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OK, one more …

This one is simply stunning:

HarperCollins, one of the world’s largest publishing houses, sells English-language atlases to schools in the Middle East that omit Israel.

Collins Middle East Atlases show Jordan and Syria extending to the Mediterranean but do mark the position of the West Bank.

When confronted about this non-factual depiction of the region?

However, Collins Bartholomew, the subsidiary of HarperCollins that specialises in maps, said that including Israel would have been “unacceptable” to their customers in the Gulf and the amendment incorporated “local preferences”.

So, they sold out.  They published a lie for money and tried to cloak it in something called “local preference”, which apparently trumps the truth.

What does that say you should keep in mind when buying anything from HarperCollins or its subsidiaries?  That they will lie in a New York minute if they think it will enhance sales.  Hence, anything they publish that is supposedly fact based should be viewed as suspect at the very least.  Or you could simply avoid buying anything from them under the assumption that if they’re willing to incorporate “local preferences” into their “work”, that their work isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit.


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76 Responses to OK, one more …

  • And yet we are supposed to believe in “The Peace Process”, because those customers would like nothing better than to live side by side in peace with Israel, if only Israel would stop being so naughty.

  • Well, sheeet…

    In Texas, our “local preference” is to omit all those extraneous, “who-cares” states like…well, EVERYTHING north of Oklahoma, west of New Mexico, and east of deep, French-speaking East Texas (aka, Louisiana).

    • Which the employees of New York NY HaperCollins would claim is not a matter of local preference, but rather the result of our being ignant backwards, (probably Christian) Republican voting rednecks.

      though you happen to be accurate in your description of the various other lesser states in all respects 🙂

    • They’re still using a map of Pangaea

  • “That they will lie in a New York minute if they think it will enhance sales.”

    This is SOP for the Cathedral. See “Whig History.”

  • Stunning? You didn’t know they did this until now? I find THAT stunning. By the way, it’s not just Harper Collins. Anyone who sells maps there has to play that game. Must be a slow newsday for the Telegraph to make it seem like this is something new. It’s true in Saudi Arabia as well – the Saudis long ago “wiped Israel off the map.” That’s one reason why I’m glad Obama is willing to piss them off and not simply cave to them like past Presidents.

    • “That’s one reason why I’m glad Obama is willing to piss them off and not simply cave to them like past Presidents.”


      oh….. you’re serious.


      • This from the President who thanks the Muslims for their hard work building America’s railroads and factories.

        “Like so many other immigrants, generations of Muslims came to forge their future here. They became farmers and merchants, worked in mills and factories. They helped lay the railroads. They helped to build America. ”

        Yep out there on the plains, building the….uh….. ‘intercontinental’ railroad, building the factories of the….uh….wait….
        Settling the Dakota territories! Yeah, that’s it! Building that North Dakota Mosque on the frontier…in 1929?
        and that one in Cedar Rapids….in 1934.

        Well. Local preferences….

        Rounding up American vessels and holding them for ransom all across North Africa….oh…skip THAT part…..

        I mean, there they were, right next to Davy Crockett, Antonio Fuentes and the other defenders at the Allah-mo.
        Making the arduous journey all the way from the shores of Tripoli to storm the Halls of Montezuma!
        Fighting to free the grandchildren of slaves their slaver grandfathers rounded up and sold to slave traders in West Africa!
        Building the railroads, the factories, the very fabric of our Christian cultured America!

        Yes indeed – Obama does facts almost as well as HaperCollins does.

        ( My sincere apologies to all Marines and or Texans living or gone ahead to storm hell’s gate for the satirical sacrileges perpetrated above…)

        • Yep, you can hear the lilting song of the muezzin in every Western movie I see. Who can forget Frankie Lane’s classic rendition of the adhan in “High Noon”, “Do not forsake me oh Mohammed….”. And all those frontier mosques, with their minarets standing proudly above the prairie.

          • The word on the Hollywood street is there is a project for 2015.

            It’s the true-ish story of the 1st Illinois Mujaheddin, led by a brave young mixed-race colonel from the South Side of Chicago, and their valiant battle-field exploits in the Civil War.

