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The aftermath

Hard to call last night anything but a rout for Democrats as in “it was worse than they expected”.  Pre-election polls seemed to indicate any number of tight races that could have gone to Democrats.  But the results were certainly not at all in line with those polls.  Nate Silver now tells us that many of the polls were skewed toward Democrats.  When the results started coming in, they were shocking to many on the left.  Mitch McConnell wasn’t really in danger at all.  Perdue stomped Nunn in GA.  Tom Cotton blew incumbent Mark Pryor away in Arkansas. Kay Hagen, a sure fire winner, down in flames. Those that predicted +8 GOP senate seats were right, even as the left had said that sort of a prediction was extreme.

And there were even more surprises in store.  A 78 year old incumbent Republican senator in Kansas defeated a pseudo-independent handily.  Colorado went red.  Charlie Crist has now lost as  Republican, Democrat and Independent.  IL dumped an incumbent Democratic governor for a Republican.  MA and MD put Republicans in the Governor’s mansion as well.

There were some firsts – Joni Ernst became the first woman to represent Iowa in the Senate – as a Republican (as well as the first female combat vet in the Senate).  The GOP’s first black female, Mia Love, won Utah’s 4 district and represent it in Congress.  And the first black Senator since reconstruction was elected in the racist South (just ask Mary Landrieu, D- LA about that) as a Republican from SC. An openly gay Republican was elected to Congress, and finally, the youngest women elected to Congress won an open district in NY that has been traditionally Democratic for the Republicans.

Democrat Mary Landrieu of LA faces a runoff she’s likely to lose and in Alaska it appears that Sullivan may edge Begich.

Wow.  So what does it all mean?  Well, we’ll see, but you know me, despite all this “change” I really don’t expect much to really change in today’s highly partisan atmosphere.

Maybe though, we ought to consider some other interesting things this election may portend.  For instance, 24 Senators who voted for ObamaCare, no longer are Senators:

On the Senate side, going into Tuesday’s elections, 24 senators who voted for Obamacare were already out or not going be part of the new Senate being sworn in on January.

To be sure, it isn’t fair to attribute all of the turnover in the chamber to Obamacare. Many senators voted for Obamacare and lost re-election battles in which they were hit hard for their support for the law, and other Democrats were forced to retire because they had no hope of getting re-elected given their support for the law. But in some cases — such as John Kerry leaving his seat to become secretary of state, or Robert Byrd passing away — Obamacare clearly had nothing to do with it.

Obviously … but that’s still a large toll and certainly part of the political butcher’s bill.  And then there’s the Immigration Reform Bill which most people viewed as an amnesty bill, and those who supported it:

Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas voted for the Gang of 8 bill. He’s GONE.

Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina voted for the Gang of 8 bill. GONE.

Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado voted for the Gang of 8 bill. GONE

Sen. Mark Begich of Alaska voted for the Gang of 8 bill. Almost certainly GONE

Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana voted for the Gang of 8 bill. She will probably be GONE after a January runoff.

Alison Grimes supported the Gang of 8 bill in Kentucky. DEFEATED

Michelle Nunn supported the Gang of 8 bill in Georgia. DEFEATED

Greg Orman supported the Gangof 8 bill in Kansas. DEFEATED

Bruce Braley supoorted the Gang of 8 bill in Iowa. DEFEATED

Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire and Mark Warner of Virginia voted for the Gang of 8 bill and BARELY SURVIVED against longshot challengers.

Remember, this supposedly is Obama’s next priority.  Does he really want to muddy Democratic 2016 election waters this early in the game?

And Hillary?

Hillary Clinton put her political clout and even her political future on the line in this election — from Massachusetts to New Hampshire and in races clear across the country — and as the dust settles this morning we’ll see how it paid off.

The news that Republicans took control of the Senate despite Clinton’s best efforts doesn’t bode well for her desire to become the next president of the United States.

