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A little reminder

A short one today, but I thought it instructive to bring up the fact that despite the claims of Democratic operatives and media types, the GOP isn’t the reason that Barack Obama’s Surgeon General nominee isn’t in that office.  Byron York explains:

There are 55 Democrats in the Senate. Since Majority Leader Harry Reid changed the rules to kill filibusters for nominations, it would take just 51 votes to confirm Murthy. Democrats could do it all by themselves, even if every Republican opposed. But Democrats have not confirmed Murthy.


In other words, the claim is worthy of 4 Pinnochios if fact checkers were doing their job.

No, apparently the job is still vacant (yeah, I know there’s an acting SG) because apparently Democrats have a problem with the nominee.

Go figure.


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11 Responses to A little reminder

  • That would also mean Barack had to get off his… cart…..and make a decision. Phew….hard.

    Obama knows Murthy is a hack, and just can’t bring himself to make a commitment worthy of arm twisting or deal making with the Senate.
    Conversely he has to pay off Murthy for his support, so he’ll leave him dangling and continue to blame it on the Republicans.

  • Given what they didnt have problems with, and approved, one has to wonder.

    Ponder the nominee that wasnt leftist enough for Harry Reid.
    I take that back. Better to not imagine it.

  • There’s also this…

    1. we HAVE a Sturgeon General

    2. we ALSO HAVE his superior

    3. Ebola is not in the Sturgeon General’s wheelhouse.

    • The point, however, is that his nomination isn’t being held up by the GOP.

      • And could not have been. The guy was a big gun control and ObamaDoggle advocate.

        Radioactive in red states.

      • well, of course, Bruce.
        always easier to point fingers, and among Democrat supporters, less costly in terms of furtherence of the agenda.

    • First thing I thought when my boss is not at work and I really need boss-things done, I go to his boss for it. Pretty standard practice that in absence of an employee responsibilities go next rung up. But I guess you need to have a real job to know this.

      The second thing I thought was when did the Surgeon General become more than a figurehead?

  • Remember – passing w/ 50 Dems and 1 Repub = bipartisian to the press


    It only takes 1 GOP member to be against something to make it = GOP OBSTRUCTION

  • Actually, Rand Paul has a senatorial hold on Murthy’s candidacy. AND the Dems don’t want to vote on anything until after the election.

    • Once they know that voting for something won’t impact their cushy job – either they’ll have already lost it, or it’ll be secure for another 6 years.

    • And, with the lack of crying by Democrats, you’d have to figure they’re all right with Paul’s hold, given the nominee is toxic to them during an election.