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It seems like every pundit in the world is now ready to give the GOP Congressional majority advice on what they should do for the next two years.  It would be nice if they’d tell the lame duck Dems and President how they should act as well.  But I’m of the opinion these will be a very interesting two months.

The question I have, after the Republican victory, is what lessons they’ve learned from this big win?  Here are  a few that I think they should keep in mind:

1. While this was a big win, it doesn’t signal that the same will happen in 2016.  We heard that sort of “wisdom” spouted after the impressive GOP win in 2010 – momentum from 2010 was sure to sink Obama in 2012. But it didn’t at all translate in the 2012 presidential race.  Lesson: while there may be some momentum, what happens in the next two years is much more important than what happened on Tuesday.

2. Guess who focused on social issues?  Guess who lost?  “The war on women” was beaten to death.  In fact, Colorado’s Mark Udall was being referred too as “Mark Uterus” with his almost singular focus on that. And then there was Wendy Davis’ attempt to cash in on it.  Climate change was also a bust. Republicans were disciplined, focused on ObamaCare, the economy, jobs, etc.  It paid off.  You have to wonder if they’ll remember that.  There are plenty of important and broad issues to campaign on.  You don’t have to resort to divisive wedge issues to rally your base as those type issues tend to alienate badly needed independents.  Lesson: stay focused on broad national issues and present solutions.

3. If I were to take anything from the election, it wouldn’t be Harry Reid’s interpretation.  Reid now thinks everyone should “work together” because, you know, that’s what the American people want.  Of course, Harry Reid knows next to nothing about what the American people want and has proven that time and time again.  Certainly,  if possible, bi-partisan is good.  If not, then screw em.  Yes, I know that with Obama in the White House, most of what they do is likely to be vetoed.  But then it is up to him to explain why nothing is happening, not the Republicans.  He becomes the “obstructionist“. Politics 101.  Of course the GOP has flunked that course many times. Lesson: do your job and make the other party do theirs.  If they do, then it helps build a very nice case that they need to go.

There are probably many more you can think of.  I’m pitching these up here because they seem to me to be common sense lessons from this election.  Yes, impressive win.  Got it.  Now what?  What have you learned?

Well, if history is any indicator, many of the same lessons have been available to the GOP in other elections and they’ve essentially ignored them.  The question of this day is “will they repeat history”?


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33 Responses to Lessons?


    George Will sets out what would be a dynamite beginning…!!!

    I’ve never heard of some of these proposals, but they DO sound like they’d send strong signals that we were going to move toward a legal regime where there was SOME certainty, along with some sanity in energy policy.

    • I would not start with the CFPB, though I hate the way it was set up. It offers up a big softball for Dems to demagog LIV.

      But that’s a quibble.

      Also, I would start with those 300 bills that supposedly exist. I’d try to have them ready for January, and send a bill a week to Obama. Start with the ones that have bipartisan support. Send one a week. (I know the Senate and the House will want to deliberate for months, but they should try to set up 3 months of weekly bills.)

      Imagine what the media would have to report when every Monday another bill arrived on Obama’s desk.

      THEN, when the public has seen reasonable bill after reasonable bill, is when you do your defund ACA or whatever.

      However, since the GOP is incompetent, they will choose some idiotic estate tax repeal first, then ACA, etc.

      • If those bills were really stacked up and ready to go, they could even send out a schedule, complete with “Date arrived on Harry Reid’s desk.”

        Its not too late to make people realize they were fed a line by the MSM who just repeated whatever Obama wanted to say.

        • I think that is pretty damned brilliant.

          Rush also suggests that every bill sent to Pres. ScamWOW should have a cover letter that recites the polling numbers from the American people in support of it. You know…since he “hears us”…

  • The first step they should take is codifying that the Senate WILL continue under the Reid rules.
    After that, Keystone is an easy win for them, and dare Baracky to veto

    • As much as I like to wack Democrats for their ingenious foolishness, I think that nobody should be appointed to a “for life” position without some sort of super majority of the Senate.

  • For Republicans Democrats, the Ice Age Cometh

    Numbers don’t lie. Unless Republicans Democrats overhaul their message, the losses will continue

    Monday, June 22, 2009Friday, November 7, 2014

    Despairing Republican Democratic friends have been asking me what I think we should do to rebuild the GOP Party of FDR and begin our certain and inevitable comeback. My answer disappoints them: “Build an ark.”

