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Time to put government back inside the box

By that I mean, make it a servant of the public again. I don’t know how this “serves the public”:

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -Local 10 first brought you the story of the 90-year-old man who was arrested for illegally feeding the homeless in Fort Lauderdale. Wednesday he was back to continue his cause.

“Illegally feeding the homeless.” No, seriously. It is now a crime, in Ft. Lauderdale, to use your own money, buy and prepare food, search out those in need of nourishment, and feed them.

I can’t get over that phrase – “Illegally feeding the homeless”.

Why? Well here, let this idiot explain:

Mayor Jack Seiler, who supports the ordinance, said he’s gotten massive feedback as well, though not always so positive. But he said the law is meant to help the homeless, not to keep them from eating.

“Mr. Abbott has decided that he doesn’t think these individuals should have to have any interaction with government, that they should be fed in the parks. We disagree,” Seiler said.

I’ll bet he’s gotten “massive feedback”.  My guess is Mr. Seiler is probably Julia’s child. Imagine – not having “any interaction with government”.  Dude, that’s a feature in my book. Who in the hell do these people think they are? So the fact that this little tin dictator disagrees, he’s happy to use the force of government to put a 90 year old feeding the homeless in jail? This is just homegrown authoritarianism.

What is this bit of totalitarianism based on? “Experts, of course:

“It’s a pubic safety issue. It’s a public health issue,” said Seiler. “The experts have all said that if you’re going to feed them to get them from breakfast to lunch to dinner, all you’re doing is enabling that cycle of homelessness. They don’t interact with anyone, they don’t receive the aid that they need.”

Blah, blah, blah … another authoritarian does a little appealing to authority.

They don’t interact with anyone? They interact with those they want to interact with, including the guy feeding them. Not good enough, say the “experts”.

As with most experts, however, their good intentions usually have crap outcomes:

“What the city is doing by cutting out feeding is very simple — they are forcing homeless people to go dumpster-diving all over again,” Abbott said. “They will steal. That’s what the mayor is forcing the homeless to do.”

Well, that’s a little overboard too, i.e. no one is “forcing” anyone to steal. The point, however, is if this is a public safety issue and if it is a public health issue then why in the world would one of the acceptable outcome of this idiotic law be to encourage dumpster diving or theft by removing the ability of the homeless to receive food from someone other than a government official? Why don’t they have a right to do that? Other than this stupid law and this idiot trying to justify it, when did feeding someone less fortunate than you become “illegal”?


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13 Responses to Time to put government back inside the box

  • this is, in fact, the logical conclusion when the government assigns to itself the role of with everything else it gets its meathooks into, , government regulates away any competition in the field.

    just as obviously, however, if government were actually doing its job instead of poking its nose into every aspect of civic life, such charity wouldn’t be a requirement. So, another logical conclusion to draw is thatit doesn’t want the image of homeless being in need of such charity, when certain kinds of government are employed, I say, for example, leftists.instead of actually doing its job, thereby it simply legislate them away. See? No more almost lines of people looking for food, no more problem.

  • Houston passed a similar ordinance on the pretext of sanitation defense for the eaters of garbage. You couldn’t have church people…many of them black…feeding the homeless the same food they would themselves eat and feed their families. THAT would never do.

    It’s really about shouldering out the whole idea of private charity, which actually works, and imposing governmental power in its place. “You can have that baloney sammich, Honey, but you’ll have to go stand in line to see Ms. Ambrosia over there. She’ll take your information, make you feel like a piece of dog excrement, make sure you understand she’s better than you, and she’ll give you your ticket to the baloney sammich line. Be sure to get there before they close at 3:30 for the day”.

    • Hey man, it makes it easier if they come by for the baloney sandwich on election day so we can see if they voted for the right people yet, and help them make the correct baloney sandwich earning decisions.

      You don want them to be dis-enfranchised do you?

      • Interestingly, a lot of the people who were doing the feeding of the homeless were taking the food to them. They would see them pretty much every day, and they knew them and cared for them. They were conducting the equal of a welfare check on a daily basis, and knew what their needs would be when the weather changed and such.

        I’ve seen the way people are treated in a welfare office. It is light years different.

        • Probably Christians or something.
          They may even be concerned for their souls.

          Evil buggers.

          Clearly the government needs to make sure people like that aren’t able to influence the homeless.

  • Back in 2012 – New York Nannyberg banned people from donating food to homeless shelters because, well, it might have too much salt, or sugar, or, etc.
    I’m sure there was a lame argument for food poisoning there, but as I recall at the time there were people who’s food was NOT going to make the homeless ill and they who were being turned away due to the argument of undesirable/unhealthy ingredients in the food.

    Damn you people trying to do good anyway!

    Don’t you understand that is the government’s job! We have guns! and courts! and will enforce that right!
    And we’ll arrest your butt if you insist on doing good on your own you danged criminal maniac vigilante Food Rangers!

    Hi-ho silver, take em away.

  • so where the hell is Erb?

    • Waiting for the second there’s something he can come in here for and troll

    • I figure he’s got “Puff, The Magic Dragon” on auto-replay, and is blubbering in his beer.

      I also think he’s waiting on some lying points that are not outright embarrassing…even for him.

    • Since Obama didn’t come up with this plan we can’t be sure it’s a good plan.
      And there won’t be talking points.
      So Skippy will probably ignore it.
      He has more valuable analysis to perform.

  • Surely, this was merely “undocumented feeding” of the homeless.