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Clint Eastwood nailed it when he portrayed Obama as an empty chair

I’ve said for 6+ years that the man in the White House was not a leader.  He’s never been a leader.  And this weekend he again demonstrated to the world that leadership is not something of which he has even an inkling of understanding.  This weekend, at a gathering of 3 million in the French capital, 40 leaders of various countries stood with those people and symbolically said “no” to terrorism, intimidation and murder and “yes” to free speech.  They demonstrated leadership.   They demonstrated political courage.  They did what leaders do.

And where was our President?  Or Vice President?  At home with nothing on their schedules … that’s where.  Showing up in Europe and doing what leadership demands was apparently something they couldn’t figure out.

Leadership takes, no, requires courage.  This weekend we saw a display of diplomatic and political cowardice (and I don’t buy the “threat was too great” – apparently it was acceptable to the Israeli PM).

Oh, we’ll see them scramble now to try to turn this around and to their advantage, but it is clear to those of us who’ve actually been leaders that we lack one in the White House.  It’s a pitiful but representative example of why this man should never have been elected to the Illinois Senate much less to the presidency of the United States.

He voted “present” as a state senator and this weekend he voted “present” as the President of the United States.



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30 Responses to Clint Eastwood nailed it when he portrayed Obama as an empty chair

  • Oh, well, see the US President has secret service! (who have the security of a Dunkin Donuts at the White House according to Dave Barry) and…..

    because every one of those other leaders has NO security you know.
    Only the leader of the United States has a security detail.

    More excuses from the department of excuse making.

    NOW, if someone could have arranged for a Democratic fund raiser in Paris and a round of golf at Fountainebleau I bet he could have made it to Paris for a few minutes to express his support for a UN sanction on further work place violence.

    • For those who missed the Dave Barry reference –

      “An intruder jumped the White House fence and, inexplicably, managed to run into the White House through the unlocked front door. Most of us had assumed that anybody attempting this would instantly be converted to a bullet-ridden pile of smoking carbon by snipers, lasers, drones, ninjas, etc., but it turned out that, for some mysterious reason, the White House had effectively the same level of anti-penetration security as a Dunkin’ Donuts.”

    • Secret Service said they were never asked about a possible trip to Paris

  • What I’m reading is that the President didn’t hear about the march until the news this morning, because 2 low level interns in the White House lost the briefing papers on a computer hard drive they were making back ups of last night,
    and Joe Biden said he didn’t understand why people in Europe were so upset over a shooting at a hamburger stand in Paris Texas
    Eric Holder is aware of what happened and wants to prosecute the dead work place violence guys for hate crimes against Islam
    and John Kerry was busy on an important wind surfing trip.

    • because 2 low level interns in the White House lost the briefing papers on a computer hard drive they were making back ups of last night

      That’ll be the same drive that had the CentCom social media passwords then?

    • Blame this on the Office of Stuff the POTUS Learns From the Media

  • I’ve been saying for over six years, since before the election, that Pres. ScamWOW was a lying SOS. A moral coward, and a deeply sick personality.

    Now all the world knows.

  • Actually he didn’t vote “Present”, he voted “Present by proxy”. But then, what should we have suspected from the man who bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia.

  • Actually, I’m glad that he didn’t go.

    Because it would have just been more empty posturing. This way, the truth is revealed. We all know that he’s not serious about fighting terrorism. He barely responds to ISIS. He releases terrorists from Gitmo. He arms “moderates” in Syria, KNOWING that those arms will make to ISIS. He supported the Muslim Brotherhood. He kowtows to Saudi Arabia.

    I’d be happy if he stayed on the golf course PERMANENTLY.

  • White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters Monday the Terrorism Summit next month will focus on “all types of extremism” not just Islamic extremism.

    • Well if you have had anything to do with Extreme Programming funadmentalists you’ll know that they are a threat to civilization as we know it.

    • No doubt we’ll focus on the dangers posed by people who align themselves with the Tea Party and want to return to a limited and Constitutional government.

      • Exactly what I was thinking !

