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The “entitled” who would be president

Yes, today I’m going to talk about Hillary Clinton, who does indeed feel entitled and also seems to believe that the law is only for “the little people”.  There are others who feel entitled to the presidency (on both sides) that I don’t want anywhere near it as well, but this is one person who would essentially be an Obama third term if she were to win … and her actions prove that.

Right now we have a man in the Oval Office who is, frankly, a scofflaw. If a law is inconvenient, he simply ignores it, or issues his own in the guise of an executive action or, working through his “executive agencies” sees that unelected bureaucrats produce regulations that do his will, all without Congress.  Or oversight. Or the Constitution for that matter.

Now we have a contender for his position who has demonstrated the same sort of inclination to ignore the rules and laws that are designed to keep our elected and government officials on the straight and narrow and provide a vital record of their doings.

Hillary Clinton, did, with malice aforethought, conspire to work around the law and the rules that required her to do government business on a government email account.  There’s no disputing this.  The email server is in her home.  It was set up prior to her becoming Secretary of State.  And we know, thanks to a hacker, that she received highly sensitive emails from various cronies and State Department personnel on that account.  An account that wasn’t at all secure enough for such traffic (that point made obvious by the hack).

Then there’s this:

Just last week, the Washington Post shocked the public with the news that the Clinton Foundation had “accepted millions of dollars from seven foreign governments” during Hillary’s “tenure as secretary of state, including one donation that violated its ethics agreement with the Obama administration.” In and of themselves, these gifts were highly abnormal.

But, as Charles Cooke continues:

“Rarely, if ever,” the Post noted drily, “has a potential commander in chief been so closely associated with an organization that has solicited financial support from foreign governments.” But the infringement is made even worse when one acknowledges that these donations were never so much as reviewed for eligibility by the powers that be within the State Department. There really is no other way of putting it than to record bluntly that, while she was secretary of state, Hillary Clinton was making private deals with foreign governments via private e-mail, and then declining to request the requisite approval from the U.S. government.

So, let’s see if we have this straight.  Private email account, knowingly refusing to use the government one, and soliciting foreign governments for donations while Secretary of State?

That’s definitely, at a minimum unethical and an abuse of office.  So who does she think she is?

Cooke answers that:

The answer to that question is as it ever was: She is Hillary Clinton, and she believes, with some justification, that she will get away with anything and everything she tries. “Why,” supporters grumble, “knowing full well how effective the charge of elitism can be during a presidential campaign, does she continue to take $300,000 per speech?” Answer: Because she’s Hillary Clinton. “Why,” others inquire, “when tempers are still hot and nerves are still frayed, does she continue to take money from the outfits that are widely blamed for the financial crisis of 2008?” Answer: Because she’s Hillary Clinton. “How could she possibly believe that her ex-president husband’s temporary inability to buy a multi-million-dollar house rendered her ‘dead broke’”? Because she’s Hillary Clinton, and she has a sense of entitlement that would make Imelda Marcos blush. And so, having been championed and overpraised for years, lionized more for her immutable characteristics than for any concrete achievements, and allowed to pretend that her few successes have been the product of her own ability and not her husband’s uncommon political talent, Clinton has of late fallen disastrously deep into the professional celebrity’s most pernicious trap: She has begun to believe her own hype. How long can it be before her fellow disciples begin to lose faith in more than just the small hours of the night?

Supreme arrogance, and a willingness to take a chance that this will all come to nothing. After all, we’re talking about the era of politics and government where no one is really held accountable for anything. The smartest woman in the world probably also figured we’d never put two and two together (i.e. private email, foreign donations). And if we did? Heh … they tried that out yesterday and it failed miserably:

The strongest argument in favor of this behavior — legally, at least — is that Clinton is a clueless, confused, and out-of-touch old woman who struggles to grasp basic technological concepts, and that she therefore had not the first idea what was expected of her. In the immediate aftermath, this was the first defense offered. It’s “worth remembering,” a former Clinton administration staffer assured me quickly on Twitter, “that Hillary didn’t have email until she was in her forties. She was clueless.” “I just mean,” he added, desperately, that “she’s no dummy — except possibly with computers — where she kinda is.”

