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Yes, it’s official – he’s a national embarrssment

I mean, come on:



Below the dignity of the office?  You think?

One CNN correspondent asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest during a daily biefing: ‘I’m just curious – was “Charlie Bit My Finger” or “David After Dentist” not available?’

Add in the John Kerry/James Taylor “You’ve Got A Friend” and, well, “pitiful” is an inadequate way of describing this mess.

Next up?  Joe Biden attends the funeral of the Saudi King and offers Ray Stevens and “Ahab the Arab” in tribute?  Would anyone be surprised?


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49 Responses to Yes, it’s official – he’s a national embarrssment

  • Below the dignity of the office? Maybe. Below Baracky’s dignity? No….this is about right.

    Also laughing over how much tipy-toe the press is doing around the Clinton-child molester-porn star story….

  • Snark aside….it’s GREAT politics. It’s a reflection on the country that you can reach more people in a more positive way by appealing to people who probably have no business voting (see above) but here we are.

    • Also, this may have started out far more benignly.

      ” We should outreach to the web more..see what the kids are doing on-line, see if we can get access.”

      Aide comes back with top 5 youtubers…

      “Ummmm, so if we want to reach millions we have to go with the cinnamon challenge girl?”

  • Could I please order a Calvin Coolidge?

    You know… A grown up? Without deep, dark personality disorders?

    • Personality disorder, like nihilism and narcissism?

      SNORT! Try full blown psychological disorders like schizophrenia, neurosis, and massive delusions!

  • Would anyone be surprised?

    I’d be surprised if he DIDN’T!

  • /half sarcastic flag on

    With the death of King Abdullah we can schedule our next White House photo op ….bowing and kissing the ring of his new master, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, his highness King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz.

    • Sure enough, he ditched the Indians and scampered off to Arabia to renew his oath of fealty.

  • It’s just more provocation directed at Americans still capable of looking more than a day or two into the past. His numbers are back up at 50% approval. Is he more or less of an embarrassment than Bill Clinton was at this point? Hard to tell on that one, but Bill’s little lady is again the inevitable nominee of her party for president.

    A rough estimate is that about 70% of the Obama administration consists of provocation, like having a meet with this YouTube star after refusing to send anyone of importance to the Paris demonstration last week or announcing yesterday that there will be no meet and greet with Netanyahu when he next comes to town.

    Provocation, among other attributes, is a form of intellectual and spiritual ex-sanguination. It sets the “oppositionists” and “wreckers” off, but then there’s still more provocation waiting in the morning. The blood runneth down the drain.

    • “70% of the Obama administration consists of provocation”
      The tan suit that was allegedly going to be worn for the State of the Union address….

    • That was more or less the Clinton tactic, new scandals all the time, so much so there was no drilling down deep enough on any one.

      Wish Republican had had the courage to be scandalous, even though for them, its a political death sentence. Courage to stick their heads up and stand for some semblance of conservatism or small government. I mean how many can they politically execute before it becomes obvious to even these ‘masses’ what is going on. I’m figuring a dozen as long as they wouldn’t be afraid to identify the media executions as such. The problem is that they’re almost all scum the media has helped get to where they are and they are not only afraid of them, they are obligated to them.

  • Welp, Ted Cruz just destroyed his career…

    He said homosexuality was a life-style choice.



    …never mind…

    • He meant you could be gay, but you didn’t have to choose to live like you’re gay, you see….

      He uh….


  • Lol! Wow, I stop by every now and then to see if your ODS is getting worse (Senator King used that term in a speech I was at yesterday – comparing it to the BDS of the Bush years), and you have gone over the top batty in criticizing anything! An embarrassment? Hardly. Oh, the next two years are going to be fun, as Obama’s ratings continue to rise, and he continues to frustrate conservatives who think he should change everything. Then in 2016, like in 2012, conservatives will think the mid-term election where 36% voted (meaning the Congress was determined by about 20% of the population) means they’ll be on top, and you’ll be surprised again.

    Sorry to see your ODS has gone into over the top silliness. But he’s the President – elected twice, destined to be remembered as one of the greats – especially in foreign policy. Still laughing at you. I’ll stop in again sometime and see if you’re still lost in emotional delusion.

