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A few thoughts on Ferguson

As I watch this nonsense in Ferguson, I’m simply reminded of the daily fare of poor television that reality shows bring us.  That’s all Ferguson is.  Give a promise of fame, indulge self-importance, ignore facts and film. That’s the formula.  It’s “good TV” and the media has been as complicit as anyone in the result.  In fact, they’ve egged it on.  Remove the spotlight and the interest wanes.

Instead we’ve seen a steady drumbeat of coverage, almost a countdown to the Grand Jury findings and, as usual, a trial by media.

The facts don’t matter.  The findings of the Grand Jury have to be racist because the court of public opinion, sans few if any concrete facts, has already found the officer guilty.  Does anyone even pretend to believe that if that crowd last night had been able to find officer Wilson that he wouldn’t have later been found hanging from a lamp post?

This, as with the Trayvon Martin case, is a media event.   You only have to look at all the disparate groups who’ve camped out in Ferguson since the Brown killing to gather that.  The usual groups have gone through some incredible contortions to make Brown’s death relevant to their cause.   And, of course, with the media lights on, the usual suspects among the race baiters are there as well, preening and goading.

Are there grievances?  I’m sure there are.  But burning out your neighborhood isn’t the way to settle them.  I’m still trying to figure out what Panera Bread did to deserve to be torched other than be in the wrong location.  This is beyond “civil disobedience”.  This is criminal destruction.  And yet, when this is all said and done, the denizens of the neighborhood are going to demand these businesses build again.  I know what my answer would be – “you made a desert, now live in it”.

Anyway, the bottom line here is I don’t take reality shows seriously.  Nor should you.


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33 Responses to A few thoughts on Ferguson

  • This is beyond “civil disobedience”. This is criminal destruction.

    People don’t even understand the term “civil disobedience”. And, no, this is NOTHING LIKE true civil disobedience. I think the term your were intending is “civil unrest”, which is simply a euphemism for “lawlessness” by a group of people. Real civil disobedients DO break the law, but they do it openly, notoriously, and with the demand that the law deal with them according to its own terms. They don’t wear masks, and will require that the authorities arrest them.

    And yet, when this is all said and done, the denizens of the neighborhood are going to demand these businesses build again. I know what my answer would be – “you made a desert, now live in it”.

    But the majority of people doing the looting and burning are NOT from Ferguson, and a lot of the people who own and work in the destroyed businesses ARE.

    Lisa Fithian is from Austin, and I’d bet a lot of money she was the field marshal last night.

  • If I were Panera Bread or any other fast food chain, I would be examining my list of locations to see which ones are in similar areas so that they could be closed at first opportunity.

    But I would be doing it in pencil and paper, and keeping the results somewhere off-site. It’s important to keep it all under the radar to avoid any “disparate impact” notice from bureaucrats egged on by race baiting bigots.

  • I completely agree. The media should pull out of Ferguson after tonight. Don’t make this a story anymore and the looting and burning and rioting will stop. There is a great lack of common sense surrounding this thing, in so many different ways. Media bias is just fanning the flames. I wrote a little piece on in reaction to a CNN article.

    • If you think about it, the media is pretty scummy.

      They basically tell people “if you can put on a show, then we’ll air your grievances. But it has to a spectacular show that will get ratings.”

      So crazy killers know they have to kill 5+people or the media won’t air their grievances. Kill enough sorority girls, and we’ll listen to your youtube rants.

      Rioters know that they have to provide video highlights to get air time.

      Its very symbiotic.

      • It isn’t that purely self-serving. They are cherry picking which causes to let run wild and which ones to vilify (like Tea Party gatherings).

        The self-serving nature of this isn’t just ratings. They want make the racial issue a genuine issue or appear to be one thereby making it one. They somehow are trying to lend credibility to the general idea white cops (or whites) willy nilly execute black children. Also by encouraging violent protests, there are two possible outcomes. Excites the “Must do something crowd.” to address the nearly non-issue of modern day racism. The other thing they are doing is punishing Whites for interdicting Black crime with force. The Riot itself is punishment for the Police officers actions, but if the “protesters” had been harmed in any significant way the City would have been swarmed on (circumstances be damned), further ‘guilting’/punishing Whites for using force to stop Black Violence. They want you to feel it can’t be properly addressed with force.