        The Left, and ESPECIALLY this Mal-Administration, have been pushing the meme that “Right-Wing Extremists (*) are the biggest threat to Our Nation” since ODimbulb first stumbled his way through the Oath of Office.

        (*) the designation of “potential terrorists” includes but is NOT limited to: members of our military services, devout Christians, 2nd Amendment supporters, conservatives, Republicans (except the “reasonable, willing to compromise” Beltway boobs who’ve already been bought off). Also, citizens who oppose open borders, or amnesty for illegal aliens, or the massive “legal” importation of Third-Worlders who refuse to assimilate. Or people who WANT to live under “Rule-of-Law applied equally to all” and who demand that government adhere to the strictures of our Constitution. Toss in anyone who believes Western Civilization is good; or that capitalism is the best economic arrangement we’ve come up with so far; or that the famous “God-given rights” the Founders described imply an equally-important set of obligations and duties incumbent upon those who live here ( such as personal responsibility, tolerance, cooperation, etc.) The list of those the Progressives fear is HUGE, and expands daily depending on whoever they fear might start pushing back against their unconstitutional usurpation of power.

    • I do hope they do something about the Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith. They have been terrorizing folks for years. And the Minutemen. You remember them, right? The nasty folks who were going to take over the country right after the Oklahoma City bombing, which I am sure they had something to do with. All 243 of them, nationwide ( counting FBI infiltrators).


    Marie Harf makes me wanna barf, but she IS the very model of an Obamic spokes-hole.

    Completely without sense or morality.

    • It’s a variety so numerous that she can’t possibly name them all, or in fact, any of them besides Islam. Because “shut up!” she explained. But, I guess it’s enough to fool the emotionally and intellectually stunted Left, and that’s all that matters.

    • Perfectly true you see. There are a variety of causes for killing people.

      People who want to kill you in the name of Islam for drawing pictures of the prophet.
      People who want to kill you in the name of Islam because you’re American.
      People who want to kill you in the name of Islam…
      because you’re a Jew.
      because you’re an American jew (2 bonus virgins on entry to paradise)
      because you insulted the religion
      because you married outside the faith
      because you renounced the faith
      because you wrote a book
      because you made a movie
      because you went to a marathon or other public event they decided to bomb or shoot up
      because you stayed in the wrong hotel in Mumbai
      because you worked in the same place an unhappy “radical” worked
      because you worked in the same place someone a “radical” was unhappy with

      The list goes on, nearly any reason will do, “Islam” seems pretty easy to offend and there is only one solution for dealing with offenders.

      Variety of reasons.

      • I forgot one that really cheesed me – because you were standing on the roadside in your uniform on the day they decided to go head hunting in the name of Islam.

    • What do have to do to get some respect around here? Kill people, it seems.

  • Stand by your Prophet
    Wow, right here in Garland.

    “The Muslim groups hosting the Stand with the Prophet event blame the media for fomenting the wrong ideas about Muslims. The site promoting the forum includes a Pew survey finding that the media is the largest influence on the public’s opinion about Muslims.”

    Those rascally media types. If they hadn’t made such a big production out of 17 dead from the Charlie Hebdo and giving people the idea that it was wrong we could all get along.
    So misunderstood.

    • And they chose TEXAS to hold this Musli-MANIA event…!!!

      Why, it’s like the WANTED the chance to stage this in a provocative place and get in the face of people with “high feelings” about Islamists. It COULD go badly…

      • Bound to be a fair number of Muslims here in the metroplex, considering a population count of almost seven million.

  • Obama should, has to be judged by the normative standards of American society. He doesn’t meet the test, but the percentage of the population that doesn’t understand those standards put him where he is, twice.

    He cannot, however, be grasped with those normative terms. He stands very far outside of them.

  • I for one am shocked … shocked! at the Silence of the Professors on this matter.

    • Hannibal Erb?

      • He knew that a middle-aged man can be so desperate for wisdom he may try to make some up, and how deadly that can be to a youngster who believes him.


  • I’m unclear on how this even rose to the level of voting “present”, seeing as nobody was in fact even “present”.