Because if you think Hillary Clinton spent all that time and money crisscrossing the country trying to get fellow Democrats elected or help them keep their seats out of the kindness of her heart — you are sadly mistaken. The goal was to have as many of them beholden to her as possible — and to show that she is someone who can get it done. “It” being to raise massive amounts of money and win votes.

The GOP claimed control of the Senate yesterday by picking off Democratic incumbents in Arkansas, Colorado and North Carolina and holding control of key seats in Kansas, Georgia and Kentucky, while picking up a vacant seat in Iowa. Hillary or Bill Clinton stumped in most of those states, and they wanted winning Democrats there who would owe them favors. She came out of the evening with at least one key win.

Not impressive.  In fact, the Clinton’s couldn’t even stave off a loss in their “home state” of Arkansas.  Perhaps the “inevitable” coronation of Queen Hillary isn’t quite as inevitable as she and the left might think.

So, certainly, lots to think about and lots to discuss.   We’ve again seen a wave election.  Past wave elections haven’t produced much in the way of positive change.  Is there any reason to believe this one will?

Question of the day.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this was indeed a repudiation of Obama.





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58 Responses to The aftermath

  • I’m at the point where I don’t expect any change. I’d happily settle for payback but that won’t happen either.

    • Oh, there was a little payback man, Hairball Reid.
      If for no other reason than this lying crap filled old wind bag will no longer be in charge of the US Senate.
      Payback enough for today.

    • Besides I’m trying not to let the grim certainty that Republicans will reach across the aisle to do things I don’t WANT done screw up my day.
      Things that Democrats DO want done, for which they will make promises they have no intention of keeping in the spirit of cooperation and partisanship because the voters have suddenly spoken.

      No, I’m really really afraid the payback not only won’t be anywhere NEARLY enough, I’m convinced when this is over rather than having gotten pay-back, we’ll have to pay a lot more.

      I really feel like this next 2 years will be comparable to that brief moment of certainty where Custer sent the message back to Benteen “…big village, be quick, bring packs…” just before his 250 men collided with 3000 Cheyenne and Lakota Sioux.

      I have ZERO faith that the Republicans are going to stem the encroaching (with apologies to Native Americans for the comparison) progressive nanny-state tide.
      They’re afraid the Journo-list juice box mafia will write nasty things about them and Hollywood will mock them without considering how small (but vocal) a minority those asshats are and speak for.

  • I am waiting on the Erp delusional BS.

    What we see…on the GROUND…is a young, female, multi-racial conservative TIDE who OPPOSE ObamaDoggle, amnesty, BIG GOVERNMENT, and Collectivism.

    NOT the BS depiction of a bunch of mad, old, white men who hate wimmins and those who don’t look just like them.



    • Nah, in the Erbian universe the Democrats retained the Senate 52 to 48.
      That’s the same universe in which Barack Obama goes down in history as one of the greatest Presidents evah.

      • Yes, yes. In which Benito was a pragmatic moderate…

      • Schadenfreude.

        I watched MSNBC mostly.

        Marijuana legalization passed in DC, OR, and AK–which should help the liberals to drown their sorrows. Unfortunately, it failed in FL, where I actually know someone who would have benefited greatly.

        A few nasty gun grabbers got through (CT Malloy, CO Hickenlooper, WA Initiative 594). Malloy’s next move on the enforcement of his law could have devastating repercussions. Hopefully, he’ll be convinced to rethink things.

  • I have a dream that the GOP somehow wakes up and decides to act like grownups. That they put the brakes on our capitulation to Iran, that they signal to the State Department (somehow, I really don’t know how) that we need to start treating our allies like our allies and our enemies like our enemies. That they manage to actually punish the IRS. That they put more controls on our borders. that they leave social issues, while important, off the table for a while to address security issues. That they even play nice with Obama/the Dems on issues which merit it (if any). That they somehow cut spending.

    Oh, right, I just woke up. Shark’s probably right.

