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Lord save us … from ourselves

The world today sometimes amazes even me.  Politics today, however, doesn’t at all.  Pretty much everything that happens is a variation on a theme – and that theme is we’re served by the worst political class in our history (I’m talking generationally here, not just the last election).  And there seems to be no relief in sight.  We have a scam-artist in the White House now who has, in reality, never done anything of significance in his life up till now.  And now he’s significantly ruining this country.

And in the wings?  Hillary Clinton?  Good lord.  Or Jeb Bush?  Lord save me.  Or this – the darling of the Left, Elizabeth Warren:

Then there is the scandal-in-waiting concerning her sleazy scholarship while a law professor. She co-authored a highly-publicized study in 2005 that claimed that 54.5 percent of all bankruptcies have “a medical cause” and that 46.2 percent have a “major medical cause,” telling interviewers that those findings demonstrated the need for national health care. In fact, the proportion of bankruptcies caused by catastrophic medical losses is more like 2 percent. Her numbers were inflated by including “uncontrolled gambling,” “alcohol or drug addiction,” “death in family,” and “birth/addition of new family member” as “a medical cause.” In addition, spending as little as $1,000 in unreimbursed medical expenses over the course of two years — hardly unusual for a family — was enough to get a bankruptcy classified as “a major medical cause” even when the debtor himself or herself did not list illness or injury as a cause of the bankruptcy. A number of scholars have criticized the study as intentionally misleading.

Just what we need … another politician who uses corrupt studies to bolster her agenda driven objective.  They don’t call her Fauxahauntus only because she faked indian heritage to snag a gig at Harvard.  Another “professor”/Senator  who has never done anything or run anything being seriously touted for the top job?  [Is any journalist out there looking deeply into this?  No.  Oh, sorry, they’re all worried about Scott Walker not having a degree.]

Conclusion – it’s the electorate that needs a serious overhaul.  Same song, different verse – you’d think the last 6 years would have cured anyone from looking at a no-name junior senator who has never done anything of significance in her life, but not the Left.  Or the yellow dogs or the low information, government dependent voters that actually think government services are “free” and it’s the “greedy rich” who are the problem.

We’ve got a mess, the tipping point seems to have been reached and the only thing that might save us is if a statesmen or woman with leadership credentials steps forward.

Meh – we’re screwed.




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22 Responses to Lord save us … from ourselves


    Pres. Selfie-Stick(tm) (and, YES! I DO mean that in the nastiest possible way) drops all pretense. Openly socializes with terrorists in a BIG “F.U. America” moment.

    Lyin’ Lizzy Warren is cut from the same crap. But she will NOT be President.

    • Yep.
      Now imagine being a conscientious Secret Service officer trying to do your job properly last summer.

      “But sir…..they’re both convicted and admitted terrorists”.

      And we think we have it bad here on the outside watching the tent flame and collapse.
      Somewhere there are almost certainly good men and women trying to do their real jobs and they’re having to watch this circus burn from inside cages.

      • Ayers was never tried, if I recall correctly. But he is a proud terrorist and a career criminal, IMNHO. He’s spent a lifetime fostering Collectivism, and he’d kill your or my family in a heartbeat if he could get away with it.

        • No, you’re right, the charges were dropped because of illegal shenanigans by the FBI (the sort of thing that pisses me off and should be slapped down no matter who they’re doing it to, illegal wiretaps, warrant-less searches).

          I am corrected, Bill Ayers was never convicted of domestic terrorism.

          Self confessed domestic terrorist Bill Ayers 🙂

    • But Monday is President Obama day!

    • They keep making Hillary look old (she would be less than a year younger than Reagan when they assumed office 2017/1981).
      But what is often left off is that Liz Warren is less than 20 months younger than Hillary.

      • Yeah, she’s the “young chick” of the Deemocrat/Collectivists. And Jerry “Moonbat” Brown is the happenin’ dude.

        Their “bench” needs wheels and a motor.

        • Is this bench incredibly small? and yet dozens of people who look like Nancy Pelosi pile out of it and throw buckets of faux outrage at Republicans in the crowd?

          • The oldest president to assume office:
            Ronald Reagan was 69.95 years of age, Jan 20, 1981

            Hillary Clinton would be 69.3 years of age, Jan 20, 2017
            Elizabeth Warren would be 67.6 years of age, Jan 20, 2017

  • Conclusion – it’s the electorate that needs a serious overhaul.

    >>>> Don’t worry. Obama came to the same conclusion and did something about it.

  • Campaign finance reform which put national campaigning overwhelmingly in the hands of the media & ‘sports team’ mentality toward politics are more specifically the reasons.

    Both issues come back to the media. A blind trust by the founders, that the free press wouldn’t become a near mono-cultural corruptible entity or that the public would be slovenly dependent on it to think for it.

