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Let’s just keep calm!

John Kerry, alleged Secretary of State for the United States, wants everyone to stay calm as the day approaches for Bibi Netanyahu  to speak before the co-equal branch of government, the US Congress.

He doesn’t want the political football turned into a political football.

He believes that the fine record of the administration’s diplomacy with Iran warrants us giving the administration the benefit of the doubt as the clowns, sorry, negotiators work towards a long term nuclear deal, (say these words a few times and count to, say, a thousand, it will help you stay calm – long term, nuclear, Iran….).

Our good friends, Russia, and China, are going to help with this, and it will all be fine.

Stay calm gang.

I mean, don’t let anything give you a jaded point of view on the probability of goodness coming out of these Iranian nuclear negotiations.

Don’t let your faith in the Iranian desire for peace be confused by their recent video demonstration of an attack on a mock up US carrier last week.

Don’t go getting all excited that a senior Iranian cleric wanted to help the negotiations by telling us the Islamic flag would fly over the White House a couple days ago.

The Iranians are doing everything they can to demonstrate their absolute friendship with the US.   Sorta Pyongyang style, you know, give us what we want or we’ll blow something up.

By the way, check out the US media coverage of either of those two events.   My being an anglophile isn’t the reason I used links to the Daily Mail in the UK.  Maybe our media thought the flag thing was old news, I mean, they only threaten to fly the Islamic flag over the White House every couple of years anyway.  Maybe John Stewart didn’t have time to cover it, maybe Brian Williams was busy taking out Iraqi jets with an MPAD and couldn’t get a story filed.   Maybe worrying about what Scott Walker believes about what Rudy Giuliani believes about what Barack Obama believes kept them all too occupied to report on it.

And definitely don’t let the latest story that’s circulating in Israel, that our President might have threatened to shoot down our alleged allies jets…. make you think that diplomacy is just not going to work and that we’re taking the Israeli fear of a nuclear weapon armed Iran seriously.


Keep calm, the circus will continue!

“We are going to test whether or not diplomacy can prevent this weapon from being created, so you don’t have to turn to additional measures including the possibility of a military confrontation,” Kerry told ABC’s “This Week.”

Our hope is that diplomacy can work. And I believe, given our success of the interim agreement, we deserve the benefit of the doubt to find out whether or not we can get a similarly good agreement with respect to the future.”

Hope, test.

Testing testing, 1, 2, 3, testing, testing.

With nuclear capacity.  We’re going to test whether or not diplomacy can prevent this.

If we’re wrong and part of Haifa goes up in a nuclear cloud, well, I guess Old Christmas in Cambodia Lurch will be sorry.

and we’ll draft a firm, possibly angry even, letter to Iran and ask them if they can account for the nukes they weren’t supposed to have, and they’ll smile and threaten to fly the flag of Islam over the White House.

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19 Responses to Let’s just keep calm!

  • Imagine Imperial Japan with…

    1. a crap economy

    2. a slide to demographic death, and

    3. a nuke…or several, AND…

    4. a messianic kink in Shinto that sorta requires an apocalypse


    • One thing I notice is we seem to treat various parts of official Iran as if they aren’t official at all.

      What should have happened after the simulated carrier strike, or the threat to occupy the White House is we should have walked out of the negotiations and tell them point blank that’s why.
      Tell them when they can control all the elements of their government, we’ll talk.

      Because we have one part of the government threatening us, we have another part running bombing demos on American look-a-like equipment,
      AND YET we’re negotiating with a third other part of the same government who assures us they (when they’re not shouting at our negotiators) have not a single bad intention with any nuclear material they might acquire.

      This is like having your smiling neighbor assure you that his dog never shits on your lawn while he holds the dog’s leash as it shits on your lawn.
      The Iranians, Russians and Chinese must get together after 5:00 and laugh over sherbets that we’re like some desperate kid who will do anything to be considered a member of the in crowd.

      I understand why Kerry and Obama want to continue, because neither one of them are interested in anything other than being able to say they have a treaty.

      • “Well, Stanley, that’s ANOTHER fine mess you’ve gotten us into…while declaring you ended a war that continues.”

        Right, Erp…???

        • Oh, c’mon! It’s not like Obama used his personal email account to conduct official business…

    • You know,
      This only makes sense if Barack Obama IS the 12th imam.

      • Good, then their jihad is well and truly doomed, because he himself couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel.
        He needs someone like Jarrett to tell him where his feet are so he can put his trousers on.

