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We’re supposed to believe.

I’m happy that the Treasury IG discovered the missing backup IRS backup tapes.

I’m happy that we can pretend for a while there’s incriminating evidence on them that will finally allow for a prosecution of Lois Lerner and anyone else involved in using the IRS for thuggery.

Now we can put this to bed, right?


But I don’t believe a word of it.

Anyone else in IT can feel free chime in and disagree if they want.

The idea that the guys directly in charge of these suddenly found backups elected to say nothing to anyone, and waited for someone to come ask for them, like Cinderella waiting for prince Charming to show up and put the glass slipper on,  is bunk.      The only way that could have happened is if the IT people in at least one group have gotten up every morning for at least a year, showered, shaved, dressed, and showed up at work where they stuck their heads in buckets of mud for the entire day.  It only could happen if they live in Plato’s cave when they go home at night.

It must be sweet in that department that didn’t start going over what they had for backups from day 1 when it was revealed that the IRS lost the backups.  It must be awesome to work for a boss who didn’t come down and say, “so,  what’s up with these backups!  Because we’re being made to look pretty damned foolish!   Do we have that stuff or not!  I want to know ASAP because I expect to be on a bridge call by 12:00 where everyone, the Pope included, is going to be asking that question.”

But the call never came?    So they just went back to their daily business?    With all the news going on about missing backups?  They didn’t know who to tell maybe?   So they just told no one?

Anyone with half a brain, who’s had half an ounce of responsibility knows that somewhere someone was going to answer for those missing backups.  And it behooves the guys who are supposed to have them, to be able to answer that they in fact do have them, if all it takes is for them to go look.

And you can bet your sweet bippy they went and looked.   And they pro-actively told someone above them.

Yet we’re supposed to believe they said nothing.

To anyone.

For over a year.


No way.

The manager who was going to take the fire directly, checked with his people on day 1, found they had the backups by about day 5, sent an email to his boss to say that he’d looked into the matter and found they do indeed have the files in question.      Because he didn’t want to be the 1st guy stuck on the trident as it came down from on high, hurled with all the anger the guy above, who wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to be the 1st guy sacrificed, could hurl it.

No, you’re supposed to believe they sat out there in the wilderness and waited, prayed for their moment, when someone would come and ask them if they had the backups so they could reveal them like the exciting twist in a movie.

I see.

Yo!  Congress!  Want to investigate some more guilty people?  Find out who was told shortly after it was said there were no backups that there were backupsAsk the guys who had responsibility who they notified when the news went public a year ago.   Someone knew, someone told someone else, and somewhere that news stopped moving up the chain.   Find where it stopped and find out why.

A year is easily long enough for a small controllable group to get the backups, sanitize the emails as necessary, and overcome whatever technical challenges you need to overcome to put them back and make them appear as if they have never been touched.  And if you think they’re worried about the law at this point, you’ve been sticking your head in that bucket of mud, and going home at night to Plato’s cave.

I won’t be a bit surprised if they review those emails, and find nothing very incriminating.   Brilliant bit of demoralization to build up your enemies hopes, and then crush them using the very weapons they planned to use to destroy you.


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9 Responses to We’re supposed to believe.

  • Aw, c’mon, looker. Don’t you remember in the Young Frankenstein the great Marty Feldman line with the light switchs? Something like “I won’t be the first.”

    • Igor “Wait master! It could be dangerous…. you go first.”
      Frederick “Isn’t there any light down here?”
      Igor “Two nasty looking switches over here, but I won’t be the first.”
      (Frederick pulls the switches and gets a nasty shock.)
      Frederick “Damn your eyes!”
      Igor “TOO LATE!”

  • I’m sure you’re right about the “sanitized” business. If you’ve got some basic file utility program (in the IBM midrange world, it was called DFU), you can go change data directly, character-by-character, without engaging the higher-level software that attaches time-date stamps to changes.

    “Yep. We found the emails, after immense effort and cost. And — except for that one low-level employee in Cincinnati, there’s truly nothing to see here. Take a look. All innocent. Next time the Republicans cry wolf, you’ll know better, won’t you?”

    • Bits is bits, I’m not sure why anyone who knows that thinks there’s anything magic about timestamps that prevents them from being fudged.
      Speaks to a certain level of native honesty I suppose when we view the world that way.

      Nixon’s NAZI’s would have fudged or eliminated whatever they could have gotten their hands on. We know someone tried/did – 18 minute gap.
      Col. Oliver North went on a shredding spree.
      Dedicated loyal people will do your dirty work, often without you asking them to.
      Just because I can’t conceive of why someone would be loyal to this administration I’m not foolish enough to think that means they don’t exist.
      It would be nice if there were some evidence that this administration would never stoop to that level, but I think we’ve had more than ample evidence that it wouldn’t be a stoop for them, it would be a reach upwards.

      Two guys show up, pick up the backups, they’re taken for ‘review’, after 6 months or so, they’re returned. You don’t need lots of people, you just need a few who are willing to change the logs or forget to log the movement of the information.
      This doesn’t take a huge number of people to accomplish especially if it’s all done inside the wheels and gears of the bureaucracy..

  • Allen, frankly, with the current environment in Washington, it doesn’t surprise me that until such time as they were forced answer they didn’t answer. That’s what’s required for survival these days down there. That’s what happens when democrats run the show.

  • The whole situation could be more devious and less technical. The drives never held anything of value and it created a save-face way for the story to die especially for the Republicans than actually grilling and imprisoning IRS operatives. a) because most of the Republicans are frauds or terrified of standing up. b) they are terrified of the Washington bureaucracy.

    The story had too much traction and creating a mythos about “the drives” created a dead end that everyone would accept.

    The whole thing got rolling without the drives why did it have to die with them?

  • Oh those emails have been scrubbed I’m sure.

  • Some of us think Issa et al could have found more information quicker if they had talked to the IT people who actually worked on the computers, tapes, etc. instead of the top level political hacks like Koskinnen. If Lois Lerner had her computer crash there should be a work order and a technician/sys. admin. who knew about it. It ain’t rocket science.