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Here’s a point to ponder

What’s old is new again.

What you need to focus on is the way the feminists would have you take any rape allegation made, without exception.  That in the wake of any number of examples of false (Duke LaCross) and exaggerated stories (Dunham/UVa, etc.) and the propensity of certain institutions to ignore due process while having no qualms at all about forever branding the alleged perpetrator as a rapist for life.  Facts are not necessary, just an accusation in many cases.  No appeal.  No place the accused can present evidence or demand evidence be presented (I’m talking particularly here about universities and the so-called rape epidemic that feminists are trying to allege is happening).  If you’re accused, you’re condemned.  the accuser’s narrative is inviolate  (until it comes apart).

Guess who else used those sorts of tactics?

Automatic belief of rape accusations was a central principle of the KKK’s war on rape, too. This was one of the things that most shocked Ida B Wells, the early twentieth-century African-American journalist and civil-rights activist. ‘The word of the accuser is held to be true’, she said, which means that ‘the rule of law [is] reversed, and instead of proving the accused to be guilty, the [accused] must prove himself innocent’. Wells and others were startled by the level of belief in the accusers of black men, and by the damning of anyone who dared to question such accusations, which was taken as an attack on the accuser’s ‘virtue’. The great nineteenth-century African-American reformer Frederick Douglass was disturbedby the mob’s instant acceptance of accusations of rape against black men, where ‘the charge once fairly stated, no matter by whom or in what manner, whether well or ill-founded’, was automatically believed. Wells said she was praying that ‘the time may speedily come when no human being shall be condemned without due process of law’.

The author of this article goes on to say that at least no lynching is going on today. I disagree.  There are all sorts of “lynchings” going on, they just don’t result in the death of the accused.  But it certainly results in his reputation being lynched.

I can hear the feminists now – “how dare you compare us to the KKK”!?

I’m not.  I’m comparing your tactics to those of the KKK.  You can draw your own conclusions from there.



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12 Responses to Here’s a point to ponder

  • Take a bunch of old Hitler speeches and transpose the word “Jew” with the word “rich” and you have, virtually word-for-word, most any Democrat/leftist speech on most topics, for the past 70 years.

    Forget Saul Alinsky, go to the master baiter.

  • Something on the order of 40%+ of all rape or sexual assault allegations are false, according to research in both the military and civilian sectors.

    That was BEFORE being a “victim” (and I’m looking at YOU Lena Dunham) became a vogue for hipster chickies wanting to polish their “creds”.

    But this goes hand and glove (can I say that…???) with rad-fem craziness. “All PIV sex is rape, OK?”

    • “(can I say that…???)”

      No, you may not. You may, however, say “hand IN glove”.

    • Thank God for science…uh,
      or something, what with that whole Virgin Mary Rapey thing some….um….non male… individual… wrote about at Christmas this year

      Our one almost useful purpose, about to be completely eliminated, phew, finally!
      Now we can go back to sitting on a log next to a fire out in the back woods – perhaps to keep us out of their tidy cities and civilizations they will agree to provide us with beer.
      Then they can get on with creating the cool Amazon culture of Wonder Women, without the heretofore necessary men part of course.

  • ““how dare you compare us to the KKK”!?

    I’m not. ”

    Why not? I do. They both are biased and prejudiced against a class of people, believing them to be morally inferior to themselves among other things. Both groups have “moderate” and lunatic factions.

    The main difference I see is that while the KKK will openly perform acts of violence and nastiness the feminists mostly prefer to hide behind a facade of legality, getting the government and reputable institutions to do its dirty work for them.

  • If you go down the rabbit hole of identity politics and collectivism, this is what you get.

    You get anti-white protests now in NYC.

    And you get collective punishment…which requires blanket guilt.

  • This is the power that racism accusations have. The first part of the programme is to make accusations of rape equivalent to accusations of racial motivated violence. Also to make accusations of misogyny the same power as the accusation of racism.

    Fear of being accused of racism helped keep the GOP congress cowed and silence grassroots resistence to big government under Obama. The media uses it regularly to invalidate opponent to Obama/Democrats and generate white guilt induced votes and popular support for Democrat causes. The programme is to recreate the situation for the next Democrat presidential candidate which will be a woman but replace race with gender, rascism with misogyny, racially motivated ‘executions’ with rape.

    This just doesn’t work on that national media level, most people would run for cover if sticking up for their principles at the water cooler or the little league pizza end of season party meant risking an accusation of racism. It scales well.