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Climate change “deal” with China just an excuse for executive action

Given this “deal”, Obama seems to be a used car salesman’s dream, but I’ve come to believe there is a method to this madness.  And it is madness:

President Barack Obama announced Wednesday that the U.S. has set a new goal to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by between 26 percent and 28 percent over the next 11 years as part of a climate change agreement with China. 

The new target is a drastic increase from earlier in Obama’s presidency, when he pledged to cut emissions by 17 percent by 2020. By contrast, Obama’s counterpart, Xi Jinping, did not pledge any reductions by a specific date, but rather set a target for China’s emissions to peak by 2030, or earlier if possible. Xi also pledged to increase the share of energy that China will derive from sources other than fossil fuels. China’s emissions have grown in recent years due to the building of new coal plants.

“This is a major milestone in the U.S.-China relationship,” Obama told a news conference in Beijing, with Xi at his side. “It shows what’s possible when we work together on an urgent global challenge.”

No.  No it’s not anywhere near a “milestone” at all.  If that’s the “deal”, he was owned by the Chinese premier.  Instead it is another bad deal used to push an ideological desire.  This certainly won’t be ratified as a treaty with a GOP Congress (if it is even submitted as a treaty).  And anyone who thinks China won’t ignore, or unilaterally extend its 2030 peak use simply knows nothing about how China works.

So the “King” will, apparently, do further damage to the economy by using this bit of nonsense as his catalyst for umpteen executive orders because, you know he has a pen, a phone and an ideology.

Thank goodness that only lasts for 2 more years with a GOP Congress (assuming the GOP Congress has any fiscal balls when it comes to defunding the stupidity he commits to his “executive actions”).  If you loved ObamaCare you’re going to rave about this bit of economic stupidity.

In the meantime, grab your wallets and bend over, here it comes again.

~ McQ


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14 Responses to Climate change “deal” with China just an excuse for executive action

  • Huh, this looks like a rerun of the various deals that set a limit at 1990… where Germany and the eastern European states knew they would make out like bandits as they shutdown the old Soviet mess and modernized to a normal level, thus meeting targets by actually increasing outputs merely through vastly improving on Soviet rubbish. Now China must have projections of how their mad run for coal generation will level out and 2030 seems like a reasonable time-frame. No doubt they will be building modern nuclear power plants by then. So they also make out like communists with a child’s piggy bank, gaining by continuing to do what they are doing while disadvantaging their competitors. Only a pol sci professor of dubious moral compass leanings would think this was in anyway sensible for the US to hook its wagon to.

  • He meant “millstone”, not “milestone”.

    He had another “speak-o.’

  • See, this is just what Pres. ScamWOW will continue doing. Every day will bring a new affront…a new brake to throw on the economy, a new slap in the face of Constitutional governance. Nobody can even keep up.

    Meanwhile, our green boondoggle adventure gets more and more unreliable and expensive, and more and more an apparent drug on ordinary Americans’ household budgets via both tax-payers’ bail-outs and rising utility bills. All the while Barracula continues to push down rational energy production and development.

  • Reminds me of the old joke about the optimistic kid searching through the horse crap piled in a stable because “there just has to be a pony in there somewhere!”

    Somewhere in this pile of horse crap, one of Obama’s pals is going to find the pony that the rest of us can’t see yet. We’ll be left to clean up the crap once the pony has been taken.
    And watching us deal with it will make Barack smile smugly to himself in retirement.

    • One of Obama’s pals already found the pony, and that pal is Xi Jinping. Sweet deal for him, carte blanche to pollute as much as he wants without all those annoying environmentalists bothering him while his major competition promises to strangle itself.

  • I see he’s also going to do the same thing on immigration.

    Get ready for the constitutional crisis he’s about to provoke

    • Yeeeeup. This is classical “community organizer” BS. I aptly call it “mau-mauing”.

      They (often lawlessly) stick stuff in your face, and defy you to resist. Most often, institutions like businesses and government won’t dare fight back because it would “look bad”, or be made to look bad. The mau-mau tactic just asks people to be gutless, and it so often pays off.

      Andy McCarthy thinks the only way to fight back here is through impeachment. I think that the Supremes MIGHT “just say NO!”, because this is a clear attack on the separation of powers. Presidential pardons have never been granted to CLASSES of people, if I’m not grossly mistaken. They are only granted to individuals. I think it a valid argument, anyhow.

      • Now, we KNOW they’re criminals by virtue of being here illegally, but up until now the idiots have pretended that’s sorta not the case.

        Amnesty implies they committed some kind of crime serious enough that they need pardon by Executive clemency.

        Which logically implies the ones he doesn’t grant blanket amnesty to are no longer merely implied criminals.
        By granting one set amnesty and no amnesty for the other they are making the criminal behavior undeniably official at the Executive level.
        By granting the amnesty he acknowledges a crime has been committed.

        So now he has to enforce the laws, otherwise an amnesty isn’t needed.
        And if he refuses to enforce the laws….

        • And if he refuses to enforce the laws….

          Nothing. He just sticks THAT in our faces. Then what? See, a lot of very fine legal minds are reluctantly concluding that there’s nothing to do outside of impeachment.

          I have another idea, or two or three.

          One of them is to put this to the Supremes. The plenary power of the pardon is NOT intended to vitiate the other branches of the Federal government.

          Another is that we just need to withdraw our consent to be governed in this environment. We just go Thoreau on they buttocks. That is non-violent, and it never fails if there are enough people doing it. IF Barracula wants a Constitutional crisis, let’s give him one…good and hard.

          • Well, impeachment was precisely what I had in mind for his failure to enforce the laws.

            Nothing would finish up this disastrous affirmative action presidency better than an impeachment.
            Not that it will happen,

            But hey, if Erppie can dream he’ll be remembered as one of the best President’s Evah, I can dream that he’ll be the first President actually removed from office, because the little prince is too arrogant to resign.

            Meanwhile, wait till everyone gets a load of their new health insurance premiums – “Monday Monday, so good to me”
            There will be lots of unhappy coming this month if he tries his amnesty schtick along with the premium changes.

      • I think that the Supremes MIGHT “just say NO!”, because this is a clear attack on the separation of powers.

        >>>> Meh. John Roberts will just call it a tax and send it on it’s way

        • OK, shark, it’s cute to be cynical. But let’s be serious here. I think my point is well made, and this SHOULD wind up before the Supremes. I think this is a clear perversion of the pardoning power and cannot be allowed, since it just guts the prerogatives of the other two branches. And I think a responsible court…even the crazy Collectivists…would slap it down as they have unanimously done on MANY occasions during the ScamWOW regime.

          • Rags-

            Yes I’m being cynical towards your good point because it won’t happen.

            First of all, who has standing to sue in this case? I guess Congress members. Maybe one or two would try it- maybe. And even if they did, I don’t see the Supremes wading into this mess- not this court. Roberts already showed what he is., suddenly he’s gonna smack down Obama and keep those millions of poor immigrant kids from their piece of the American Dream? Nope- not this squish.
            It’s a nice thought but it ain’t happening.

          • Well, it looks like we’ll see. Again, I point to the fact that a unanimous Supreme Court has bench-slapped the Obami multiple times, so I don’t think I’m just a Pollyanna here.