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Calling all Grand Dragons …

Say what you will of Bill Maher (I’m not a fan), his statement about Muslims seems to have some legs:

“In his comments on his HBO show, Maher noted that too many Muslims reject the very notion of free thought and free speech, that the problem is not just ‘a few bad apples.’”

See Europe after the Mohommed cartoons and just about anywhere else concerning a little known video that Muslims found to be sacrilegious (and the US government blamed for the deaths in Benghazi).  Or any of a thousand examples.

It is also something many of us believe about the left, for the most part.  And good old UC Berkley has decided to prove the point.  And Bill Maher is the “problem”:

In response to an announcement last week that comedian Bill Maher would speak at UC Berkeley’s fall commencement, an online petition started circulating Thursday that demanded that the campus rescind its invitation.

The petition was authored by ASUC Senator Marium Navid, who is backed by the Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian Coalition, or MEMSA, and Khwaja Ahmed, an active MEMSA member. The petition, which urges students to boycott the decision and asks the campus to stop him from speaking, has already gathered more than 1,400 signatures as of Sunday.

Maher, a stand-up comedian and host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, is best known for his often-polarizing political commentary. Recently, Maher faced some backlash after controversial remarks regarding Islam during a segment on his Oct. 6 show.

Navid claims this isn’t about free speech, it’s a matter of “campus climate”:

“The First Amendment gives him the right to speak his mind, but it doesn’t give him the right to speak at such an elevated platform as the commencement. That’s a privilege his racist and bigoted remarks don’t give him.”

For the most part, I agree that freedom of speech doesn’t give one the “right” to speak anywhere – that, in fact, this is an invitation to speak at a “commencement”, and that’s a privilege the university extends.  Okay, got it.

But that’s not what this is about … it’s about shutting Bill Maher and those like him up.  It’s about letting a certain group outside the administration of the university decide who will be awarded the privilege to speak and who won’t.  And in that case, it becomes a matter of free speech, doesn’t it?

Perhaps the most ironic development, though, was on MSNBC (of all places) when an advocate for free speech on campus crossed swords with a spokesman for CAIR:

In a heated debate on MSNBC with free speech advocate Greg Lukianoff, CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper defended UC Berkeley students’ efforts to uninvite comedian Bill Maher for his comments on Islam, comparing him to the Grand Dragon of the KKK.


LUKIANOFF: The fact that people so vehemently disagree with him is the more reason to hear him out. It’s an art that I feel is actually being lost on the campuses, where we should be teaching people is to at least hear people out before you to get them kicked off campus.

HOOPER: So if they invited the Grand Dragon of the KKK…


CAIR, of all organizations, comparing any other organization to the KKK … well, let’s leave it at “ironic” shall we?

The left’s the “useful idiot” in the attempt of organizations like CAIR to stifle any debate or criticism of Islam.  And, Maher is the Grand Dragon?


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21 Responses to Calling all Grand Dragons …

  • CAIR, of all organizations, comparing any other organization to the KKK … well, let’s leave it at “ironic” shall we?

    Ironic, psychotic….what difference does it make?

  • Universities: where fascist theocrats who oppress women and hate Jews find common cause with progressives, who otherwise attack conservatives for being fascists, theocrats, oppressive to women, and anti-Semitic.

  • Think of it as a modern Canterbury tale in the making.

    The lefty, pro-abortion, radical feminist, co-exist, LGBT, muslim apologists and muslims worked together to whack any center right travelers on their journey and now, having served their useful purpose, the lefty progtards can be eliminated by the adherents to the religion of peace before they get to worship at the alter of progressivism at journey’s end.

    Dhimmi survivors will find a mosque is built over their progressive shrine if they ever manage to get there.

    • Because there can be only one God, and there is only one prophet.

      • I agree with the Muslims for the first four words of the Shahada. After that, the wheels fly off.

        • There ain’t much room for the various gods of the left on that very very short list.

          You made me double take on that because I had thought your list was shorter,
          and on recitation I see I remembered correctly. 😉

    • Is it just me, or does it seem like the Ouroborosing of the left has really taken off in the past couple of months? If it wasn’t for the fact the media is so firmly Democratic it’d be nonstop stories about the left self-immolating and internecine warfare between, for instance, the feminists who think that women are powerful & self-assured vs. the feminists who think women are delicate wilting flowers and even our cognitive elite in our colleges must be nursemaided through the delicate process of having sex. And Ebola exposing the fundamental unseriousness of our leadership in vivid, impossible-to-deny colors has accelerated it in some ways.

      I dunno. I know it’s hard to be optimistic right now but it feels to me like some tides are shifting. It’s early days, but…

      • I think the Ebola thing is the key. They are terrified if it takes off, it crumbles their carefully crafted world as common sense gets eventually drawn kicking and screaming to the fore, sooner or later.