    • Fuggetaboutit.

      Republicans are going to make a bit of noise but will always end up capitulating and compromising on principle. They’re more interested in keeping their jobs.

      • The newly cooperative Democrats in the Senate will gladly pay them 10 years from now for the amnesty of 10 million illegals today.

        • Dumb idea….

          Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas voted for the Gang of 8 bill. He’s GONE.

          Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina voted for the Gang of 8 bill. GONE.

          Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado voted for the Gang of 8 bill. GONE

          Sen. Mark Begich of Alaska voted for the Gang of 8 bill. Almost certainly GONE

          Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana voted for the Gang of 8 bill. She will probably be GONE after a January runoff.

          Alison Grimes supported the Gang of 8 bill in Kentucky. DEFEATED

          Michelle Nunn supported the Gang of 8 bill in Georgia. DEFEATED

          Greg Orman supported the Gangof 8 bill in Kansas. DEFEATED

          Bruce Braley supoorted the Gang of 8 bill in Iowa. DEFEATED

          Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire and Mark Warner of Virginia voted for the Gang of 8 bill and BARELY SURVIVED against longshot challengers.
          —Mickey Kaus

          I get that pissing on the GOP is fun and popular…and easy. You should resist the temptation to just post what’s easy.

          The GOP certainly has problems, but…get real.

          • I KNOW what you mean. I wish I could believe.
            What I WANT is for the Republican leadership to look around today and say to themselves –
            “Holy crap! We won! BIGGGGG! This therefore indicates that the pukes at the NYT and CBS and ABC and NBC and MSNBC and CNN and Baracky and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and all the other progessive hacks don’t REALLY speak for Americans. The voters nationwide pretty much told us they want US to repudiate the crap that has gone on for the last 6 years.”

            I just can’t clap because I don’t believe the Republican Tinker Bells are going to do that.
            It’s not like my believing or not is going to change it at this point though.

          • Amnesty is dead.

          • Think about what we know motivates people, looker.

            It’s one thing to point out errors, malapropisms, terrible judgment, etc. It is innervating to say over and over that the people you hope to motivate are morons beyond redemption. Sooner or later, they accept that vision.

            A good trainer pats on the head MUCH more than he/she bops on the nose. And he/she NEVER portrays the subject as worthless for self-gratification.

          • Okay – specifics
            If they can KILL any further talk of this full blown amnesty crap – because bone head can issue it, but he can’t accomplish it before they have a sworn in Republican majority Senate and House.
            If they refuse to approve plans that allow even minor amnesty now without border integrity 1st.
            If they can neuter any further progress of the ACA horror show, I’ll settle for halting it in it’s lying tracks if they can’t muster strength to outright repeal it.
            Neutralize the Insurance company handout guarantee.
            Address the stupid way health insurance is currently sold state by state.
            Find ways to kill the global warming EPA idiocy ordered by big ears.
            Address the corruptocratic control of the many Federal agencies
            Longer term – If they can keep throwing real, even if to Obama unacceptable, bills on his desk that don’t grow the damn government any bigger than it is, even if he promptly vetoes every damn one.

            they don’t even have to do ALL of those things to start convincing me.

          • Dude, putting them in office should have been the motivator.
            I write programs, they do government.
            I don’t make them promises I have no intention of keeping while I line my pockets and get rich in Washington.
            I shouldn’t have to pat them on the head.
            I don’t think they’re morons, I think to many of them are corrupt and interested in ruling more than helping we the people.

            I should have been happier about the win, the fact that I can’t be because I’m waiting for Lucy to snatch the football now really pisses me off.

          • I expect a rush to capitulation as well. Especially up front as and olive branch to a despondent media. The only thing I’m a little more hopeful on is Obama not being able to end-run the Congress by abusing treaty powers. Otherwise I don’t expect much improvement especially for a push for amnesty..

          • “A good trainer pats on the head MUCH more than he/she bops on the nose. And he/she NEVER portrays the subject as worthless for self-gratification.”

