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Legalizing their servants

Short one today (Hagel is gone … meh, no surprise), but so indicative of the leftists we’re most familiar with – in this case Hillary Clinton:

While speaking at a swanky event Friday night in New York City, Hillary Clinton speculated about the immigration status of the people serving food and beverages at the gala.

“This is about people’s lives, people, I would venture to guess, who served us tonight.”

Ah, the “little people.”  The people there to serve her highness and her ilk (and to fall in line and vote properly, of course).  Can’t have a plantation without a few slaves.

What do you say about something like that? Amazingly disconnected.  Absurdly condescending.  And, of course, a slap in the face of all those who played by the rules and did it within the law.

But she wants to be your chief law enforcer if you’ll just vote for her.


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5 Responses to Legalizing their servants

  • All she missed was saying ” Knowwhatahmean, knowwhatahmean, nudge nudge, wink wink, grin grin, say no more”

  • But this is really just who the Collectivists are.

    Sure, they are “friends of the working man”. But they don’t have any in their circle of friends. In fact, they’d be mortified if one showed up in one of their private salons.

    They have profound contempt for “the common man/woman”. Just ask Jon Gruber.

    That is why they can feel great about bossing us around, while lying to us. We hold the quaint conviction that we can govern ourselves, and we aren’t fooled by their lies.

    It’s a bitch, huh, Erp…???

    • “friends of the working man”

      One thing I have notice over the last couple of years is the absence of “working man” in the rhetoric of Dems. Everything is now about promoting the interests of the “middle class”. Blue collar workers are so 20th century. Quite a change for the party which has historically claimed to be on the side of the “little guy” and unionized blue collar workers vs. white collar/management/fat cat Reps.

  • Hagel was a poor choice and was doomed from the start. He wasn’t an Obama insider – heck he wasn’t even a Democrat, so he was never going to be in the inner circle. Yet, he wasn’t a strong enough SecDef for these turbulent times. So he was faced with having to enforce an Obama strategy that he didn’t particularly agree with, but didn’t have a strong argument to make against it, nor did he have the backing from any particular group in Congress. Dead man walking for his entire tenure at the Pentagon.

  • Assuming that at least some of those “little people” serving the tables of their “societal betters” were LEGAL immigrants and/or already citizens who (silly gooses) actually went through the arduous and expensive(!) legal process to obtain Green Cards and/or citizenship, it would be insulting to the very least any of them to be assumed to be just “another wetback” on whose back these self-style Progressive Plantation Masters and Madams rise to power and rule over the “flyover country” rabble they so despise and, in a codependent political dance, need.