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This and that

As you’ve probably surmised, I’m taking a bit of a break the last two weeks of the year.  Decompress, catch up on other things and generally relax.  That said, I was happy to see that Erb and the anti-Erb have managed to provide the best in entertainment for the QandO faithful.

Looks like the anti-police riots and ambushes are reaching their natural end.  That’s what happens when you overreach.  I’m not at all implying that some protest isn’t necessary or warranted.  But when it goes beyond that to murder, well, then you’re likely to lose any sympathetic audience you might of had prior to that.  And that’s pretty much what has happened.

I’m also finding if pretty interesting to watch de Blassio sink in his own man-made rhetorical swamp.  Great choice, NYC.  Now live with it.

Of course we’re having to live with the choice of enough of America’s voters that we’re into year 6 of the 8 year nightmare presidency.  And what do we have on the horizon?  More of the same.  A Bush/Clinton run?  If so, we’re worse off than I think.  No more of either family … please!

As for Elizabeth Warren?  Yeah, let’s again go for a junior Senator who has never run anything or done anything except claim minority status to get a good paying gig in academia that certainly didn’t tax her “work ethic”.  Let’s again let some smooth talking “populist” promise us the moon and deliver Ecuador.  And, yes, I’m talking to the press.

The GOP?  Name someone with a chance for a nomination and you’ll likely name someone I wouldn’t want anywhere near the Oval Office.

Then there is the GOP Congress.  It appears Obama is saying he will have a new use for his pen these last two year – the veto pen.  I say that’s good news.  Here’s a chance for the GOP and Congress to use an opportunity to drop the onus for being obstructionist on the President.  If they have the plums to do that.  By the way the “obstructionists” in the past wasn’t the GOP but Harry Reid who wouldn’t bring passed House legislation to a vote in the Senate (not that the press ever caught on) – that problem, theoretically, no longer exists).  Do I have any faith the Congressional GOP will inundate the President with legislation he will have to sign or veto?  No.  None.  Recent history gives me no warm and fuzzy about that – especially while McCain and Graham are still in the Senate.  Look for McCain and his lapdog Graham to again resurrect the “Maverick” brand and spend as much time as Reid screwing up any plans the Senatorial GOP might have to push legislation to Obama’s desk.

Oh …. guess what the NY Times has discovered?  There may not be enough doctors to cover any expanded insurance rolls … especially Medicaid.  Why?  Well for one thing, there are a finite number of doctors that can see a finite number of patients and having insurance hasn’t changed that fact one bit.  But, what is a determiner in who may or may not get to see a doctor is how much that doctor gets reimbursed for his/her work.  And Medicaid is cutting that amount by about 43%.  That means doctors will likely opt out of seeing Medicaid patients (or at least new ones).  In essence then, not much changes in the real world despite the utopian plans of our betters.  While more may have insurance, emergency rooms will be the “primary care” unit for most and “preventive care”, a supposed goal of this abomination we call ObamaCare, is still a fantasy without realization.  Funny how ignoring immutable facts (number of doctors and how humans respond to incentive or lack thereof) always ends up with predictable results.

Bah … enough.  I’m supposed to be taking a break.

See you next year.  In the meantime, happy New Year!





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24 Responses to This and that

  • “Nor would a wise man, seeing that he was in a hole, go to work and blindly dig it deeper…”

    Mayor Bill de Blasio is still digging.
    If you look at his comments, they really weren’t all that bad, but merely unfortunate. He has managed to take a unfortunate situation and make it bad. Then came the killing of the two policemen.

    • He gave Sharpton a seat at the table.

      So eff him. He gets what he deserves. The black community – with their constant hue and cry against stop-and-frisk (and now broken windows policing) will get what they deserve when the natural consequences of that action are felt. NYC voters will get what they deserve.

      Let the city burn. The kindling is already lit.

      • “The black community” supported STOP-TALK-FRISK, because they understood why it was being used.

        Now the “grievence/Collective” did not like it. But they don’t like anything that detracts from their efforts to foment violent revolution. Such as the truth.

        • All the old cretins in the world with their sad little sheets and venomous dreams could never have done the damage to American blacks (emphasis on the inner-city residents) that they’ve managed to self-inflict. Racist slugs like that think incredibly small and could never even wrap their minds around the gigantic effing that’s been (being) done.

    • He is still digging …

      While Mayor Bill de Blasio was personally coaxing the city’s police union presidents to meet with him, his top aides were on the phones with lawmakers urging them to blast PBA President Patrick Lynchand other officers for turning their backs on the mayor following the assassinations of two of New York’s Finest, DNAinfo New York has learned.

      As late as Monday afternoon — the same time de Blasio was speaking with police union leaders to set up Tuesday’s détente to possibly mend their fractured relationship — the mayor’s government affairs honchos were privately cold-calling the city’s Democratic delegation of city and state elected officials, asking them to publicly criticize Lynch and those officers who dissed the mayor.

  • “That means doctors will likely opt out of seeing Medicaid patients (or at least new ones). In essence then, not much changes in the real world despite the utopian plans of our betters. While more may have insurance, emergency rooms will be the “primary care” unit for most and “preventive care”, a supposed goal of this abomination we call ObamaCare, is still a fantasy without realization. Funny how ignoring immutable facts (number of doctors and how humans respond to incentive or lack thereof) always ends up with predictable results.”

