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How the Democrats lost their way

Or something.  That’s what Charlie Cook covers in National Journal.  Cook is a Democratic political expert of some repute and as honest as one can find in that genre.  I’ve read him a lot over the years and have found him to certainly lean to the left but also display a level of honesty that is unusual for his ilk.

So, anyway he goes into a 3 or 4 paragraph analysis as to why the Dems are weak, but it is essentially summed up in the subheading of the article:

They have subordinated their traditional focus on helping working-class Americans move up the economic ladder in favor of other priorities.

That’s why I think Obama’s unilateral immigration amnesty is all set to bite them in the posterior. If the GOP frames it correctly it is tailor made to emphasize the very point made above.  Down economy.  Jobs at a premium.  Working class Americans hurting.  And what do the Democrats do?  Applaud introducing 5 million illegal workers into an already tough labor market.

How does that serve “working-class America” from which most of those jobs are likely to go?  Or should have, anyway?  How do you make the case you’re still the party of working-class America when you do everything in your power to put others in front of them?

Like I said, handled properly this is a winner.  But then, we’re talking the GOP, so don’t hold your breath.


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13 Responses to How the Democrats lost their way

  • Thinking black Americans are also aware they’ve been sceeeeroood. This is going to effect “workers” of all stripes, because illegals are NOT just laborers. A LOT of them are skilled in the building trades, and still others are tech workers of no mean ability.

    If you are a black kid graduating from a refrigeration program, you are going to go up against a guy with years of experience, and a $3,000 bonus coupon pinned to his shirt from ObamaDoggle UNLESS the Congress kills this.

    THAT story needs to be clearly, forcefully told.

    • I don’t think you can tell that story forcefully enough. Ferguson pretty much proves it. The community will not listen or learn for the most part. Sure there will be isolated examples of people who get it, but not nearly enough.

      “Hands up, don’t shoot” – get the idea?

      • I’m not convinced that’s ANY “community”, beside the Collective. That’s like calling La Race the “Hispanic community”. They’re a tiny faction.

  • I’m less moved by the political opportunity than the outcome of the Democrats having a lock on the crown for decades at worst. At best the Democrats only get a couple decades reprieve of their suicidal philosophies removing them from the political scene. GOP making hay in 2016 is a battle the Democrats will lose to win the war.

  • “They have subordinated their traditional focus on helping working-class Americans move up the economic ladder in favor of other priorities…”
    Like getting re-elected, it trumps all. If that means violating every law and tenet of the Constitution to accomplish that goal, so be it.
    But fear not, massive voter fraud will ensure the will of the people won’t amount to a hill of beans.
    America is screwed, stick a fork in her, she’s done.

  • {giggle} Democrats lost their way? Hah! Just more wishful thinking from you dense righties. I’ve told you a thousand times. Your way of thinking is obsolete and you are being left behind. Obama is one of the greatest all time presidents. He’s brilliant and thinks like me, and is pragmatic and moderate, and not at all a hardcore leftist ideologue, stop saying that.

    You’re just jealous of his brilliance and competence. {chuckle} Just as you are jealous of my brilliance and skill at influencing the next generation to reject silly notions such as principles, honor, and the like in favor of being totally pragmatic and non-ideological. Like me. Because my brand of chin-pulling analysis, in which I hem and haw and see both sides before I come down firmly on the side of more government, is totes not ideological.

    And all my students agree with me on this. Not just because they want a good grade, stop saying that. And not just because they are basically community college grade students who barely made it through high school and are using state money to extend their adolescence. Don’t say that either. They’re smart and wonderful, especially the nubile females that make up most of the group I take to Italy every year. Which I don’t either secretly hope will suddenly develop a craving for some elderly guy’s affections. Even if there are about a zillion p0rn titles with that theme, so it’s definitely not impossible.

    Anyway, I have not had much to say since the election, which I totally got mostly right in my predictions, even though I said the Democrats would keep the Senate and that was off by a few seats. Well, four. Maybe five. And let’s not even talk about what I said about other races, even though all my predictions were based on solid analysis, and any that turned out wrong were due to totally random stuff that no one could have predicted. Even though some of you did – that was just luck. LOL.

    Meanwhile, I’m over at my blog talking about how Benghazi was a fake scandal, and the congressional report proves it, so don’t start about how it does no such thing and is being completely misrepresented by wise pragmatic foreign policy analysts like me. I have a book on foreign policy, you know, and it wasn’t either from a vanity press that suckers social science academics and only sold a few dozen copies, so stop saying that. I also wrote about how Obama has deftly put the Republicans right where he want’s them on navigation. Deft, yeah that’s the word, and this silly idea that he doesn’t have the authority to do what he did, and even said so himself a while back, is Republican propaganda. Have to break a few eggs, etc. And, of course, his visionary and wonderful climate deal with China is a major step forward and will be seen as one of his greatest accomplishments and will probably save the human race. Not that you sterile inbred climate deniers here would understand that. And for God’s sake, don’t drag out those charts and graphs again. You know they give me hives.

    So you guys just keep going on about how the Democrats are falling apart, and how Obama’s ratings are tanking over immigration and Obamacare, and I’ll just keep sucking on my Obamacok oral therapy device to keep my sense of reality. Obamagalumpabum. Ummmmm, that’s better. Begone, magenta caterpillars. {giggle}

  • “Obama’s unilateral immigration amnesty”

    Well, the Repubs are hinting they may not fight it, at least right now. I don’t have a particular problem with that since there’s no point with Reid in control of the Senate.

    They better have a new statement to make post swearing-in in January though
    or they can expect to go hang in 2016.

  • Alan P said, “…They better have a new statement to make post swearing-in in January though or they can expect to go hang in 2016.”

    I assume (with deep, deep regret) that you’re not saying that LITERALLY.

    Somebody famous once claimed that “knowing one is going to hang in the morning focuses the mind wondrously”. I certainly wish that We The People had some way to prod our Gutless Old Prevaricators into focusing on KEEPING THEIR PROMISES TO US, and DOING THE JOBS WE ELECTED THEM FOR — instead of muttering (again, still) that “This is not the hill to die on”.

    C’mon you duly-elected pussies: FIND THAT DAMN HILL. (Or, as Allan said, “Go hang”.)

    • Perhaps they can choose to believe that analysis done by their Democrat supporters in the media that the recent wave election was won because it was a midterm and no one really cared and it will be different if they take a stand on immigration contrary to the Liar in Chief.

      If they do nothing it merely proves the hypothesis they are there for self enrichment rather than helping to correct the reckless course we now take with open borders. It proves anything they said about Obama being beyond his pervue was merely bluster and not at all sincere. It proves they are willing to go along with what they perceive to be the majority, rather than setting their sights on becoming the majority. Settling for always being the bridesmaid if it gets them a spot at the reserved seats and first in line after the bride at the buffet table. Part of the important group that is the center of attention and more important than the mere guests.

      behind the bride at the buffetet table

    • Literally, I suppose not.
      And that’s not the answer anyway.
      It won’t stop the people from Ohio and Kentucky from electing self serving squishes.

      Now, repealing the 17th Amendment so the urban areas might no longer control the super representatives from each state in the Senate might be useful.

  • “They have subordinated their traditional focus on helping working-class Americans move up the economic ladder in favor of other priorities.”

    Yes indeedy. It’s all “middle class this” and “middle class that” now. As someone once said, “Follow the money”.