    • What are you now, a six-year-old girl? Your peculiar psychological fittiness (prone to fits of little snits) looks like it is beginning to mirror itself as organic brain disease. It often happens with people like you without any character who are flypaper for lies of all kinds.

    • …elected twice, destined to be remembered as one of the greats – especially in foreign policy.

      Wow. You drop by every now and then to show your ass and your profound delusions. Pretty much in that order.

      I wonder if you even have the awareness of world affairs to understand all the risible lies Barracula told in the SOTUS? If you don’t, we can certainly help. It’s an act of charity to help you, the handicapped. You could start with the AP fisking.

    • Lol! Wow, I stop by every now and then to see if your ODS is getting worse. I read and laugh, and laugh and read, and suck on my Obamacok Oral Therapy Device, and it all feels so good when the Squirting Action ™ kicks in.

      You have gone over the top batty in criticizing anything! An embarrassment? Hardly. It shows how confident and hip he is. You guys are just jealous that none of your far-right politicians, like George W. Bush and Mitt Romney are nearly cool enough to be interviewed by a YouTube star whose trademark is wearing green lipstick. I mean, green! How cool is that!

      Yep, I’m betting some of the nubile female students who go on the Italy trip this year will be wearing trendy green lipstick. Mmmm. Yeah, it gets me excited just thinking about that trip. I mean, I’ll get to see those nude frescoes for, like, the tenth time, accompanied by those giggling nubile students, and that’s always a wonderful day. And I don’t either go back to my hotel room and watch Tammy Boffs the Prof each time. Stop saying that, and the fact that it shows up on my hotel bill every year is some kind of computer glitch. So is the extra cleaning bill for the bed clothes.

      Oh, the next two years are going to be fun, as Obama’s ratings continue to rise, and he continues to frustrate conservatives who think he should change everything. Yes, fun, and so what if the Republicans dominated the elections last fall to control about three quarters of the states. Or that I was wrong about the Democrats holding the Senate. Or that the GOP has more representatives in the House than they’ve had in about a hundred years. None of that matters. It’s going to be fun, I tell you. {whimper} Well, it will! His rating are too going to rise! You’ll see!

      Then in 2016, like in 2012, conservatives will think the mid-term election where 36% voted (meaning the Congress was determined by about 20% of the population) means they’ll be on top, and you’ll be surprised again. And shut up about how I was surprised in 2014. Just shut up about that. {whimper} You’ll be the surprised one! I decree it! Not me! I’m smart and, darn it, people in the faculty lounge like me and know that I’m smart! So you sterile, inbred bigots stop inferring that I’m stupid because I can’t predict some dumb old election as well as some stupid, bigoted bloggers, even though I’m professional. Just stop it! {suck, suck, suck, squirt} {pant, pant}

      You inbred bigots can’t possibly know what will happen as well as I do, because I’m completely pragmatic and non-ideological. Stop laughing! Just because I am so in love with an enthusiastic supporter of Obama (peace be upon him), and loathe George Bush and all other right-wing fanatics like you sterile inbred bigots around here, that doesn’t mean I’m biased or ideological. It doesn’t, it doesn’t, it doesn’t! {suck, suck, suck, squirt} Hmmmm. It doesn’t!

      Remember, he’s the President – elected twice, destined to be remembered as one of the greats – especially in foreign policy. Still laughing at you. Seriously, so stop laughing at me! He will too be one of the greats! I’m the one who is right about all this! And I totally won’t be surprised by what happens! You will! You’ll see! {suck, suck} Stop laughing! {suck, squirt} {pant, giggle}

      I’ll stop in again sometime and see if you’re still lost in emotional delusion. And say the exact same thing I say every time, without a shred of evidence to support it. Because I don’t need evidence or links or any of that. I have my godlike powers of political science to guide me to the Party approved logical conclusions, and my Obamacok to keep me calm, even when reading the delusions of sterile, inbred bigots.

