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The head “scientist” of the UN’s IPCC has resigned

He’s been called a “scientist” for years, but his training is in industrial engineering.  He’s about as much a climate scientist as I am.  However, we’ve been constantly told that he and the IPCC speak for “science” when it comes to “climate change”.

Well, today he stepped down, submitting his resignation amid allegations of sexual harrassment.

I’m talking about Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, of course.  Head of the IPCC that has published scare warnings for years, few if any of which have come true.

So why is an industrial engineer seen as some sort of an authority on climate?

Well it’s not because of his academic credentials, that’s for sure.  Instead, its for his leftist credentials:

‘For me the protection of Planet Earth, the survival of all species and sustainability of our ecosystems is more than a mission. It is my religion and my dharma.’ 

In other words, his “science” is faith based.

And, the left says we should take him seriously … because, you know, “the science is settled”.

Michael Crichton:

‘One of the most powerful religions in the Western World is environmentalism. Environmentalism seems to be the religion of choice for urban atheists.’ 


Anyone – do you really believe an actual climate scientist will be recruited to fill the job?


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16 Responses to The head “scientist” of the UN’s IPCC has resigned

  • Of course Patchouli is a scientist. As Einstein, a scientist, said, it’s all relative. In the land of liberal arts majors the one science course student is a scientist.

    • Seriously though, as I recall a great many of the ‘scientists’ that were part of the consensus didn’t have degrees in any climate related courses of study, so your argument is really quite sound.

      • Dr. Paul Erlich (entomologist, specialist in butterflies) is the archetype.

        He’s never been CLOSE to right about anything he’s famous for predicting, but he’s STILL a demigod in the pantheon of junk science we call “environmentalism”.

        Right, Erp?

  • What’s little Mikey (E) Mann doing these days?

    Meanwhile, I move we contact the Scott Walker campaign and demand to know why he didn’t protest a sexual predator being in such an important position as soon as he became governor, and whether or not he knows what religion urban environmentalists practice.

    • Last I read, still abusing the legal process against anyone that so much as looks at him crosseyed.

      • He’s the Chief Of Thought Policing, Junk-Science Squad. One of the fastest events recorded in modern time is the span between trying to engage him in debate on any social media and finding yourself blocked.

      • In addition to disguising himself as a tree stump to hide from Mark Steyn

  • Anyone – do you really believe an actual climate scientist will be recruited to fill the job?

    I nominate Dr. Roy Spencer.

  • Whatever Patchouli is alleged to have done, it’s probably tiddlywinks compared to the deviant, disgusting behavior of another icon of the leftist cult…Mahatma Gandhi. I’ve never understood why the most evil, filthy people are most admired by today’s liberals, leftists, Democrats, and their ilk.

  • Ref “I’ve never understood why the most evil, filthy people are most admired by today’s liberals, leftists, Democrats, and their ilk.”
    = = = = = = = = =

    Because — “Birds of a feather”?

  • In much of the world, especially those influenced by the Brits. Your Engineering degree has “Applied Science” in the location where one might expect it to say “Engineering”. Many places climatology intersects with advanced engineering classes more deeply than any other science or math program does. Especially mechanical engineering things like Thermodynamics and Fluid dynamics have massive overlap in the field. Industrial engineering, not so much.

    Anyway a college degree has become the aptitude test that high school should be. The exact label of your degree has never been less important.

    I don’t care much for his lack of official.’climate credentials’. Namely the Left has hired plenty of highly credential-ed marionettes in order to claim Scientific Authority. Pachauri is one of thousands. Also the fact people can call foul for many technical aspects of the theory from outside the field is the only way it will be undone. Very few in the field who oppose it, get to eat.

    Anyway this is an example of un-science. People who decry the Theory are the Galileo’s of our time.

    From the best I can tell. Environmentalism is the offspring of the Luddite movement and Socialism Inc (the amalgam of special interest causes in an alliance to advance each other’s causes whose backbone are a bunch of Hard Leftists). Socialism Inc, helped them with their mad propaganda skills to realize they shouldn’t oppose Science, they should subvert it and advance their Luddite anti-[classical] progress opposition to enhancing the lives of the masses with technology from the Scientific high ground. In return for retarding classical progress, they also will advance government power and size bloat as their pay off to Socialism Inc.

  • protection of Planet Earth .. is my religion

    I thought we had “Separation of Church and State” in this country.

  • Hillary’s Deputy for Counter-Terrorism Arrested for Soliciting Sex from a Minor

    “… according to at least one whistleblower, the State Department has had a long history of covering up the sexual misconduct of its employees, including those arrested overseas for soliciting underaged prostitutes.”

    She just attracts ‘that kind of guy’ or something .. whatever