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In many cases, the media’s narrative has little to do with truth or facts

Lately, for whatever reason, I’ve been getting bombarded with pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli emails.  We’ve all realized over the years that the pro-Palestinian side has successfully built a narrative that has little bearing on the truth, but has a number of abettors.  Among them the media.  And it is a real problem when “news” ends up being slanted to one side or another because, well, because it fits a narrative the media prefers, because we remain poorly and incompletely informed.   Funny how when that’s the case, flaky “facts” go unexamined, while real facts are downplayed, ignored or dismissed if they don’t fit that narrative.

Of course we’ve also been told, by the usual players, that there is no media bias and that the story is “true”.    Of course, that’s using the post-modern definition of true.  However, now an AP correspondent very familiar with the area, the coverage and the narrative, lays it all out in a couple of articles:

Most consumers of the Israel story don’t understand how the story is manufactured. But Hamas does. Since assuming power in Gaza in 2007, the Islamic Resistance Movement has come to understand that many reporters are committed to a narrative wherein Israelis are oppressors and Palestinians passive victims with reasonable goals, and are uninterested in contradictory information. Recognizing this, certain Hamas spokesmen have taken to confiding to Western journalists, including some I know personally, that the group is in fact a secretly pragmatic outfit with bellicose rhetoric, and journalists—eager to believe the confession, and sometimes unwilling to credit locals with the smarts necessary to deceive them—have taken it as a scoop instead of as spin.

During my time at the AP, we helped Hamas get this point across with a school of reporting that might be classified as “Surprising Signs of Moderation” (a direct precursor to the “Muslim Brotherhood Is Actually Liberal” school that enjoyed a brief vogue in Egypt). In one of my favorite stories, “More Tolerant Hamas” (December 11, 2011), reporters quoted a Hamas spokesman informing readers that the movement’s policy was that “we are not going to dictate anything to anyone,” and another Hamas leader saying the movement had “learned it needs to be more tolerant of others.” Around the same time, I was informed by the bureau’s senior editors that our Palestinian reporter in Gaza couldn’t possibly provide critical coverage of Hamas because doing so would put him in danger.

There are a couple of things to take away from this.  One the uber-sophisticated press is being spun by those they tend to look-down upon.  Apparently there’s such a thing as being “willingly spun” and we’ve been getting a whole heaping helping of it for years. The irony, if it wasn’t so damaging, is delicious.  Two, this is how you get Ferguson’s.  This is the same recipe on a domestic level.  Facts, be damned, the narrative is what is important and so it is the narrative you get.

How does that serve the consumers of news?


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7 Responses to In many cases, the media’s narrative has little to do with truth or facts

  • Ferguson’s, LA’s, etc.and, as I have written several times in the past few weeks, the mist of the oppressed black.

  • This is why so many idiots believe “hands up don’t shoot”

    Also why it’s so crucially important to send a foreign affairs reporter(!) to dig into some stupid person’s college writings because they snarked about the first brats on facebook, while barely a peep on democrat child rapists, Gruber or digging into Losi Lerner emails.

  • It’s all about priorities, Mr. shark.

    Instapundit nailed it: they’re “Democrat operatives with by-lines”.

  • Pause to consider the idiots who think Jon Stewart gives them honest news rather than comedy, and/or think Stephen Colbert really is a conservative making an idiot of himself for their entertainment.

    We got us a whole buncha dumbasses runnin loose in this hyar country in a lot of allegedly high intellect states,
    and, sadly, they’re voting.

  • We can get a wee bit of solace as another lefty media outlet goes into Cheynes-Stokes.

    Vidra announced that the company was “re-imagining The New Republic as a vertically integrated digital media company.”

    Translation: We think we’re better off being another clickbait make-it-up-as-you-go web site, like Gawker.”

    I look forward to future “articles”, with titles such as “Six Facts About Ted Cruz that will Blow Your Mind” and “Republican Parent Discovers Common Core – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next”.

  • Facts, be damned, the narrative is what is important…

    And that is todays’ Democratic Party, overrun by the far left. It saddens me to note that many of my friends and family still buy into stories published by legacy media. For stories are all they are, promulgation of the approved radical left narrative.