        Ultimately they want Black Violence to be a real thing (or seen as a real thing) whether its crime or quasi-protesting rioting. And they want you to believe that the only solution is appeasement. Appeasement in terms of more money in programs and political power for Black Leadership and Democrats.

  • The media set this race riot up to be what it is from the get go.
    Broadcasting unsubstantiated stories, rumors, theorizing and ‘human interest’ to beat the band.

    The black community meanwhile would do itself well to STOP choosing to make hero’s out of young thugs.
    Unarmed Teenager Trayvon Martin was not a hero, Unarmed Teenager Michael Brown was not a hero.
    They should also be asking themselves why the outrage over blacks being shot and killed is limited to them being shot by some Whitever (White Hispanic…whitever), but the weekly slaughter in Chicagistan doesn’t merit even a murmur from the local or national community (at least that we hear about)…

    And that brings us back to the media manufacturing a race riot.

    • One of the “memorials” that were vandalized was an actual freaking memorial to a 16 year old thug that was shot WHILE HE WAS SHOOTING AT POLICE.

      This is the culture that creates Mike Brown. His step father is a gang member – Bloods.

  • As seen on Fox News “The Five”: 10 Questions Citizens of #Ferguson Should Ask Outside Agitators

    • Truth be told, if I were a reporter, I would only ask any of those questions in a controlled setting with a single person that I found among the protesters/rioters/looters and then took somewhere away from the crowd..

      No way would I go up to one at random and start asking such questions. Challenging their manufactured reality and their racist prejudices might very well lead to a snowballing violent response.

  • In the Denver Post today, one of our long-time civil-rights-activist dudes was doing the race-hustle shtick (ref the regrettable demise of Michael Brown), asserting that “that could have been my son; or my grandson; or any one of your children;” etc, etc.

    How come nobody has looked one of these race-baiting grievance-mongers straight in the eye and said point-blank “ONE SIMPLE THING, sir: if you teach your sons and grandsons NOT to beat up on other people –especially people who carry guns– then the chance that they will be killed in self-defense by their intended victims drops to nearly zero. No vicious assault means no lethal response means no dead black kid. That’s the goal, right??”

    When “the black community” starts teaching its youngsters to *NOT* behave like street thugs, said youngsters’ chances of meeting a thug’s end will be GREATLY reduced. [ So, WHY does this seem to be a difficult concept?? ]

    • One of several things that strikes me from Wilson’s account, which is supported by the physical evidence, is how many times Wilson gave Brown a chance NOT to die that day.

      Every time he stopped firing, every step he back-peddled, every order he gave for him to get down was pure mercy, IMNHO.

      I don’t think I would have stopped firing after I started, and I’d at least have been rooted. Maybe even advancing as I was firing.

      • Michael Brown, like Trayvon Martin before him, was a gangsta f*cktard who died of “terminal stupidity.”
        And yes, they were like President Obama (and could easily have been his son) because they had the same narcissistic streak.
        The world is a stage play with them as the main character.
        I don’t take my cues from where and when Barack, Michael or Trayvon decide to take a dump.

    • It’s rather telling that the people claiming white people are running around blowing away innocent black kids on a regular basis only have thugs like Trayvon Martin and Micheal Brown to wave around as examples of ‘victims’ of this alleged racist holocaust.

      • Whereas there seems to be a complete lack of protest on behalf of the targets of the Knockout game, whether they be crippled, dead or merely injured in the assault.
        And THAT “game” is played for entertainment and at random.,

        We are to think nothing of the double/triple/quadruple standard.

        But don’t think of defending yourself from the thugs, you murderous racists.

    • Chris Rock had it straight when he did his video, “How not to get your ass kicked by the cops.”

