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Like I said … the “stupid party”

They can always find a way to turn an advantage into a disadvantage.

The GOP’s draft 2015 “omnibus” spending bill reportedly includes $948 million to help poor and unskilled Central American migrants establish themselves in the United States, but includes no effective restrictions on President Barack Obama’s plan to provide work permits and tax payments to millions of resident illegal immigrants.

That new spending works out to $16,928 for each of the 56,000 youths, young adults and children who crossed the border during the 12 months up to October 2014.

Another apt adjective is “spineless”.

The GOP leadership has given merely lip service to supporting the opposition among GOP legislators and much of the public to Obama’s welcome for foreign migrants, and is now refusing to direct the Department of Homeland Security not to spend any funds on implementing the Obama amnesty.

Instead, the leadership, led by House Speaker John Boehner, drafted a bill imposing a 60-day spending limit for Obama’s immigration agencies.

The planned 60-day spending limit is largely symbolic, because the most important immigration agency can operate on fees paid by the illegals.

“Leadership is basically giving in to every facet of Obama’s amnesty. We’re giving up an astonishing amount of leverage on every issue imaginable,” said one Hill aide.

Useless, ineffective, spineless and stupid.  That’s no way to go through life, for most.  Wonder how the GOP faithful, who pretty forcefully made their desires known, feel about this group now?


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11 Responses to Like I said … the “stupid party”

  • As foretold in prophecy.


    Emperor Obama –
    ” Everything that has transpired has done so, according to my design.”


    US Chamber of Commerce thugs –
    “Money well spent boys, send Boehner a couple more bottles of whatever he likes to drink, and a couple more coupons for trips to the orange spraytan booth.”

    This must be that leverage that Squishner was talking about 5 days ago. Wow, impressive.

  • I’ve been saying it right along.

    then again, stupid, in this case assumes that the outcome we are seeing was not desire to buy these people. It always was desired by them. They don’t want to oppose Obama. That’s the secret.

    • If I ever cross paths with McCain, I plan to ask him who did he pull the lever for in 2008?

  • And the very best part is if the clique thinks this will win them points and get them favorable views from the MSM they’re as delusional and stupid as they think we are.

  • If the motto of the Black Congressional Caucus was “hands up” that day a week or so ago, then the Republican motto is going to be “pants down” for the foreseeable future.

  • Wonder how the GOP faithful, who pretty forcefully made their desires known, feel about this group now?

    I can’t speak for whoever you refer to there, but for myself and voters who think as I do, we feel like Milton Friedman suggested.

    It is up to US to push these people in the direction we expect them to go, understanding we don’t get to elect anything BUT politicians. Reform is pretty synonymous with “change”, and it’s human nature to resist change. I’d say especially in Washington, DC.

  • This is not inexplicable.

    The Chamber of Commerce runs the Republican Party, and they are all in for Amnesty – to keep their cheap labor and ensure a never ending supply of more illegal aliens.

    Conservative R’s make up only about a third of House R’s – they are the ones actually representing Americans, but they don’t control the agenda. In the Senate, Conservatives make up less than a fifth of the elected R’s.

    Until we get a majority of the majority, what you are seeing here will continue to be the normal operating procedure for Congressional R’s.

    • “The Chamber of Commerce runs the Republican Party, and they are all in for Amnesty – to keep their cheap labor and ensure a never ending supply of more illegal aliens.”

      Although I agree that is a major motive, ultimately the Democrats plan is to normalize the illegals so they can do what other legals can do. Including forming unions, demand workman’s comp, sue, whistle blow, become as expensive as legal workers. Just would love to see the face of a owner seeing his servile workforce unionize and when he goes to fight it have the news descend on him depicting him as the world’s biggest racist.

      Small consolation, though.

  • just shows that both parties are one and the same. im glad i didnt waste my time voting

  • Well, it appears that Boehner made a deal with Pelosi to include that laundry list of budget items and now that Pelosi is to deliver, she walked.

  • I think it odd that the White House had no problem allowing the modification of Dodd-Frank to allow what Liz Warren claims are the reason for the Great Recession .. or were derivatives the cause or merely a secondary domino ?

    Would anybody believe that Barack Obama would be willing to risk a second onset of the Great Recession ?

    We all know that federal GSE’s held or originated more than 50% of subprime loans at the onset of the Great Recession. The White House now seems to have removed any doubt to where the downturn originated.