      And I don’t either stop in here because I have a compulsion to talk down to you to assuage my own ego. It’s all out of the goodness of my heart, to try and educate you sterile, inbred bigots in the intricate details of today’s politics, which, when you look deep enough, always mean that the right thing to do is to grow government. After all, if we don’t have tons and tons of government, who’s going to control the magenta caterpillar infestation? Huh? Answer me that! Because they got a lot worse after last fall’s elections, and I don’t think that was a coincidence. I think they are the advance force for Sarah Palin’s presidential bid, using those naughty librarian glasses and ample bosoms to facilitate mind control over sterile, inbred bigots to get their votes. The FEC needs to investigate that immediately, and mandate widespread availability of the blue pills that keep them from taking over my whole apartment.

    • The rise in Obama’s approval ratings seems to be tied to the drop in gas prices. Something he has absolutely no control over. I guarantee you that if gas prices were to skyrocket and hit $4/gallon his ratings would tank. But keep deluding yourself, Scott.

    • You’re a tool Erb.

      Clearly being elected twice doesn’t have anything to do with ‘the dignity of the office’.

      Your boy won’t ever be on Mount Rushmore, and history will note, and long remember, that he was worse than Jimmy Carter.

      • You have more faith in “history” than I do. There’s still a veritable industry in America dedicated to the hagiography of Franklin Roosevelt. And that’s for a passing generation of liberals, dupes, and otherwise stupefied baby boomers who actually read books and have some passing interest in “history.” “Next week” and “a few days ago” constitutes or will constitute “history” for the millennials being trained in the academic slaughterhouses this…ah…week. My reading over the past few years, if I could integrate it into one message, tells me that we were in worse shape by 1950 than most conservatives and libertarians think we are now. Otherwise Obama could never have gotten his first foot on the national stage, much less be elected twice.

        • That “arc” thingy of history doesn’t just bend in one nice, unbroken flow, however.

          It’s more like a chart of sinus rhythm, with ups and downs. It hasn’t all gone one way since FDR. Not by a long shot.

          Hell, there are a LOT of people who like Wilson, even given the facts that he was a very dark personality who openly hated the Constitution and its ideals, was an overt racist, and pretty much the precursor for Hitler…right here on our stage…

        • We’ll see what history says when Iran goes nuclear on “the ones” watch.
          I’m betting the West is not going to view his paddy fingers games with Islam favorably in the next decade or so.
          And people like Erb will, for a while at least, be keeping their fat yaps closed or discover the backwoods consequences of unpopular ‘free speech’ in Maine.

          • They will go nuclear the day after he leaves and it will be the new guy’s fault. Its not in their interest to throw this in Obama’s face. They know he’s the best thing that happened to them, even if you don’t believe its deliberate.

          • HAVANA – The start of talks on repairing 50 years of broken relations appears to have left President Raul Castro’s government focused on winning additional concessions without giving in to U.S. demands for greater freedoms, despite the seeming benefits that warmer ties could have for the country’s struggling economy.

            Following the highest-level open talks in three decades between the two nations, Cuban officials remained firm in rejecting significant reforms pushed by the United States as part of President Barack Obama’s surprise move to re-establish ties and rebuild economic relations with the Communist-led country.

            “One can’t think that in order to improve and normalize relations with the U.S., Cuba has to give up the principles it believes in,” Cuba’s top diplomat for U.S. affairs, Josefina Vidal, told The Associated Press after the end of the talks. “Changes in Cuba aren’t negotiable.”

            … is it just me, but I would have thought that you get this kind of stuff done BEFORE you make any announcement.

            I guess this was to be expected when Administration officials have been talking about an embassy in Tehran. Makes sense to me that the Iranians would throw out nearly 4 decades of talk about “The Great Satan” just because America now has a Black President. /snark

          • Remember when you draw a picture of the prophet you’re insulting Islam.

            When you paint American flags on your streets and on your floors where people can walk on them, you’re complimenting the United States.

    • “destined to be remembered as one of the greats – especially in foreign policy.”

      By Russia, Iran, N. Korea, Cuba, etc.

      • Cuba just said ‘go fish’ on human rights reform


          They said, “Go fluck yourself”. Loud and clear. And why not? They have the measure of Pres. ScamWOW, just like other tyrants all over the world, along with our long-suffering allies.

          • The Obama Administration was never serious about it anyway.

            He’s honestly at the point now where he’s just running around waving red table cloths at anything he thinks is a Republican bull just to get a reaction.

