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More news that makes ya go hmmmmm.

A few items caught my eye yesterday:

Immigration is seriously worried about the Chinese coming to the US to have kids to get them the American Citizenship prize.   Called Birth Tourism, apparently it’s bad and wrong and the US government wants to stop it.   Seems these people buy plane tickets, rent hotels, have their kids and go back to China, where after some number of decades their child might return to the US for, among other things, the education.   I’m not sure how I feel about all that, but I do observe they are playing by the stupid rules we’ve established that being a foreign national and having a kid in the US makes the kid a citizen and entitles their parents to come along for the ride.   And they seem to be doing it through perfectly legitimate, even trackable means too.

The Chinese may be getting screwed on this deal.  California being California there’s no guarantee that 17 years of so from now they won’t pass a law saying Californians are obligated to educate everyone in China anyway, because that’s how they seem to roll out there on the high powered left coast.

It’s an interesting insight that so many Chinese would like to be Americans isn’t it?   Well, at least in the current currency of American citizenship which the Obama Administration is working so diligently to debase these days.


Imagine, some of them are defrauding the hospitals!   Well!   Thank heavens everyone else who staggers across the borders illegally and avails themselves of our services makes sure they settle all their hospital bills right?

and these Chinese people, they lie!

“These people were told to lie, how to lie, so that their motives for coming to the U.S. wouldn’t be questioned,” Claude Arnold, a special agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told the Associated Press.


this must be as opposed to not even bothering to have to lie and just crossing the Rio Grande or the desert someplace between San Diego and El Centro where you get scooped up and processed at a  “detention facility” before you are flown or bused by the government to the city of your choice in the US.

What makes me go hmmmmm is the curious fact that our government, nay, our very President, has encouraged tens of thousands of Mexican and Central Americans to sneak into the country, and is intent on making all of them citizens right now, well, certainly trying to get the job done by the 2016 election, when of course they won’t vote for  Republican candidates.  There’s no point in beating around the Obama here and pretending that’s not the plan going forward.    I’m trying to figure out why the usual host of Raul Gravilja’s and Luis Gutierrez’s aren’t out there doing their best to protect these Asian-American citizens in the making!

I guess it’s not all illegals, I’m sorry, undocumented (though technically, they ARE documented aren’t they) immigrants that Raul and Luis and Barack are fighting for.

I don’t know who the Asians pissed off, maybe they didn’t properly celebrate Thanksgiving in 2014.


While I’m thinking on it, stray thought as it were, with respect to McQ’s post the other day on Nanny State, I wonder if CPS in various locales are investigating all those families that let their kids wander into the country without their parents during 2014.

68,000 of them- that should keep the Nanny State busy, no?

Is it worse to let your kid wander half a mile from school to the house, or across the Rio Grande from Mexico to Texas?   Duh, school to the house, hands down.


Another bit of news was..

It turns out according to the prosecution in the Boston Marathon bombing that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was an Islamic holy warrior.

Federal prosecutor William Weinreb took charge of presenting the first profile of Tsarnaev to the jury, stating that the accused had “had murder in his heart” and had wanted to kill Americans.

“He believed that he was a soldier in a holy war against Americans,” Weinreb said. “He also believed that by winning that victory, he had taken a step toward reaching paradise.”

Tsarnaev also thought that the U.S. government was the enemy of the Muslim people,” Weireb added.

Or, he thought he was a holy warrior, for Islam.

See, that’s just silly, the jury should disregard that allegation from the getgo, because it’s just not possible according to the White House and State Department and numerous other executive agencies.   There had to be something else that motivated him, like anger about marathons or something.   After all, in the closing of the trial of Major Nidal Hasan, the Army prosecutor said it wasn’t about religion, it’s wrong and un-supportive to tie his actions to religion.   So why would the Federal prosecutor in Boston start out by explaining the perp thought he was a holy warrior fighting for Islam against Americans?   That just doesn’t make sense.  There’s no tie to Islam here!

If those ‘committing the crime’  delusionaly think it’s for Islam, it doesn’t matter what they think.   If we decide that’s not why they’re doing it then that’s not why they did it.  That’s been made pretty clear in the Fort Hood massacre, the case where the solider was decapitated in England, the beheading in Oklahoma, the Charlie Hebdo massacre, or the coffee shop attack in Sydney, or the one in Copenhagen.   And that whole ISIS isn’t Islam thing too.  The Crusades!


I’m not sure what the Federal prosecutor is trying to say, or prove here.  I hope someone from the West Wing gives him a call and tells him to knock that crap off.  I could better understand if it were being done by a prosecutor working for the whackjob rightwing citizens of the city of Boston, those redneck morons, but a Federal prosecutor?