    I say this because I’ve made a career out of counting votes, and the numbers tell a clear story; the demographics of America are changing in a way that is deadly for the Republican Democratic Party as it exists today. A GOP Party of FDR ice age is on the way.

  • C’mon man. The operative definition of ‘obstructionist’ will be the GOP not delivering the legislation that Obama will call for.

  • Filly Buster.

    Suddenly Democratic obstruction will be patriotic and the intent of the founders again and checks and balances will be wunderfullllllllll!!!!!!

  • “They’re going to see Washington working better if this president has his way,” [White House Chief of Staff Denis] McDonough said. “And that’s what he’s going to do.”

    Next, we will be told that Obama has the support of all extraterrestrial aliens because none of them ever voted against him. Ultraterrestrial aliens, too.

    • Only after he notes that they didn’t vote in the last election.

      Obama knows that anyone who didn’t vote must agree with him.
      After all…

      “You don’t vote for kings”
      “Well how’d you become king then?”
      “The Lady of the Andrews Water Hazard, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft a platinum and gold Honma 9 iron from the bosom of the pond, signifying by divine providence that I, Barack Hussein Obama, was to be President. That is why I am your king.”

      • Strange women lying in ponds distributing golf clubs is no basis for a system of government. Not even transgender, minority ones with a degree in women’s studies.

        • You’d think! And yet twice! Twice! not once mind you, twice!
          Next thing you know, we’ve got Spiney Norman in the White House and Reginald Maudling back from the dead as Vice President!

      • It does explain why Obama treats our enemies better than his political rivals … our enemies didn’t vote against him.


    If that is an accurate depiction of the conduct of Barracula, it seems borderline nuts.

    I have long worried about him unraveling like a cheap golf ball with the cover knocked off…

    • One thing is clear, whether he comes unhinged or not. He is going to keep on doing whatever he wants and dare the Republicans to do anything about it. That’s his entire training as community organizer – never back down, always insist on setting the rules of engagement, and expect anyone opposing the left to fold instead of suffer the bad publicity of stopping him.

      These disingenuous lefty pundits calling for the GOP to “compromise” really mean they expect the GOP to back down and give him what he wants. A real compromise means both sides give up something of importance. Obama has never compromised with his political enemies in his life.

      • Right, and I expect his narcissism…coupled with his pathological enablers in Ms. Jarrett and MoooOOoochelle…would never allow that. It really seems a witches brew at the White House.

        • Well, enough rope and all that.
          What was it the Greeks tried to say about Hubris?
          That can’t go on forever either.

  • The Repub led Senate could pass bills one after another (maybe on a monthly basis (w/c is the allotted time for the Prez to decide whether to veto a bill of not)(pls. correct the info if wrong) and if the Prez veto those bills one after the other, he would be known as the “veto-prez” and this would permeate the Dem all the way to 2016.


    Fascinating that two people can see the same events, and process the lessons from that event in almost perfect opposition.

    You can’t fix crazy, I guess…

    • LOL! “If I don’t get my way, it’s treason!” *eyes roll* I love the part where he blames the GOP for blocking spending, then gives Dem’s credit for reducing the deficit! Cognitive Dissonance, much? 🙂

      • Well, and the “Big Lies” of Reagan, who had an economic recovery Barracula would kill for, which were Collectivist straw-men anyhow.

        But it IS interesting how twisted some people make themselves.


    On the subject of lessons learned…

    The Collective HATES the military. They really, really do.

  • As the post-Obama era nears, the Democrats’ best-known leaders in Washington are almost entirely from an older generation, from the vice presidency to most of the major leadership offices in the House and Senate. The generation-in-waiting will have to wait longer.

    Presidential campaigns and open nomination contests help bring new leaders to national prominence. That appears unlikely in 2016. For all her positive attributes, former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton is a suffocating presence when it comes to intraparty presidential competition. Her command of the Democratic machinery, from fundraising to grass-roots organizing, is so extensive that almost everyone else is understandably intimidated about even testing their talents against her.

    Think of it this way: If Clinton were to win the presidency and serve two terms, the next opportunity for a new generation of Democrats to compete nationally would not come until 2024.