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Billy’s predictions for the mid-term election and its aftermath

When it comes to the mid-terms, I’m about in the same place psychologically as McQ. But we might as well have some fun with this election. So I sat down and thought about what I expected from it, and came up with the following list:

  1. The Republicans will do well. They will likely retake the Senate and add at least a dozen seats to their House majority.

  2. Lots fewer people will care about that outcome than in previous cycles such as 1994 and 2010. More people are now cynical that the GOP doesn’t really intend to do anything of consequence.

    The default strategy of the establishment GOP right now seems to be to give the Democrats a turn, knowing they’ll screw things up even worse. Then the voters will give the establishment GOP another chance, because they screw things up more slowly. Thus, the establishment GOP believes they are assured of another round of favoring their particular crony capitalists rather then the crony capitalists favored by the Democrats. Plus, they get the nice corner offices for a while. 

  3. At least one Senate race will be close, and will go into protracted recounts. The Democrats will eventually win that race with questionable votes. (Bonus points on entertainment value if it’s Al Franken again.)
  4. The media will not report the questionable votes and tactics used to secure the Democratic victory in #3.
  5. The media will be surprised at the depth of loathing for Obama shown by the election. After all, everyone *they* know likes him.
  6. The media will only show a flicker of that surprise before they get back to covering for and pimping for Obama.
  7. At least one major media figure will use the phrase “temper tantrum” or a close synonym to describe what the voters did to cause the GOP gains.
  8. At least one incident at a polling place will involve blacks supposedly being denied the right to vote because of new voter ID laws. The media might have to manufacture, or at least exaggerate, that incident, but they’ll find one no matter how hard they have to search.
  9. There will be incidents of the opposite kind, like this one in 2008. Those will not be reported by the media, no matter how many there are or how egregious the violation of laws happens to be.
  10. November and December will see dozens of media stories on how the “ground game” failed for the Democrats. Some of those stories will infer that the Democrats’ ground game was sabotaged. There will be no stories in major media of how the Democrats and their ground game failed because Obama has become a laughing-stock.
  11. Opinion columnists in the major media will begin to excuse Obama’s almost total disengagement by blaming it on the new GOP dual majority in Congress. They’ll say things such as “Why should he even try, when they won’t cooperate with him?” (i.e. “bend over and do what he wants”) Some will push for Obama to use even more executive power to bypass the democratically elected majorities in Congress. Some of those will be the same ones who screamed about Bush’s “illegal war”, even though he sought and received authorization from Congress.
  12. Someone will attempt to spread rumors about an Ebola outbreak in key places to depress voter turnout by making people unwilling to go out in public. Either side is capable of this – both sides might do it.
  13. Ted Cruz will give a rousing speech shortly after the election on what the Republicans should do. It will be ignored by the major media, though they might run an out-of-context soundbite of it to try and make him look bad.
  14. Very stupid social science academics will shake their heads and wonder how the voters could dislike Obama since he’s such a great president. Then they’ll talk about how things go “back and forth” or “move in cycles” or some such meaningless blather, as if the GOP victories simply resulted from an inevitable force of nature and have nothing to do with Obama’s screwups.
  15. Allies of the establishment GOP, such as the bloggers at Hot Air, will immediately begin justifying why the new majorities can’t possibly do anything of consequence. I’m guessing their catchphrase will become “Don’t expect too much.”
  16. Allies of the establishment GOP will claim that the election results show definitively that the GOP needs to nominate a moderate for president in 2016. I can’t predict what tortured logic they will use for that conclusion.

OK, that’s enough for me. How about our astute and intelligent commenters add their own?

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24 Responses to Billy’s predictions for the mid-term election and its aftermath

  • 17. If republicans do as well as conventional wisdom dictates, expect the return of the racists mobs who can’t stand an empowered black man. The same racist mobs that elected Obama into office in 2008 and 2012.

    18. Expect a lot of hand wringing and perhaps a Sharpton appearance or two talking about how we have a long journey to escape the legacy of Jim Crow/Slavery/”The Struggle”/etc. when no absolution is possible from these types.

    • Yeah, attempting to meet any of Sharpton’s demands would result in an infinitely long journey.

    • Ferguson is a simmering, perhaps rumbling, volcano right now.