If he’s not careful and keeps making these links to Islam then there could be a mistrial or it might fuel people’s intolerance.  They might start getting irritated and commit hate-crimes like drawing cartoons of the prophet or saying there’s a link between Islam and radical terrorism (as opposed to just plain old conventional terrorism).


Almost last and not least, not to tell the Supreme Court justices how to do their jobs and all, but does it matter more how much damage is done to the country when an unconstitutional law is allowed to stand or how much economic damage is done if it is determined to be against the Constitution?

So these discussions yesterday about Obamacare death spirals and all,  do I misunderstand the principle such that the Supreme Court determinations should be based on the damage done if we find something isn’t Constitutional and we can and must excuse bad law if it’s going to cause economic hardship above some arbitrarily determined point?


Oh well, clearly if it’s going to economic hardship we should just let the law stand as currently interpreted by his Highness, because well, it would hurt to undo the thing now.  Besides His Majesty can probably fix it with an executive extension or rescission or action or something to get around whatever silly argument is being made that the legislation as written and intended, shouldn’t be taken verbatim in THAT particular portion.   All the other things the legislation said should be taken at absolute face value until the King changes what he wants them to mean, but the wording in the part about State exchanges should be considered fungible because it might hurt to undo it.


I wanted to mention the Republican’s brave stand in refusing funding for the 14% of DHS that isn’t mandatorily funded but that is probably  just to much hmmmmmm for one day right?

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9 Responses to More news that makes ya go hmmmmm.

  • …we can and must excuse bad law if it’s going to cause economic hardship above some arbitrarily determined point?

    That gives a very neat account of one of the very worst of many very bad Supreme Court decisions of the last century.

    Blatant, unauthorized by any statutory scheme of interpretation, and irrational assertion of the Collectivist agenda in the face of the written law.

    • I mean, aside from the fact that Obama changes it about once a month, deadlines, penalty imposition, etc.
      The law isn’t the law NOW, he’s already modified it by fiat on numerous occasions.
      How the Justices can reconcile the arbitrary changes he makes according to his needs as being in keeping with the law while they’re ruling over the intent of a single phrase is beyond me.
      It’s already been demonstrated it is not law in the first place since it’s about as mutable and whimsical as anything I’ve ever seen, though no more whimsical than anything else for this particular administration.

      And as to hardship, what about the hardship of people who lost their policies, their doctors, who’s premiums rose and deductibles rose, who were out and out lied to – their economic hardship is hardly being considered is it.

      They’re supposed to be wiser and more latina than me too 🙂

      • We live in interesting times…in the Irish curse sense.

        When a president can…for obviously crass political reasons…just make a law plastic and mold it any which-a-way, and when a Supreme Court majority can consult a legislative poltergeist and take the “spirit’s” word over the express wording of a Federal statute that was clear as crystal.

        We are, indeed, walking the road to tyranny.

        • they can worry about standing all they like – we are ALL harmed when laws are UnConstitutional, we are ALL harmed when the law is interpreted to mean whatever is convenient at whatever moment in time it is convenient to interpret it be so.

  • The Chinese have been doing this for years. They have a custom of the mother having a one month rest period where she stays in bed. Thus they stay in special hotels.

    I’m not sure we are necessarily getting the short end of the stick if they fly back to China and only come back for say high school or college.

    The thing is the parents assume the kids will come back to China once they are done studying. But that is not always the case.

    So, a kid who does 4 years of high school in a boarding school or with Mom renting a house then goes to college. He may very well stay in the USA.

    And we’d only be paying for his 4-6 years of Jr. High or High School.

    Now, if the kid stays in China until college, its even cheaper. We don’t pay much at all. The kid comes here, pays out of state tuition, and then I suspect they go gome to run the family business. Unless, they get a better offer here. In which case they must be pretty smart.

    I hate gaming the system, and they do exploit it, but maybe its better to get these people than random kids from El Salvador.

    • Not to go all Bell Curve on you here, but the Asians do tend to have a little more “innate processing equipment” than the ones sneaking across our border from Central America. Thus, the Asians tend *not* to wind up on welfare for three generations. [Which is, of course, why the Progs-in-Power want them outta here.]

    • I pretty much agree with that sentiment.

      And so few Chinese carry signs talking about reconquista.

    • And we’d only be paying for his 4-6 years of Jr. High or High School.

      I think that’s wrong. The kid would be paying only in-state tuition at a college in the state where residence was established. If he/she is really bright, they might get a full-ride scholarship.

    • “And we’d only be paying for his 4-6 years of Jr. High or High School”

      A bare minimum $24K to $36K per student. Assuming the students don’t need extra ESL classes or tutoring. Being on a limited income and watching my taxes go up every year to pay for that crap tends to upset me, even though I know it is part of my internationalist duty to subsidize other countries. I must be a racist.

      Do you actually think that even out of state tuition pays the full cost, especially of technical classes?