  • It is entirely legitimate for the American people to be deeply concerned when you’ve got a bunch of violent, vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a cafe in Copenhagen.

    Totally random. Nothing WHATsoever to do with Islam. Those people in that cafe were just your ordinary Danish coffee-swillers. Oh, and they were eating pastries, too.

    • Workplace danish violence.
      No doubt these people were ‘cheesed off” by the Danish because the coffee was weak.


    Well, that whole “Cuban debacle” thing is progressing (bitter HEH) just as one would predict. And did…

    Hey, Erp! Come and tell us the one about “the foreign policy greats”…!!! That ALWAYS tears me up.

  • While there’s no ‘perfect’ candidate out there, as Bill Whittle noted the Presidential Candidate Qualifying Bar is now so low, anyone can clear it. No one, and I mean NO ONE who voted for this president can ever question the credentials of any candidate of any stripe for any office. We can also be heartened by a few victories over this past six years: The Chik-fil-A boycott, the pasting the Reds got in the midterm, the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman (Trayvon) and non-indictment (in the face of some serous DoJ pressure) of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Says there’s a bunch of like-minded (or at least similarly thinking) folks out here in flyover country.

    Living here in The People’s Republic of Illinois we are heartened by Scott Walker’s candidacy – his lack of a college degree being a plus (full disclosure – I have a doctorate and the wife a masters). The Democrat legislative members of WI hid here in Rockford do avoid doing the job their constituents elected them to do during that whole recall fiasco. Vermin.


    Tongue-bath boi “professors” at rural moose junior colleges in Maine hardest hit…

    • The survey was sent to 391 members of the American Political Science Association’s Presidents & Executive Politics section, the premier organization of experts of the American presidency, and 162 participated online.

      Survey was completely illegit since it risibly neglected to count the Moose Professor among its experts!

      • {sigh} From my perch in the moose-friendly realms of Maine, I perceive the vastness of the quantum universe and translate it into political justifications for more government. I cut through the noise to discern the underlying multiple truth that will endure for all time, with the help of those of us with godlike powers of political science, through inculcating young minds, some of them in nubile young female bodies, with the correct bellyfeel paradigm.

        Yes, two thirds of the respondents think Obama is over-rated. But one third think he is under-rated, and I predict those will carry the day and he will be seen as one of the greats. I’m sure the majority is under some kind of pressure from a right-wing source to denigrate Obama (peace be upon him), and they probably have not yet received their Obamacok Oral Therapy device (V2) with Squirting Action (TM).

        As soon as those are distributed, and the sucking begins in earnest, we’ll see these numbers turn around. I decree it. Obamagumbalumom {squirt} ahhhhh…..

        So just get ready for Obama to get his face on Rushmore before you die. Your grandkids will be going to the Holy Obama College of Leftist Arts. He is going to lead us to glorious pragmatic moderate leftist utopia, as long as you dense righties don’t sabotage everything. Which I don’t think you can because Obama has superpowers he has not even shown yet. His laser eyes will soon be unleashed against Ted Cruz. His christlike visage will darken, and the mind control waves coming off his rippled forehead will bowl over the likes of Rand Paul, just as they have already conditioned the minds of Boehner and McConnell. He will unleash his Jedi powers with a wave of his pen, and change the law of the land to lead us to a world where smart capable experts like me relieve you poor thick righties of the need to make any decisions.

        And, Obama willing, he will spare some Jedi power to wipe the land free of the giant magenta caterpillars with Sarah Palin’s face and ample bosom. Which are probably the product of some weird genetic experiment by the Koch brothers. Obamarumbadahmolum. {squirt}

        I have to go now to arrange the details on this year’s trip to Italy with nubile young female students. It takes a lot of effort, and I’m not either slacking off to watch Student Bodies 3: Horizontal Tutoring. That DVD was mailed to me as a joke.

        • Coupla thangs, Ott…

          1. it’s 75% who think Barracula is over-rated, if I read right.

          2. does the Obamacok Oral Therapy device (V2) with Squirting Action (TM) work as a “selfie-stick”…if you know what I mean?

          3. how’s that whole “change” thang you keep thumping your chest about workin’ fer ya’?

        • I’m sure the majority is under some kind of pressure from a right-wing source to denigrate Obama….

          At which point the PC police jump on the term “denigrate” in reference to an African American. Joe Biden says the majority is under pressure from the right-wing sources to put him back in chains.

          …the sucking begins in earnest….

          Are you Joshing us?

      • The survey was also done by the right-wing crypto-facist Brookings Institute. More muck slung by righties.

        • Just another fake scandal…

          Will those ODS sufferers NEVER get the help they need…???