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The executive end run

Want to know what the Berghdal investigation found?  You’ll have to wait till after the election.  Want to know what your new health insurance rates will be?  You’ll have to wait until after the election.  Why?  Because it appears they both will be unpopular with most of the citizenry.

Interested in what is happening on the immigration front?  You’ll have to wait until after the election … however there does seem to be some prep going on as AP reports:

The Homeland Security Department appears to be preparing for an increase in the number of immigrants living illegally in the country to apply for work permits after President Barack Obama announces his long-promised plans for executive actions on immigration reform later this year.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services confirmed to The Associated Press that it has published a draft contract proposal to buy the card stock needed to make work permits and Permanent Resident Cards, more commonly known as green cards. The proposal calls for providing material for at least 5 million cards a year, with as many as 9 million “during the initial period … to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements.” The contract calls for as many 34 million cards over five years.

USCIS, the Homeland Security agency that oversees immigration benefits, produces about 3 million work permits and Green Cards annually, so the new contract would at least provide the Obama administration with the flexibility to issue far more work permits or green cards even if it chose not to exercise that option.

So they’re either ordering a 10 year supply or something is up.  ABC’s Rick Klein reports:

Republicans can thank the reliable old federal bureaucracy for their latest little gift-wrapped present. The AP reports that the Department of Homeland Security is soliciting millions of new green cards – yes, the physical paperwork needed for legal status – “to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements.” That’s right: The federal government is already ordering as many as 34 million new cards over five years to accommodate legal changes that haven’t been announced, much less approved by Congress. If and when this factoid makes its way into a campaign ad or a stump speech, it will be another reminder of the questionable political strategy of the White House deciding to delay immigration action until after the election. You don’t get full credit for not acting if everyone knows you’re about to. And the idea that tax dollars are set to be expended to support a sweeping new policy, before that policy is even announced or enacted? How better to confirm voters’ mistrust in government?

Congress? This president don’t need no stinkin’ Congress.  And certainly not one that is run by Republicans.  Nope … instead that will provide the perfect excuse (despite the obvious premeditation) to blame the GOP and take unilateral action.

And what will Congress do about such an end run?  Well, likely nothing if their history is an indication.

So here we are with a wretched economy, the lowest labor participation rate in decades, stagnant wages and what does it appear our brilliant President is about to do?

That’s why you have to wait till after the election to find out.



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13 Responses to The executive end run

  • And we can find out what good old Jeb Hensarling, Republican Rep from Texas, possible heir to the Boehner throne, who would just love to help, is gonna do. Cause, you know, we ain’t got none of them thar high tech workers here in the US, they all died, or something. And of course the manual labor type workers, we don’t got enough of them HERE either. Or, maybe, they’re ALL employed ! Yeah!

    So, in accordance with the mandates from his masters and their money, we need to be prepared to bring more immigrants into the country!

    Yeah, I can hardly wait for after the election when the Republicans roll over to get their bellies rubbed.

  • As far as I can remember, every political goal Obama has ever attempted was promoted with subterfuge and dishonesty.

  • I really can’t believe that the Congressional Black Caucus would go along with this effort to leave the Black unemployment rates so high .. and probably make them go higher.
    They have completely bought into the the State as progenitor of all wealth in the Black community.

    • Well, maybe President OBola has a nudge-nudge / wink-wink agreement with them: “I’ll just Executive-Order a bump in EBT payments”.

    • Every morning on the bus, this middle age black guy gets on the bus wearing an Obama hat. You can tell he’s not doing very well but I can’t but help feel he’s the cause of his own misery.

      So eff him.

    • If black unemployment is even higher, then they have an even more solid lock on the black voter.

  • Half or more of the ‘opposition’ in Congress wants this. So pretending its not in their reach to stop works out great. Whose going to remind the public that Congress can oppose Obama effectively if they really wanted to? CBS, NBC or MSNBC ?

  • Go On Strike. -signed, John Galt.

    • I’ve been thinking more along the lines of citizens making all kinds of “Ferguson threats”, starting about now.

      Perhaps we need to suggest that if they amnesty millions of immigrants a mighty wrath will descend upon them and we’ll all go shopping in the soon smoldering remains of companies that have mysteriously made their wares freely available to the general public by impact removal of their windows and doors.

      And we’ll need to come up with some catchy phrases – “no! no se puede hacer!” or “No Just-US no peace!”