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For Senate Dems, ideological loyalty trumps collegiality

Desperate for something positive to put before Louisiana voters prior to her Senate run-off, Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu is looking for an apparently illusive 60th Senate vote – from her Democratic colleagues.

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and other supporters of the Keystone XL oil pipeline are stuck at 59 votes — one vote shy of the supermajority they need to move their bill forward on Tuesday.

Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) said Monday that they would vote against moving forward with the legislation, making it unclear whether supporters had a path to the magic number of 60.

Rockefeller had appeared to be one of the last possible converts Monday evening, and supporters were pressuring the retiring senator to join their side.

But he told reporters on Monday that he was firmly against the proposed pipeline: “I’ll be voting ‘no,’ ” he said.

Landrieu seems to think she has it, but the numbers don’t add up, at least at this point.  There may still be some hope for her, but it is slim:

Every Republican in the Senate is expected to back the measure, and 10 Democrats have signed on to legislation that Landrieu is sponsoring, along with Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.).

Sens. Bob Casey Jr. (D-Pa.), Tom Carper (D-Del.) and Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) have also promised Landrieu that they will vote in favor of the pipeline, which would carry fuel from the Alberta oil sands in Canada to the Gulf Coast.

That gives Landrieu a firm 59 votes, but it’s not enough to move forward.

With Rockefeller a “no,” the best hope for Landrieu might be Independent Sen. Angus King (Maine), who told reporters on Monday that he is leaning against the measure.

Noting that he could be a pivotal vote, King also said of the roll call vote on Tuesday: “Wait till they get to the Ks.”

Sen. Chris Coons, who was previously considered a firm “no” on the Keystone vote has been talking to Landrieu about the bill.

“He cares for Senator Landrieu a lot, so he’s listening to what she has to say,” Coon’s spokesman Ian Koski said in an email Monday evening.

“But I have no reason to believe his position has changed,” Koski added.

And, of course, even if she does manage to convert one of those two, which seems unlikely, there’s Obama:

Even if the legislation is approved by the Senate, however, it is likely to be vetoed by Obama.

He said last week that lawmakers should not “short-circuit” the federal review of the pipeline that is already underway.

“I’ve been clear in the past. … My position hasn’t changed, that this is a process that is supposed to be followed,” Obama said at a press conference in Burma.

This is Obama thinking he’s playing “hard ball”.  In fact, it is Obama playing his favorite game, throwing someone under the bus.  So it’s likely “good bye Senator Landrieu”.  The fact that Keystone would create jobs in a down economy is moot.  Ideology trumps.  And it is much more important, after the drubbing the voters gave the green agenda early in the month, to keep the Tom Steyers of the world happy than it is to support one unimportant Senator in a mostly red state anyway.  Her reward for voting for and supporting ObamaCare in the Senate?  Stiffed in her hour of need by her party.  Irony.

Landrieu, naturally, will blame her pending loss on the “racism” and “sexism” of the South – after serving 18 years in the Senate.


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21 Responses to For Senate Dems, ideological loyalty trumps collegiality

  • I imagine that Miss Piggy is all kinds of heartened by the support Pres. ScamWOW is providing her, what with crowing about an EO here, an EO there, here an E, thar an O, everywhar an EO.

    AND on such popular items in Louisiana as Gorebal Climate Whatever and low intensity invaders.

    Miss Piggy is done. Pulled pork, anyone?

  • “He said last week that lawmakers should not “short-circuit” the federal review of the pipeline that is already underway.”
    Right, because finally forcing a decision after 6 years of ‘review’ is going to cause a short-circuit.

    Now, using mythical executive powers that he wrote onto the Constitution after he used it to wipe his butt to grant clemency to millions of illegal aliens, or creating a treaty with China that Congress won’t have to approve – THOSE aren’t short circuits.

    But what would you expect from a guy who cans say:
    “”I think it’s important for both Palestinians and Israelis to try to work together to lower tensions and reject violence.”” with a straight face after maniacs with axes hack a group of religious men to death.
    Yes, those evil rabbi’s if only they didn’t offend Palestinian whackjobs, if only the rabbis would reject violence and…I don’t know, convert to Islam or something.

    This overstuffed idiot lives in an alternate universe where the earth revolves around HIM.

    • Israel should become a Second Amendment nation.

      Every Israeli who wants to and can carry SHOULD carry.

      It’s ridiculous to reduce your people to sheep waiting for wolves to show up. Make them all lions!

      Even fewer wolves would get killed, because they won’t see the wisdom of attacking lions.

  • I knew a girl back in college who reminds me a bit of today’s Democrats in her relationship strategy.