    • The FBI Uniform Crime report (Expanded Homicide Data Table 6) shows that 448 blacks murdered whites (including Hispanics) in 2011—the most recent year for which data is complete—while 193 whites (including Hispanics) murdered blacks. If there is a race war going on, blacks have a big lead in the body count.

  • “It is clear, I think, that acts of violence threaten to drown out those who have legitimate voices, legitimate demonstrators,” Holder told reporters. “Those acts of violence cannot and will not be condoned.”

    Oh, well, then… Damn, if Mr. Holder isn’t going to condone my stealing this wide-screen, I’m goin’ home rat now! BWAAAAAAHAHAHA.

    Of course, if I thought he was gonna PROSECUTE me for crossing state lines so I could loot and riot, I might have stayed home in the first place…

  • As one analyst said this evening … “if Wilson had been indicted, they would have said it proved that there still is racism in American”
    We all know what they’ve said since Wilson wasn’t indicted.

  • Everytime there’s something like this, the justified expectation is that certain populations won’t behave, and will go on a rampage.

    Then they wonder why some cops may have jumpy trigger fingers when dealing with them?

    Just sayin’ is all.

    • More the liberal bigotry of low expectations.

      But Shark, they’re all about the lies, the contradictions, and the ‘nudge nudge wink wink’ behavior.
      Clinton broadcast that the other night by implying that the staff waiting on them was probably composed of a significant number of illegals.

    • Some people justify rioters, some people justify police with itchy trigger fingers. a plague on both their houses.

  • Americans should not favor other Americans over foreigners, Obama demanded. “Sometimes we get attached to our particular tribe, our particular race, our particular religion, and then we start treating other folks differently… that, sometimes, has been a bottleneck to how we think about immigration,” he said in the face of many polls showing rising opposition to his immigration agenda.

    Did he just say that Al Sharpton is a bottleneck to immigration reform ?

  • Riot control done right;

    Environmentally correct, too.


    One of the things a street cop has to be aware of….he/she has a small arsenal on their service belt, and everything can be used against them if someone gets it.

  • Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has won the appeal of his indefinite suspension against the NFL and is eligible to return immediately, according to people familiar with the matter.

    Rice, who was indefinitely suspended in September after new evidence emerged in his domestic-violence case, can sign with a team immediately, though it isn’t clear if a team will do so with just a month left in the season. Rice was cut by the Ravens in September. The appeal was heard by Barbara Jones, a former U.S. District Court judge.

  • Professor Cornel West appeared on CNN International this afternoon to give his take on Ferguson, and said right at the outset, “Ferguson signifies the end of the age of Obama. It’s a very sad end. We began with tremendous hope and we end with great despair.”

  • This is perfect…

    A mob of mostly white, self-righteous Collectivists doing the “Hands Up…Don’t Shoot” dance ruined a Christmas Tree lighting last night, and reduced to tears a bunch of kids there to sing carols.

    In Collectivist bowling, that’s a strike!

    • Yeah, them pistol packin 10 year old might be a problem for the little dears.
      good that they have their hands up so everybody understands they’re peaceful and all.

      Eggs, rotten fruit – suitable for bombarding ‘peaceful’ protestors.

  • You may have been treated to the meme in the moonbattery that the grand jury process was fixed.

    Maybe these points will help…

    It’s actually pretty common for the “target” of a grand jury to be called to testify.

    Usually, they don’t even know they’ve been targeted, and they aren’t told necessarily. The prosecutor or the jurors can call a witness, and they are compelled to attend by subpoena.

    And the “target” of the inquiry is nakked as a jay-bird, legally, when they appear. There is only one protection, if you have the snap, and that’s the 5th. Otherwise, there are few things the jury can’t explore, and you have NO counsel.

    So Wilson answered questions from three (I think) professional prosecutors and every juror there who wanted to ask any question they thought relevant to the case…for four hours. Without counsel, without any rehabilitating questions (it’s ALLLLLL “cross”), and without any objections.

    Some “fix”…

  • “If you’re a wall-eyed idiot, RAISE BOTH HANDS…!!!”

    AND there are pictures of the response…