            The working title is Gory …but the PR guys are a bit queasy about that…

          • I heard it was a PESTAR animated production about tribes of valiant free roaming cows led by a fearless bull named Moohamed against bands of evil white cowboys who are trying to round them up, end their pastoral roaming, and drive them to slaughter in Chicago to make corned beef for Zionist delis.

          • Do you think we will each get our own fatwa, or do we get a group one?

          • Group rates are cheaper aren’t they?

        • Wow, such bigoted Islamophobic statements! You guys show just WHAT you are, and it’s pretty ugly.

          • Really? Point out any comment that was “Islamophobic” and not a parody of Barrackula’s mad fantasy of the “Islam that built America”.

            Calling us names must make you swell with a totally unearned sense of self-righteousness, huh?

          • Why don’t you tell us how horrified you are and how you aren’t going to come here and put up with our bigotry ever again.

          • You forgot to call him a racist for contradicting the anointed one.

            I suppose if Obama spoke to a group of lesbian Hmong amputees, declaring how lesbian Hmong amputees built the US interstate highway system, mocking that false statement would amount to “homophobia”, racism, sexism, ableism, ….

            Facts don’t matter to you, as usual.

          • Why don’t you tell us how horrified you are and how you aren’t going to come here and put up with our bigotry ever again.

            He keeps making that promise, but then he keeps coming back.

            Maybe it’s time to cover a few stories on global warming, um, climate change, to get him apoplectic enough to go into another hilarious meltdown.

          • Yep. Personally I take a pragmatic approach to things. I dislike those who wish to kill or enslave me, whether it is religiously, politically, or racially based.

          • Rags, you forget. Only Christianity and Christians can be mocked or insulted. Or judged by the actions of a small obviously inbred family of “Christians” like the Westboro Baptist Church (39 members).

          • Ditto.
            In the process I REFUSE to subscribe to the bigoted theory that due to my skin color and geographical genetic origination point my forebears were always a bunch of vicious evil progeny of unwed parents who did far more evil in the world than good.

          • Say it loud, I’m white and I’m proud.

          • Grow up Erb. And go buy a sense of humor.

    • Stunning? You didn’t know they did this until now? I find THAT stunning.

      And don’t any of you start up with how McQ didn’t say he didn’t know until now. I’m sure he had never seen any of the umpteen maps that “wipe Israel off the map” because… well because that’s just the way sterile, inbred righties are.

      By the way, it’s not just Harper Collins. Anyone who sells maps there has to play that game. After all, they’re just letting the locals have their own truth, which is merely one of multiple truths. So don’t start up with how an educational company should be sticking to the so-called facts. As a wise postmodernist with a PhD from a place with “advanced” in its name, I understand multiple truths and have been using them for years. Plus, my recent work in quantum physics has helped me see how multiple worlds lead to multiple truths, so the concept is scientifically supported. I decree it.

      In fact, I’ve coined the term Shroedinger’s Truth, which is the multiple truth that adapts itself to whatever it needs to be to advance my preferred viewpoint at any point in time. Isn’t that brilliant? I’ve been using that concept all my life, and now I have a catchy name for it.

      It’s also part of what I’m writing up as my life’s work, and I’m not either writing it because I have a fantasy that it will catch fire and become a best seller and finally validate that I’ve done something important. Or at least cause some nubile females to notice me and show appreciation for my brilliance by letting me give them some private tutoring. Some very private tutoring. {giggle}

      Anyway, this map thing happens in Saudi Arabia as well – the Saudis long ago “wiped Israel off the map.” That’s their multiple truth. That’s one reason why I’m glad Obama is willing to piss them off and not simply cave to them like past Presidents. See, my multiple truth is that Obama is one of the all-time great presidents, and has been steadfast in standing up to the Saudis. And the fact that he bowed to them instead of shaking their hand like Bush was clearly symbolic, and definitely not a sign that he’s a milquetoast pantywaist who is easily intimidated, and I don’t why you bring it up. And no, I can’t point to or link to anything Obama has done to actually stand up to the Saudis, so stop asking. Isn’t it enough that he has a godlike visage and thinks like me?