    She was pretty hot, and consequently she had learned to get away with a strategy of insisting on setting the terms of every relationship she had. Those terms were basically “Do things my way, all the way down the line, and I’ll let you be seen with me and give you sex every once in a while. I’m going to keep shopping for other men that I might like better than you, but I don’t want you to have any interest in other women. I won’t make any commitment of any sort, but you should hang around and be available, and I’ll throw hints that it might get serious at some undefined point in the future.”

    The Democrats expect the Republicans to play by their rules, all the time, every time. Doesn’t matter if the Democrats are in the majority or the minority or they’re sharing power. They expect Republicans to give them pretty much anything they want, in exchange for being seen as “bipartisan”. They expect to be hard-core ideologues on any number of issues, but they wail bloody murder if the Republicans exhibit a trace of principle or limited government ideology. The most they will *ever* give in exchange for this submission by the Republicans is a symbolic bone every now and then, while never, ever, ever, giving ground on the growth of government.

    Despite her hotness, that woman ended up with a submissive, pathetic, failure of a beta male as her husband. Men with confidence and self esteem walked away after a few weeks or months.

    The establishment GOP plays the part of the pathetic beta male in this current scenario. No matter what the Democrats do to them, they come back for more. The minor benefits of being influential and handing out favors to their cronies mean they’re perfectly comfortable playing the submissive bottom to the Democrats’ top.

    That’s why this whole thing is never, ever going to change unless that establishment GOP is removed from making the party’s decisions. Any idea that they might rise up and develop a spine if they get enough of a majority and take the White House is delusion. Bush and the GOP Congress in 2001-2006 didn’t do it, and today’s pathetic betas in control of the GOP won’t do it either. They have to be gone, and if that means temporarily losing majorities in Congress, that’s just the price that has to be paid for a long term chance of actually starting down a path of less government.

    • Totally consistent for Collectivists.

      It’s just a variation on “What’s mine is mine; what’s yours is negotiable”.

      Or, “IF you beat me into submission, I have a few demands”.

      It works for them any time you will stand for it, too.

    • Media executes those with a spine. If they stood firm as a group, it would become obvious that the media is playing political assassin and it would lose effectiveness with the public. But you have enough sell outs that validate the media that will never happen. They sell out often because the assassinations are in mutual interest.

  • “this is a process that is supposed to be followed”

    Oh, Irony!

  • The White House won that vote. The Senate couldn’t get to sixty votes to move the pipeline bill. Amazing. Democrats are willing to slit their wrists for Barack. Still.

  • … – after serving 18 years in the Senate.

    We’re talking about a Dem: I’d say that the *correct* way to phrase that is: “– after serving herself to 18 years of the Senate.”

  • so, is this a preview of 2015?

    Lots of votes that never put anything on Obama’s desk?

    Supposedly 2016 will be a much better year for Democrats.

    I’m not so sure. 2008 was not a good year for the GOP.

  • We’re about due to hear a LOT about the positive aspects of obstructionism from the usual suspects soon enough

  • The Senate gave Miss Piggy a 59 gun…and ONE finger…send off.

    Au revoir, cher. Don’t let them ‘gator catch you in dat fat ass, y’all hear…!?!?!

  • Letting her vote in favor of it was all they were ever willing to do. Their support for her amounted to staging this sham vote.

    In the process, they let a handful of other red-state D’s vote in favor of Keystone, so that they can lie to their constituents next cycle.

    NO ONE ever imagined the D’s would let the pipeline get built. There were only ever two options 1) The D’s reject it in the Senate 2) Obama vetoes it (he promised to do so, repeatedly, just recently).

    So, Landrieu can now claim in her flailing failure of a campaign that she supports Keystone when, in fact, by supporting Harry Reid for Senate Majority leader she’s proven that she absolutely does not. In fact, simply by being a Democrat, she proves that she does not support it. Voting for a bill you know is going down in flames is proof of nothing.

    • I think you nailed it. Actually getting the pipeline under Obama wasn’t going to happen, so getting her symbolic vote on record before the runoff was the goal. Actually getting the bill passed might have had some marginal PR benefit for her, but that would also force Obama to publicly veto it, and she’s far too disposable at this point for Obama to make any sacrifices.

    • And voting present gets you elected to the Presidency.

  • So the GOP changes things next session and passes it.

    LET Obama veto it. Maybe we have enough to override and break him.

  • If I recall correctly that federal review of Keystone was finished a couple of years ago but they sent it back for more thorough review. They reached the wrong conclusion.

    • And it will continue to be reviewed until the results are pleasing to His Imperial Majesty Barack Obama I, lord of heaven and earth, defender of the faithful and duly elected leader of the Choom Gang by acclimation.