  • When can We-The-People arrange a prisoner swap with Iran?

    We’d give them any five Gitmo detainees they want, as long as they agree to also take OBummer and Lurch. Oh, heck, let’s throw in ValJar, too.

    We’ be left with a “President Biden”, of course; but if HE strays too far afield, we can threaten him with impeachment without the MFMSM calling us raycissts.

    Whaddaya say?

  • I’ll believe the Iranians can climb down from decades of the “Great Satan” meme when I see it.

  • WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Iran must commit to a verifiable freeze of at least 10 years on sensitive nuclear activity for a landmark atomic deal to be reached, but the odds are still against sealing a final agreement, U.S. President Barack Obama told Reuters on Monday.

    It’s folding as you read this. Obama has started the “big walk-back”.

    • One of the very first rules of negotiation is to walk away from an opponent who’s screaming at you.

      Right, John Kerry…???

    • ““If, in fact, Iran is willing to agree to double-digit years of keeping their program where it is right now and, in fact, rolling back elements of it that currently exist … if we’ve got that, and we’ve got a way of verifying that, there’s no other steps we can take that would give us such assurance that they don’t have a nuclear weapon,”

      Rolling back elements? Of their peaceful enrichment program? Which elements? If they’re all peaceful, why does any of it need to be rolled back? In one sentence he said keep it where it is and roll it back.
      He couldn’t get 30 words out of his mouth that ran in the same direction.

  • God bless Bibi- someone has to stand for the Jews.

    God damn to hell the Democrat party. They’ve chosen to stand with the terrorists.

  • We’ve just heard the de facto leader of the free world.

  • Iran has hardliners just as we do. So, when we see them do these actions, we need to consider that.

    Now, for the important nuance. We also have hardliners. And the Iranians should consider that.

    But the lefties never consider that…they just assume that our hardliners prevent Iran for making a deal. They don’t. Iran also had chances with the EU-3. They have always backed out of a deal.

    Its probably useful for us to have Israel act as the bad cop. Obama doesn’t get that of course.

    • The difference is our hardliners don’t promote peaceful negotiation by publicly telling Iran the US flag will fly over Tehran soon, they don’t arrange for public demonstrations of strafing passes on a mock up of Azadi Tower with A10s.

      Iran does.
      And yet we keep negotiating with Iran as if those two other groups are some uncontrollable rogue elements Iran has no control over.
      It’s behavior the Russians, the Chinese, or Europeans would never tolerate during sensitive negotiations.
      Our idiot government acts as if these incidents never occurred.

      It only highlights who’s actually running this show. The power player is the one who does things like that to show they will do as they please.

      • And our “hardliners” would be delighted to welcome Iran or any other nation into the world of civilized nations. But that is THEIR decision.

        • Ah, but you see, our cultural differences, which we’re supposed to celebrate, might actually make Iranians long for a nuclear holocaust that will cause the Mahdi to appear.
          Our cultural thought patterns dictate to the progressive morons that the Iranians could never possess those ideas, because they deem those to be ‘suicidal tendencies’.

          A mere 70 years after tens of thousands of Japanese soldiers and civilians embraced suicide rather than surrender to American and Commonwealth forces.
          Historically ignorant, and unwilling to be taught.

          The Iranian senior leader plan to send explodidopes to their death while they remain safe in hideyhole bunkers does not actually involve THEM committing suicide, AND
          they can pretty much rely on American self restraint to ensure that it will not mean suicide for the Persian people if they detonate a few nuclear devices of smaller yield within the geographic boundary of Israel.
          They genuinely believe they are superior and will triumph, and those that don’t survive are due for a reward in Paradise anyway.
          Additionally the Israelis would be hard pressed to invade Iran, even without having to deal with the massive destruction and death toll of even 1 nuclear detonation in a populated area in Israel, and I think Jewish self restraint would come into play as well.

          The same people who are certain Iran has no suicidal tendencies are the same people who would strenuously object to our turning any significant portions of Iran into glass parking lots. Most Americans, especially progressives, are completely unaware Iran employed human wave assaults, essentially armed civilians, against the Iraqi army (and with some success) as little as 33 years ago.
          The North Vietnamese understood we would not openly tolerate and embrace their level of self sacrifice and cruelty in our own troops and military strategy, the Iranians do as well.
          The American public didn’t learn anything useful from all that war and death, other than war and death is bad.
          Our enemies will embrace war and death if it results in final victory.