      I feel sorry for you dense, materialistic, ideological righties around here. You must be so sad. Whereas I’m living the dream, in a quiet, bucolic backwoods town so small it doesn’t even have a Starbucks, teaching at a wonderful little college that’s the 97th best value for students wasting time before they start work at Target. And seeing their bright faces as you teach them all about the wonders and glories of multiple truths in politics.

      Which prepares them for a world in which vicious people try to bamboozle them with charts and graphs and facts and stuff. That stuff is anachronistic. We wise postmodernists realize that the only multiple truths that are valid are those that advance us towards glorious nonideological utopia.

      Which isn’t either just a facade over the collectivism that killed a hundred million people in the last century. It’s not, it’s not, it’s not! It’s wise and pragmatic and totally non-ideological. I decree it. It just means we all sit down together and arrive at the obvious solution to a problem, which is to have more wonderful government, led by godlike beings such as Obama. With some cosmetic concessions to make you dense righties think you had some input into the process.

      So you guys keep on getting steamed over good and necessary things like catering to the prejudices of medieval terrorists with maps that remove free democratic open societies. Just don’t start up with the Arab Spring, anti-tea-party stuff I used to go on about, OK? I was totally right about that, as you’ll see in a few years decades centuries. Just wait until that Schroedinger’s Truth comes back around.

      Yeah, you guys keep getting upset over such minor stuff. Why, I don’t even get upset over getting the fall elections totally wrong, predicting the Democrats would hold the Senate 52-48. Hey, I just accepted it, and didn’t spend more than thirty minutes constructing rationalizations for why my prediction completely made sense at the time. Plus, I had my Obamacok oral therapy device to help me calm down and ignore the giant magenta caterpillers spreading because of climate change.

      Which I think are mutating, probably because of the ozone layer or polar ice changes or something. That all still have Sarah Palin’s ample bosom, but a few of them now have Mia Love’s face.

    • I wish you a lousy new year. To the rest of Qando happy new year!

    • LOL. He may not cave to them but he sure bows to them. Which is, I think another First for Obama; the first (and only, I hope) American President to bow to a foreign dictator.

    • Wait wait wait… is this actually Prof Erb tacitly admitting that their is widespread discrimination against Israel by other Middle Eastern states??? Shirley he jests, or was his New Year resolution to begin to actually deal with a reality independent of his colleagues political views?

      • Uh, I think everyone knows that most of the Arab world does not recognize Israel, has fought wars against Israel, and oppose them. This reply says something about you. You have such an insanely caricatured view of what the “left” thinks, that you are completely out of touch with reality. You’re so caught up in the game of politics as jihad, you fantasize positions for others that they don’t hold. You’re lost in a world of delusion.

        • You have such an insanely caricatured view of what the “left” thinks, that you are completely out of touch with reality.

          Except we keep being shown to be right, and you keep making a complete idiot of yourself.

          How’s that super-tax working out in France, BTW? Super…???

        • Speaking of fantasy positions for others that they don’t hold, wanna talk about the foundations of Hamas and their desire to live in peace next to their Jewish neighbors?

          • I have a glimmering as to why academic fools such as Scott can’t come to terms with realities in the Middle East. Israel disproves their fantasy that everyone just sitting around and talking about their problems is the universal solution to conflict.

            So, for “good and necessary” reasons, Israel has to suffer as long as the savages in Palestine feel like attacking them. The Israelis are the powerful ones, so they must be the ones at fault. They are not willing to make the right concessions that would solve the problem.

            The idea that such concessions don’t exist never enters their mind. It would disprove their fantasy, so it can’t possibly be true.

          • Bingo. The UN as group therapy.

        • Oh, and by the way, I just LOVE the whole “oppose them” glittering generality smokescreen. Yes, they oppose them.
          Because you know, those Jews, they set out to conquer, again and again, all the surrounding territories, so I can understand why their neighbors would oppose them.

          But oh, wait, that isn’t how history worked is it….so….what EXACTLY do they oppose Scott?
          Perhaps the existence of Israel? Perhaps their different religion?

          Help us out here! Expound on this topic and tell us what things the Jews can do to make their neighbors happy in the region of Palestine, or anywhere else in their traditional ancient home within some tens of miles of the city of Jerusalem. What thing can they do that will make their close neighbors happy?

          • “oppose them” must be a new lefty euphemism for “Will do our best to eradicate all traces of Israel”, aka the Final Solution..

