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This and that

There’s a lot to talk about as we begin this week.

First and foremost, I wanted to note that Word Press found something I wrote in my EPA post to be unpublishable.  Try it with the first sentence, nothing.  Take out the first sentence and it published.  But that was discovered after a long session of trying to figure out if it was a computer problems, internet problem … etc.  Here’s hoping this publishes.

Saw an article that said Hillary was looking for a slogan for her run for the presidency.  I have a great one: “No more Clintons”.  I’d apply the same slogan to the Bush campaign: “No more Bushes”.    And Romney … etc.  I’m becoming convinced we could leave the office vacant and probably do better.  Especially when you consider those who want the job.

If you’re wondering what I thought of the John Kerry/James Taylor attempt at diplomacy last week, I thought is was pathetic and embarrassing.  It was like the diplomatic equivalent of the ObamaCare website rollout.

I am thoroughly enjoying the left’s melt-down over the success of Clint Eastwood’s film “American Sniper”.  Here’s a typical bit:

But Academy members seem to be paying attention to the criticism that Eastwood and star/producer Bradley Cooper shouldn’t be celebrating a man who wrote that killing hundreds of Iraqis was “fun.”

“He seems like he may be a sociopath,” one Academy member told TheWrap, adding he had not yet seen the film but had read the article, which is being passed around.

“He seems to be a sociopath, uh, but I haven’t seen the film yet …I did read an article however”.

And that made it into the critique of the film because it used a word that apparently found favor with the author – “sociopath”.  Because this academy member knows all about sniper operations and how they’re used in warfare and somehow soundly concludes that the guy must be a sociopath.  Gee, I wonder what he thinks about, oh, I don’t know, regular infantry guys in the Army and Marine Corps?  Would it be too much of a stretch to think he might hold the same thoughts about them?

And the Yahoo who ate Detroit, Michael Moore, felt it necessary to “weigh” in:

Michael Moore, an Oscar voter and former Academy governor from the Documentary Branch, tweeted an anti-sniper comment on Sunday — “My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards … Snipers aren’t heroes … ” — but said it wasn’t about “American Sniper.”

Of course its not about “American Sniper” … just a gratuitous out-of-the-blue cowardly shot.  What pisses Moore and the other off is you people out in flyover land are making “American Sniper” a box-office success.

And by the way, Michael … why are all the Oscar nominees white?

Yeah, that’s right … that’s the latest Hollywood scandal to rock Tinsel-town these days.  Apparently it’s not the perfection of your craft that’s important but the mix of skin color.  I wonder if anyone would have said anything if there were no whites nominated?  My guess is, “no”.

Finally to Jane Fonda – sorry what you did wasn’t a “huge, huge mistake” anymore than what John Kerry did was a mistake.  It was a carefully thought out and pursued strategy that has made you wildly unpopular and despised by a very respected community – veterans.  So trying to rewrite history isn’t going to work:

“It hurts me and it will to my grave that I made a huge, huge mistake that made a lot of people think I was against the soldiers. … This famous person goes and does something that looks like I’m against the troops, which wasn’t true, but it looked that way, and I’m a convenient target. So I understand.”

No, you don’t understand … you apparently don’t understand at all.  You were against the troops and made it known by your actions.  But like much of the left, after a despicable and reprehensible act you think all you have to do is give some sort of apology and all is right with the world.  Uh, no.

Happy Monday.


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32 Responses to This and that

  • I went back through the list of Best Picture movies and was surprised how many were about violence and killing.
    Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, The Silence of the Lambs, The Godfather I&II, Ben-Hur, Lawrence of Arabia, The Deer Hunter, the Hurtlocker and Platoon.
    So the dislike isn’t entirely about the violence and/or killing.

    • The dislike is that it presents our troops in a good light.

      • I think the problem is that the subject of the film presents our enemy in a bad light. They don’t necessarily have a problem with presenting troops in a good light, so long as the other guys are also presented in that manner.