            That may be true, but I think you have confused who is the trainer and who is the trainee here. (insert cynical smiley-face here)

          • I get that pissing on the GOP is fun and popular…and easy.


            Fool me once, shame on you, fool me fifty times and I must be a GOP voter.

            This isn’t about pissing on any politician. This is my prediction that the people who have pissed on Americans, over and over, will piss again.

            I’ll just bookmark this and when McConnell and Boehner stab their supporters in the back, it will be right here waiting for you.

  • Oh, but there’s sweet sour grapes and copious impotent tears of rage from the Leftists today. Delicious. 🙂

    Regardless, chief obstructionist, Harry Reid, is out of the picture, which means there will actually be less gridlock, FWIW. Harry Reid, who would bring forth no GOP bill, would never let GOP offer amendments and who, now wishes he hadn’t excercised the “Nuclear Option” on behalf of the GOP. 🙂

    Obama now gets to wear the Obstructionist crown, now that Reid is no longer tanking for him. The GOP congress will actually be able to put bipartisan bills on President Jaret’s desk, again, FWIW.

    Sure, ever reason to be cynical about the GOP, but remember that this is a different cast of characters than GWB’s day, when the Baby Boomers reigned supreme. The Fourth Turning is upon us, so we’ll see what happens.

  • I wonder what Debbie Washingmy-shorts is doing right now.

  • Two years of rampaging destruction left. And then who knows what.

    • It may…may…be that enough Deemocrats will have seen the neon writing on the wall, and have enough self-preservation, to make a difference in how we see the stuff coming out of the Congress.

      • Okay, you’re such an optimist man 🙂
        I’ll back off on harshing the mellow for the victory day.

        It would just be so much sweeter if some of the Dems voted WITH them wouldn’t it.

      • Well, I just heard McConnell talk about lowering the corporate income tax rate, which is no bad thing.

        We’ve heard kvetching from Nanny Pelosi about how conservatives have on job creation ideas for years. THAT would certainly be a job creator, rat thar.

        So would ANY move to reign in the EPA. Hell, you’d see an explosion of new jobs just from those two things. Give the business people of America SOME modicum of certainty, and they will have the ability to calculate risk…which has been TOTALLY impossible for years.

        • Coal power plants back on line would be a nice thing too.

          Especially since they are going off line as a sacrifice to Gaia and her frigidly warming body parts.

          • Yep. And a few freezing rust-belt seniors…especially MINORITY freezing rust-belt seniors…would put the icing on THAT cake.

            IFFFFF the story got out…

    • “Two years of rampaging destruction left. And then who knows what.”

      Pirates looking for scuttling tools.

  • Our President has accomplished the single most important event in his Presidency or perhaps any Presidency: he pre-empted Shep Smith from Fox and kept Shep off the air by holding this presser.

    I stand firmly behind him on that.

  • Bwaahahahahahah – the sweet sound of narcissist loser lamentations.

    Remember My policies are on the Ballot about a month ago?

    Yeah, he wants you to know, now, that like his promise that you could keep your insurance if you liked it….
    that on the ballot thing, that wasn’t really true.

  • The GOP is spineless but it seems the whiny beeotch in chief is going to go out of his way to provoke a constitutional crisis and right soon.

  • And the only Republican Governor to lose did so by embracing Common Core

  • Also worth noting is the gain in the legislature, meaning (some) potential for turn-around without the wacko super-majority and Moonbeam riding roughshod over us.


    I pass this graphic on, because it points out that there were slightly more democrats voting in this cycle, then in the 2010 does seem reasonable to assume based on that but a large number of democrat we’re voting against their own.

  • Supposedly 300 bills languished on Reid’s desk.

    If that is true, then the action can begin very, very fast.

    I’d want a bill a week, starting with the most innocuous, best bills on Obama’s desk.

    Every monday release a bill.