        • A better way of thinking about it is that most lefty causes are really luxury goods. They’re just to make lefties feel better about themselves. They’re psychologically not too different from the latest YSL purse or a $500 pair of shoes or a $250 pair of designer jeans with the wear marks already created by a machine.

          In times of crisis, luxury goods are the first to be jettisoned by a society. Someone dying in agony of a dehydrating, wracking sickness is no longer worried about getting their feelings hurt by someone who doesn’t use the right pronoun after transgenderization.

          • Exactly. It’s conspicuous consumption, peacocking — the deliberate holding of beliefs that would be toxic to the yeomanry that must actually deal with reality of their discredited ideas. Thus rich liberals push for stupid economic plans, liberals in lilly-white neighborhoods pushing for more third-world immigration, etc. etc.

      • So many chickens coming home to roost.
        Obamacare, no global warming, ice on the polar caps, the kiddies who for 23 years never heard the growl of a Russian bear wondering why Russia is getting aggressive, Islam rising, big government pissing itself away over free contraception and an open border. Seeing themselves go into hopeless debt for the education that was supposed to be the guarantee to a better life than mommy and daddy, being spied on every where they connect to the comm net. Hopy changetude bankruptcy, the rich richer, cronies paid off….

        Oh yes, many many chickens, all coming home at once, and no George Bush around to blame.

        • Most people have been shielded from the knowledge that warming stopped for over a decade now.

          • And if they are ever forced to confront that evidence, I’m betting the new narrative will be that, in some mystical, ill-defined way, it happened because of Obama.

            Fifty years from now it could be a cult/religion. “The prophet Obama foretold that the seas would stop their rise. And behold! He ruled as Lightworker-King for only eight years, and it was so.”

          • Will there be chainmail bikinis in this future of worshipping the lightworkrr?

          • Personally I believe Obama is toxic to the Democrats. People dislike the result but can vocally criticize the man lest they be labelled Tea Party Racist.

            I expect an elegant and regretful throwing of Obama under his own bus to make Hilary look like an improvement. In fact, the tin foil hat streak in me wonders if someone will decide if the best thing may be to throw Obama in front of the Bus and create an instant saint.

          • I think Barack was foisted on the older members like Clinton & Kennedy by a Cabal of less visible leaders, the ‘Clinton’ machine vs the Chicago machine – recall the comment Bill made about Barack having to get them coffee.

            The Clinton campaign was the first to taste their parties’ own poisonous ‘you’re a racist if you resist Obama’ coffee.
            Obama wasn’t dissing women by knocking Hillary out of the job you know, but you can bet your last dollar that she was being a closet racist if she fought too hard against Barack and played too hard with facts.
            She was sharp enough to realize her time was running out and there was a real chance that Obama would get a second term, making her ascension to the coveted throne that much more unlikely.
            Oh yeah, the dirt stored in the back room must be piled high and deep. There’s no way the Clinton’s just politely acknowledged this chain of events.

            And now they may try to regretfully look back and quietly and politely claim, see, Hillary WAS a better candidate, so vote for her NOW to redress the balance.
            Except Obama co-opted her by making her a lame SecState -who had to don her fritz and plate to dodge sniper fire in Bosnia, and sent an Ambassador and his defenders to meet their maker through inaction.
            So he poisoned her even as he brought her into the tent and kept her from peeing on it from the outside.
            She can’t campaign on what a disaster he’s been, she can only promise to make it better and pretend it would have been worse but for Obama.

  • I loved the comments over at NRO …

    The supposed “liberals” who hate Christianity but defend Islam drive me crazy. If you ask them about it, they bring up something about racism, about Islam being a minority religion vs. Christianity being the most powerful religion in the world… and sure, there is a bit of truth in there. But it doesn’t matter. If you wanna talk about racism, talk about racism and leave religion out of it. And I also do not care which religions have the most power in the world. Religions actually shouldn’t have any power, no matter which religion it is. It should be for the people who believe, not for power.

    So the lovely hypocrisy these “liberals” are surrounded in is that they actually defend a religion whose fundamental beliefs go against liberal mentality *even more so* than Christianity’s fundamental beliefs.

    • Aside from the fact that followers of Islam constitute the second largest religious following in the world – an estimated billion and a half (plus) people….are a minority?

  • “I may (do) think you are an execrable carbuncle on the ass of evil for what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.

    On the other hand, this is more of that dragon eating itself, which is at least one of my top ten spectator sports.

  • Today’s America is not like Reagan’s “Morning in America,” but rather its become more like that moment in SNL’s “Samurai Night Fever” when OJ Simpson proclaims “I just don’t want to be black anymore.”

  • As it continues to gain in America and the world, i personally can’t wait for the upcoming Islam/women’s rights clash followed by the inevitable Islam/gay brouhaha that will tear the left apart.

    I’m not interested in helping them out.