            Unlike the amount of behind the scene negotiation that probably went on with China before Nixon’s China visit, probably a hell of a lot, I’m fairly sure Valerie Jarrett woke up one morning and decided reconciliation with Castro would be a good idea to make conservatives batshirt crazy and force Republicans to take a position and make statements that could be used against them.

            The announcement probably came out that evening or the next day.
            With this administration, assume any idea comes up, and is implemented as quickly as possible before anyone has time to think about it.

    • Oh by the way skippy, I’d say our ODS is pretty much at the same level as ever.

      Don’t hope for any change any time soon.

    • Bwaaahahahahahahahaha – hey skippy – check out the link.
      Sounds like the plan is going gangbusters over there in enlightened Europe.
      (Skippy, you can make the link work by placing your cursor over the underlined portion, then clicking the left mouse key)

      • Funny its going to go down in part because Greece wants to take its IOU’s and go home.

        • Well, sure, they spent some time living large and now the bill is coming due and they’re going to try a dine and dash.

          They think.
          Trends that can’t continue, won’t.

          There’s a God of the Copybook Heading putting on his work boots somewhere.

          • But fantasy is SOOOOOOOOooooo much more FUN…!!!

            Enough of that “austerity” stuff! Time to get back to la vida loca…!!!

            Reality is HARD

          • Yeah, I was reading this morning the EU governments leveraged the banks right out of the problem and loaded the bulk of the monetary burden, and damage, on the tax payers in the various EU countries.
            The banks themselves have surprisingly little exposure on a Greek decision to default.

            I’m gathering they opted for as bitter a pill as they could find, not only to spare their banking buddies (but of course), but to ensure the tax payers would be punished if they allowed an EU breakup.
            An suicide pact made on behalf of the unknowing populace.

    • Nice your side has become so petty that getting Conservatives worked up is a justification enough for bad policy.

      • Haven’t you noticed the White House doing it’s best to stick it’s thumb(s) in the eyes of center righties now for the last 2 months?
        At this point they’re doing things and saying things that appear to be intended to work the right into a frenzy.
        I guess they think it’ll provoke a useful crisis or something.

        What they don’t realize is how the GOP gentry right will do a lot of talking and that’s about it.

        Still, they’re prepping the battle space I think.

    • I’m sorry, who’s being delusional?

      “destined to be remembered as one of the greats – especially in foreign policy.”

      I’ll give you a hint, it’s not us

  • I think this is a problem, not just for Obama.

    The fact is that of a top 10 list of celebrities for young people, 7 are YouTube stars.

    Pewdiepie…anyone here know who he is?

    And after Clinton started going on talk shows, now everyone else has to do it.

    and the WHCD is now a big event.

    This is not Obama’s doing. He might think its smart to get LIV to like him this way, but he didn’t exactly start the process.

    Now…there are two choices:

    1) Some new president ends these new conventions: no more WHCD, no more Leno, no more between the ferns.

    2) or we just live with this, meaning presidents are going to have to be part comedians.

    And I suspect #2 is the more likely.

  • One of the great things about the U.S. is that any ol’ commoner can become the head of state.

    Of course, some of us are commoner than others…

  • Since Obama “got everything he wanted” with respect to Foreign Policy in the ME, clearly Obama wanted AQ to grow fourfold because deftness and shut up.

    • No, no, you just have it all wrong. Obama will be remembered as one of the greats, especially in foreign policy.

      And I’ll be remembered as one the most handsome men in history. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  • Bowie Berghdal (remember the Taliban 5 that we traded for this cat) to be charged with desertion.
    ” great one” finds out about it like the rest of us on the news this evening.

    No one is angrier than he is!

    What isn’t going to be clear is what he’s going to be angry about:
    releasing 5 Taliban for a deserter,
    cozying up to the Berghdal family for photo ops,
    not vetting the guys they were releasing well enough,
    the Army chargning Berghdal and not keeping it quiet,
    or the media reporting it…

    then again, the approach the White House will take will be:
    point to low gas prices,
    How well the the Dow Jones is (oh!……Wait!)
    how he stopped the SUPER Snow Storm Juno through his EPA climate change legislation
    Just pretend none of this has anything to do with his Presidency.