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Meanwhile in Congress

The new Senate is only a few days old and they’re at it already.  Of course, roles have been reversed:

Democrats launched the first filibuster of the new Congress on Thursday, objecting to the GOP’s effort to try to bring the Keystone XL pipeline bill to the floor early next week.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to schedule action early next week on the bill, and promised an open process, including allowing both sides to offer amendments to the bill — an attempt to break with the previous few years, when Democrats controlled the floor and kept a tight lid on amendments.

Now that was mostly the status quo of the last Senate with two exceptions.

-Democrats are in the minority and determined to obstruct the Repblican majority

-Democrats are filibustering just to filibuster.  Republicans filibustered because former Senate Majority Leader Reid refused to allow any amendments to bills he brought to the senate floor.  McConnell has said the GOP will welcome amendments, a process which allows open and bi-partisan participation.

Yet that’s not good enough for Democrats – which sort of foretells what this session of the Senatorial side of Congress will likely look like from here on.   It seems less likely that this is all about Keystone, since the pipeline has bi-partisan support.  Instead, this is just petty and spiteful Democrats refusing any sort of appeasement/olive branch from the GOP.

Which should tell the GOP something, if they’re smart enough to pay attention.


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6 Responses to Meanwhile in Congress

  • better that nothing gets done. i welcome any and all government gridlock

  • The Repubs already gave away the store — for this year, at least.

    Any Democrat yapping and sniping is just . . . Democrat yapping and sniping.

  • Which should tell the GOP something, if they’re smart enough to pay attention.

    Let me guess. Is it that the Democrats don’t know how to do anything useful when their brain, Harry Reid, is injured ?
    Both Reid and the other Boxer (D-CA) seem to be down and out.

    • … or does this prove George “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between em” Wallace was right ?

    • If that was a visible Non-Democrat everyone would be seeing jokes about it solidly for a month. Right now I would guess 10% know.

  • Personally I don’t think there are Republicans, they are a placebo. A bunch of closet Democrats that are slightly more business friendly run the party and gladly do nothing to under Democrat ‘Achievements and Progress’. They let themselves be the villains to drag down the idea of opposition to Democrats in general. It getting near time to call fraud on the majority of them and start a new party. The last option before civil war.