  • Jabba the Bungalow must REALLY hate artillery, tankers, and pilots. We don’t care which-a-way the enemy is facing. We just care where they are when the ordinance hits.

    Collectivist don’t “support the troops”. They make clear how they feel all the time. Fonda and Moore are just icons of this loathing. And the idiots who throw around terms like “sociopath” and “psychopath” have voted for both, but would not know either if they bit off their nose.

    I’ve read the book by Kyle, but have not seen the movie. I am thankful every day that this nation still produces such men. It is a huge source of hope to me. He was a lot more than a sniper. He was a fully-formed special operator, leader, teacher, protector, thinker, and all-around soldier. I wish he was still around.

    • The left casually throws around accusations of sociopathy of the right, when in fact the right totally outstrips the left in giving to people in need.

      Got that? These supposed sociopaths, with no one forcing them, give their hard-earned money and their time to the less fortunate way more than those supposed do-gooders on the left.

      • Kyle was a LOT more than just a sniper, too. When he felt like he could best use his skills as a SEAL by teaching Marines house-clearing skills and leading them, he came down to street level. He assessed the tactical situation and creatively used all the available resources to perform the mission while minimizing American casualties. Which is the name of the game.

        His real story is who he DIDN’T kill or get killed, but saved, including Iraqis.

        • People who didn’t want to get shot (by anybody in an American uniform) had numerous peaceful alternatives they could have chosen to practice the day they went out with the intent to kill Americans or our allies.

          • I like the ROE used by Americans on Okinawa during the invasion. And for the same reasons it made sense then with the death-cult of the Emperor.

            If they are there, you kill them. If the want to surrender, they have to prove it. As Dewey Crowe said in Justified, “The anus is on you”.

  • I’d like to know why Michael Moore didn’t mention his hatred of snipers when Enemy at the Gate came out.

    I guess Soviet snipers are heroic enough for Mikey.

  • Too bad it was his uncle and not his father.

    It’s so typical for lardasses like Moore, who’ve never served their country save to tear it down, to sit back in the comfort that our uniformed men and women provide and call them “cowards.”

  • Interesting observation:

    Liberals are pissed because “American Sniper” (the story of a white man from a southern state who was proficient with a rifle) beat out “Selma”,
    which is the story of a black man who was killed . . . by a white man from a southern state who was proficient with a rifle.

  • Fonda & American troops.
    Yeah it was some other “bastards” she wished she had in her sights during that photo op.

    Colonial marksman, Berdan’s sharpshooters, Sgt Alvin York, Navy Seal Chris Kyle.
    Rifle proficiency – the long standing tradition of celebrating American rifleman, may it long continue, over 200 years long.
    No one will remember fatboy Moore in another 30 years.

  • Remember when Professor Erb recently told us that Islam had had a peaceful co-existence with the Hindus in India?

    Well, like everything else Erb has said, that was a lie

    He’s probably reading this, but I doubt he has the intellectual honesty to admit his mistake.

    • He’ll NOW tell you that that all happened a very very long time ago, and Islam has changed, and you can’t compare what might have happened then with today, etc.

      The muslims were very co-existical and even had special ‘co-exist’ banners on the sides of their war elephants!

      Besides western civilization blah blah blah bloody
      (in short he knows nothing about how bloody the rest of the world might have been because no one wrote or translated the cliff note progressive talking point version of massacres in the east for him to read)
      besides! blah blah Islamophobe bigotty!
      because blah blah blah dark ages blah blah Aquinas!
      blah happily old ways dying out…blah blah…next generation blah blah and he teaches!

      • And in a recent discussion I had with Erb on his own site (yeah, I should know better), he claimed Islam was changing in “Warp Speed” compared to the relatively show change of Christianity from the bad old days of the Inquisition. I challenged him to show where this “Warp Speed” reformation was in evidence and he began to tap dance. I finally challenged him to admit his words were merely wishful thinking and even here he continued to tap dance around the issue.

