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From the Department of I Told You So

The subdepartment of “If You Like Your Coverage, You Can Keep Your Coverage“:

Small companies are starting to turn away from offering health plans as they seek to reduce costs and increasingly view the health law’s marketplaces as an inviting and affordable option for workers.

In the latest sign of a possible shift, WellPoint Inc. said Wednesday its small-business-plan membership is shrinking faster than expected and it has lost about 300,000 people since the start of the year, leaving a total of 1.56 million in small-group coverage.

Of course anyone with a brain and a passing understanding of economics and human nature saw this coming – despite the assurances of our elites. It is called “responding to incentives or disincentives” – something human beings have done since the dawn of our time.

Provide enough of a disincentive to maintain the status quo and you won’t. You’ll go with what is best for the business. And the incentive to drop health care plans has been provided by this awful ACA law. Now these people will go onto the exchanges and pick a plan with huge deductibles that will never be met in a year. They’ll effectively pay for their medical care. Or, we’ll pay for their medical care through subsidies.

Result? Well, as you can imagine with huge deductibles, people will likely go to the doctor less and one of the supposed reasons this law had to be passed was in order to stress and implement “preventive medicine”. But if you have a $6,000 deductible, and are a middle income family that wouldn’t qualify for subsidies, when are you going to visit the doctor? When whatever problem you have is so bad you have little choice. Of course, that’s the most costly way to do this, isn’t it?

So now we have a huge problem, don’t we? And what will we point to as the cause of that problem? That’s right … government intrusion. Oh, the good news? Their high deductible coverage will be portable. But we could have solved that problem without ever creating this health care monster we’re stuck with now, couldn’t we?


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6 Responses to From the Department of I Told You So

  • “And what will we point to as the cause of that problem? That’s right … government intrusion.”
    Ah Bruce, if only.

    Assuming it becomes a problem they can’t bury with stories of “10 million insured, met the goal! Mission accomplished!”, what they will point to is GREEDY BUSINESSMEN! who kicked their employees to the curb so they could make more money by eliminating their health insurance plans.

    And my reading lately on how successful ObamaCare has been sees them stressing how people now have insurance when they didn’t before! It matters not a whit if the people can USE that insurance to get actual health care! The theory is they can get care because they have insurance and the reality of a $10,000 out of pocket payment for the deductible coverage doesn’t matter.

    The only people who benefited from this are Democrat politicians (at present, I’m sure the Republicans will get their cut when the time is appropriate) and their pals in the medical insurance industry.

  • PLUS…

    We have news that approx. ONE QUARTER of active physicians are opting out of ObamaDoggle. IF or when doctors experience slow, short, or NON payments, that will grow.

    This was, again, TOTALLY predicable AND predicted. There is a HUGE gap between (even nominal, delusional, unaffordable) “health coverage” and “health care“. You MAY have the first, but you might NEVER get the second.

  • Have some colleagues who think this’ll be like the HMO frenzy of the early ’90’s, but I have my doubts. This is a huge government entitlement / program with momentum. As noted by commenters all about – no matter how disastrous, how much it costs, how many resources are wasted, victory will be declared. The mainstream press will announce the triumph without batting an eye. And the beat goes on…

  • Along the lines of “I told you so”…

    The HOlder Dept. of (racial) Justice has put out in the press…just in time for the election…that a grand jury will consider Federal charges against George Zimmerman.

    This is simply crass politics. Nothing more or less.

    • The Men’s Wearhouse fellow? Ok so some of the suits look cheap but federal charges? 🙂

      • There’s as strong a case against Georger Zimmer as Zimmerman.

        What the hell…if you’re going to be a tyrant, you might as well go BIG…