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Some of the week’s big stories in photos [with update]

First up: climate protestors in Australia demonstrate their philosophy towards actual data about climate science:





Please savor the irony of them sticking their heads in the sand to demonstrate their own ignorance, while thinking they are supporting the leftist climate agenda.

Next, Hillary Clinton apparently has worn out her welcome in Iowa, and there continue to be questions about her health.


Oh, sorry, wrong picture. Let me try again.


Yeah, this whole “Hillary is inevitable” thing probably has a sell-by date of about February 1, 2016. Or sooner.

Finally, a feminist sets a world record for demonstrating her own insecurities, all because of this shirt.


Included in this spectacular effort: envy of other women’s bodies, intelligence envy, sexual self-doubt, actual accomplishment envy, imaginary bad motives in her critics, pleasure at causing pain in others, and neediness for attention.

Most notable results of this harpy’s bloviating: 1. The guy in question cried during an apology, making this bint look like a bully and 2. the shirt is sold out. So trying to shame one guy into not wearing it causes a whole bunch of other guys to wear it just to piss off feminists. In other words, about the same results that leftist collectivism usually obtains.

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend.


*** Update 17 Nov 2014 10:30 AM ***

And here is what happens when the gap between government and kindergarten gets too small:

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23 Responses to Some of the week’s big stories in photos [with update]

  • I bet that feminists can’t walk through a parking lot of football tailgaters without becoming psychotic.
    To think that at the press conference about a remarkable scientific feat, they can’t get past this friggin shirt is beyond the pale.
    In the future, we should all wear the most unfashionable garments just to drive these lunatics howling at the moon crazy.

  • Here I thought those first two photos were more ISIL proproganda

    • Those are some REALLY devout Muslims. Bowing their heads BENEATH the ground!

      • Shorter than using a great circle route.
        You project a line through the earth from where you are towards Mecca, dig a hole, and stick your head into it.
        Though it makes hearing the adhan kinda hard.

  • You know who that shirt ALSO drives crazy…??? Islamists. Funny to think of femi-nazis and the guys who would kill them in a heartbeat agreeing on what offends them.

  • Not to be missed

    The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE), intends to negotiate with Jonathan Gruber, Ph.D. on a sole sources basis for technical assistance in evaluating options for national healthcare reform. The basis for restricting competition is the authority of 41 USC 253(c)(1) 106-1(b) because there is only one responsible source and no other supplies or services will satisfy DHHS requirements.The anticipated contract period will be eight months.

    • Well, on the one hand, he is pretty unique.

      On the other, liars are a dime a dozen. Even liars with a Ph.D. Right, Erp?

  • The Salt Vampire gag NEVER gets old….

  • Can we dare hope that the protestors misjudged the tide tables? Maybe their global warming accelerated localized sea level rise?



  • So…photos of a collection of ***holes formed in concentric circles with their heads buried is supposed to inspire us to believe in their phony science by…


    Bwaahahahahahahaha. Yes yes, very effective. I am convinced, their scientific display has overwhelmed my skepticism.
    I am especially convinced of my error by the two guys in the foreground actually standing on their heads while buried in a hole.

    I wonder if what they did to create this work of sarcastic genius was take the Obama/Clinton/Kerry conceptual model for American Foreign policy and express it in a physical/visual form.

  • Those protestors need to dig deeper holes.

    I want one of those shirts. If I see one of those shirts I am going to buy it. It will certainly demonstrate my penchant for pushing the boundaries of good taste. Unlike the rest of my usual shirt collection which is just unusually colorful.

    • I’m a lumbersexual, I guess. A fine Van Dyke beard and mustache.

      Hey, what’s wrong with getting “wood” by the board-foot…???

      • I resent the fact that I can’t generate toxic masculinity because I can’t grow a good beard, unless you think Yasser Arafat had a good beard.

        A Van Dyke and mustache are about all I can manage.

      • “Lumbersexual”??

        Does that mean you like knotty pine? Or pine for knots?

        Hello, my name is Timactual and I am a lumbersexual. More out of laziness than masculinity, toxic or otherwise.

      • There’s a whole conversation I could start around the word Lumbersexual if I changed the u to an i.

        Which would probably be indicative of my toxic masculinity and would outrage feminits (yes, I spelled that right, it’s sort of like a nit only much larger) who no doubt do NOT read qando, my postings or my comments in the first place.

  • Re: the “kindergarten” caption: I wish I’d thought of it first. Ring-around-the-rosie? Now, if only they would all fall down.

    • I thought for a minute they were playing Red Rover.
      But no, that’s probably not allowed on the world playground these days, the special snowflakes could get hurt.

      Except Putin, Putin plays Red Rover with T90’s.

  • That must be where they hid the decline.

  • If I were to wear a shirt with photos of Madonna, “Lady” Gaga, and Miley Cyrus on it, would that also be a toxic masculine outrage? Of course a still image of Ms. Miley doesn’t quite express the full range of her feminism.

    I want one. Just out of pure, cussed toxic masculinity.