    Let’s see who calls the Congress obstructionist.

    But the GOP will probably screw this up.

  • Given the Republicans have the power over the purse now- ask yourself which is worse…

    an underfunded and marginally effective border guard, or a funded but seemingly marginally effective one that catches illegals, houses them and then flies or buses them to their destinations across the US.

    An underfunded tax agency that may not pick up the phone for your tax question or one used as a political arm of the Democratic party?

    An underfunded DOJ or one that sends community relations agents around to stir up racial divisiveness in hot spots?

    What are we getting for our money that makes cutting the funding to these henchagencies of the Chicago mob worse than funding them so they can go about their thuggery well fed and paid?

  • I had to share this. I went over to Erb’s site just to see what he had for comments on the election. I know I know, why torture myself, right? Well, it was worth it just to see how delusional he is. My favorite line is this:

    “Even then so many states stayed very close until the end, it clearly wasn’t a massive GOP wave.”

    +3 on Governorships
    +7 (at least) Senate seats
    +13 House seats
    State legislatures flipping Republican or at least cementing Republican Control.

    No, no wave there. I almost want to pity him now, almost….

    • Lol … the one’s that primarily stayed “close until the end” were where Democrats were running against long-shot Repubs. Funny stuff.

    • LOL! Dam, those grapes are sour! 🙂

    • Did you see if he made any earlier predictions that turned out wrong? He’s notorious for predicting in favor of Democrats and against Republicans, and then when he’s wrong never referring to those predictions again.

      He’s even been known to deny his previously-made ridiculous predictions if he thinks he can get away with it. In 2010, for example, he predicted only “a couple dozen” GOP pickups, instead of the 63 that happened (and which McQ predicted almost exactly). He changed his story three or four times after the election on what he had predicted, claiming he had changed his prediction, but he could never link to any of those supposed changes.

      • Right, he’s not so much delusional, though there is that to consider, as he is simply a bald-faced liar. But that’s what Marxists do, they lie. It’s part of the training, and justified by doctrine.

      • Yes he did.

      • Honestly, Billy, I don’t go to his site very often, but I do seem to recall him saying that there would be no Republican wave at all. Even if he did say that in one of his posts, he’s probably pulled it down by now.

        • I put on my hip boots and waded through the swamp for a few minutes. There is a post in early November predicting the Democrats would hold the Senate 52-48, and crowing about his supposedly good track record on predictions in earlier elections. So, yeah, the usual delusions are still holding.

        • I checked knowing he wouldn’t have been able to resist making a prediction.
          God like powers of political-science knowledge need to be paraded up and down the square, otherwise no one can appreciate their godlikeness.

          I mean what’s the point of HAVING powers if you don’t display them to amaze and awe the plebes.

    • For the Republicans it was a very gratifying win. For the Democrats a humiliating loss. But Obama will be more dangerous in his last two years because he has so much command now of the administrative state, the permanent government.

      I thought it was a good sign, however, that Boehner showed up sober for his press conference today and gave a very explicit warning to Obama not to go beyond his authority with his executive order on immigration.

    • Well, Barracula IS proving to be a very consequential president.

      So…Erp is right about that…

      Butt-hurt is a consequence.

  • Mark Levin points out that the ‘orrible, scary government shut-down seems to have had NO ill effect in the net.

    I think it may have been a net positive, and there’s a lesson there.

  • Measure 88 won more votes than anything else on the Oregon ballot. More votes than pot legalization. More than the incumbent governor, the incumbent senator or any of the six other ballot measures. The widely popular, landslide vote on Measure 88 prohibits illegal immigrants from getting drivers licenses.
    —Ann Coulter

    Looks like the culture is speaking, huh, Erpy…???

  • Does he really want to muddy Democratic 2016 election waters this early in the game?

    I believe Obama couldn’t care less about the 2016 election. All he cares about at this point is what’s left of his legacy. Hence, the forthcoming executive order for amnesty.