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Your Monday laugh

Desperate Mary Landrieu has an ad out saying:

“This is Congressman Cedric Richmond. Have you heard the crazy stuff Bill Cassidy, Bobby Jindal, and the Republicans are always saying about President Obama? They have shown our president so much disrespect. They said he wasn’t a U.S. citizen, they even sued him – and if Cassidy wins, they will impeach him.”

Uh, no.  He’s not going to be impeached.  With two years left, he really isn’t worth the effort even if he deserves it.  That would be “raaacist”.   And anyway, we all know who the VP is.  Why trade an incompetent narcissist for an incompetent clown?  Well the comic relief would be refreshing.

On second thought, maybe not a bad idea – Biden would then be able to run as the incumbent.

Hmmm ….


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11 Responses to Your Monday laugh

  • Pathetic. Mary isn’t just toast. She is about to get an “orange Afro” (see “Spies Like Us”)

  • hey have shown our president so much disrespect.

    Doesn’t this guy, Congressman Cedric Richmond, know that Obama and his staff thought we were stupid .. they ‘Gruberized’ us.
    I guess in his case, he wouldn’t.

  • I reckon the people of her state would show Baracky more than disrespect if given the chance

  • Do you remember when the stock market was at 7,000? Now it’s at 17,000, but they say the economy is horrible. Do you remember how bad the unemployment numbers were under the Republicans? Now, unemployment claims are lower then they have been in 14 years. The president needs you to have his back – now, more than ever. Show Bill Cassidy and Bobby Jindal that we don’t want to go backwards, and let them shut down government – where people don’t have affordable health care, and our country was in terrible shape.

    That’s more from that same commercial. That, rat thar, is some mighty tall lyin’.

    I guess anybody who believes any of that has admitted to being Gruber-bait.

    • Anybody citing the stock market as proof of planning genuinely thinks stampeding buffalo actually have a plan when they stampede.

      • And…as I’ve noted before…one expects BIG, COMPLIANT businesses to do very well in a fascist economy.

        PLUS, where else are you going to put money when banks are paying essentially zero interest, or in some cases NEGATIVE interest?

        • Especially the 2nd one. No where else. This reminds me I need to do a rebalance of my 401k cause the no-where else bubble will burst soon.

          • I diversified my portfolio a little last year on that premise…

            9mm, .308, .556

            Just need to get the exchange rates going to figure out how may rounds of what work out to a lb of flour/sugar/salt.

            And I keep my spare fiat $’s under the bed for hygienic use once the TP runs out.

    • And how about those Democrat clowns surrendering on the floor of the House yesterday.
      Naturally Shelia Jackson Lee was doing her clown impersonation to help out.