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Dietary Guidelines

Dietary guidelines – the Washington Free Beacon got a triple Drudge link yesterday pointing to an article on the new USDA guidelines for making sure we’re being good little tax payers and can continue to be good little tax payers (until we get to be 75, at which point we should just die so as to prevent being a burden on society and our families).

Obviously someone in the Drudge organization wanted to get attention on this yesterday, but not as a red-letter item.   However, it has or had, three links to it, which I always view as meaning they understand people click for reasons of personal interest, and they provided three reasons, all of which to me boiled down to ‘hey, you kinda concerned about government intrusion into your personal life????’.

What all three links jumped to is a high level review of the new Dietary Guidelines recommendations that the USDA is unleashing on us.

I’m (actually) going to review the PDF from the USDA in detail but the highlights of the article show some scary possibilities for connections at a high and obvious level.

Considering right off the top of my head,  the beautiful union of  what I call the Affordable Insurance Scam (ACA/Obamacare), and Net Neutrality rules:

the government thinks it can monitor pretty much anything you do to your body on the theory that they’re now helping to pay for your healthcare.  So they recommend ‘trained interventionists’ will help out at work sites, food sites, businesses, schools, the community….to help you manage your weight problem.

and…tax increases, of course, because it’s essential we keep Moloch’s fires burning ya know….so they’re recommending sin taxes on desserts (yeah, seriously) and I’m sure soda, and chips, and yeah….

And finally the USDA thinks it’s a good idea to monitor our ‘screen time’ to see if we’re spending too much time sitting in front of a TV or, I’ll wager, a computer, kindle, cell phone.

Sure, I could be reaching, but I’m fairly sure it will eventually tie to the recent drive they have in saving our Internet with Net Neutrality regulations.   I say I could be reaching, but they said that when we observed the nanny state would soon outlaw transfats too.   Open the gate, they’ll see a need to come on in.

If you’re still using dead tree products to read of course you’ll be okay.  They probably think it more healthy to remain sedentary reading a book for 5 hours than it is remaining sedentary viewing information from a screen for 5 hours.   Probably because they figure Americans just don’t DO that.

Which is part of the reason we’re where we are today really.  We’re proving we really are morons.

So, here’s the USDA recommendations.

And those recommendations even on the surface scare the crap out of me because unlike the good old days when the government could ‘recommend’ things, now they don’t recommend, they use their power over the national purse, over business regulations, over utility regulations, and the power of tax enforcement to ‘recommend’ things by way of financially punishing us to help correct our erroneous (not in agreement with what they want) ways of thinking and acting in our private lives.

We’re not quite there, yet, but data gathering is a tool, a resource, and a creepy way of watching everything you’re doing if you’re not using cash for your purchases.   Your WalMart purchase doesn’t just show dollar amounts to the world.

“I see you bought 3 pounds of cane sugar, 2 lbs of butter, 2 dozen eggs, 2 gallons of fat milk, and 10 lbs of refined white flour…..why?”

Not there yet, but the capability is there, and all that has to happen is someone like the Obama administration decides they can regulate to the businesses that they need that information for health care purposes.

Oh, and don’t reflect on over 40 years of being told, by this same government, that refined grains were great for you, or that dietary cholesterol was really bad for you.

All in all, it’s working out to be pretty twisted but not really that surprising given our betters view on who’s in charge here and who works for who.

I’m pretty sure Khrushchev and Brezhnev and the rest of the Homburg hat wearing politburo weren’t necessarily worried about your diet as long as you kept your head down, kept quiet, and did your part like a good little soviet comrade.

Excuse me, is that tiramisu you’re eating there Winston?



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15 Responses to Dietary Guidelines

  • I can guarantee that I will get my exercise kicking the ass of the first ‘trained interventionist’ that TRIES to get between me and my food, cigar, or glass of Scotch.

    So. There’s that…

  • Yep, they got their foot in the door; now they think they can kick it in — “because we’re PAYING for your medical care, we have a vested interest in being SURE you follow our guidelines”.

