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Welcome to the club, Ace

Over at Ace of Spaces, Ace writes:

I have long argued against a third-party split and the Nightmare Option of simply conceding the country to the liberals for 20 disastrous years.

I am no longer confident in such arguments.

Lots of us passed that point years or even decades ago. We’ve been called all sorts of names. We’re told we’re immature and unreasonable because we don’t support people who are much closer allies to their Democratic colleagues than they will ever be to those of us who believe in limited government.

Every election cycle we get inundated with all the tactical reasons that we simply have to support whatever stuffed-shirt, big-government-friendly, Democrat-lite candidate who made it through a nomination process mostly controlled by moneyed corporate interests, using their campaign contributions and media influence.

The battle cry of the GOP loyalists is “But the Democrats are Worse (TM)”. I’ve been through this before, so no need to rehash why I think that battle cry is worse than useless.

The main thing I would ask the GOP loyalists at this point is this: exactly what would cause you to give up on the GOP?

Suppose the GOP does win the White House and keeps Congress in 2016. What do you expect from them? Write it down. Decide on the minimum you’re willing to accept to continue supporting this party that has screwed you nine ways from Sunday for two decades at least.

Ace has reached his breaking point. He’s tired of the “Small government on the campaign trail, big government as soon as they get off the plane in DC” shell game.

For those GOP loyalists still left: If you have not reached that breaking point yet, what will cause you to? And could you at least admit that those of us who gave up on the GOP have a point?


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7 Responses to Welcome to the club, Ace

  • It’s the Ruling Class Party in both parties vs. the Country Party, which has some nominal representation among the Republicans. And that nominal representation is what the Republicans use in their bait and switch to hold the good graces of the Country Party.

    George W. Bush was a prime example of that, though he did have some actual Country Party qualities. Not enough, though. He enabled the Marxist-Leninists to come to power through Obama, and then behaved in a way — along with his awful family — that attempted to normalize them. So, that was treasonous given the state of civil war we are in now.

  • If the GOP becomes a rump party, I’m good with that.

    It will be well deserved.

    To me the real question is what parties will be vying for power in the respective new countries when red and blue America decide to finally call it quits?

    • There’s no way to seperate them. Too Blended. The place will just be bloody followed by a long period of being a shithole followed by conflated period of being a bloody shithole until the socialists go away to screw up greener pastures.

    • For all scenarios I find to be plausible over the course of the 40 to 100 years I am likely to be on the Earth, I am unalterably opposed to any peaceable separation between the Americas of Classical Liberalism and Rousseau. If they have succeeded in destroying my nation, I want to hurt them for it as dearly as I can at whatever cost befalls me for it, and if striving can destroy them, I want to do it.

      I would treat them no more gently than I would Benedict Arnold, every one of them I could, as far as prudence would permit.

  • We could start by encouraging those members of Congress who actually support our principles to form a caucus, say the Tea Party Caucus. That would make it easier to identify the ones who need primarying.

  • ” We’re told we’re immature and unreasonable because we don’t support people who…”

    Alas, I must confess to being one of those people. I apologize to anyone to whom I said such things. I have, however, seen the light. I may support individual candidates now, but the GOP can pound sand as far as I am concerned.

  • A comment I made on facebook this morning:

    American politics is like the carting industry now. It gives the “pleasant” appearance of having its trucks run their routes, picking up all the garbage, and taking it to the dumps. The bills go out, the checks come in. But back at the office, Tony sends out boys to break arms and legs and sometimes…well. Threat hangs over everything. American politics is what the military people call a “threat environment.”