    But man! Now we can get us some top quality Cuban doctors! No fear!
    Break out the RCA Victor!
    The shortage is about to end!

    • I have a friend who told me about “all the good work that Cuban doctors do around the world.”
      I told him that they go “around the world” in order to have enough medical supplies to allow them to practice medicine, something they can’t do in Cuba.

      • “all the good work that Cuban doctors do around the world.”
        Right, like, they sorta fix the maladjusted crap that socialism has littered around the globe, kinda, in a way, a little, maybe.

        But bastard Americans, we don’t do jack shirt around the world to help.
        Except start wars and stuff like that of course.
        We’re evil. We should be eradicated or something because deep down inside we’re a bad bad people.
        Yep, and that’s why all these immigrants keep sneaking into the place you see.
        Cuz it sucks here and we’re evil.

        Now we’re killin em almost as fast as they sneak in, but they just keep sneaking in!
        I guess if we started piling the bodies along the border instead of eating them, well, then maybe they’d stop because they’d have clear evidence of our monstrous ways.
        But our consumer culture just demands more and more meat.
        Yep, we’re evil, just no doubt about it.

    • Good. We will need more doctors who can speak Spanish to treat our newly legalized uninvited guests. They will probably even accept Medicaid patients since even they will pay more than they got in Cuba. We will have workers-who-do-jobs-Americans-won’t-do treated by doctors-who-treat-patients-American-doctors-won’t.

      Things are working out just fine under this, the best of all possible Presidents.

    • Heavy-handed tactics by the Castro government will give them ammunition next year, when Republicans will control both chambers of Congress, to stymie the Obama administration’s steps to ease the embargo …

      Odd that this NYTimes editorial would basically say that Democrats no long believe in freedom for others, most especially the Cuban people, that the Republicans are now their only hope to keep pressure on this “heavy-handed” Castro government.

  • Barrack “Gas-lights” Obama has declared that race relations are really quite good. Better than ever. Yep.

    But seriously…it’s important to keep anchored to reality. AND to remember his role in making the nation what it is today.

    • Imagine how much better race relations will be once Obama and his merry band of minions are out of office.

  • So here’s an idea:

    Why not provide healthcare services like public school catchment areas?

    It’s perfect! Exchange policies will only be honoured by medical facilities in your local health network. That way, bureaucrats can decide who works where, especially doctors.

    Most doctors vote liberal anyway, so who cares if they complain about their new employers?

    • I think you’re mistaken about doctors. Your confusing those that have been cherry picked to get the microphone and those that have used their public political views to get patronage appointments will all doctors.


    Wow. Looks like Erp and Trudeau are on the same plane, awareness-wise…

    Oh, and Happy New Year to you, McQ, and to all here!

    • How could it be other than happy under this, the best of all possible Presidents in this, the best of all possible worlds.

      And please try not to write so loud. The colors are nice, though.

    • What Trudeau needs is Bush 1 or 2 and Iraq 1 or 2, or Nixon and Vietnam!
      If only he had a President or a world situation that cried out for his special brand of political opinion.

      But sadly, what can you possibly do with satirical biting art when you’re stuck with the Greatest President in History leading the greatest administration evah in a world where peace has broken out everywhere coupled with the best possible American economy all of which stem from the brilliant policies of same said greatest President.

      • He’s still alive?? Holy sh-t that piece of trash cartoon has been so far off the radar I just assumed he died alone and his cats ate him after a few days.

        My dog still draws better than he does

      • Dooood, are you kidding…??? Why, he still has all those rapey, rich conservative white guys who rape. And are rich.

        An, an, and he’s got all those K-KKK-K white cops who murder unarmed black chil’ren who can’t breath and have their arms up.

        Why, Amerika will NEVER disappoint an artist like Trudeau, or leave him without stuff to hate on.

        • Sigh, when you can make up both truth, and the outraged art to discuss the made up truth there is no limit really is there.
          And it keeps the long since irrelevant allegedly relevant.
          This explains, for example, the New York Times or CNN or MSNBC.

          What was I thinking?

          Well, new year coming. The future is without limit.
          An infinity of opportunity available for miscreants in at least 2 branches of government, and more than likely 3, to continue to chip away at the foundations of the shining city on the hill.


    Thought everybody would find that interesting vis-a-vis “science” vs. science.

  • I should note that in California, we got ourselves out of a budget mess by cutting Medi-Cal reimbursement rates (our Medicaid.)

    I always bring this up with progressives: your party balanced the budget on the backs of the poor*, and didn’t cut any pensions of the 1%. (Yes, we have assistant fire chiefs retiring with $900,000 pensions…)

    I believe some ACA exchange plans also are based around the same reimbursement rates. (I don’t quite understand this, but I read this somewhere.) Which is why some people who were using free clinics, but then got ACA plans are back at the free clinics.

    *Its even worse than it looks. They cut reimbursements, which affects the poor, but by doing it this way, the pols didn’t tell the poor, and can get away with it.


    Well, THAT could go a long way to explain the NYT editorial tarring the NYPD and their union.

    What must it be like to call yourself “journalists” while going down on the mayor?