        • Next time link him the recent pictures of the warp speed improved peaceful tolerant Islamic stoning of the Islamic woman I had the misfortune to stumble across last week in various readings about the religion of peace.
          I’m not sure he can operate the left mouse button to activate a link though.

          • I think his Obamacok Oral Theraphy Device(tm) has, in addition to the realistic squirting action, the optional blinder attachments as well…

        • Erb is the champion of goal post moving. I remember proving him wrong about the number of countries Bush put together as coalitions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Erb’s response was that those countries didn’t count because they were small and had been bribed.

          He’s not stupid, he’s just intellectually dishonest.

          • He’s not stupid, he’s just intellectually dishonest.

            I don’t understand why he can’t be both.

          • I agree. He is both stupid and dishonest.

            You need an air traffic controller to keep tabs on all of the things which go over his head.

    • Islam had had a peaceful co-existence with the Hindus in India

      I’m sure they had their periods when they didn’t actively engage in hostilities, but there is a reason why Pakistan (and Bangladesh, formerly East Pakistan) exists.
      Even Mahatma Gandhi couldn’t stop the breakup.

      • Hey, you know, you get tired of the killing, the blood, the guts, the body piles, and the smell,

        plus your arms get tired from the hacking, day in, day out, day after day after day.

        And you eventually run out of people in any given village to hack up, and maybe the next village is hard to reach or too far away, out of your effective range of supply without forage, and your army has to return home to get the next crop in the ground.

        Remember there is no automation of this slaughter, no machine guns, no 1 plane & 1 bomb = 100,000 casualties killing.
        It’s personal, up as close as you can get, and ALL hand operated.
        Those reasons for stopping are all reality.

        This often results in what historians later term ‘cessation of hostilities’ and ‘peace’.

  • Yesterday, Canadian special forces in Iraq clashed with ISIS forces. Guess what saved them? Their two snipers.

    I find it very interesting that Canada and France are now fighting and bombing in Iraq.

    Is ISIS really different from Saddam?

    • Wul, yah.

      PR, dude. Think New York Times. Think “Bush lied…EVERYBODY DIED”. ISIS hasn’t invaded the U.S. any more than Saddam. OTOH, ISIS has not made a real attempt to assassinate an American President, or developed and stockpiled WMD. That we know about…

    • To answer your question: yes. France doesn’t have a financial interest in ISIS

      • So who is getting their arms business ? The NoKos or the Chinese ?
        After the video about the executions of two Russian spies, I tend to doubt it was the Russians.

  • Ref ” … Islam had had a peaceful co-existence with the Hindus in India … ”

    No one has yet pointed out that graveyards and former “killing fields” are by-and-large very, very peaceful.

    (Hint: Only in vampire movies do dead people re-animate and keep attacking the living.)

    Islam manages to kill enough folks in horrible ways that the REST of ’em, wishing to keep their families alive, make the stupid but understandable choice to convert.

    “Islam delenda est.” The Religion of Moloch / MoHamhocks MUST be eradicated.

  • Hillary was looking for a slogan for her run for the presidency.

    I suggest

    what difference at this point does it make?

  • Judith Curry tears the TOTUS a new one over “climate change” in the SOTU. To wit:

    what is wrong with President Obama’s statements as cited above?

    His statement about humans having exacerbated extreme weather events is not supported by the IPCC

    The Pentagon is confusing climate change with extreme weather (see above)

    ‘Climate change is real’ is almost a tautology; climate has always changed and always will, independently of anything humans do.

    His tweet about ‘97%’ is based on an erroneous and discredited paper [link]

    As for ‘Denial from Congress is dangerous’, I doubt that anyone in Congress denies that climate changes. The issue of ‘dangerous’ is a hypothetical, and relates to values (not science).

    And speaking of the ‘deniers’ in Congress, did anyone spot any errors in the actual science from Senator Inhofe’s rebuttal?

    The apparent ‘contract’ between Obama and his administrators to play politics with climate science seems to be a recipe for anti science and premature policies with negative economic consequences that have little to no impact on the climate.