          • The peace loving people just want them to move further west, you know, 100 miles or so would be enough I’m sure.

          • Of course. An area smaller than the Sudetenland (Israel~8500 sq. miles/Sudetenland~10900 sq.miles) is surely a just and reasonable price for peace in the Middle East for our time.

    • Setting aside the usual Obama cheerleading, I find your ho-hum-business-as-usual assertion dubious: can you provide a citation for any (otherwise) reputable American/European publisher intentionally omitting Israel from its maps? Rand McNally? National Geographic? I’m willing to be proved wrong, but I doubt it.

      Googling “maps without Israel” provides plenty of examples, but they all seem to be either (a) anti-“Zionist” propaganda by the Palestinian Authority or its sycophants, or (b) swiftly-corrected mistakes.

    • You have to wonder if the US made a deal with the Saudis to keep the oil prices low to have leverage over Iran (and to burn Russia, etc.)

      If so, I applaud Obama – making Iran squirm and Russia hurt for money to slow down their rearmament and make Ukraine more painful is a good idea.

      If it actually went down that way, which I doubt, since Obama is ramping up regulations on US production. (or was that the quid pro quo? maybe not such a good deal.)

      However, the true “reveal” will be the deal Obama gives Iran.

      Seeing the recent diplomatic “victories” with China (emissions) and Cuba (opening) where we apparently are willing to give away the kitchen sink in return for 2 weeks of positive domestic media coverage, I am not full of confidence with Iran. I bet we end up leaving them bomb capable in 6 months or less, and we give them everything.

      • It’s about time we open to Iran. I certainly hope Obama does that, it’ll go a long way to building a stable long term policy in the Mideast. There is no reason to fear Iran. Foreign policy based on fear has always led in bad directions. And I bet Obama’s methods with Iran will prove a lot more effective than Reagan’s efforts to make up with Iran!

        • I think you need to plan your next junket with your nubile victims…er, students…for Iran, Erp. Put your balls on the line. Show us how we have nothing to fear.

          • Really. Time to educate those students on Islamic culture and history which, as we all know, is the foundation of Western and particularly US cullture. This will also remove the scales from the students’ eyes, allowing them to see the world as it actually is, uninfluenced by the biases and ignorant prejudices they have been heretofore subject to under the malignantly Capitalist (as documented in the cinematic masterpiece Syriana) US.

        • “There is no reason to fear Iran.”

          Unless you are gay, female, Christian, Jewish, Sunni, Baha’i, ….

          I can’t decide whether you are trolling or exceptionally delusional today.

          • He’s now adopted the Obama plan –
            no plan really.
            You just wave your thumb around until you manage to stick it in someone’s eye and then gloat over their reaction.

          • The stupid, gratuitous swipe at Reagan is the trolling tick. Erp is so easy…!!!

          • You Islamaphobe meanie! How dare you accuse Muslims of being anything but the most tolerant of homosexuals, the most enlightened gender-equal, and open to all religions, as well as atheists! Hateful bigot!


            I can’t decide whether you are trolling or exceptionally delusional today.

            Does it matter? He’s only here to distract and gum up the works, preventing people here from having productive discussions.

          • “preventing people here from having productive discussions”

            Screw productive discussions, which are overrated anyway. If I can’t have a little fun I would just as soon read a book.

  • Where, professor stunning, did he say he didn’t KNOW this was happening?

    It’s not a bleedin article about McQ NOT knowing, it’s a bleedin article about an international publisher of maps offering a truly world class stupid excuse for caving in to a bunch of backwards fanatics to make a buck.

    As to Obama and the House of Saud and pissing them off – yes indeed, because we know that there’s a whole lot of huggin and loving going on between the House of Obama and Israel for the last 6 years huh snowflake?

    • Perhaps he’s confusing “pissing off” the House of Saud with “scaring them shitless” by sucking Iranian dick?

      In THAT context, Barracula has managed to get the Saudis and Israelis to work cooperatively, which is a sort of perverse something….

  • Erb has a point. This is not new.

    If you have ever shipped products to the Arab world, there will be a little paperwork you need to sign stating that the ship won’t have stopped at Israel.

