to admit he was the one who screwed up, and that the baseline reason is his ideology, his politics.

      He will never admit that, never… no matter how many people end up under the bus.

    • Actually, Limbaugh has been making this very argument for quite a while

  • Perhaps calmly angry Barack will next tell us not to panick about 5 dead American children, and the sudden coincidental rise in the number of cases of DV_E68 linked to the decision by his administration to ship illegal immigrant children to 46 states in the last 10 months.

    They can lie all they like, but eventually the numbers are going to create an undeniable correlation, and eventually some person with a conscience is going to stop covering for them.

  • It is, perhaps, worthwhile to mention that tossing somone under the bus, as Obama is doing here is nothing new. Youll never get “Ebama” to recognize, much less admit that his policies, which are driven not by reality, but by his political need, are responsible for the state we are in. never.

    I say we are not being driven by reality with Obama because think about it…. he he solutions for every problem we do not have…. and no clue as to what to do to solve what problems we do have. What have we been spending tax money on? Not Ebola.

    Consider that the moron running the CDC…. a political appointee…. is the same guy who spent millions trying to ban “big Gulps” in NYC. Like I said, problems we dont have, they have a plan for.

    The central issue, here, the central problem with Obama and his followers is that the whole thing is dependant on government, and in that context, that government makes no mistakes. Government by its design, cannot accomplish that goal, of course, so he goes about spending his time on blame redistribution.

    as for the effectiveness of large governmentally driven agencies in dealing with emergencies, consider that the only people who have the virus that we are being told of, are healthcare workers…. who of course get blamed for “not following protocol”. Now… is that lack of the virus in the wild here in the states the fact, or are we simply not being told of other cases?

    The issue now before us, particularly on that last point, is one of trust.
    Given the number of easily proveable lies that this administration has told us to cover their own backsides, what possible reason might we have to trust them, now?

  • The appointment is a P.R. Appointment. Obama sees this as a P.R. problem. I’m just waiting to seen future infections/patients suppressed and denied.

    Anyway Obama doesn’t see it as a real problem. I mean who gets Ebola or will get Ebola? People in rural areas will first develop it, then Medical workers and caregivers will make up the bulk of the victims. Those are people who are beneath him and his circles. Geez, you’d think there was a problem from all the fuss.

  • We have technology to potentially control Ebola and other viral outbreaks today. But the federal bureaucracy refuses to catch up with 21st-century science.

    For example, diagnostic startup Nanobiosym has an iPhone-sized device that can accurately detect Ebola and other infectious diseases in less than an hour.

    Two other companies, Synthetic Genomics and Novartis, have the capacity to create synthetic vaccine viruses for influenza and other infectious diseases in only four days. Both firms can also share data about outbreaks instantaneously and make real-time, geographically specific diagnosis and vaccine production possible.

    These companies could start producing Ebola vaccine/treatments tomorrow — except that the Food and Drug Administration’s insistence on randomized studies and endless demands for more data means firms have to spend millions on paperwork instead of producing medicines.

    And for every small company drained by such tactics, many others conclude it’s not even worth trying.

    These advances aren’t available because the FDA is using 19th-century science to decide which medical technologies should be used in the 21st century. . . . Part of the problem: FDA scientists receive no reward for approving breakthroughs, but suffer public anger if but one person dies because a drug is misused. The price we pay for this culture of caution rises every day.

    Of course, it isn’t JUST Ebola-related stuff. The BIG GOVERNMENT nannies impede or kill all kinds of innovation. It is organic to that particular beast.

    The good news is that the information age sort of naturally will kill off the archaic kludge of BIG GOVERNMENT, and reform-minded…and insisting…people will do the rest.

  • ‘This is a gift-wrapped issue for the GOP,” NYTimes reporter Jonathan Martin told CNN’s John King Sunday morning.

    “The fact is this is one more example they can cite to point out that President Obama has not run a competent federal government,” he said. “It’s a pretty visceral issue.”

    “The second issue is this larger question of a world coming undone. And the backdrop of events to which this election is playing out, whether it’s beheadings. Whether it’s Ebola. The events taking place with Vladimir Putin,” said the NYT reporter. “For Republicans, they simply have the point in saying “Competence and Chaos?” and that’s a pretty compelling message in a year that’s structurally good for them anyways.”

    • The problem with that is the GOP wins by default, without ever staking out a position for what they will do to fix those problems. And, when push comes to shove, the establishment GOP will opt for cosmetic reductions in government at best, while growing government in lots of places they like.

      Especially with the all-purpose excuse of “Obama will veto anything we pass”, they will do nothing of consequence for two years except back room deals beloved by their crony capitalist buddies. They could be laying the groundwork by crafting obviously needed reductions and restructurings in government, and daring Obama to pass them. But they won’t.

      They’re hoping for Mitt or Jeb or some other sympatico figure to win in 2016. For most of them, that means they can pretty much close out their career doing the same sh!t they’ve always done, and then if they feel like it, pick up a few million in payoffs for their loyal service – to businesses they allowed to suck the government teat.

      Hey, I’ll be mildly happy to see the Senate unwilling to give Obama another radical like Sotomoyer or Kagan. But don’t be fooled. That just means he’ll need a more sneaky leftist Supreme nomination. Now that the bar has been moved so far to the left for judges, the establishment GOP will roll over for anyone that looks cosmetically not quite as bad as the radicals Obama got on there already. It won’t matter for the decisions they render – they’ll just be a less vocal part of the left/liberal block eating away at constitutional rights and finding a way to excuse anything the political class desires.

  • The Ebola ‘Patient Zero’ died on 6 December 2013 due to ingestion of ‘Bushmeat’.
    Methinks, when it come to Ebola, the Democrats only saw the ‘Bush’ in ‘Bushmeat’.
    It’s truly amazing how they see what they want to see.

    • It’s amazing how they keep picking empty suits like Barack Obama and Wendy Davis to run for office and know nothing political hacks for important appointments in Government.

      • Its not a surprise at all when you start to realize:

        1) Our society has moved onto a post-performance mindset. So, no official is ever fired. Kim Kardashian does nothing. Everyone gets a trophy, etc.
        2) Because of this, all policy for the Dems becomes a matter of feelings not actual results.
        3) And feelings work best with identity politics, so they use that tool.

        If I wanted to make serious reform to government, I might first start with civil service reforms. A whole lot of incompetence is being allowed that simply should not be allowed.

        Democrats also have a problem running on non-cultural issues. Tax increases are really not popular and new spending based on borrowing is dangerous.

        They are mainly trying to digest the ACA now.

        • Kim Kardashian does nothing

          Well, just speak for yourself, main. She WORKS it for me…!!!

  • “Mr. Obama placed much of the blame on the C.D.C., …” Well the CDC has had other priorities in the last decade or so. Personal firearm control, lesbian obesity rates, global climate change, soda cup sizes, etc…, hey these are dangerous things. Viruses? You cannot even see them and they don’t vote, so why waste time and money on them?