      If that blows up worse than the Rodney King riots, expect the media and pundits to try to take advantage of it to boost Dem voter turnout.

    • AM-nasty International felt the need to stir the pot today with allegations that human rights were violated in Ferguson, and norms of “international rights” violated by Missouri law.

      Must be time for some fundraising drives…

      • I grant the same credibility to anything “international” as I do the Jehovah Witness characters at the Mall downtown.

  • 19. The homeless will be re-discovered by the media (they apparently all have 3BR, 2 BA homes to go with their ObamaPhones), and it’s all because Republicans.

  • #15 & #16 aren’t necessary. The RINOs have a lock on the party and they don’t give a crap.

  • Re: #1: I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Hey! on behalf of the imbecile from Mooseburg Maine I resent that the last sentence establishes an exclusionary clause which keeps me from adding to the list!

  • Someone will attempt to spread rumors about an Ebola outbreak in key places to depress voter turnout by making people unwilling to go out in public. Either side is capable of this – both sides might do it.

    Let us hope and pray they are rumors only. New York nervousness is currently well-justified.

  • #8. I don’t think they’ll take the time to go looking for a VoterID story. It will be much easier and quicker to create one. They’ll find some intern and get him/her to leave their ID in car and go try to vote. When they get turned back they’ll report it as being disenfranchised. Bonus points for picking an intern that is a minority.
    Never mind that the intern has an ID and goes back 5 minutes later and votes.


    1. It isn’t “tea party republicans”. A lot of us are TEA party CONSERVATIVES.

    2. I hope this causes the eGOP to lose their continence. Hell, even their sub-continence…I ain’t picky…


    Chrissy Maatews just flat-out lies. Joni Ernst KNOWS how to kill people if she wants, as does her CSM husband.

    But, of course, she and he have no such intention.

  • I don’t believe it. You missed the standard storyline that comes with every GOP victory … that they must be more “moderate” now that they have a majority.
    If you can’t have Democrats running the government, you have to govern as “democrat-lite.”

    • Good point. I talked about the establishment GOP apologists pushing the moderate line, but you’re right – the media is guaranteed to push that narrative to the limit.

  • And from the “pox on both their houses department”: the people who decried the “imperial presidency” or GWB will suddenly become the most vigorous evangels of the strongest form of a unitary executive (“We can’t wait for congress to act, democracy must be subverted now for issue [X]!”), while those who previously were in support of presidential evasions of legislative authority will now bring the drama about Obama crapping all over Article I in pursuit of his brave new world.

    Note 1: In fairness, it is breathtaking just how much Obama attempts to exercise “powers” most often associated with the current crop of 3rd world tinhorn quasi-dictators. Was an enabling act passed without anyone’s notice?

    Note 2: Not that I am a fan of the unlimited powers that congress has obtained through the courts (starting with Wickard v. Filburn and continuing through NFIB v. Sebelius) or through direct grabs like the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974.

  • At least one major media figure will use the phrase “temper tantrum” or a close synonym to describe what the voters did to cause the GOP gains.

    Why wasn’t all the angst in Ferguson a “temper tantrum”, or the OWS crowd…?

    • “Righteous rage”, Sharps. Please…! Keep your PC descriptors lined up properly.

      People voting for responsible government = mean-spirited temper tantrum

      People rioting = civil unrest


      • People rioting = civil unrest

        Clarification: People rioting for the “right” to rob stores, attack police with intent to murder, and to have those stores expediently re-built (so as to avoid any undue inconvenience to said rioters) = civil unrest.

        • Correct, because what the Marxists have to complain about with “Unarmed Teenager Michael Brown” (that’s his full legal name by the way) being shot isn’t quite clear to me.

  • How about the TPtiers putting relentless pressure on the GOPe (assuming they win) if they stray from the TP principles especially if it will be the TPtiers that tipped the win for the GOPe? Just like we did w/ Boehner when he tried to shove on our throats the GOPe version of the immigration reform. He backed down when those relentless pressure got too much.

  • No. 7 will, of course, be “Chrissy-Guuurl” Matthews, the ol’ “Leg-Tingler” hisself – if,by some chance, he doesn’t originate that scurfy meme, he’ll be hard on the heels of whomever of the Monstrously Slimy Mediahacks manages to barely beat him out…