Bulltacos. There have been countless stories and battles over the use of official emails that this is a complete non-starter. As Cooke notes, it’s “desperate”.  This wasn’t some technodunce-granny completely befuddled by this new age.  This was a deliberate and calculated attempt to circumvent the system:

Digging a little into the story today, Business Insider’s Hunter Walker recorded today that Clinton did not so much inadvertently continue to use her previous account as she had her team build and configure an alternative system over which she had full and unadulterated control.

Exactly.  And now, she should pay the price.

If anyone can find it in themselves to hold people like Hillary Clinton accountable for her misdeeds.

I certainly have no qualms about doing it.  At a minimum, she should be shamed, shunned and dismissed from public life.  She’s demonstrated she isn’t fit to hold the highest office in the land.  And we certainly don’t need and probably couldn’t survive an Obama 3rd term anyway.


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4 Responses to The “entitled” who would be president

  • This is IMMENSE. These guys are KGB-level criminals. They actually DO what Nixon MIGHT have dreamed of doing.

    Oh, and remember that Ol’ Walleyes was kicked off her Watergate job because she was quite prepared to lie, cheat and steal to get Nixon.

    AND note the admiring tone of the AP piece. “Impressive control” and “far more sophisticated than some politicians”.

  • Sssshhhh. Hold your fire. Let her get the nomination, then unleash the guns.

    Honestly, though, I suspect this angst will all be for nought. Remember eight years ago? It was destined to be Hillary beating Guiliani by 5 points or so. She was perhaps slightly less inevitable then, but nobody but nobody would ever have picked Obama to more or less come out of nowhere and exploit liberal irrationality to out-intersectionalize Hillary and win the nomination.

    I do not expect that story to repeat itself exactly, but in the darkness and privacy of the voting booth, I think when the time comes to actually pull the level for another Clinton, it’s just not going to happen. If Democrats are already murmuring this much, it’s only going to get worse. What news could possibly make it better? Sudden revelations of some business transaction that she completed with complete propriety and transparency? They’re going to find some reason to pull the level for somebody else and rationalize later. They’re pretty good at that.

    IMHO the only thing keeping Hilary afloat this long, who’s going to replace her as the designated lead? The Republicans, for the first time I can remember, actually have a rich and interesting slate so far and the fight will be legitimately interesting and say something interesting about the party. The Democrats, though… there’s only one or two names I’ve even heard as alternatives, and, well, arguably Hillary could even be the best of the incredibly anemic lineup of Democratic candidates on offer.

    The fact that Obama held on to the Presidency, arguably little more than an accident of our election calendar rather than a strong statement of real power, and the vast control the liberals have historically held over so many institutions means they still have a lot of power, but it’s hard to look anywhere and not see a philosophy that has reached its apex and is now on a long, inevitable wane. Specifically in the field of the next Presidential election, it’s hard not to notice just how sickly the party is, how deep into the decay they already are. Here we are, talking Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, when even the Democrats aren’t all that excited about it… where’s the alternatives? I can’t even say she’s “crushing” anybody… there’s nobody there to crush. Who is Hillary even “better” than? People can barely say “Elizabeth Warren” without a wry chuckle.

    So I really don’t know who’s going to beat Hillary, but I’ll bet the result is not a strong candidate. As the elections draw closer, Hillary’s star can’t help but fade until some other candidate is better, but it’s hard to imagine whose star will actually rise. Who knows, though. The Republicans could manage to nominate Jeb and piss this advantage away entirely.

  • She will play the same roll she played 8 years ago that she played unintentionally. She energized some of the troops. But she also got the ‘anyone but Hillary’ on both sides pulling for Obama without really looking at Obama.

    She will be used the same way again. Someone else will be the person of interest that will be the acceptable alternative to Hillary. Of course she will galvanize some of the troops who will faithfully switch over when she steps down. This time Hillary, though, Hillary knows what the plan is. So She’s being sloppy making some money on the side while she’s still relevant.