    If you ship products to Cyprus, they demand that the ship never stops in Turkey or occupied Cyprus.

    The Cypriot example is a good one. As a businessman do I really care about Turkish and Greeks arguing over Cyprus? no. I just want to sell them Easter decals.

    I’m sure there are other countries with rules like this. I bet South Korea demands the Sea of Japan be labeled the East Sea for example.

    (You just know the legislature there passed a law about that and claimed victory.)

    • No one is pretending it is new. The point is they sold their integrity as a publisher to peddle a few maps.

      • I don’t know, might be a good thing for experimentation purposes.

        You stunned him, and as far as I can tell it made no difference in his mental capacity. 🙂

  • I decided to investigate to see if other countries have pressured US publishers on map name conventions. I was pretty amazed at this:

    Gov. Terry McAuliffe has signed into law a bill requiring Virginia textbooks to note that the waters between Japan and the Korean Peninsula, commonly known as the Sea of Japan, are also referred to as the East Sea, the Washington Post reported in its online edition Thursday.

    So, yes, apparently our own states are passing mandates on what can appear on maps. So much for freedom of the press! We don’t even need a repressive Middle Eastern country to achieve this, just disgruntled ethnic voters.

    Now, how about Google Maps. Because, in fact, that seems more important than paper maps!

    1) Google maps has been forced to curtail some aspects of google maps in S. Korea.
    2) LA residents managed to get the Hollywood Sign to be hidden a bit by Google Maps – sort of misdirecting tourists.

    So, again, even within our own country, maps get fiddled with.

    I am sure there are more examples of various countries demanding this or that on maps…just go to any frozen conflict country and I bet they have laws on the books about this.

    • But there’s a difference between naming a place and making the boundaries of the place vanish completely.

      The Falklands vs. Malvinas for example,
      Mumbai vs Bombay
      or for a good portion of my life – Taiwan/China vs Mainland (Red, Communist) China vs Formosa.

      You knows that one don’t you? 🙂


    A much closer-to-home exercise in “cartography down the memory-hole” in service of rich LA hipsters who really find the smelly masses a downer.

    • Keeping us away from them, and themselves away from us makes it so much easier to understand us, our needs, our wants, and how we should live our lives, don’t you think?

      • There’s this theme that has been nagging at me for a couple of years…

        If it isn’t reported, it didn’t happen. It sort of started with the idea there were NO Muslims who were resisting the pirates in Islam. But I knew there were. Enough? With enough vigor? Who knew that, since it was not being dealt with in the open.

        But that’s just an example. As the root post by McQ shows, the whole 1984 construct of controlling information can completely blot out reality for a whole population of people. To whole peoples, there is no reality of Israel. It’s only a word, and a taboo word, at that.

        • We’re getting that here now – remember ebola? yeah, me neither

          And how many people are being monitored now? Last I heard it was on the order of 1400 potentials, but we ain’t hearing that are we.

          but shhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  • sounds like a good business decision. a private business has no responsibility to conform to israeli when selling products to the middle east.

    whats wrong dont you like the free market?

    • Nobody suggested censoring the publishers of the lying distortions of reality, did they?

      They’re free to publish any form of lying bullshit their consumers seem to demand.

      And we’re free to denounce them. What’s wrong, don’t you like free speech?

      • “What’s wrong, don’t you like free speech?”
        Sweet, even the Romanian judges awarded you 10 points for that one man.

  • When Erb comes around it’s like Christmas in a pathology lab and Santa has brought a fresh batch of slides from the CDC division of neuropsychiatry.

    • A few months back, I asked why such an esteemed expert spends his time debating knuckle-draggers, why he isn’t engaging with wise leftist types in more enlightened forums. After I posted a handful of such comments, I didn’t see him for several weeks.

      Could that be the proverbial garlic to ward him away? It’s worth investigating.

      To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead….
       —Thomas Paine, The American Crisis (No. V)

      • I note that his own last blog post is a notice of reduced output due to working on a book that’ll be ready in a couple of years. No doubt this here is what he considers “research”.

  • He’s an entrance exam for aspiring comedy writers-if you can’t write jokes with him as an inspiration you can’t write jokes.

    • I expect Ott Scerb to drop us a line anytime saying he has been called up to the bigs.