    Did you see the part about Our Tyrannical Betters determining that “… plant-based diets {are} better for the environment than those that rely on animal protein.”

    Excuuuuuse me? “The proper nutrition for people” has got EXACTLY WHAT to do with “better for the environment”?

    Kinda sounds like we-the-workers-and-taxpayers are being managed like a herd of cattle. “Graze them over there, but only for a short while so they don’t permanently damage the grassland ecosystem; then move them on up the hillside for the summer, and when they’re fattened in the fall we can, unh, y’know, “harvest” them.”

    • “we have a vested interest in” … funny, how that line wasn’t able to be uttered during the fight over Roe v Wade.
      One day these Progressives will wake up and find out that all those tools they were using to be progressive are now pushing the tide the other way, including …

      But perhaps more unsettling to supporters of constitutional checks and balances is the finding that 43% of Democrats believe the president should have the right to ignore the courts.

      can you say … low information voters

    • Oh yes, tree hugging Gaia is in that document, and she’s rather thinly disguised.

  • I’m sure they will keep true to form and not target people, but businesses. Likely restaurants first and food retail chains second.

    Regulate businesses into marionette extensions of government But whatever you do, don’t dare call that socialism. They aren’t going to ever self-declare until they get everything they want and are sure you can’t undo it. I don’t know what people are waiting for, forced marches in May Day Parades?

  • From the Free Beacon article:

    The committee also said that “altering individual and population dietary choices and patterns” would be necessary to meet its sustainability goals, as well as policy changes.

    “Excuse me, citizen, but did I see you at the Ted Cruz political rally yesterday?”

    “Yes, why?”

    “I’ll need to see your food logs, please.”

    • As a guy who works in front of a screen for anywhere from 6 to 7 hours a day, and has for the last 35 years, I’d be happy to tell them where they can shove their suggestions.

    • Sorry, we’d like to be able to do something about your daughter’s curved spine before its too late, but too many people know about your voting record and campaign contributions. What do you expect?

    • Sure just wait a few more hours and I’ll produce some post-processed food logs…

  • “I see you bought 3 pounds of cane sugar, 2 lbs of butter, 2 dozen eggs, 2 gallons of fat milk, and 10 lbs of refined white flour…..why?”

    My response to this would be, “None of your effin’ business. Now if you care about your own health, you won’t contact me again. Ever.”

  • I actually welcome this, if its first targeted at anyone taking ACA subsidies.

    And not just for food. How about employment counseling?

    Some high school classmate of mine is getting $20/month health insurance while he works as a DJ in the bay area.

    I think that since the government is subsidizing him, maybe he should be assigned a job in Wyoming that makes more money.

    Then, if he decides he doesn’t like that, he can find a way to get off the subsidies.

    Its not like this guys is dumb, uneducated, or anything. He just wants to be a single, no kids, teenager for the rest of his life.

    And he votes Dem. So, if that’s what he wants: me to pay his way, I think I should have some say.

    Now, of course, this is tongue in cheek because I know that he’s the last person government will actually regulate. Which is ironic. The people who need regulation, a Mommy State that says “You’re too old to be a DJ. Here’s a job as a truck driver in Wyoming.”

    • My gawd… Just think of the CB bogarting that would afflict Wyoming. OH, the HUMANITY…!!!

  • Anyone who purchases/uses an Apple “Watch” or a Nike FuelBand activity tracker should rethink that decision in light of this post. If you think the information generated by those devices won’t find it’s way to government ‘trained interventionists’, you’re deluded. Unless your name is Erb…

    • Government or someone else, consider the Anthem hacking.
      I fear Skynet a lot less than I fear the data gathering of the nanny state (by the way, that is precisely the group that would foul up and create something like Skynet in the first place).

  • After Obamacare’s Healthcare Neutrality you will soon get Net Neutrality, followed by Food Neutrality.

    Welcome to the Golden Gulag.