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The media strikes back

This shouldn’t come as a big surprise:

Several networks won’t be carrying President Obama’s prime-time address on immigration Thursday night from the White House.

ABC, CBS and Fox are saying they won’t air the president’s speech live; NBC also reportedly isn’t planning to carry his address.

With polls saying that only 38% of Americans support his intent to use his executive power to provide amnesty to a portion of illegal aliens here in the US, there’s certainly no ratings upside to televising it.  And, in fact, there may be a little payback involved:

There was also griping among the White House press corps Wednesday at Mr. Obama using a Facebook video post to announce the timing of tonight’s address, rather than using the traditional media.

A television correspondent asked White House press secretary Josh Earnest if the move was “a thank you” to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who helped launch the immigration reform advocacy group that is aiding the administration’s push for immigration changes.

Mr. Earnest denied the White House was playing favorites with Facebook, but said it was a good way to reach the president’s audience.

“The good news is that the wires, the networks and the press corp are all on Facebook,” Mr. Earnest said. “We don’t have to choose.”

The denial comes as no particular surprise – this administration denies everything.  As for choice, the White House did choose, and it chose to snub the White House press corps and the networks.  Apparently it finds their reaction to the snub problematic.

White House officials are expressing annoyance with the networks’ decision, saying that all major networks aired a prime-time address by Republican President George W. Bush in 2006 when he announced the deployment of national guard troops at the U.S-Mexico border.

Well perhaps that was because the Bush administration included the networks in its announcement of his speech.  The fact that the big 4 (if NBC refuses to carry it as well) are not going to carry it doesn’t mean it can’t be seen live if you’re so inclined to view it:

Two networks with Hispanic audiences, Univision and Telemundo, will air the president’s address live. CNN, MSNBC and PBS also plan to broadcast live.

But the bottom line of this little dust up is it appears that at least some of the networks are willing to strike back a bit at the White House press operation and it’s treatment of an unhappy White House press corps.  Now if we could get some actual unbiased and factual coverage from that press corps that would be a bonus.  Being water carriers hasn’t worked out very well for them, has it?


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10 Responses to The media strikes back

  • I think they’re doing him a favor. The less the public knows what he’s doing, the easier it is to frame the GOP as being heartless, anti-latino etc.

    He’s going to say things that the Univision crowd will cheer, but the rest of the country – even his base – won’t be so hot for. Why would he want everyone to see this?

    PS- Maybe it’s time for the GOP to stop being afraid of being “anti-latino”? These people are not naturally GOP in any way shape or form. And if they’re really single issue voters concerned with legalizing criminals… we really want to pander to them anyway?

    • I agree. Obama can play this as a victim now.

      GOP should not be anti-Latino. Many of them don’t like this.

      I’m not even sure the actual amnesty is such a big deal – people who have US citizen kids and spouses could get green cards anyways.

      Its the method. And right after an election. It smacks of ignoring the will of the people.

      • Ignoring? Oh no, far far from that.
        It’s a big ol FOAD to the people and their plebeian will.
        And he knows it.

    • Ditto.

      But on reflection it’s their usual method – ignore what they don’t want people to hear.

  • The fewer people that know about this the better it will be for Obama to make up a different narrative about it should it go badly for him.

    In short, it will be easier for him to lie about it in the future.

  • I think Fox News is broadcasting it live also.

  • Violence is now that much closer to becoming a much more – maybe the only- viable option.

    It didn’t have to be this way. It still doesn’t but time is running dangerously short.

    This is gonna be bad.

  • Nonsense.

    They aren’t broadcasting it because the Obama administration did NOT ask them to.

    Its not like they are snubbing him.

    Obama does not want this broadcast on the networks. Only Univision will cover it, and the cable “news” shows. That’s it. He wants the announcement heard by his supporters, and he can’t help the Conservative viewers of Fox News find out, and that’s it.

    The broadcast networks know this is unpopular, so they’ll shield Obama as much as possible in any way they can. They’ll briefly give it favorable coverage tomorrow, and then move on like it never happened.

  • What the anticipated Republican response will be

    Find Barack Obama’s Syrian red line pen.

    Draw same style red line AFTER the fact.

  • In its editorial this morning, however, the Wall Street Journal reports that the Office of Legal Counsel “made its justification public about an hour before the speech.” Talk about just in time manufacturing! (The rationale is “prosecutorial discretion.”)

    … and there you have it folks ..

    the reason ObamaCare waivers were given out .. “prosecutorial discretion”
    the reason any criminal law may be ignored by the POTUS .. “prosecutorial discretion”